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From the literature found some for you 4550 cook recipe, cook book,chinese cook.

Angry birds Steamed Jiaozi

into skin, placed on the fillings 9.Port group into shape 10.Take the bamboo charcoal dough and knead a bird's tail, water can be used to 11.Bamboo charcoal dough strips in the eyes of the outside circle around the line 12.Make the mouth and face in turn 13.According to this method to make a few other birds and pigs can 14.Steam on the pot15-20Minutes to eat Features of dishes
Array  - 天使落凡尘

Other toast

Interesting Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Toast3Slice Other steps approach toast 1. Buy a bag of milk and toast, with flowers in the top press mold

Angry birds

Bamboo round1A Angry birds easy steps 1. The Steamed Rice made and ham as flat Rice and vegetable roll size. 2. Ham fried it, don't be. 3. Put the ham cheese in Rice and vegetable roll, seaweed, cut belly eyebrow eyes. Egg cake, cut2A triangle
  - 玉米83

Other imperfect puffs

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Low gluten flour30g Butter20g SaltSmall spoon White granulated sugarAppropriate amount Egg2Only Water80ml Other steps approach imperfect
Array  - Tiago的妈咪

Creative noodles - happy birds

Quail egg2A Minced meatAppropriate amount A couple of spicy chickenAppropriate amount Ginger Onion Carrot Black rice Five spice powder Salt Sweet Sesame oil Soy sauce Fermented soya bean Creative noodles - happy birds practice steps
Array  - 酒窝涓涓

In other ways to eat apples - baked apple biscuits

Pretty good, eat apples. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients High gluten flour100g Butter35g Apple slices200g Sugar4A large spoon Water250ml In other ways
Array  - 苹果她娘

Cereal soup

is very like to eat, the first is the soup is not greasy, the second is his favorite pumpkin and corn soup, and soup because with corn pumpkin and some clear sweet, and other than the soup, taste is not the same. Materials Ingredients Pig spine400GSweet corn1RootPumpkin500GDioscorea opposita1Root
Array  - 黄豆豆的一家

Health porridge grains

Like to drink soup, add red beans, red jujube, earthnut boil out of porridge, waxy soft slippery good drink, sweet Zizi, nutrient rich, especially suitable for women to eat, adults and children all like! Materials Ingredients Rice1TheBarley1TheGlutinous rice1TheBlood glutinous rice1The Accessories Adzuki Beans1ThePeanut20GrainRed dates8A The practice of health porridge grains 1. The map1All materials are set together 2. Figure1All the ingredients are all night, and the morning is burning. 3. All the ingredients into the pot, filled with water, fire, fire boil 4. The fire began to boil, small fire stew 5. A small fire stew40About a minute or so. Cooking skillsFast time to put some rock sugar, personal sense of taste better, all the ingredients required soaking overnight, because barley and beans are relatively hard, difficult to burn cooked, porridge, I think or gas burning good again small fire stew out of taste best, although some of the methods behind, now a lot of porridge machine but burning out of porridge is sweet, so I prefer or like a mother at that time practice!
  - ❤️颖

Cereal cake

The cake is delicious in middle school cafeteria, grandma occasionally do, today finally began to do, taste good Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Corn flour200g Flour210g Hot water185ml Cold water85ml Yeast1Spoon SugarAmount to see a person Candied jujube10A Walnut kernel5A Cooked black sesameAppropriate amount The practice steps of Fagao grains 1. Hot water and sugar melt, while the heat poured into the corn flour, stirring into a thick paste. 2. Cold water and yeast stirring10Minutes (yeast is added to aqueous turbid white rice) and then joined to cool the corn flour batter. 3. Fermentation, the house can be cold for a while. I am the right preschool steamed back. In the middle8About an hour or so. I put in the kitchen at room temperature without heating,15Degree. If more anxious can boil hot water into the stew. 4. After moving to fermentation seasoning sprinkle with sesame seeds, I was placed directly in the drawer steamed, steamed25Minutes or so. 5. Eat like! Search Fagao approach Daquan Cereals

Cereal cake

soften blood vessels, reduce the cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, etc.. Grain of vitaminC, can ease the fatigue symptoms, prevention of colds, lower limb pain and other diseases;Iron can prevent gastric ulcer and loss of appetite;And copper, zinc and other trace elements can improve the spirit of weak, insomnia symptoms, but also increase appetite, improve weight, adjust the effect of appetite.

Meat dumplings, dumplings, dumplings and sago grains

Every year the Dragon Boat Festival is to eat dumplings, dumplings, this year suddenly want to do once, all of a sudden made three kinds of tastes, the first time to do the feeling or. Do not look at the steps so much to be scared, in fact, this is the merger of three steps. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Pork2Jin Glutinous rice1000g Sago250g Red bean250g Honey250g Mung bean250g Five spice powder50g Powdered sugar100g SaltAppropriate amount Xian Danhuang8A Scallop100g Cast leavesTwo bundles Seaweed2Tie Grain1000g Mushrooms12Only Salt waterFew Soy sauceFew Sesame oilFew Practice steps, meat dumplings dumplings dumplings, sago grains 1. Bamboo leaves and seaweed placed in boiling water boiled10Minutes, get up and soak in cold water.30Minutes. 2. Grain wash, bubble2More than one hour 3. Glutinous rice wash clean, bubble2An hour, fishing up drain, salt roasting 4. Sago washed with boiled water, soup, remove and rinse with cold water, drain the water after adding a little salt, sugar, mix well 5. The pork cut into five pieces, powder, salt, soy sauce, peanut oil, stir fry, wok, left back. 6. Mushrooms with hot water soak, wash, dry water cut grain, catch, saute with oyster sauce 7. Wash scallops, sesame oil stir fry, it will go. 8. Red bean, beans washed, soaked3Hours, picked up, oil and salt and stir fry, left up 9. And steps8The same way, the weather hot sake, mung bean sprouts are long 10. Salted egg yolk in halves 11. The small red bean, mung bean, beans, a small amount of sugar, pressure cooker20Minutes, shaking a rotten, twisted into a small meatball, which is used to do the sago dumplings 12. The two tablets Zongye suede stick, head and tail in the opposite direction, each with half a leaf is overlapping, folded into a bucket shaped, add a small amount of grains and in the above put a piece of pork, half an egg yolk, in the face of put a layer of grains, wrapped and tied after a zongzi success 13. Glutinous rice dumplings, is first put bottom meters, then add: pork, beans, Yao Zhuzhu mushrooms, another layer of glutinous rice, wrapped, tied on line the 14. Sago dumplings: it will only take only a leaf and placed at the bottom of the small sago, adding a soy meatballs, another layer of sago, wrapped, tied 15. Sago dumplings into the electric cooker in a row, adding the greatest amount of water, press the soup Jian, jumped into the holding good dumplings. In the water by adding a few small mahogany, called: the least.(Homonym), is used to color, I heard that is a kind of medicinal material, quite like the taste, out of the color is also good 16. Dumplings into grains ceramic pot, add water simmer most, press the button,4In the middle of an hour, two times in the middle. 17. The meat into the pressure cooker, add water before the greatest amount of pressure,30In a minute, it is better to have a better heat preservation.4An hour 18. On the grain dumplings finished map 19. Meat product figure 20. Variety, quantity, more time-consuming, I personally think it is best to eat: sago dumplings Meat dumplings, dumplings, dumplings cereals sago practice video Tips I think the glutinous rice, beans soaked in advance, burn out will be a little more cotton, but also save a little firewood and dumplings to solid point, forming effect will be better Meat dumplings, dumplings, cereals search practices Daquan sago dumplings
  - lai_1917

Red bean dumplings rice grains

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Glutinous rice3kg Black rice2kg Red bean500 Hua Yundou300 Candied jujube500 Mung bean200 Cast leaves100Slice White granulated sugar300g The practice steps of black red bean dumplings grains 1. Red beans, mung bean flowers, a day ahead of the bubble 2. Black glutinous rice six or seven hours 3. Black glutinous rice with sugar. 4. To soak overnight leaves 5. Open the package to take two tablets Zongye folded, put in the red bean 6. In the flower Yundou 7. Put rice dates 8. Put rice covered in put dates, they eat like how to put what taste better 9. Dot mung bean 10. Fold wrapped with rope. 11. Wrapped up. 12. Put the dumplings into the high pressure cooker 13. No rice dumplings 14. Out of the pot. 15. Delicious taste fabulous ~ Black red bean dumplings practices Daquan cereals search
  - 昕心相印

Hand Fish ball soup

Manual ball, no added, more pure. Materials Ingredients Fish50G Accessories Soy sauceFewSalt2TeaspoonCooking wine1Soup spoonCornstarch2Soup spoonVinegarAppropriate amount The practice of manual Fish ball soup 1. Prepare the fish fillet (because the supermarket has a good deal to buy the fish, so I did not buy the whole fresh fish). 2. Cut along the fish, cut into strips, then cut into long strips, about six or seven centimeters. 3. In a bowl, add a little soy sauce (many to fail, a little is enough) two small spoon of salt, the right amount of cooking wine, then the fish of grip and pinch and give it a thorough massage for five minutes 4. Then pour two tablespoons cornstarch, mix well 5. Pour the right amount of water to boil in the skillet, and then put into a fish 6. After about a minute, you can also add your favorite dishes, and then cook for four or five minutes. 7. If there is left to the fridge yo, such as crystal (when thawed remember fresh-keeping bag is not opened, so as to avoid the original spices are gone~~)
  - MinEH

Eighteen healthy cereal porridge

In fact, everything is secondary, health is good. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Red beans, mung beans, soybeansAppropriate amount Chickpea, black beans, bean noodlesAppropriate amount Brown rice, black rice, red riceAppropriate amount Small yellow, large yellow rice, glutinous riceAppropriate amount Badamu, walnut, Chinese wolfberryAppropriate amount Yam, peanut, jujubeAppropriate amount The practice steps of Eighteen healthy cereal 1. Food collection. 2. Into the stew pot, boil to boil, cover, wait for the morning to eat. 3. It will remain at one hundred degrees above. 4. Thick appearance, very helpless. 5. Breakfast, two dishes a bowl of porridge. Tips If there is no stew pot, ready to soak beans. The search of eighteen health cereal porridge practices Daquan
Array  - 军人雪儿

Sweet potato grains paste

Sweet potato contains rich in dietary fiber, match with various grains, congee, rice cereal, porridge some time president, rice paste is20Minutes or so. Materials Ingredients Sweet potato50G Accessories Clean water1200MilliliterRice grains1Cup Sweet potato grains paste approach 1. Prepare materials 2. Wash the sweet potato peel off the skin 3. Sweet potato cut into small 4. Grains soak for half an hour or more, can not directly use the bubble 5. Wash machine Soybean Milk poured into grains 6. Sweet potato into the soya bean milk machine 7. Add water to the highest scale 8. According to the nutritional rice paste, when the call, while the hot drink Cooking skillsMetering cup for soybean milk machine comes with a measuring cup, the cereal rice can also needn't soak directly, the grains of the collocation according to their own preferences.

Health cake - red dates cereal cake

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Oat noodles100g Yellow rice100g Whole wheat flour50g Red dates240g Vegetable oil120ml Brown sugar10g No aluminum foam4g VinegarA few drops of Salt1g Free range eggs8A Health cake---The practice steps of red dates cake grains 1. Egg yolk and egg white 2. Protein salt into the dry, pull straight tip, the egg in the bowl is not easy to slide. 3. Flour Oil Sugar Water Stir into batter, stir can slowly flow. 4. Red jujube beat flat core, on the pot steaming15Minutes, cool, chopped, into the batter. 5. To kill the protein, three times to add egg paste, with a cut of the gesture, mix well, do not stir the ring. 6. Into the oven, lifted from the tablelFeet, three times, the shock of the bubble. 7. Put the oven in the lower layer, baking file,160Degree,60Minutes. My oven130Degree. Take out the same shock three times. 8. With a knife in the pan around and then draw a circle, from the middle to draw knife, then from a corner, into the bottom, slowly release Search for health cake---Red dates cereal cake.
Array  - 清江鱼

[mother] more learn baking toast to eat another toast - pudding

New received a pan of cool color, breakfast the next day with it I like bread pudding, sweet and delicious outside Giori tender pudding toast for breakfast., don't worry Rourou long, hee hee. Afternoon tea is also good, but the practice is very simple. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Toast5Slice Milk400ml Sugar20g Egg2A Yue dry vine berriesAppropriate amount [mother] more learn baking toast to eat another toast - pudding Procedure steps 1. Milk and sugar poured into the milk pot to heat the sugar to melt after the heat of the fire; 2. Two egg in a bowl alternate; 3. Milk egg liquid poured into the pot. Stir in the warm; 4. Liquid over a sieve after mixing milk and eggs; 5. After the screen is a relatively delicate pudding; 6. Cut small pieces of toast; 7. Put it in the pan; 8. The pudding liquid poured after the screen up, then sprinkle berry dry vine Yue, oven170Degree preheating; 9. The metal baking oven comes with water into the pan, put the toast put into it,170Degree upper and lower fire, middle25Minute or so, the surface can be yellow; Search more [learn baking] mother eat another toast, toast pudding Practice
Array  - 多幸福多快乐

Tomato flavor grains cake

Suddenly want to come out Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients FlourAbout30G Clean waterThree. Ham sausageA KetchupAbout four Pickled cabbage (pickles, cold dishes) DialectWith their own preferences Green onion, parsleyWith their own preferences EggA The practice steps of tomato flavor bread grains 1. Probably so much flour (the more) 2. It's not too thin! For the back of the camera. Probably so much 3. Steamed dough, put the wet cloth. Water to add enough, the fire has been burning, time5-10Minute 4. Mixed ingredients 5. Steam well into the pot (don't go on), then add the eggs 6. When the egg is dry (see above). 7. Add ham, tomato sauce, pickles, parsley, onion 8. Roll up just fine. Search approach Daquan tomato flavor grains cake
  - 千家妹子

Another flavor of banana stem

To play the role of the oven! The first roast dried banana, even burnt. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients BananaTwo Another flavor of the practice steps of the banana stem 1. Will be banana slices, do not be too thin oh! And spread it on the paper. 2. Preheat the oven,190The upper and lower fire, roast30Minutes. Adjust according to your oven. At the time, pull off the look is very soft words, then bake for five minutes, you weigh. Search for another flavor of the banana dry practice
  - 小千

Soybean grains pancake

Love to drink milk grain, but each with soya bean milk machine calls soya bean milk have left a lot of bean dregs, very nutritious and not willing to throw away, it bears a multigrain pancake, tastes surprisingly good Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Bean dregs FlourAppropriate amount Egg1A SaltAppropriate amount The practice steps of bean dregs grains pancake 1. With the screen left left after playing Soybean Milk filter residue 2. Add noodles, beat an egg in, add water. Stir into a paste, not too thin nor too thick. Add salt and stir again. 3. Electric cake stalls, pour the batter into a share of pancake, can also make a good baked pancake in egg or lettuce are delicious. Can put up to eat when breakfast, hot it is convenient Tips When baked pancakes can according to personal taste, add green onion, pepper leaves. Search bean grains pancake practices Daquan
  - 黑米o糊糊

# summer vegetarian # grains adzuki beans pack

Yeast4To five grams Milk moderation #Summer vegetarian#My small grains practice steps 1. Soak steamed adzuki beans grains in advance, soft, you can add other ingredients like you 2. Add the flour with warm milk to adjust the yeast liquid, milk is added, the edge of the dough
  - Initiation

Cereal porridge

Modern people have more than a time to eat and drink, but to require a more healthy eating method. The original cereal porridge is particularly suitable for sub healthy people and children, the elderly have congee. While for the middle-aged stage me, eat more than a year of cereal, the body can really feel good. Physical examination revealed three disappeared, weight also declined, the most obvious is my belly disappeared unexpectedly, sometimes poor taste suit to boil a bowl, suddenly felt mouth was very comfortable. Materials Ingredients Millet50GSorghum rice50GBuckwheat rice50G Accessories Mung bean15GLotus10GRed dates10GAdzuki Beans15GBarley15GCorn head15G Cereal porridge practices 1. Ingredients1:1Proportional allocation 2. To prepare the strange accessories 3. Mix all of the above ingredients 4. Wash it a little bit over, wash too long will lose nutrition 5. Add the right amount of water 6. In the electromagnetic electric pressure cooker, choose congee program 7. Time is about35Minutes, good braised moment can be eaten open Cooking skillsIn accordance with the1:10Water is more suitable for cooking porridge.
Array  - 寂寞在跳舞

Cereal porridge

Coarse grains, we usually eat white rice flour and rice flour and, mainly including grains of corn, millet, purple rice, sorghum, oats, buckwheat, wheat bran and a variety of dried beans, such as soybeans, green beans, red bean, mung bean and so. Coarse grains are rich in insoluble cellulose, to ensure the normal operation of the digestive system. Work together with soluble fiber, can reduce blood LDL cholesterol and triglyceride concentration; increased food residence time in the stomach, delayed postprandial glucose absorption rate, reduce the risk of hypertension, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Medical research has also showed that the cellulose can help resist many diseases such as gastric cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, ulcerative colitis and so on. Today small grassroots and share a coarse grain porridge, like, have a look. Materials Ingredients Barley50GGlutinous rice30GBlack soya bean30GLarge yellow rice30GRed bean30GMung bean30GRice50GOat30GLily20GWater300G Accessories Yam bean15GRaisins10GRed dates5ALotus15ABrown sugar10G Cereal porridge practices 1. Ready materials 2. Make good in advance, clean the 3. ADI pot25Minutes to30Minute (oneself according to the pot flexible control) 4. Vent, stir. 5. Sheng bowl. Can add brown sugar

Walnut fried mushrooms

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Dried mushrooms50g Winter bamboo shoots30g Horseshoe30 Shell chestnut10g Chinese Cabbage20g Walnut kernel100g Fried walnut and practice steps 1. Wash, wash cabbage and chestnut bamboo shoots, mushrooms and horseshoe cut into pieces, 2. Heat the pan, put the kernel fried crisp, remove and drain the oil pan, hot oil, add all raw materials and stir fry, add seasoning and stir well. 3. Refreshing brain Search walnut fry mushroom practices Daquan
  - 笑笑l978

Whole wheat grains [egg] sandwich cooker quickly early

cooker in the egg cooked out layer banana toast, be accomplished. Crisp crisp, super stick! There's no problem at all! Rice cooker is so powerful! Whole wheat grains [egg] sandwich cooker quickly early practice video Tips There will be no whole wheat toast: for the other. Fruit: I use a banana, can also be based on personal
Array  - 桉小主丶

Manual nougats (traditional approach) oven, electric cooker, non-stick cookware

This nougats and traditional nougats are very different, soft and chewy, the most important is not sticky, taste good. People eat are praising. Personal feeling is better than the traditional approach, although the use of the same, but because of the amount of different taste is very different. This method is made of sugar and salt are appropriate, both said that like. After careful packaging to send people is also a good choice. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Powdered Milk100g Cotton candy210g Butter40g Powdered milk (used in the final)10g Peanut meat150g Manual nougats (traditional approach) approach step oven, electric cooker, non-stick cookware. 1. Peanut kernel,160C roast10The minute (our house doesn't like to be too yellow, like the temperature can be properly adjusted). After baking and peeling. (no oven available). 2. Butter and water melt. 3. To melt the butter in turn added to the cotton sugar, milk powder, stirring evenly (note must be even, the milk can not sink in the bottom) 4. Put in a good oven,160Degree8Minutes. After melting, if the figure of the state can be taken out and stir. (no oven can also be used for rice cooker or non stick pan, cook until the cotton sugar can be melted) 5. After melting, add the peanut kernel, quickly stir evenly. This time is very sticky, patience (remember to wear heat-resistant gloves). This step has been left out. 6. Add the taste of your favorite. After stirring put in preservation of the membrane with a stick flat do you like shape (I did it for green tea, cocoa, original) flattened fridge freezer30Minute (note is frozen ah) 7. Cut strips wrapped in milk powder. 8. Finished product! Good packaging, the United States and the United States, to send a good. Manual search nougats (traditional approach) oven, electric cooker, non-stick cookware practices Daquan
  - Janebox

Dangshen stewed pigeon

Modern research, dangshen containing a variety of sugars, phenols, steroids, volatile oil, Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi cyanidin glucoside, saponins and trace alkaloids, can enhance immunity, dilation of blood vessels, lowering blood pressure and improving microcirculation, enhance the hematopoietic function. In addition, the white blood cells caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy have a promotion effect. I used an old dove and dangshen together today stew soup, although the material is simple but very delicious and worth doing. Materials Ingredients Dove1Only Accessories Codonopsis pilosula15GGinger3GDried jujube3ASalt4G Stewed pigeon practice Dangshen 1. Bought the pigeon called the merchant to the hair, come back to wash clean remove Yu Mao 2. Chop into pieces 3. Prepare three pieces, three pieces of ginger, jujube Codonopsis 4. The dove and blanch out with boiling water 5. Later in a pot of water to boil, add boiled hot good meat, ginger, dove Codonopsis, jujube, stew2To3An hour, see you add salt to thicken the soup 6. Sheng into the bowl to eat
Array  - 热爱红烧肉

Hand strawberry jam, strawberry season

In the season of the season, of course, of course, it is to make strawberry jam, in addition to the season of fruit nutrition is the best, the taste is also the best time. Simple materials, production method is also very simple, oh, really need to be patient. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Strawberry1000g White granulated sugar600g Hand strawberry jam - the practice step of the season of Strawberry 1. Wash strawberries, remove stalks, and dry the water. 2. Cut the strawberries into small cubes and add the white sugar to spare. 3. After five minutes, pour all the bread in the bread. 4. Select the menu of fancy jam, start 5. Extended production time can be appropriate for a more dense state. 6. Wash the jam jar, with boiling water cooked, remove and drain well (this is very important, to prevent strawberry jam in the storage of early metamorphic) 7. The cooled strawberry jam packed into the bottle Tips Wash the jam jar, with boiling water cooked, remove and drain well (this is very important, to prevent strawberry jam in the storage of early metamorphic) Search hand strawberry jam - the practice of strawberry season
  - Lucille

Electric cake stalls do bean grains pancake

Love to drink milk grain, but each with soya bean milk machine calls soya bean milk have left a lot of bean dregs, very nutritious and not willing to throw away, it bears a multigrain pancake, tastes surprisingly good Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Grain dregs EggA SaltAppropriate amount Practice step electric cake stalls do bean pancake grains 1. Screen to play the remaining soy bean dregs after filtering leave, I am with soya bean, black soya bean, pearl barley, black rice, black sesame play grain remaining soy dregs 2. Add noodles, beat an egg in, add water. Stir into a paste, not too thin nor too thick. Add salt and stir again. 3. Electric cake stalls, pour the batter into a share of pancake, can also make a good baked pancake in egg or lettuce are delicious. Can put up to eat when breakfast, hot it is convenient 4. Fried egg pancake Tips When baked pancakes can according to personal taste, add green onion, pepper leaves. Search electric cake stalls do bean grains pancake practices.
Array  - 黑米o糊糊

Soya bean milk steamed bread

Soya bean milk is the ideal food for preventing and treating high blood lipids, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, iron deficiency anemia, asthma and other diseases. Milk is the Chinese people love a drink, nutritious food is a kind of ages, enjoy the reputation of the "milk plant" in Europe and the United States. Week days squeezed soya bean milk drink could not finish
Array  - 广东海之韵

Fried meat balls

In fact, I know at home do meat balls a little difficult, but with meatballs collocation other ingredients are very delicious, do yourself and clean and delicious, simple good things, you come and do it yourself! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients

Baby food supplement of crisp sausage

Tips Children to eat things I do not recommend to do more, for two days at most, so this time I only give the baby to do three little sausage. Other fill material to make adult, kill two birds with one stone. Search for baby food supplement crispy sausage practices Daquan
Array  - 梓菡妈妈

Frozen pork

Go to the bones of pig meat taste taste,QQTaste, for the elderly and children is also easy to eat, convenient, braised pig feet soup is not wasted, bones and braised pig's water can also prepare a broth, kill two birds with one stone. Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Pig2Only
Array  - 廚房天地

Taiwan Rice with Stewed Pork

Taiwan Lurou Fan practices Material set: 1.Pork into cold water pot to boil, then cook for a while to Xing micro 2.Remove and cut into small cubes 3.Will be garlic ginger slices, into the pot of oil and stir fry ginger 4.Add in diced meat stir, to the inside of the fat fried some fat, fat small appear slightly yellow 5.After the addition of star star and other seasonings

Oil scraping cellulite slimming water

Summer comes, Quite a lotMMWant to wear beautiful clothes, But afraid to put their own little fat exposed, Therefore, to be most willing to thin beauty suffered, Take a diet to lose weight, A lot of food can not even see, Eat less than the birds every day, The results are still not! Quite a lotMMFor how can both enjoy Food and slimming, In fact, As long as a little bit to reduce calorie intake

Spicy snow clam

This dish is northeast cuisine snow clam, in the northeast of China called "toad" called "of" snow clam in Guangdong, the Northeast flavor, make the best use of the unique local delicacies of game, aquatic birds, carefully cooked dishes delicacies. Xiao Yun's friends from the Northeast air, a lot of that stuff to me, is to let me taste to the northeast of the delicacies of game, indeed this snow
Array  - 心清似水淡若云

Sauteed Sliced Lamb with Scallion

The winter tonic eat mutton best but, lamb, sweet but not greasy, warm and dry, with Invigorating the kidney and strengthening yang, warm Quhan, temperature supplement qi and blood, the efficacy of Jianpi appetizers, eat mutton in the winter so, both against the cold, while nourishing the body, this is kill two birds with one stone. Fried lamb production of many difficult, so here to teach you
Array  - 小编

A simple Japanese street fun snacks - (or live with roasted bream burn)

is the most popular, followed so far. Until today, regardless of walks in Tokyo, Osaka this bustling metropolis, or wander in the feathers of birds, Beppu, fresh Town, where there is fresh out of the oven taiyaki, where there is crowded crowd in front of the store row long team. Soft, sweet, sweet and lovely, simple and easy to make.~ (Stop) Difficulty:Garnish
Array  - 喵二仙

Fried egg

This sauce fried egg, is for lazy people, either when the meal can be when the dish, kill two birds with one stone, simple, fast and convenient, like to see it. Materials Ingredients Egg160G Accessories Oil10GSoy sauce8G

Heart star biscuit

Spring, butterflies fly, birds, stars in the sky shining, willow tender branches ah, weekend the sun shine on the earth, with their stars, butterflies, birds biscuits and beautiful heart love cookies. To go outing..... Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients
Array  - sourcehe

Red bean yam cakes

Mother likes to eat health food, feel to eat, but eat alone and do not feel good, such integrated, both red bean yam effect, do it and when I was a child in the street to eat the rice aroma, kill two birds with one stone! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients
  - 瑶瑶316

Sweet cheese notes

The birds outside twitter cried, looking ahead and a few sparrows on the wire break, the breath of spring people imagine, the joy of heart initiation of the notes~ Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Low gluten flour55g
Array  - 升起的新阳

Breakfast cake!

, 5. Squeeze the milk, I put the bean dregs to filter out, such a breakfast burrito materials, solving the breakfast milk, is really kill two birds with one stone. 6. The Soybean Milk residue and the flour on the leftovers, stir well 7. Stir into this way, in fact, I feel the material
Array  - -Q、|挽、你臂

Marinated Egg beer

Halogen food has been a family favorite, most of the cooked food stores have sold. Every time I go to the deli to buy things, see the greasy walls, poor quality of plastic packaging bags, determined to must learn to do lo. Homemade Lo not only at any time to meet their "appetites", the key is removed from some unhealthy additives, healthy and delicious, kill two birds

Spontaneous pea seedling

Now like in the balcony all sorts of vegetable seedlings, way can beautify the environment, and secondly, mature can also security in the United States and the United States own stomach, is really killing two birds with one stone! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above
  - ANN2011

Mango Yoghurt

, and skin and gut excellent, kill two birds with one stone! The default time for yogurt fermentation process is8Hour, I set the10Hours. Made the original flavor and the taste of grapefruit, especially good. Materials Ingredients Pure milk750Milliliter Accessories Yoghurt
Array  - 羊羊厨房

# Chushen # sweet bread pudding

Toast bread and pudding perfect combination, to eat the rest of the toast to a gorgeous turned, throw away slightly old bread into a simple dessert, such not only can eliminate the phenomenon of waste, can also taste the different kinds of delicious, kill two birds with one stone. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time
Array  - 美妞_柠檬薄荷o

Fried smelly dry child

Practice of deep fried smelly dry sub           In the streets of Wuhan, boys and girls often see people carrying a bowl of fried dry smell delicious to eat on the way! The face of delicious, ladies and gentlemen cannot maintain the posture! This smell smells, eat the snacks, the birds are also very fond of yo! But rarely eat outside

Tasty spicy spinach

7. Turn into salt, Chinese prickly ash, red pepper, and hot pot, into the peanut oil, until the oil a little smoke when pouring in chili peppers and prickly ash. Finally, put a little a little sesame oil into, full mix well. Sweet delicious ~ cannot help birds 8. By the way 9. Sun
Array  - 仙宝贝0

Sugar cake

else's, I forget photographing birds ~ hey hey) 7. Finish the volume of the more tightly rolled out of the more, the more, I put the sugar on the too many, and the final time of the sugar has a stream of Search approach Daquan cookies
Array  - Air麻麻

Broccoli tomato soup.

Small master only want soup eat refrigerator remaining vegetables, so have the soup, in fact, is the side boil the broth pot side a soup dish, soup boil after can also used for many times, kill two birds with one stone! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients
Array  - toto0403

Simple happy meal [hot] fried rice

Spring dawn, hear birds singing everywhere...(*o*)Oh!! The long-awaited "spring" girl finally arrived~.~In order to meet the arrival of the, recently cylinder in the cellar of empty pickle, feels or spicy fried rice is best for me this is lazy and heavy taste of the mouth~The zero based I can stir a fan! Shall we eat fried with practice, rose up food Hui, licking delicious?!O
Array  - 如意果er

Freshly squeezed juice

I often say that they are long, a whole face, but a man of heart. A little old habits and the boys play, what ending expose tile, climb out nest like, I always see. Our father, that is my childhood when a boy raised, so just take me to do some of the girls did not dare to do To the woods with a gun to shoot birds, or go to sea fishing boat what, now think about. This is where little girl should
Array  - 西镇一婶

Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs

Usually baby likes to drink corn and pork ribs and turnip soup but cooked pork ribs soup does not like to eat, so every time left a lot of ribs wasted. Later, I made a dish ribs never waste too and the baby rice also eat a lot of now kill two birds with one stone more meat eat light oh! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary
  - 酸酸梅3

Soybean Steamed buns

to use up and nutrition, is really kill two birds with one stone. Materials Ingredients Flour500GBean dregs200G Accessories Yeast5GWater140G Soybean Steamed buns approach 1.

# missing # spinach Chiffon Cake

Do not eat vegetables baby there are many, like sweets baby more, so use vegetable juice instead of water to make the cake, kill two birds with one stone. The party is2Egg6Inch, eight inch words all the material please double. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above
Array  - 静默成诗

Mango dish

Ingredients Vietnam mango Strawberry Practice steps of mango dish 1. Ripe mango cut with strawberry and other assorted cold dishes, small fruit embellishment. Search mango dish
  - Shannon妮妮

Sour beans ham stuffed pizza

, to Ichi, West a sporadic leftover bits and pieces, sometimes really is difficult to scrape into a dish. So, it is better to cut everything, bloat, a spell, get a pizza. It not only solves the waste, and the change of taste, kill two birds with one stone. Sour beans, eaten my classmates know is how appetizer, a classmate favorite meal, even if only porridge or rice, plus a sour beans together work
Array  - Nicole

Stewed spareribs with potatoes

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Potato Spareribs Ketchup Other ingredients The practice steps of potato stew 1. Put the potatoes and pork fried
Array  - 爱得那么深

Milk ice cream

Other needless to say Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients A little water half a bottle of milk2Wave basketFrozen1About an hour or so Milk ice cream practice steps
  - 可咪咪

Pork and Preserved Egg Congee

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Preserved egg, pork, rice, some other ingredientsSave oneself Oyster sauceSave oneself The practice steps of preserved egg porridge 1. Rice
  - 豆粉586089

Youth peach jelly

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Jelly powder Peach blossom Mango or other fruit The practice steps of youth peach jelly 1. Jelly powder boiling water
  - rona32

Fried pork chop

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Pork meat300 The practice steps of fried pork chop 1. The other used to eat first, pickled pork chop
  - j微笑

Juice machine juice

be squeezed juice, it is easy. The new machine, in addition to the use of other fruit juice, welcome to exchange. 2. Didn't take steps, you have a look map is good, I want to ask the other usage, hee hee Search juice practice
  - 淡淡13

Celery residue

, for bean dregs. 2. Celery cut into tiny Ding Daiyong 3. Pan put a small amount of oil, celery Ding, salt, stir fry celery to the water, into the bean dregs. Put off the fire for picking fresh delicacies. 4. With a little cooler bowl and other dregs, upside
  - 高喜娟

Mushroom soup ribs

Mushroom contains the human body needs18Amino acids, in particular, containing the human body can not be synthesized.8Kinds of amino acid, protein, carbohydrate, dextran and other nutrients, the mushroom crisp refreshing taste, fragrance. And plenty ofBVitamins and a variety of minerals, such as iron, potassium, zinc, selenium and other elements are higher than that of other
Array  - 豆帝煮

Natural banana ice cream

Ingredients Frozen banana Practice steps of natural banana ice cream 1. Frozen bananavitamixIn high speed break. 2. Finished product. Without any other additions.
  - Shannon妮妮

Home cooked dish

Canteen to cancel the breakfast, just wondering what they do in the home to do some side dishes, as breakfast to eat. To the market to buy cabbage carrots and cucumbers and other ingredients. Originally wanted to shoot some other spices later found, only salt, other spices are not the best effect. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary
  - 辽宁小邸

Rice cooker tomato

TomatoTwo CucumberA SausageI like Hot pot ballsI like Black pepperBecause of personal taste, also can not add or change other spices such as cumin, pepper and other tastes like SaltAppropriate amount OilSeveral drops Practice steps of rice cooker 1. Wash all
  - Ko大王

Fried rainbow

2. Other materials shred, the more detailed the better 3. Pan fry the material in the pan and stir fry until soft, add3mlSoy sauce 4. Will other material from the pot, put aside. Wash the pot, gas, fans, and continue to sprinkle into the cold water to avoid the pot. Finally pour into other

Summer, pet watermelon

~ 2. In watermelon while open a oblique incision on the other side of the bottom, cut a piece of watermelon, set to the other at the bottom. (please imagine the shape of the picture). 3. The use of digging ball tool, hollowed out watermelon flesh ~ 4. In addition to the watermelon
  - 昕哥妈妈

Huw Rob Sarah

Huw Rob Sarah's approach 1.Wash the carrots, peeled, 2.Apple peel, 3.With multi function knife plane 4.Apple is also using multi function and multi plane, and finally into the bowl, add salad dressing evenly to Nutritional effect 1Carrots, carrots, carrots and other than white radish and other variety of vegetables30-40Yu times. After entering the human body, can
Array  - 一碗清粥1

Steamed spare ribs with Taro

Pork gravy and taro fragrance permeated each other, the other a simple Home Dishes become delicious! Materials Ingredients Spareribs1ATaro1/2A Accessories Hot pepper1/2AFermented soya bean8GrainGarlic1FlapOyster sauce3GSoy sauce3GCornstarch2GSalt2GOil5Milliliter
Array  - 秋天是童话

Xiangxi specialty - Baba powder

Then put the steamer steamed to eat 4. , 5. , 6. , Tips Hou Liye did not know there is no other place, can use chestnut leaves or other leaves to try, soy fried flour
  - 懒人猫猫

Conghua Shougan

a Shougan:The flour and water into Shougan, the second do. The other recipes. 2. a.When boiling water, boil below, cook for about5Minutes.b.Get up, change a little bit of water, boil the water.c.Here, a salted egg, boiled in boiling water3Minutes or so.d.Under sugar, the other is not enough salt and then salt.e.On the bowl, and I love the green
  - Nala爱豆腐

Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables

Cook the noodles first. 2. Then cut the cucumber a carrot into wire 3. So after the noodles cooked, cut the cucumber and carrots and bean sauce and stir fry 4. You can set the personal taste, add other vegetables, such as turnip, spinach......

Cashew crisp

crisp 1. Stock 2. Egg, vegetable oil, sugar, flour and other ingredients directly mixing, other, put into the pan 3. The solution must leave a little egg, with brush evenly on the surface of cashew crisp
Array  - crystal~HYL

Autonomous pineapple rice

2. To prepare all the accessories in the right amount. 3. Ham amount 4. Fry the eggs out. Add the bottom oil and other auxiliary materials, fry and then take out, then fry the ham and eggs, and then put in other things, put salt, a little soy sauce, stir fry before put on a good. I
Array  - 我爱亲亲小米饭

Banana sandwich

, according to personal taste smear a small amount of tomato sauce 2. Banana slices evenly spread on toast 3. Repeat steps2.Each layer can also add other ingredients, a total of three slices of toast with good 4. After all

Pepper Fried yam

Fungus remember early bubble hair^^Soak the other materials and clean the other materials.~(Special alert~Remember to bring a pair of gloves when you cut yam, So as not to touch the hands of the mucus~) 2. Fungus and yam ironed out ahead of the pot drain^^ 3. It's very easy to cook.

Blood nourishing soup six.

, into the pot and cook for 20 minutes, then add the other ingredients cooked together. Or red beans, peanuts and barley cook for a while and other ingredients together into the beaker stew, braised beaker after preheating can be cooked stew ingredients. 5. Braised burn two to three hours later, all materials are ripe, and pleasant aroma. Do the beaker
  - 杨炒勺

Alfalfa fried New Year cake

Difficulty:Chef(Senior) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Alfalfa100g Pork50g New Year cake200g Shrimp and other seafoodAppropriate amount The practice steps New Year cake fried Alfalfa
  - 吴芽

Crispy egg cakes

7. Pan pour oil, use the spoon to scoop a spoonful and good egg flour paste into the oil, wait for an egg cake edges slightly stereotypes, with chopsticks or other tools, egg cake folder to the other side of fried 8. When both sides of the egg cake with a golden yellow, with chopsticks or other tools will be the egg cake to air dry
Array  - 啵啵鸭鸭

Green beans stewed meat

Soy sauce Other spices Braised meat beans practice steps 1. First, add a little boiled green beans, water green beans can be, I forgot to take, figure this is cooked green beans, a small amount of boiled dry can 2. The diced lean meat

Chaozhou - fried carrot (Bai Caitou).

2. Braised soft, other ingredients chopped radish, braised soft together with other ingredients and stir fry chopped Plain white rice can be!! 3. Before the dish with salt and pepper and stir fry and serve!! Yummy Chaozhou - fried vegetable search (Bai Caitou) food practices Daquan
Array  - 公主的私人厨房

Cheese baked colorful Mashed Potato

the colorful baked cheese 1. Add cheese to the potatoes,At the same time to prepare dishes--Peas, carrots, ham and other favorite or other ready-made.Mashed potatoes and so on, and so on. 2. Mashed Potato and side dishes mix into the plate, surface covered with Malisu cheese in the oven.150DEG--180, more
Array  - 七零后de冯冯

Braised pork pickled cabbage

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Ingredients Selection of pork300g Pickled potherb mustard pickles or other.50g The practice steps of pickled cabbage braised pork 1. Selection of pork with ginger wash white halogen halogen

Tomato and egg noodles

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients TomatoesA Egg2A NoodlesAppropriate amount Salt and other condimentsAppropriate amount Onion Steps of tomato and egg noodles
Array  - 欲盖弥彰294

Spicy beef

anise, geraniol The practice steps of spicy beef 1. Ready to beef, and other materials 2. Cut repeatedly wash blood, dry control, in addition to pepper, cumin powder, beef and other material mix together, marinate overnight 3.
  - 凤飞龙舞

The lazy version of egg soup

or sesame oil, and other spices according to personal taste, I personally is just like only a salt MSG so eat, so there is no other, this is according to their own tastes The lazy version of egg soup practice video Tips Water must use boiling water to boil the kind of warm water, oh The lazy search version of egg soup

Corn soup

down the left and other soya bean milk machine water smashed, and then poured into the pot even other corn pot together, boil a small fire roll10In the minute, the meat is broken,10Minutes into the butter and then boil add cornstarch water thicken the soup, add salt, chicken powder seasoning, flameout out evenly into the egg. Search for the practice
  - Cecily_Wong

Zero fat one minute microwave oven cake (weight loss diary

oven cake ( [ Diet diary ]Procedure steps 1. Zero fat microwave oven cake 2. Egg beating Do not add water Or else you don't smell. Bubble hit point 3. This is proportional With the other on behalf of the cake too But it's not so good.

Fried pumpkin cake

Pancake with wheat, beans, sorghum, corn and other grain production, containing a variety of Cereals, nutrition, easy to eat, is the foundation of the human body to add energy, and then add a variety of vegetables, eggs, meat and other ingredients, nutrition, by people love. Materials Ingredients Pumpkin500GFlour100G
  - 水青青

Fried cucumber with private sausage

In addition Food is found for chowhound, his creation Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients SausageA CucumberA EggTwo Salt or other seasoning powderFew Practice steps

Dried squid casserole porridge

the rice, after the fire to boil, turn a small fire slow boil, put a small amount of edible oil 3. Cook until the porridge is almost good, and then put the dried squid silk to cook a small 4. Finally into the chopped parsley or other vegetables, salt and other spices, you can eat
Array  - 冰000000003

Simple and delicious curry Jitui Fan

delicious curry Jitui Fan. 1. Ingredients 2. Boneless chicken peeled diced into flour and stir boiled water boiled water wine 3. Other diced onion slices 4. Onion burst into carrots
  - _______w,

Red beans and barley sugar Tremella

The red beans and barley sugar Tremella practice steps 1. Tremella with lily soaked the night before 2. Red bean barley soaked in advance 3. In addition to other materials are red dates longan, simmer down20Minutes off the fire, cooling
  -   Vera_L

Tofu walnut juice

The tofu walnut juice is from the book to school. There's no other nut to put some nuts on it. According to their own changes. Materials Ingredients Bean curd1/4BlockMilk200Milliliter Accessories Mature walnut10G
Array  - Qiuyue0815

Panda eating

Look at other people to do the fun, he also made a, hair other sites, a lot of people say that not good, huh, huh, but also some people say that it is also good. Ha-ha Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Steamed Rice