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Olive vegetable mix lettuce

Ingredients LettuceA Green soya beans30G Sweet corn grain50G Accessories   OilAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount Olive Vegetable80G OnionFew ChickenFew The practice steps of lettuce mix olive vegetable
Array  - youhaha0的厨房

Scallop olive vegetable fried rice

Scallop olive vegetable fried rice practice 1.The egg into the egg liquid, pour into the hot pan fried, cut into small pieces, spare 2.Scallops with boiling water soak, shred, put the oil pan into the pot, small fire fry Conpoy, fishing, spare 3.The pot to put the right amount of oil, after the heat into the cold rice stir evenly 4.Pour into practice1.Eggs, practice2.Stir fry
Array  - 高雅

(olive vegetable potato slices of roasted pork)

Added a lot of good taste of olive dishes ah Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Lean meat100g Potato1A Olive Vegetable1Spoon ScallionFew Salt, chicken essenceFew Soy
Array  - 屁屁是虫公

Cucumber salad with olives

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Cucumber3Root Olive Vegetable5G Practice steps of olive vegetable cucumber 1. Cucumber wash.
  - 康妮儿

Four vegetarian dishes

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Cowpea300g Tomato1A Green pepper1A Lettuce leaves200g The practice steps of the four elements of olive oil 1.
  - 康妮儿

Electric cooker small kitchen - Olive Vegetable braised bean

The practice steps of electric cooker kitchen - Olive Vegetable braised bean 1. The pot hot oil drain and sliced garlic saute, put the beans. Because the electric cooker has anti dry function, in order to automatically cut off, quickly stir fry in some water into the stew 2. Braised green to try a little

Fried vermicelli with minced meat with olives

A basin of olive vegetable vermicelli with minced pork, just end on the table and give my Andy and little nephew to wipe clean the, I just in the kitchen small mouth and two small guy repeatedly lament, do too little! Good is always too little, don't like to eat a mouthful of too much, this is the thing about children's true temperament, naivete~ Materials
Array  - 食尚煮易

Meal - dishes beans

This dish is very ride with Rice Congee drops to the dish can also add minced meat and fried together, also received a mouthful... Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Beans400g Olives (bottled)5Spoon SugarAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount OilAppropriate amount Next meal--The practice steps bean dishes 1. Beans clean cut grain dry moisture control, set aside. 2. From the pan. 3. Eight minutes until the oil heat, pour Stir Fried String beans. 4. The beans eight mature, add a little sugar. Continue to stir fry. 5. Add in the olives. The olives and green beans stir fry. 6. Make each bean with olives, add appropriate amount of salt. Stir fry evenly. 7. Out of the pot. Search for food--Dishes Daquan beans approach
Array  - ok晶晶

Sauteed Green Beans minced olives

Garlic2A The practice steps of olive vegetable Sauteed Green Beans minced meat 1. Sauteed Green Beans400g 2. Peng Sheng 3. Sauteed Green Beans cut5Mm long 4.

Dishes Sauteed Green Beans

pepper1A Garlic2A Olive Vegetable2A large spoon The Sauteed Green Beans dishes practice steps 1. Sauteed Green Beans wash, in addition to these toxins break off both ends, is a centralized place. 2. Into the boiling water, boil slightly pale.

Dishes Sauteed Green Beans

steps 1. Green beans washed dice, hot pot, beans a little stir fragrant, add boiling water in a little boiling, and then open the lid into the olive vegetable stir fry until dry, dish. Search the dishes Sauteed Green Beans practices Daquan

Olive white

I like a deft salad, sometimes with fried peeled peanuts, can also be used to peel boiled peanuts. According to personal preference. Olive vegetable is unique to Guangdong Chaoshan Han flavor dishes, which belongs to the Cantonese cuisine. Take the olive sweet flavor, plump mustard leaf Jianzhi formed. Xia Zhu taste, tongue intestinal Fang lie, chew, Liuxiang cheek teeth, do
Array  - 明月舞青衣

Olive bean shoots

water.5Minutes remove astringency, remove oil and stir fry 3. A little oil hot pot add olive vegetable bean stir fry, add a little salt 4. Add a little water, cover pot stew2Minute 5. Stir fry

Purple olive

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Purple olives, white radish1A Purple olive practice steps 1. Beautiful Search for purple olive practice

Olive soup

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Keel Olive Practice steps of olive soup 1. Keel, olivesWashed into the pot boil for 1.5 hours or so

Olive soup

Sweet and delicious, sour and sweet olive dry longan is really delicious!Like acid can add some olive like sweet, can add more dry longan. Materials Ingredients Olive15ALongan meat5APork(Thin)200GWax gourd500G Accessories SaltFew


into the basin into the eggs! Stir! 2. Cut and cut up the good! Roll the dough into! The vegetable stuffing evenly on the face of the half! Then fold! With your fingers around your finger! 3. Into the pot! Waiting for a minute! Small fire! And then turn right.40Seconds! Must cover the lid
  - _看客

Fried small potato

Occasionally eat a box that pickled olive vegetable, because olive vegetable fragrance is tempting. Today used it to fry a little potato, hey, the taste is also very good Oh, so that a little more sweet potatoes. Materials Ingredients Small potatoes500GOlive Vegetable1Spoon Accessories
  - 万山红

The apricot olive lung soup

South almonds, also known as sweet almond, South apricot, specifically for edible, is rich in protein, vegetable fats, Runzao complement the role of nourishing lung and skin. If used for cough, North apricot medicine. Nan Xingren is the seed of different varieties of apricot. Appearance like bitter almond and a little big. Almond sweet flat non-toxic, can be used
Array  - MONICA食尚煮易

Olive oil fried potatoes

Olive oil can not only cold dishes, but also to fried, fried, fried, boiled, and other way to cook food, because the smoke point of olive oil to be higher than other edible oils, so can rest assured that use.Buy food when they saw farms sell small potatoes, but looks very fresh, then do not hesitate to buy back some, started production of the the spicy appetizer "olive oil
Array  - i粗茶淡饭1

Olive oil mixed with amaranth

It is well known that the olive oil is oil in the boutique, it to our body health beneficial, long-term edible can play anti-cancer, beauty and other effects, to use it to make a dish is again appropriate nevertheless.Amaranth is rich in dietary fiber, can eat light weight, promote detoxification, prevent constipation. At the same time eat amaranth can enhance physical
Array  - i粗茶淡饭1

Tuna black olive pizza

is better than that of the plate.,To prevent the bottom of the cake from the bottom of the toast; in a circle around the dough brush a layer of melted butter(Or olive oil),Then at the bottom with tomato sauce 4. Sprinkle some oregano(Oregano,Make the necessary Vanilla,Also known as pizza grass)Ma Su; sprinkle a layer of mozzarella cheese
Array  - 君之

Olive oil toast

Ingredients High powder320g Sugar26g Salt3g Olive oil22g Warm water (omitted)225g First and face Warm water (omitted)40g Second times and face Yeast5g Accessories   MilkProper amount (brush surface) The practice steps of olive oil toast
Array  - 芳芳园地

Black olive Zheng Luyu

soft, then take it away from the meat and salted meat, Lam, Lam Kok became salty. LAN he dried, cracked with a small hammer, the meat meat than meat but also fragrant olive. Materials Ingredients Perch1A Accessories Vegetable oil2Soup spoonSalt1TeaspoonSugar1TeaspoonSteamed fish
Array  - Jackey猫

Olive oil and egg salad

/1Teaspoon Mayonnaise1Soup spoon Olive oil1Soup spoon Practice steps of olive oil and egg salad 1. Material preparation 2. Cherry Tomatoes wash slice, put into the dish 3. Egg cooked stripped shell
Array  - JUJURAI

Olive oil steamed eggplant

Fuel consumptionAppropriate amount Steamed fish soy sauceAppropriate amount Coconut syrup classic olive oilAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount Mashed garlicAppropriate amount Chopped green onionAppropriate amount SugarAppropriate amount White pepper powderAppropriate amount The practice

Olive oil.

Asparagus taste flexible, with olive oil and garlic flavor aroma. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Asparagus300g SaltFew Garlic powder (dry)Few Ou Huixiang (dry)Few

Olive oil fried mushroom

The practice steps of olive oil oyster mushroom 1. The mushroom into standby pieces; if not clean to wash it, to dry the water with a paper towel; 2. Heat the pan, pour a little olive oil, Pleurotus ostreatus started to color turn below, fried to both sides with a little gold out of the pot.

Olive oil fried shrimp

Shrimp has a faint smell of the sea, shrimp elastic sweet, in fact do fresh materials are good oh! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Large shrimp250g Olive oilAppropriate amount SaltFew Black
Array  - 西瓜家的圆圆儿

Fried minced olives Sauteed Green Beans

3. Minced meat, garlic, stir fry release smoke, stir fry the minced meat color put chicken, put olive vegetable stir fry, qiguozhuangpan, right, without salt. Soy sauce with olives are salty! Olive minced meat dish Sauteed Green Beans search approach Daquan
Array  - 千与千寻115

Grinding mushrooms encountered olive oil

Recently, friends are trying to fitness, to wear clothes in order to figure the summer, to the seaside to show their Mermaid line! Fat also balanced nutrition, so I recommend to you this dish, mushrooms and olive oil can be effective lipid-lowering detox, not only convenient and nutritious, the key is good taste! Difficulty:Cut pier

Olive oil fried chicken row

Good body is not only a sport out of, or eat out of it! Chicken breast without fat, high protein content, very suitable for fitness and fat friends oh! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Chicken breast (big)400g Olive
Array  - 西瓜家的圆圆儿

Stewed pork ribs soup series [] olive stone

Two ribs Shi Ganlan Chinese wolfberry Jiang Kuai [Methods] olive stone series step soup stew spareribs 1. Diced steak, boiled water, ginger slices, fresh olive stone wash, go to excess roots. 2. Ribs into the saucepan, pour water, add
  - xpz_lover\

April - Bacon olive high fiber bread

to a thin Zizi out a little oil, take the fiber rich parsley and wheat germ, soft and chewing houseway.April, you slowly walk.(Stop) Ingredients High gluten flour250g Wheat germ50g Dry yeast1/2tsp Fine sugar15g Salt1/4tsp Palmerson cheese powder4g Olive oil30g
Array  - 阿姿

Vegetable pancake

sauce2A A bottle of Ham sausage1Root Carrot4/1 Vegetable pancake practice steps 1. Beat the eggs, add three tablespoons of flour, stirring. Then add half a bowl of water, thick and then add water, dilute the surface. (STIR). 2. Slice the tomatoes and fry

Korean vegetable

Mushrooms(Dry)2-3Flower Black fungus10G Onion1/2A Carrot1/2Root Egg1A Seasoning Salt1Small spoon Garlic4Flap Soy sauce1A large spoon Sesame oil2Small spoon Vegetable oil2A large spoon Sugar2Small
Array  - 芹意

Vegetable porridge

oilAppropriate amount Rice3Small WaterModerate The practice steps of the vegetable porridge 1. Add rice congee, cook until rice rotten 2. Add vegetable shredding cooked porridge 3. Add sesame oil, salt
Array  - 向日葵妈咪

Vegetable Salad

leavesAppropriate amount Cooked eggs1A CarrotAppropriate amount BroccoliAppropriate amount Olive oilAppropriate amount Black pepperAppropriate amount HaiyanAppropriate amount SugarAppropriate amount Fried bread sliceAppropriate amount Vegetable salad steps
Array  - 爱美食的俏丫头

Vegetable buns

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Vegetables250g Corn flour2Spoon The vegetable buns practice steps 1. The chopped vegetables and sweet pepper psAccording to individual tastes
Array  - 汤汤汤子颐

Vegetable pancake

ShallotA Chinese prickly ashFive. SaltAppropriate amount Vegetable pancake practice steps 1. The female pig (photo are bigwigs, do not have introduced it 2. Male pig debut 3. The female pig mill

Vegetable pilaf

A child's taste Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Lean meat3~4Two Large green vegetables5~6A Rice4Cup Ginger2~3Slice The practice steps of vegetable pilaf
  - 吴玥8

Vegetable pancake

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Corn, carrot, egg, ham sausage, dried meat floss, onion Salt, monosodium glutamate, fish sauce, Vegetable pancake practice steps 1. Huw Rob Che
Array  - 享尽人间美味

Yuci vegetable

The north now seasonal vegetables and less, water Lingling spinach bundled, followed the old man who learned vegetable knots, convenient, simple, fast, and we are not anti try! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Spinach, eggs

Egg and vegetable

amount Salt2Spoon Rice porridgeA bowl The practice steps of egg vegetables 1. Eggs in a bowl 2. The other half vegetable shred into the egg mixture in salt mixing 3. In the hot pot, pour
  - 唯燚

Vegetable juice

Just began to add baby food supplement to drink vegetable juice, vegetable mud Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Green vegetables250g Practice steps of vegetable juice

Vegetable porridge

Vegetable porridge less oil, less salt, light and delicious, and nutritious, the most suitable for breakfast. Materials Ingredients Rice100GCorn grain1/2BowlBroccoli1/2BowlCarrot1/2Small bowl Accessories Edible oil1TeaspoonSalt1TeaspoonClean waterAppropriate amount
Array  - 紫韵千千

Vegetable Salad

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients BroccoliFree EggFree CabbageFree TomatoesFree Vegetable salad steps 1. Just take a photo, a salad is estimated
  - 青陌2

Vegetable cake

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Ingredients All kinds of vegetables Flour Egg The practice step of vegetable cake 1. Flour, eggs2:1And mix thoroughly with water after adding your favorite all Sulai, also can add some
Array  - 丫EZi

Vegetable cake

Salt, white pepperAppropriate amount The practice step of vegetable cake 1. A small pumpkin vegetable cake, a carrot, egg two, flour, salt, pepper.1.The small pumpkin, carrot silk rub. Because the baby to do, like a half... If the family can eat clean silk..2.Put the amount of salt, in a good rub silk for a while, out of juice.
Array  - 洋洋433

Vegetable dumplings

and mushrooms, soy sauce, salt, stir evenly, filling well 6. Just Na the flour into the dough and vegetable juice 7. Rubbing the dough into thin strips, with a knife cut into a small pieces, Gan skin, dumplings, success! Search vegetables

Lam minced meat and vegetables crisp cake

Olive Vegetable200g Meat stuffing100g Chinese prickly ash powder5g Flour600g Water400g Salt2g The practice steps of Lam minced meat and vegetables crisp cake 1. Choose your favorite olive vegetable and pig meat stuffing, have special requirement can choose beef, the same
Array  - 000鱼片

Vegetable Salad

tomatoEight. Ham sausageA Huang TianjiaoA CucumberA MayonnaiseAppropriate amount Mustard oilA few drops of Tomato sauceAppropriate amount Purple cabbageHalf a Vegetable salad steps 1. The purple cabbage cut thick wire put a little salt to catch next three
  - 丸子大乔

Vegetable Salad

Italy spiceFew Black pepperFew SaltFew Olive oilAppropriate amount Italy areaA small Vegetable salad steps 1. The pasta is cooked, drain water, add salt and mix well 2. Cut lettuce, shredded pepper, diced tomatoes
Array  - **********

Vegetable Chowder

Bean curdA block TomatoesA CeleryHalf a Onion ginger garlic boltAppropriate amount The practice steps vegetable stew soup 1. All material dice Pat cut celery The leaves and the rods are separated, both of which are useful. With the best red onion Efficacy of their own Baidu bar Dishes can be readily

Vegetable cake

Practice steps of vegetable cake 1. Carrot, cucumber. 2. Beat the egg, add milk to stir. 3. Add flour and stir well. 4. Add cereal, carrot, Huang Guasi, salt, stir well.
Array  - 豆果15880

Vegetable cake

vegetableChopped spinach The steps of the vegetable cake 1. Put eggs, flour, vegetables into a bowl of water into a lake. 2. Put the vegetable Lake in the pan. 3. Fried cooked on both sides
Array  - 丹东丹妮

Vegetable Salad

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Raw cabbageA tree Small tomatoSeven or more Thousand Island dressingAppropriate amount CucumberA Whole wheat breadTwo Vegetable salad steps
  - 啭身ヽcry_

Vegetable Salad

I want to lose weight, eat and sleep at night without sleep, sleep, sleep. Said three times you know! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Yogurt, saltHave a guess Vegetable salad steps
  - Go叭Go叭

Vegetable Pizza

cheese Free with other mushroom like Vegetable Pizza practice steps 1. Homemade pizza sauce. As well as pizza. 2. Yeasted 3. Spreading 4. Pan
  - 已注销

Vegetable cake

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Cabbage200g Potato100g Bacon100g Wheat flour100g Egg3A The steps of the vegetable cake 1. Cabbage, shredded
  - 轶kiko

Vegetable Sushi

To the one you love Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Steamed RiceA bowl Ham, eggs, carrots, cucumberEach one Vegetable sushi practice steps 1.
  - 蒙牛0

Vegetable dumplings

Leek100g Fans80g Egg skin2A Shrimp5g Ham sausage1A SaltAppropriate amount Five spice powderAppropriate amount Pork foam100gAbout Practice steps of vegetable dumplings 1. Pork foam, put cooking wine, salt, pepper, pickled.
Array  - 诺小胖

Vegetable cake

Method of vegetable cake 1.Ingredients: eggs, carrots, cucumber, purple cabbage 2.Egg with cooking wine, salt, black pepper and a little sugar whisk 3.Vegetables cut into smaller pieces.(Give the child to eat, try to chop broken, let the children more easily accepted, product is more beautiful) 4.A small spoon of starch, add a little water to open, add to the egg to beat even.
Array  - 木可

Vegetable soup

Practice steps of vegetable soup 1. Wash all materials 2. Tofu cut into small pieces, diced tomatoes, cabbage cut 3. Put the amount of water, after boiling, add tofu and tomatoes, and finally into the small cabbage cooked, seasoning
  - 维东

Korean vegetable

Array  - 草菇

Minced meat of Cowpea

Minced meat add cooking wine salt. Olive Vegetable 2. Cowpea fried thoroughly remove and drain oil, pot stay in base oil to fry minced meat and chopped garlic and ginger Add some soy sauce. Into the oil of the bean And a moderate amount of olive Stir fry evenly 3. Stir evenly after
  - imyangqi

Vegetable salad

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Vegetables in seasonWhere appropriate Fans, thousand Zhang SiWhere appropriate Special homemade salad seasoningAppropriate amount Vegetable salad when practice steps

Vegetable pancake

Vegetable pancake practice steps 1. Ingredients: one of the west, two potatoes, carrots, a root, two eggs 2. The various ingredients shred 3. Add eggs 4. Add seven tablespoons of flour
  - 薇唯委位

Vegetable cake

The pumpkin is rich in vitamins and pectin, detoxification, protect gastric mucosa, reduce the effect such as blood sugar, and taste sweet. Cabbage is rich in crude fiber, detoxification, Runchang, thirst diuretic effect. Dry season, should eat pumpkin and cabbage. This vegetable cake can cook, and can also be a dessert. , Difficulty:Cut

Vegetable dumpling

Chive Practice steps of vegetable dumplings 1. Spinach, add water to beat juice and surface, knead into a pattern, 2. After a good face rubbing and stuffing, put minced shallot chopped cabbage sauce sesame oil, salt and mix thoroughly
Array  - 芸儿的小世界

Vegetable pepper

The practice steps of the vegetable and pepper 1. Heat wok put oil, add a little pepper choke pot. 2. Add tofu stir fry until brown, add soy sauce. 3. Add pepper stir fry, add soup, stir fry with gravy. 4. Salt, Pan Sheng
  - 奇山异水

Vegetable Pizza

Crispy sausage grainAppropriate amount Corn grainAppropriate amount Vegetable Pizza Fort practice steps 1. The pastry bag over, with a knife in four around a cut a circle, then cut out a piece of bread at the bottom of the bottom 2. Put the bread in the bottom crust
Array  - 狮太

Vegetable Salad

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Ingredients Their favorite vegetable Vegetable salad steps 1. His love of Vegetable & Fruit Cook in water Add the right amount of salad dressing. You can Convenient nutrition
  - 豆粉749823

Vegetable salad

VinegarFew Sesame oilAppropriate amount SaltFew Mature vinegarAppropriate amount Chili sauceAppropriate amount The vegetable salad practice steps 1. I put all the ingredients are first transferred into the juice to mix.. White vinegar, a spoonful of. A spoon of vinegar. Soy sauce, three. Sugar
Array  - 被诱拐的钱包君

Vegetable roll

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Dried bean curd Carrot Onion Ham sausage Coriander ToothpickSee how many you can eat. Practice steps of vegetable roll 1. Prepare

Vegetable clip

10. Golden, the drum is ripe. 11. Do it once, it's delicious. Search vegetable folder practice
  - 尐喵児

Vegetable porridge

Salt Practice steps of vegetable porridge 1. Wash rice The pot boil water After the water is opened Cook5Minutes off the fire cover Boring one night Second days in the morning to see the rice on the flower Save the fire, so that you will not have to stir. (if you want to be good, you can see the pot boiling.
  - 楠楠DIY

Bacon vegetable

Thailand fried rice flower with long rice, steamed one day in advance a little hard, or in a bowl, a cold night. Meals this bacon is crispy bacon, fried, when put a spoonful of lard, tender broad bean is in order to make the taste more fresh and vegetable fats and oils and beans taste good harmony! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary
Array  - 白花花的白花花

Vegetable cake

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Egg Flour Potato Carrot The practice step of vegetable cake 1. First cut the good silk potatoes, carrots, onions, water boiled
  - 小高粱

Vegetable Salad

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Tomato, cucumber, corn, lettuce250 Ketchup10g Mayonnaise10g Vegetable salad steps 1. Put the vegetables together, tomato sauce

Vegetable Salad

Vegetable salad steps 1. Cucumber cut hob block! 2. Diced tomatoes! 3. Put2I put the salad dressing, I put the original flavor, like dessert, you can put a sweet salad dressing! Search vegetable
  - 静宝传奇

Vegetable Salad

Slimming beauty in one fell swoop Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients All kinds of small vegetables like to add The addition of yogurt Can also add a moderate amount of salt, olive oil, red wine vinegar, etc.
  - QueenJunior

Mini vegetable Rice and vegetable roll

Mini vegetable Rice and vegetable roll approach 1.All kinds of vegetables diced pot, stir fry vegetables into heat 2.Add cold cooked rice and stir fry. 3.Add salt, soy sauce and continue to stir evenly in a bowl 4.Steamed Rice will squeeze into small groups, tied a laver.  Cooking skills 1The vegetables, Rice and vegetable roll can be replaced, material seasoning
Array  - 

Steamed corn bowl (nest Wotou dishes)

), cooked after olive vegetable... Because the mushroom sauce and olive vegetable itself is salty, so don't put salt, can be based on your taste. 6. Olive vegetable fried beans 7. Stir fried diced pork with mushrooms 8. Finished
Array  - 倒立的猫猫

Gallo Gallo extra virgin olive oil with the fried Anxi Dried tofu

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Anxi Dried tofu4Block GarlicAppropriate amount Oyster sauceAppropriate amount Salt, chicken essenceAppropriate amount GalloGallo Extra virgin olive oil fried the trial practice step of Anxi Dried tofu
  - 琳萌

Gallo Gallo classic extra virgin olive oil using [Salmon Soup]

a pot of soup, the tick down meat, is also a lot of, daughter enjoyed eating, eating soup, very delicious.(Stop) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Salmon bone500G Egg tofu2Root GalloGalloClassic extra virgin olive oil
Array  - 如莲静心rl

Gallo Gallo classic extra virgin olive oil with the fried lamb chops

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Lamb chops3Block Olive oil Sha Diejiang GalloGalloThe practice steps of classical extra virgin olive oil using fried lamb chops.

Gallo Gallo classic extra virgin olive oil with the pickled cabbage and spinach

The last time and left home Hot pot together fried meatball, solve the kitchen helperww Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Spinach200g PickleAppropriate amount Meatball2A Olive
  - Rhein

In spring Food the taste of spring -- olive oil fried fruit machine

Fresh mulberry machine350g Wheat flour100g Olive oil80ml Edible salt1Teaspoon Five spice powder1Teaspoon Green cauliflower3Head In spring Food the taste of spring -- practice steps not machine olive oil fried fruit 1. This is a lovely summer mulberry tree, with a flower has
Array  - 紫绫罗

Gallo Gallo classic extra virgin olive oil fries the trial [ears]

Fresh and crisp fried fried ears, can be eaten cold and hot to eat. The addition of olive oil and Chinese prickly ash added to the flavor of the dish. The table is a very likable a vegetable dish at home, often do this dish, the most like to eat cold. Ingredients Dried black fungus100g Water
Array  - 浅小朵kiki

Gallo Gallo classic extra virgin olive oil with the spareribs with brown sauce

sauceAppropriate amount Sugar2Spoon SaltAppropriate amount Cooking wine2Spoon GalloGalloThe practice steps of classical extra virgin olive oil using the spareribs with brown sauce 1. Potato skin wash clean and good 2. Rinse with water, rinse with cold
  - Rhein

Gallo Gallo classic extra virgin olive oil with the carrot fried egg

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Carrot1Only Egg2Only OnionFew Olive oilAppropriate amount SaltFew GalloGalloThe practice steps of the classic extra virgin olive oil trial
Array  - Rhein

[Gallo Gallo classic extra virgin olive oil with four French fries -]

Do you like to do the same as I love potatoes do a variety of food. Today, we can easily get the taste and taste of the French fries.KFCALike, daughter is very love. Continue to use the GalloGalloClassic extra virgin olive oil to do.Fried with olive oil,Olive oil can be used repeatedly without modification, it has a stronger ability to resist the oxidation
Array  - sunny自在的风

Gallo Gallo classic virgin olive oil with the trial of Steamed buns

Ingredients Flour250g Milk150g Sugar30g Salt a little Accessories   Yeast3g Baking powder1g Olive oil7g HoneyAppropriate amount GalloGalloThe practice steps of classical virgin olive oil
Array  - 小皮的时光机

Gallo Gallo olive oil using French lamb chops with balsamic sauce

3. Potato, sweet potato, zucchini, diced 4. Add salt, pepper, olive oil and mix well. 5. Oven180Degree preheating10Minutes, baking sheet with foil, the vegetable tile on the baking tray, put small tomatoes,180On the fire roasted40Minute

Gallo Gallo classic extra virgin olive oil -- try Cranberry toast

sparrow Phoenix ah!In addition, who said bread must use animal fats and oils, vegetable oil can have a thin film out!(Stop) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients High gluten flour280g Egg1A Olive oil25g Clean water125g
Array  - 恬萝姑娘

To lose weight fast food olive oil -- fried cucumber

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Cucumber2A Olive oilAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount To lose weight fast food -- olive oil fried cucumber practice steps
  - 春雨沙沙

Bacon, a vegetable, a baby's diet, is a vegetable.

Salt two G Amount of olive oil Bacon6Block Tomatoes2A Amount of lettuce The practice steps of Bacon, a vegetable, the baby's diet. 1. Put salt in warm water, pour into the flour and stir well. 2. Knead the dough, for about ten
Array  - MOMO爱笑笑