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From the literature found some for you 38 cook recipe, cook book,chinese cook.

Simple Bacon pizza

With pizza sauce (Italian Tomato Sauce) 3. Ma Su covered with mozzarella cheese 4. Sprinkle with oregano and black pepper, then covered with food and cheese, preheat the oven for ten minutes, start baking 5. Fifteen minutes later
Array  - 为小叶子做饭

Homemade pizza sauce - the king's Edition

(5cc) Oregano (oregano)A small spoon (5 cc) Sweet basil1/2Small spoon2.5cc) Salt6g Homemade pizza sauce - the way of the king's Edition 1. All the ingredients (9A) 2. Heat the wok with butter


sausage Pizza practice steps 1. In the pizza pan put good bread, then brush the pizza sauce, in turn put bacon, green peppers, onion, carrots, corn, milk brand, sprinkle on oregano, into the already heated oven,180Degrees.10Minutes. Pizza practice video Search pizza practice

Mixed vegetables salty Muffin

Gross weight of each115Grams, potatoes, carrots, white sesame, oatmeal, pizza special spices oregano, entrance salty, sweet, soft, suitable for breakfast, afternoon tea time health light meals. Vegetable materials can be replaced according to their own preferences, the whole milk, egg production can not be. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary
Array  - hjapril

Cheese spaghetti

Italy area200g Minced meat200g Tomato500g CarrotHalf OnionHalf a GingerAppropriate amount Garlic1A Oregano2Teaspoon Oil Salt Sugar Vinegar CheeseAppropriate amount The practice steps cheese spaghetti
  - JuicyEvaaa

Italy white onion soup

Accessories Olive oil1Soup spoon Butter15G Stock1.3L Seasoning Garlic3Flap Geranium1Slice Thyme4A Oregano1Small group Parsley1Small Black pepper1Teaspoon
Array  - olivia85

Homemade pizza sauce

5. In Rolle, oregano, sugar to fry. 6. Cover, turn a small fire, boil20Minutes. In the middle of the time to stir fry, to avoid paste. 7. Finally, turn the fire, dry soup, sauce thicken. Into the hot air to dry the sealed tank, and then put it down. Put the refrigerator for a week
  - Jamies1228

# novice # Bolognese - Italy series

9. Sugar... 10. Pizza grass... Also called oregano... It determines the noodles are noodles with tomatoes or Italy noodles... 11. Salt is a good thing... 12. Let's take a picture...
Array  - 宇声爱美食

Brazil pasta Nhoquedebatata

Oregano seasoning Holland celery seasoning A little pot of tomato sauce Brazil pastaNhoque de batataProcedure steps 1. 1.The pot put a small amount of olive oil after the heat garlic and saute until fragrant and then into the chopped onion and stir fry 2.
  - 艺术芳菲

Delicious Pizza sauce ~ (a quick way to go to the tomato skin method)

and Rolle and pizza. 11. Tomato sauce, stir fry the tomato.To open a small fire after the fire 12. After cooked to the soup becomes thick, you can add oregano and basil leaves, oregano and basil leaves inside, slightly boiled~ 13.

Italy level

~60Minute Ingredients Melaleuca pastryAppropriate amount Minced meat250g Tomato400g Carrot75g OnionHalf a Garlic1A Oregano2Teaspoon Milk250ml Butter25g Flour20g Palmerson cheeseAppropriate amount NutmegA
Array  - JuicyEvaaa

Chicken salad

Do have a meat dish salad love sesame taste kewpie salad juice.Fruit with ~ is their favorite, is different each time only mind isn't a waste of (today home with fresh mulberry longan so materials the)Lemon slice to essential.Pizza is my own broken to mash up Rolle, rosemary, oregano,,, this kind of. 4. Then, gently mix, swing disc.Finally
Array  - 七零后de冯冯

Bacon corn Sausage Pizza

Sausage Pizza 1. First pizza crust on the pizza pan, get the oven and bake for about, put tomato sauce evenly, add cheese, bacon corn, tomato sauce, cheese, the top put sausage. Sprinkle a layer of oregano. 2. Preheat the oven to the bottom.180Time is20-30How many minutes, depending on the degree
  - apple132

Pizza sauce!!

When the butter is melted, put the onion and garlic and stir fry.1Multi clock 6. Into the tomato, the fire and stir fry the tomato juice into the juice. 7. After the tomato juice, add sugar, black pepper, pizza, Rolle, continue to stir fry. (here I put the oregano and basil
  - 顺麒自然

Tuna black olive pizza

is better than that of the plate.,To prevent the bottom of the cake from the bottom of the toast; in a circle around the dough brush a layer of melted butter(Or olive oil),Then at the bottom with tomato sauce 4. Sprinkle some oregano(Oregano,Make the necessary Vanilla,Also known as pizza grass)Ma Su; sprinkle a layer of mozzarella cheese
Array  - 君之

Baked spaghetti with meatballs

Rice-meat dumplings sliced onions and garlic, chopped 4. Boil the oil to saute the onion and garlic and then add mushrooms and stir fry Rice-meat dumplings 5. Add tomato paste or Basil oregano salt, sugar 6. The bottom
  - schweinchen

Vegetable pasta ham

6. After the butter melts, the vegetables, the ham and the pot stir fry 7. After the vegetables become soft, add the tomato sauce and the right amount of sugar and continue to fry. 8. The cooked noodles fish out, put the fried dishes, mix well, and sprinkle with oregano
Array  - 笑曦曦的快乐

Rag connected allabolognese spaghetti Bolognaise

Beef300g Geranium1Slice Garlic2Flap Onion2A Carrot2Root Tomato paste (tomatopure)1dl Tomato sauce (not! Is! "Tomato sauce" with French fries.400g Red wine (not just omitted, of course not the same)Appropriate amount oregano(Oregano)2Small spoon Basil(Basil)1Small spoon Bouillon cube
Array  - Candy•Reeslev

Bacon pizza

with the dough, and the dough is made to be smooth and slippery. 2. Making pizza sauce: heat oil first fried onion, then add peeled diced tomatoes, add appropriate amount of butter, tomato sauce appropriate color, simmer for a while, fire close juice until it thickens, add salt, sugar, seasoning, before the pan into the oregano

Bacon rolls shrimp pizza

color, into the vegetables can be off the fire, with waste heat can be. 5. Pizza pan brush a layer of oil, into the cake. Make the sauce with tomato sauce, black pepper, salt, oregano, and evenly on the cake on. 6. Ma Su sprinkle a layer of mozzarella cheese, with vegetables.
Array  - cookie_kun


3. Oven200The degree of preheating, put up a good bread baked5Remove the brush on the pizza. Shop lunch minced pork, minced fried sausage, corn kernels, chopped onion, chopped green peppers, shredded cheese to sprinkle surface, sprinkle thyme and oregano is good. 4. The surface is also placed in a few pieces of cheese, can not be placed.
  - 自给自足5

Green pepper Sausage Pizza

, fermentation2Air temperature fermentation of large post extrusion air10Minutes, roll open8An inch of an inch of a plate, a small hole, a cake bottom coated with corn oil, and a room temperature.15Minute 2. Coated with a layer of tomato sauce, sprinkle oregano, put a layer of cheese, and sausage Ding, put a layer of cheese, green pepper Ding, put cheese
  - Helen_Li7

Homemade pizza sauce

Homemade pizza sauce practice video Tips 1.If you mix the pasta and pizza sauce It is delicious. If used to make a pizza The juice to accept something Better to do pizza. 2.Oregano is also called grass pizza It and Rolle Taobao can buy Buy cheaper packaging After all, the amount is very small Search for home made pizza sauce practice
  - 肥玉祥

Delicious homemade pizza sauce / spaghetti sauce

2. Oil heat the pot, add onion and garlic. 3. Add pork, stir fry until fragrant. 4. Add tomatoes, salt, stir the fire to overflow, soup boiling, add oregano, black pepper, turn a small fire. 5. Small fire boil, juice, tomato and onion in the process

Italy pasta flavor (super detailed steps)

beefSame amount of pork Color pepperAppropriate amount Hot pepperAmount (not too much) EggA Xiang QinTwo Dried basil leaves Oregano broken Dry parsley ButterA piece of Garlic Salt Pepper Small tomatoAmount (ten or so) Homemade Jam (brown sugar
Array  - 什锦饭团0

Bacon mushroom pizza

to buy a ready-made9Bottom of the cake. A treasure to buy~ 2. First on the pie with tomato sauce, sprinkle a little pizza grass, also known as Niu Zhiye(Oregano)Out ofpizzaTo taste authentic. I also put some grass.~ 3. A layer of mozzarella cheese shop, I bought is a shape, if your
  - dandan的窝1

Bacon onion pizza

; 4. Stuffing; 5. Onion cut onion ring; 6. Bacon put the pan fried slice and stir for a while;This step can be omitted~I like fried.~ 7. Add parsley, oregano, basil fried a stir in tomato sauce
Array  - 缘豆儿

Garlic Chicken Pizza

7. Tomato sauce, add appropriate amount of water, black pepper, oregano boiling 8. Put the chicken in tomato sauce, boiled3Minutes. Let the chicken absorb the sour sweet tomato sauce. 9. After the first fermentation, and Ma Su mozzarella, put chicken sauce, can put some mushrooms.
  - Justcoco

Bacon ham and cheese pizza

rolled into fermentation8Inch of dough, the static relaxation20Minutes (too soft, then put in the fridge); into a pizza pan, edge along the edge of the disk compression, the underlying bar fork a few small holes, easy to air heat evenly 5. Tomato peeled diced into the pot, a small fire to stew out of the soup, add oregano
Array  - 马琳mǎlín

Crazy grilled chicken wings

rushed), followed by brush honey, sprinkle pepper face, cumin powder, pepper, oregano broken, continue to bake8Minutes. 20. After baking, change the plate, sprinkle with white sesame, then eat Cooking skillsThere are differences in the oven, my house is the most basic version of the, no temperature
Array  - 萌小厨美食印象

Mexico beef roll Burrito

deployment TacoPowder formula: dry chilli powder40% Cumin17% Red chilli powder Black pepper Chinese prickly ash Oregano Amount of garlic This can also make the same with fried meat flavor Sasajum homemade method: tomato to seed cut one centimeter of particles Basically only use the skin of Tomato So it is necessary to put inside the juice and tomato seeds to clean Onion cut into the same size particles
  - Amber_n_KIng

[Margaret pizzaMargherita] pizza old ancestor

product~ Margaret pizza pizza Margherita] the practice of the old pizza Tips Margaret is the old ancestor of pizza, a kind of pizza in the slope. There are three large classes of pizza on the slope:pizza marinara, pizza Margherita,pizza Margherita extra marinaraThe raw material is tomato, garlic, oregano and extra virgin olive
Array  - 糖小饼

The lazy super simple pizza

, add a little black pepper and oregano, and do the pizza dish fried together. No oven can be replaced with dianbingcheng or pan, Search the lazy super simple version.
  - 奋斗224

As one pleases pizza

waterYou are willing to 1#The sauce of tomato pasteA few tablespoons Basil, oregano-Dry flavorDo you want multiple ports? Carrot granulesGood few Onion granulesDozens of Fresh peeled tomato meatOne! Celery granulesDozens of Red wineSeveral mouth @Feed Ma Su mozzarella cheeseRandom! Green pepper
Array  - 上心

Orlean golden minced chicken pizza

, pickled3Hours; the pickled chicken into the onion rings, is laid around the corn kernels, Ding pepper and red pepper; sprinkle with remaining cheese wire; sprinkle a little oregano, oven200Warm up, up and down the fire.15Cent or so 4. 5.
Array  - Nicole

# ChangDi e.bake Internet of lace corn Bacon # pizza oven

Ingredients Pizza sauce 1.Onion1A 2.Butter20g 3.Oregano, black pepper, rosemary, parsleyAppropriate amount 4.Tomato3A ===I am the dividing line=== Pizza in 1.Pei Gensui100g 2.CornAppropriate amount 3.Ma Su mozzarella cheese150g 4.Beeswax2Root ===I am
Array  - 小五在这里呀

# Donlim magic fruit fun machine # homemade pizza bread

with a pizza, and the pie is pressed while the pizza is pressed.1cmHigh simulatrix 11. At the bottom of the uniform cake fork hole, then the cake on the bottom cover wrap up20Minute 12. With pizza sauce in the wake of a good cake on the bottom, not painted on thick, then sprinkle with oregano
Array  - 小姿饭儿

Chicken without the edge of a crisp pizza

2. Spread a layer of tomato sauce on the crust and spread evenly.1/3Chicken slices, shredded cheese; Orlean barbecue feed water mix, pickled3More than an hour, a well preserved chicken is spread on a pizza; Put on the apple slices, walnuts; shredded cheese and sprinkle with remaining, then sprinkle with oregano, oven200Warm up, up and down the fire.15Cent or so
Array  - Nicole