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Oat Bread

Ingredients Low gluten flour250g OatmealHalf a bowl Sugar3Spoon YeastHalf soup spoon Practice steps of Oat Bread 1. Flour, oatmeal, mixed with sugar, yeast powder dissolved in half a bowl of warm water, (not hot) water stir knead to form a dough. Place for one hour, the picture
Array  - 巫赋镁

Oat rose

The practice of oat rose 1.Pumpkin peeled and sliced, pressed into steamer steamed pumpkin;Wash the spinach, add a little water to stir into juice after the use of the machine.;Prepare flour, oats, yeast 2.Production of pumpkin dough(Flower): The oats, yeast into the flour, and the amount of pumpkin into the mud 3.And divided into warm water 4.Stir with chopsticks
Array  - 绿野仙踪olivia

Oat Milk

Practice steps of Oat Milk 1. 1Root banana slices 2. Oatmeal and raisins into the pot, add a small amount of boiling water heated to boiling 3. Quickly into the pot of an egg, with a spoon to stir 4. Quickly add milk, use
  - Jennie_Liu

Oat porridge

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Oatmeal6g Soybean Milk3Small spoon Green Mango1A The practice steps of Oat Milk mango porridge 1. Oatmeal cooked with mango
  - 春暖6

Oat yogurt

Coconut slice20g Corn flakes20g Hazelnut50g Pumpkin seed30g Black sesame1A lot of Honey50g Coconut oilA spoon Yogurt (homemade thick)Appropriate amount Candied orange peel1The Raisins1The The practice steps of oat yogurt 1. Heat the pan

Fried oat

Last weekend in Beijing will bean powderFamily Day, with Jin Zhou, the teacher, nutrition and health, low calorie, essential to lose weight a food. With milk taste better! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Oat
  - 汐初

Fruit oat

Xianlaiwushi, whim Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Orange, pear, appleChop, moderate Fruit and oat practice steps 1. The oatmeal, cut fruit, placed
  - 凡_

Oat Bread

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients High gluten flour250g Egg1A Milk125g Oatmeal200g Yeast3g Sugar50g Butter25g Salt3g Practice steps of Oat Bread
Array  - 艳杨高照


Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Instant oatmeal70g Bottom gluten flour20g Butter40g Raw sugar40g Egg1A The practice steps of OAT CRACKER 1.
  - 苹果她娘

Oat yoghurt

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients OatAppropriate amount YogurtPersonal love RaisinsPersonal needs The practice steps of oatmeal 1. Pour plain yogurt,Oat on top
  - 楚89

Milk oat bread

of Whole Oat Bread in the milk 1. Mix all of the powder material except baking soda, add the milk 2. Use chopsticks to stir all the ingredients into a piece of a piece of a piece of material. 3. Then rub it a few more times until smooth.

Oat porridge small mushrooms

This is a nutritious breakfast porridge, convenient and simple, like a look at: Materials Ingredients Millet200GOat100G Accessories Pepper2GMushrooms20GSalt2G Oat porridge practices small mushrooms

Oat walnut shortbread

Sift flour120G, starch30G, baking powder2Grams and baking soda1G, into the walnut25G and oat flour50G 9. Stir well with chopsticks 10. And then rub the hands of a group, awake10Minute 11. Wear disposable gloves
  - 壹笑嫣然

Corn Oat Milk

, is to eat coarse grains and cereals. So, my breakfast table, and a new friend - corn oat milk. Mild flavor, delicate taste, the feeling is very dependent, sweet taste is also suitable for the whole family eat together, here, and recommend to everyone, hope everybody can like me, with spring feversay byebye!(Stop) Ingredients CornHalf

Oat steamed corn beans

Chinese and Western, like Chinese steamed vegetables, like western oats, made the fusion dishes Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Carob10A few Corn grainAppropriate amount Oat20G Flour10G

Oat milk (nutrition and health)

Health and nutrition of the breakfast drinks to supplement the daily energy required Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Oat50g Soybean100g Skim milkAppropriate amount Oat milk

Oat walnut crisp

Accessories Corn starch 15GBaking powder 1GCorn oil 35GSugar 15G Practice of oat walnut cakes 1. Egg into the bowl, add sugar fully. 2. Add corn oil and mix well 3.
  - 兔鼠一家

Oat tempeh dace

oatsAppropriate amount GarlicAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount The practice steps of naked oat tempeh dace 1. Garlic easy go out from canned dace ~ ~ cut small pieces 2. Hot pot six ~ ~ garlic garlic under explosion
  - 哀~

Oat egg soup

Oatmeal20GEgg1A Accessories Water500Milliliter The practice of oat egg soup 1. Preparation of oatmeal and egg 2. Milk pot add water, the fire boil
Array  - 壹笑嫣然

Banana oat muffins (with raisins)

Banana1Root Accessories   Sugar35g Yogurt1Small spoon OatAppropriate amount RaisinsAppropriate amount Baking powder3g Banana oat muffins (with raisins) practice steps 1. Weighing good material

Oat grapefruit yogurt salad

Yogurt150g Coffee powderA few CherryA few Practice steps grapefruit yogurt salad of oat 1. Use hot water to soak the oats, leave the water drained cooked oatmeal 2. The grapefruit fruit bag out ~ 3. The whole

Oat coconut ball

OatBan Xiaowan Low gluten flourA small bowl Coconut meat powderA small bowl Powdered sugarAppropriate amount Egg2A MilkAppropriate amount WalnutBan Xiaowan Oat coconut ball practice steps 1. Materials: low gluten flour, oats, coconut, walnuts, sugar, egg, milk (milk
Array  - 夏小棉

Purple oat soup

water1200MilliliterBrown sugar1Soup spoon Purple oat soup practices 1. Prepare materials 2. Millet, glutinous rice panning clean into Soybean Milk machine 3. In3Tablespoons
Array  - youhaha0的厨房

Oat egg cake

This is a nutritious breakfast cake, easy to learn, like to see: Materials Ingredients Flour100GOatmeal30GEgg100G Accessories Oil2GSalt2G The practice of oat egg cake 1.

Oat rice pumpkin porridge

Practice steps of oat rice pumpkin porridge 1. This is I have washed, cut the pumpkin, the amount of two people, is a small circle, cut into small pieces, easy to boil. 2. This is washed soaked rice, a small bowl. M to thirty minutes ahead of the bubble Oh, so easy to boil.
Array  - 五月春天

# diet # spinach oat cake

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Oat100g Egg2A SpinachFree MilkSmall bag #Diet# The practice steps of spinach 1. Oat flour Add eggs Spinach (all kinds
  - 卜零卜颖

Oat walnut block

Oatmeal160g Butter90g Walnut kernel45g Brown sugar20g Sugar spinning40g Honey30g Low gluten flour45g Dried cranberries45g Flax seed or sesame20g Practice steps of oat walnut block 1. Put walnuts and sesame bake out fragrance, then set aside
Array  - 细雨霏霏5

Oat egg soup

In the warm spring days recommend drink soup. Try this nutritious oatmeal egg soup.~ Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Oat50g Egg2A Milk250ml Accessories  
Array  - 缘豆儿

Walnut Oat Milk

walnut30GOatmeal30GRed dates10GoldLongan10Gold Accessories Water900Ml or so The practice of walnut Oat Milk 1. Soybean wash, add the amount of water in the cup body, the choice of the bubble beans warm function,6Hours after the soaked soybeans
Array  - 琳子

Banana Oat Milk

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Banana1Root Quaker Oats3Spoon Soybean1Spoon Oat grain1Spoon Red dates3A Practice steps of banana Oat Milk 1. Put
Array  - ZRTzzz

Red bean oat millet paste

beans can be determined according to their own time whether to soak, I use the not soaked red beans. Search for red bean oat millet paste method
Array  - youhaha0的厨房

Outdoor essential oat energy bar

sauce (Feng Mi)60ml Vegetable oil50ml Brown sugarA large spoon Salt1g Baking powder1/2A large spoon Cinnamon powder1A large spoon The practice steps of outdoor essential oat energy bar 1. An apple cut2mmLeft and right slice. Preheat oven.100One hour of baking, thin easy

Oat bran and Steamed buns face

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Oats, wheat bran surface1:3Proportion,1,5Jin The practice steps of oat and wheat bran surface of Steamed buns 1. Oats and wheat bran, plus an egg.

Oat Tremella black sesame paste

Ingredients Oat Tremella black sesame paste The practice steps of oat black sesame paste Tremella 1. Oat Tremella black sesame paste The search of oat Tremella black sesame paste practices Daquan
  - MMDJ彭畅

Papaya oat tart ~ super simple

Also suitable for weight loss and want to eat a small meal Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Yolk2A Milk200g Sugar or sugar10-40g Tapie9A Papaya oat tart super simple
  - 沫冗12138

Red dates oat bird's nest

The bird's nest3g Go nuclear red dates2A Vegetarian oatmealAppropriate amount Pure milk200ml Rock candyAppropriate amount The practice steps of bird's nest the oat red dates 1. Take the bird's nest3G water immersion4For hours, two hours for water.
  - ☞兮凡☜

Oil free version of the full oat Muffins

version of the full oat Muffins 1. Half a bowl of cold water just before adding oats oats into the steamer, steamed sticky, cool. 2. Into the small bowl, add milk and honey, stirring. 3. Put the already cold oatmeal in a small bowl, stir well.

Oat green onion pancake bacon Ding

Oat bacon Ding green onion pancake approach 1. The oatmeal and flour and mix well 2. With warm water and a soft dough, covered up an hour 3. Qie Xiaoding bacon cooked onion, cut Xiaoding

Oat honey cookies [empty] culture, ages

granulated sugar30g Brown sugar30g Coconut powder25g Honey30g Butter120g Baking soda2.5ml Oat honey cookies [empty] training, practice steps for all ages 1. Add oats, white sugar, brown sugar and Ye Rong (brown sugar is easy to agglomerate, can be crushed by crushing, not easy

Oat Egg Tart # sweet coconut Chushen #

In order to stay in bed for a few minutes, and then breakfast is my first choice~Like the blind, and often is changed to do, delicious not heavy like kazakhstan! Today is yelia special favorite oatmeal coconut tart, delicious simple and quick, released while fever layer of coconut, oat fragrance with mellow coconut, the perfect fusion. With a lot of energy a day from
Array  - 笨笨童

Toffee sago oat Glutinous Rice Balls

Toffee2Block Oatmeal1Spoon Sago1Spoon Glutinous Rice BallsSome The practice steps the sago oat Glutinous Rice Balls toffee 1. Water boil, lower oats. Boil again after the sago, sago for ten minutes or so the white core, put milk sugar and glutinous rice balls continue cooking, mixing, and five minutes
  - aikissme

With the weight of oat bran -- douking Chiffon cup

douking only allowed oat bran during baking can be used!!!! So, offer the oat bran Chiffon cup, snack ~(Stop) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Egg2A Oat bran30g Skim milk60g Xylitol
Array  - 玉面小乌龟

Youmian Kaolaolao(steamed oat-flour rolls with broth)

according to personal preference. 3You should not compare, digestion, benefit is hungry, so dinner if eat it please reduce. Features of dishes          “Youmian Kaolaolao(steamed oat-flour rolls with broth)”Also called“You Wo Wo”. Is a cold region of Shanxi, especially in Xinzhou area of a pasta snack.“Kao Lao Lao”Is the use
Array  - 拉布拉多鱼

Nutty oat cookie ~ no small version of oven temperature control

Nuts, OAT CRACKER~Practice steps of no temperature control small oven 1. Walnut with a roller grinding, put chopped walnuts, flour, oats, black sesame seeds, raisins full Anthem 2. The butter is melted into a liquid, add brown sugar, sugar, stirring 3.

Midnight XO fried fried beef pill oat noodle

(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Beef ballsSome Green vegetablesAppropriate amount Oat noodleAppropriate amount XOSauce or pasta sauceTwo tablespoons EggTwo Zha Suanrong MidnightXOFried fried beef pill oats the steps
  - tammy_lee

How fragrant oat milk (dormitory whim, ultra fast

blockSee containers and flavors MilkDitto Free boiled oatsDitto Cocoa powderSmall amount (color) How fragrant oat milk (dormitory whim, ultra fast action steps 1. 1.A large collection of materials, chocolate beans did not forget - haha. If it is with chocolate, cocoa powder can not be put, pure cocoa

Oatmeal honey biscuit

Holiday no matter, made a biscuit, mainly to my home dog teeth to eat, eat and eat their own is very good, eating the mouth is full of flavor. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients ButterA piece of HoneyAppropriate amount Low gluten flourA large bowl OatmealTwo a lot of Olive oil20ml EggA Practice steps of oatmeal honey biscuits 1. Bread and butter. 2. Add eggs. 3. Add honey. 4. Add in olive oil. 5. Add oats. 6. Add the low powder, and knead into a smooth dough. 7. Take a small piece of dough into thin slices, placed in good shape after pressed paper tray, bake in the preheated oven. Tips This cookie is very casual of a biscuit, in addition to the eggs and flour can not move, other ingredients can change into your favorite ingredients, such as honey can be replaced by Yi Shui, oats can be replaced with nuts, bunched up into a smooth dough. Search for oatmeal honey cookies
  - 浅陌8

Oat milk yogurt cup (lazy breakfast slimming Edition)

HoneyAppropriate amount RaisinsAppropriate amount Oat milk yogurt cup (lazy version of slimming action steps for breakfast) 1. With a red wine cup450mlIt seems a little big.,Parents take a not so big cup, or as I do not have a person to eat second days, too large stomach. Hark back to the subject.Oatmeal is poured into a cup bottom
  - one爱烘焙

Loofah seafood porridge oats

SaltAppropriate amountHu JiaoyanAppropriate amountMaitake mushrooms100GJiang Ni2TSPGarlic3FlapOnion flowerAppropriate amount Loofah oat seafood porridge practices 1. The instant oatmeal, Plain white rice and the water into the pot, stir scattered Plain white rice with a spoon

Strawberry oatmeal

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Strawberry30A OatAppropriate amount YogurtAppropriate amount HoneyAppropriate amount Steps for the practice of strawberry oatmeal 1. 1, the first layer of oats, and then yogurt, and then10A plurality of diced strawberry, and a small amount of yogurt, and oats, then strawberryOKSmart, Is it right? Meng Da^_^ Search strawberry oatmeal oatmeal
  - 咚咚嗨

Sugar free oatmeal cookies

1. To have instant oatmeal powder particles 2. Add a small amount of starch flour baking soda, dosage1:4:1, the sum of all the same as oat flour. Pour the milk into the cake 3. Into the fire in the pan5Every minute, baking pan is not the same, it looks ripe
  - 莫语虚伪

Oatmeal Cookies

Ingredients Flour150GOatmeal50GEgg60GSalad oil50GFine white sugar50GBaking soda1GBaking powder2G Accessories White sesame seed10G The practice of oat 1. Material preparation. Sift the flour, oatmeal with fine food
  - 紫韵千千

Milk oatmeal porridge

1. Wash with warm water. 2. Jujube wash 3. Oat, milk, sugar and red dates into the stew. 4. I am a reservation at night time to cook, two hours a fast stew, in fact, the oats are very fast, half an hourOKThe.
Array  - Tonia丫丫3

Purple walnut porridge oats

or add some sugar to taste, very delicious, they usually eat a light taste, so I generally do not add sugar Oat purple walnut porridge Daquan way search
Array  - 米西了

Milk oatmeal for breakfast

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Milk amount The amount of oatmeal chocolate Banana stem3-4Slice A handful of raisins Honey1Spoon The steps of the milk oatmeal 1. Grape dry cleaning And together in a bowl of oatmeal 2. Honey into the milk, stirring evenly 3. Pour in milk1), and then add the banana slices, and start the Search for the milk oatmeal

# Castel iBakeE3 evaluation # mung bean oat Mini oven toast

) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients High gluten flour250G Oat15G Mung bean paste250G Sugar20G Yeast powder3G Butter28G Accessories   Salt3G #CasteliBakeE3Oven
Array  - ousgoo

Quick oats breakfast - Ma Fen

Egg2A Brown sugar50g Rapeseed oil120g Milk100g Vanilla powder1t Low gluten flour120g Baking powder1t Instant oatmeal100g Quick breakfast----Practice steps of oat horse 1. Two eggs and yellow sugar, egg mixer, stirring evenly.
Array  - 苹果她娘

Milk oatmeal soup

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients MilkA bag OatmealTwo. Red datesFew The practice steps of milk oatmeal soup 1. 1.Will prepare the milk, oats, red dates into a bowl;2.Pour boiling water into a bowl and stir. Search milk oatmeal soup practice

Honey oatmeal crisp - snacks - one person

too much 6. Into the mold pressing ~ 7. Cool off after eating it 8. Bite a bite of honey and honey Tips Sugar, cooked oat poured out and the amount of sugar
  - 竹寺彖

Radish oatmeal sesame milk porridge

Nutritious breakfast porridge! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients RadishA block Oatmeal200g Milk300ml Chinese wolfberry20Grain Black sesameAppropriate amount The practice steps of the sesame milk porridge of radish 1. Carrot wash, chopped. With a small amount of boiled water will be cooked carrots. 2. Pour the milk into the pot and boil it.80Degree. Put oatmeal and medlar. 3. Sprinkle black sesame seeds. Search radish oats sesame milk porridge practice
  - 嘛妈咪

Red dates oatmeal Biscuits (simple ingredients, simple production)

oil20ml SaltA bit of Red date oat biscuits (Simple ingredients, simple production)Procedure steps 1. Add two eggs.20Ml corn oil scattered, red dates to the nuclear cut grain, cereal crumb(I use the Oatmeal Cereal that is sweet, so without sugar) 2. The cereal flour
Array  - 洋洋妈的点心

Oatmeal (breakfast)

Always want to get up to drink porridge in the morning is the most comfortable! Don't want to eat this long fat sister! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Pumpkin Oatmeal Practice steps of oatmeal (breakfast). 1. The pumpkin cut into the pan Tuo 2. The oatmeal into the pot 3. The lid. Press the button on the porridgeOK! 4. Delicious pumpkin porridge is good! Tips 1.Pumpkins have a sweet taste, no need to add sugar! Like to eat sweet person, can play after the pot add!2.Oatmeal is very absorbent, and when the water to cook porridge oh! Search for oatmeal (breakfast) practice
Array  - Y佐佐佑佑

Barley red bean rice red dates porridge oats

Search for barley red bean rice oat red dates porridge practices Daquan

Purple potato chips

Quick breakfast cereal, oatmeal, purple sweet potato is coarse, rich in dietary fiber. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Cent or so Ingredients Purple sweet potato mud150G Instant oatmeal100G Pure milk700ml Accessories   SugarFew The steps of the milk soup of the purple potato 1. Purple mashed potatoes, milk into the milk pot; 2. Low heat, whisking constantly, so as not to stick to the bottom; 3. Stir until completely dissolved in purple sweet potato milk, add instant oatmeal; 4. Continue to stir, small fire heating; 5. The pot edge slightly take the time, put sugar, also can not put. 6. Stir evenly off the fire, you can eat. 7. Tips Ten minutes can be done, to do the nutritional porridge is very good. Search for purple sweet potato chips

Super quick nutritional cereals breakfast porridge corn rose honey sauce with

It is suitable for the morning of the morning, fast, nutritious, oatmeal is very hungry, a morning will not have a sense of hunger Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Oatmeal Cooked corn or frozen corn kernels Rose Honey Sauce Super fast nutritional breakfast cereals---Corn oatmealwithThe steps of the Rose Honey Sauce 1. The process is too fast, directly on the finished picture. Before the day of the corn cooked and broke into capsules, morning breaking can also advance bye good, also can buy supermarket rate of corn grain. Into the quickly cooked cereal (as far as possible not to use free by boiling oatmeal, avoid boiling oatmeal suitable for brewing food, cooking will bring the oatmeal cooked broken perception, taste good. Add the right amount of boiled water, because the cereal is very absorbent, will be very sticky, add a little water can dilute. Add milk, water and milk after adding water.4:2.5Or4:3So appropriate. Boil a little spoon, stir, otherwise it will stick to the bottom,2,3The minute is almost the same. Oatmeal becomes soft and the whole body becomes thick and it can be out of the pot. Pan put on you like a sweet spices, such as condensed milk, green tea paste, jam, rose sauce, sugar, sweet scented osmanthus, brown sugar. If you want to add honey to wait50Degrees below will not destroy the nutrition of honey. Super fast search nutrition breakfast cereals---Corn oatmealwithRose honey paste

Walnut banana oatmeal

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients RiceAccording to the number of people OatmealAppropriate amount BananaA WalnutSome Chinese wolfberrySome SugarAppropriate amount Practice steps of the walnut banana oatmeal 1. Cook the rice while the walnuts and bananas are well prepared, and the banana slices are ready. 2. Such as porridge rolling first add walnuts stir, cover, cook for a while, add banana slices 3. When you need to be quick out of the pot, according to personal preference and sugar, put on the Chinese wolfberryokThe Search walnut banana oatmeal practice

DIY dinner -- goats'milk oats

a little too hot, will cause the goats'milk) 4. Home has children think it goats'milk not so sweet, can add a little honey. The taste is good despair. SearchDIYDinner--Goats'milk oat practices Daquan

No oil, no sugar, no sugar, no sugar, no sugar, no sugar, no sugar

Egg4A Baking powder6g Low gluten flour150g Red datesAppropriate amount Pure oatAppropriate amount Milk amount Jujube yoghurt100g The practice steps of non oil and sugar free oatmeal and oat 1. Hetian jujube6Stoned cut into small pieces, mixed with oatmeal (like adding
Array  - 阿门250

Banana oatmeal cookies

I am a student in the United States, as a result of the family's mother bought a lot of bananas lead to eat to throw awayNLater, I began to rummage American cuisine book, this cookie is I in accordance with the United States cuisine book to school, taste good. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Medium gluten flour2(cup250Gram or so Egg2A Vanilla extract1Teaspoon Butter (no salt)1(cup227G) Sugar1(cup200G) BananaThree Oatmeal2(cup450G ~500G) Baking soda4G Chocolate bean1(cup150Gram or so Practice steps of banana oatmeal cookies 1. With two small butter, softened at room temperature. 2. And sugar together, stir well. 3. Mix baking soda with flour. 4. Add the vanilla extract and stir in the butter. 5. And then add the cereal. 6. Stir well 7. Add the banana and stir well. 8. This is the result of the addition of chocolate beans and the final mixing 9. Spread butter 10. Interval to stay some, because after the test will become relatively large.sizeCan be in accordance with the kiwi to decide. 11. Preheat the oven to190(of375Bake for fifteen minutes, and the final product can be finished. 12. The amount really can be halved... I've done so much for a while._(:3"Angle)_ Tips Chocolate beans are best used in dark chocolate, because it is more sweet, Americans like to eat sweets, so sugar please according to personal preference. There are also a lot of cookies, if you do not want to do so much in half the material can be halved. I was in the United States of America, a glass of eightoz(Ang Si). Search for banana oatmeal cookies
Array  - Helen216

Oatmeal low - fat, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients The bottom (Mousse6Inch) Digestive biscuit90g Animal butter40-50g The mousse body Baileys Irish Cream50ml Milk20ml Light cream220ml Lucky Film/Powder15-20ml Fine sugar30g Instant oatmealAccording to personal preferences and set Mu Si Wai (can not)A circle The practice steps of the low - fat, low - fat, - - - and - - - - - - - - - - - cake cake (super 1. Pour the digestive biscuit bag, crushed with a rolling pin to grind. 2. The day before the butter softened, and then the water melted, the same as the crushed oatmeal biscuits. Pour into the bottom of the abrasive tool and put into the refrigerator to cool 3. The gelatin with cold water soak out after heated milk, stir well. (gelatin meal directly into the stir) 4. Baili Tianjiu, white sugar, cream mixed evenly into the container. 5. With a hand-held electric mixer to send, send to6-7A 6. Will be sent after the light cream and add the milk mixture of the lucky, stirring evenly into the abrasive 7. Add oatmeal in the mixing process, or not added, according to personal taste 8. In the top sprinkle with oatmeal, then put in the refrigerator5An hour (I put it in the fridge). 9. Take out the bottom with a hair dryer blowing a lap, and then put a cup to shake, you can take off the film 10. Finally, you can use a circle around the edge of mu, into the cake box Tips Baili Tianjiu reduction can also be used instead of using the rum, six inch bottom film. Search for the low - fat, - fat cake (super simple oven) - practice.
Array  - Vega_DAI回家

Snacks no longer monotonous - Chocolate oatmeal

Make their own simple snacks, health and rest assured, but according to their own preferences, free production, taste the food and enjoy the process, so that snacks are no longer monotonous, as soon as possible to their own hands! ~ ~ ([email protected] limit) Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Oatmeal100g Chocolate block100g Light cream20g Sugar15g Snacks are no longer monotonous - the practice steps of chocolate oatmeal 1. Baking sheet, oatmeal evenly spread to every corner of the plate; 2. Oven lit open130Degree, open fire110Degree,40Minutes; 3. To find a large basin, eight minutes into full80The degree of hot water, a container of chocolate block into the pot of water bath; 4. Do not stop the small spoon to stir the chocolate to make it in the hot water bath slowly melting into the sauce, add light cream mix well; 5. The half baked oatmeal into the chocolate sauce and mix well; 6. The other half of oatmeal in the fresh-keeping film, will pour oatmeal chocolate sauce; 7. Dry oatmeal mixed tile into a Griddle Cake; 8. Put it in the fridge.24Hours after removal; 9. After cut into the size of the appropriate piece. 10. Pay attention toCOUSSOfficial micro channel (micro signal:couss1918Get more delicious recipes. 11. Taobao sweep, understand the information of the oven. Tips 1Half dry half dry half dry, increase the taste level. Search snacks are no longer monotonous - Chocolate oatmeal
Array  - COUSS烘焙

Purple sweet potato (purple sweet potato)

Grandma likes to eat steamed bread Small partners say I will do pastry Why don't you make a steamed bread It looks like a sun. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Medium gluten flour300g Instant oatmeal100g Purple sweet potato3A Milk250ml White granulated sugar30g Yeast5ml Egg1A Powdered Milk20g The practice steps of the purple sweet potato (purple sweet potato). 1. Will flour, sugar (20G), oats, mix well, add100mlThe first milk mix, at this time all the purple potato peeled, steamed rotten, purple sweet potato with filter will be pressed into the mud,2/3Purple sweet potato mud added to the dough, and then added100mlMilk and eggs, knead dough, and then20mlThe milk is heated, melted yeast, the middle of the dough dig a hole, pour into the dough, cover with plastic wrap to cover the warm water soaking wet, fermented dough,1.5Hour 2. Will rest1/3Add milk powder, add the remaining milk and sugar and mix well, put in the freezer.30After a minute, remove the small portion of the amount, and put in the freezer.10Minute removal 3. Will good ground regiment exhaust, and divided into with the stuffing inside the same amount of dough, roll into a round, the package into the purple sweet potato fillings, bunched up into a circle, cover with plastic wrap1Hour,Wake up face 4. Boil the boiling water, and then put on the steamer, on the steamer pads on kitchen paper and then put on the steamed bun, steamed to light finger pressure surface immediately bounce is not stained fingers shall prevail, a pot can eat!. Search for purple potato bread (purple sweet potato) practice
  - Desperate

Crispy granola bars

4. Sift the flour and baking powder into the low gluten flour and add the oat flour. 5. Gently knead into a ball, wake up10Minute 6. Wake up dough, roll into a thick3Mm thickness 7.
  - 壹笑嫣然

[taste] can always eat oatmeal cake

until both sides are golden yellow, out of the pot. Tips The above dosage is two people, one person oatcake amount:(OAT) barley red bean cakeOatmeal (instant)15gBarley red bean powder 15gGrass egg 1/2ASkim milk50mlBrown sugar 3gOlive oil 3mlAdditional versions of the other versions of the oat cake formula:Seaweed black sesame cakeOatmeal
Array  - F酱

Healthy Oatmeal Bread

of a healthy Oat Bread free of sugar 1. Add the yeast to the flour. Must be separate oh. 2. Side and side slowly add water, into a rough dough, you can clean the table, put on a layer of oil, rub5-10In a minute, the dough is smooth on the surface.
  - 啾_

Pumpkin oatmeal

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Oatmeal Pumpkin Red dates Practice steps of pumpkin oatmeal 1. 1.The pumpkin peeled seed abluent cut, simmer10Minutes.2.The oatmeal and red dates put together into the pot boiled together10In a minute.Love sweet may little sugar oh! Search pumpkin oatmeal porridge
Array  - 我叫周小白

[much] mother love to cook the food and weight loss of banana oatmeal

In February, when participated in the a bean gourmet fruit tissue Detox special activities, learn a of fat, delicious and does not have the burden of food, is the banana oat cake, in fact, not only the banana and oats and nuts, milk, eggs. I have not taken a process to share, this time, I feel very good to do breakfast oh. But because of...(Open
Array  - 多幸福多快乐

Oats pumpkin Latte

Very good drink, but not containing caffeine. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Pumpkin jam30g Oat grain40g Milk200ml CreamAppropriate amount Chopped pistachiosAppropriate

Millet oats pumpkin porridge

First, my husband likes to drink boiled, thick, very warm, very good to eat in winter and pumpkin~ Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients MilletA small bowl RiceA small bowl OatA small bowl Pumpkin300g Rock candyFive or six block The practice steps of millet oatmeal 1. Put all the things in the rice cooker, press the porridge key. My home is SUPOR's, probably an hour, not related, more than a pumpkin soft rotten, will be very good~ 2. When, about forty minutes to open the lid, add rock sugar, stir, cover and cook~ Finished in an hour! Did not take the process chart, because it is really super simple ah~ Search millet oats pumpkin porridge practice

Nutrition breakfast - milk oatmeal

Oats are low in calories, will not cause any burden to the human body. Contains large amounts of dietary fiber in oats, not only can reduce cholesterol, and detoxification laxative. After eating oatmeal, very easy to will produce satiety, so that we can avoid to eat other food of high quantity of heat, caloric intake will become less In addition to the stomach is not good people can often eat some cereal Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Instant oatmeal4Spoon Milk2The bag is about480G SugarAppropriate amount Nutrition breakfast - practice steps of milk oatmeal 1. Put milk into the pot, small fire boil 2. Join4Tablespoon of instant oatmeal 3. Should be for the instant oatmeal and so do not cook too long time, finally add some sugar can pan. 4. On the map 5. You can add some fruit to your own taste. Tips There is a low fat milk is best, with milk when not oatmeal milk boiling, keep on80Degree or so, otherwise it will destroy the inside of the nutrition. Search for nutritional breakfast - milk oatmeal
  - M鹿M勋

No oil banana oatmeal cookies

Want to eat biscuits and afraid of the oil, but the home of the existing materials mixed together, baked out quite good Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Quaker OatsAppropriate amount Dried cranberriesAppropriate amount WalnutAppropriate amount Black sesameAppropriate amount Ripe banana1Root Egg1A Condensed milk (not added)10G The practice step of the non oil banana oatmeal cookies 1. Ripe banana mashed with oatmeal, egg, sesame, walnut milk, cranberry Ding, stir well 2. The shape you like in a tray (I didn't use paper, gold) into the preheated oven, the middle175Degree25Minute 3. Not the kind of baked crisp, but very chewy, eat Tips A banana is the kind of very ripe sweet kind, baked into the last few minutes must observe, prevent baked. On the taste of the relatively high requirements of the careful test, this is no oil sugar free sugar, easy to operate, it is like to eat and afraid of fatMMHealthy snacks Search for the practice of non oil banana oatmeal cookies
Array  - 友缘_4

Cold cold noodles

The online shopping bag surface, is said to be very nutritious, a strong sense of satiety, ha ha! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Oat noodles200g Flour50g Salt1Spoon ChrysanthemumA few Color pepperLess and half
Array  - 妞妞candy

Granola - quick breakfast

Very quick breakfast, all the ingredients can be put into use! Love what you do, and throw it in the oven! ItokThe! You can add raisins, nuts, cashew apple, chocolate and so on! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Oat
Array  - 草莓漫食

[much] mom loves cooking.

Pumpkin and oatmeal with the mix, nutrition and health, but also can help eliminate toxins from the body, thin period to do breakfast is very good!! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Oat rice Pumpkin

Wild mushroom with oyster sauce

Straw mushroom in mushroom belongs to fragile of, not into the refrigerator otherwise it will all become black and rotten, straw mushroom is rich in nutrition, taste Shuanghua, and wild rice stem with together with oyster sauce, taste delicious. Materials Ingredients Straw mushroom200GJiaobai120G Accessories Oil20MilliliterShallot2RootSalt2GOyster sauce20MilliliterGarlic4FlapCooking wine5MilliliterSesame oil5Milliliter The practice of bamboo mushroom with oyster sauce 1. Preparation of oyster sauce, onion water bubble after tear let natural curl, garlic preparations 2. Water shell wash, mushroom with mud wash a root of elimination 3. Slice 4. After the water is boiling pot add salt and water poured into the boiled water picked up mushroom 5. Hot pot temperature and oil into the garlic slice 6. Add mushrooms and stir fry the taste water after adding wine 7. Add oyster sauce 8. Continue to stir fry until all ingredients with oyster sauce 9. Add sesame oil and stir fry evenly after the flame out of the pot 10. Add spring onion Cooking skills1.This dish whole with oyster sauce, do not add other seasoning or too salty. 2.Add cooking wine can remove the mushroom flavor
Array  - 香儿厨房

Oatmeal Banana apple

Baby do not eat, can be as an appetite for the porridge oh! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Apple banana oat wolfberry hawthorn hawthorn The practice steps of oat banana apple
  - 夏雨天34

Baby nutrition porridge oatmeal porridge

Ingredients Oat Walnut Rice Red dates The practice steps of baby nutrition porridge oats porridge 1. Walnut wash chopped 2. Wash rice and oatmeal

Colorful oatmeal (food)

Many people do not like to eat oats that oat insipid, today the oatmeal let you from falling in love with oats, in enjoy oat bring your crude fiber can also enjoy the wonderful taste experience to attract kids can also be bright color Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so
Array  - Jane雫儿

Duncan -- bran breakfast burrito

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Oat bran15g Egg1A Skimmed milk30g Yi Kou sugar0.5g Salt Baking powder The practice steps of Duncan -- breakfast burrito bran
Array  - 玉面小乌龟

Popcorn chicken

Oat bran Steps of chicken rice flower 1. Chicken meat or chicken tenderloinKnock loose, cut into small piecesWith salt and pepper powder+Cooking wine pickledOvernight 2. Wrapped in oat branThe tile in the plate.Microwave oven high fire 2MinuteTurn over2MinuteTry the taste Feel too
Array  - 咖喱土豆牛腩饭

Gravy you face Kao Lao Lao

Gravy you face Kao Lao Lao practice  1.Surface points add boiling water several times, while still stir with chopsticks, let the floc formation, until no dry state 2.Knead dough, cover the fresh film to wake up20-30Minute 3.Into small pieces, rubbing round 4.Take a portion of the dough, like the picture with the palm of your hand, forming a thin oval 5.Homeopathic volume on the finger, forming a Kaolao lao. Do not good, with the rolling pin can be 6.The cage steamer covered with wet cloth, put the Kao Lao Lao a row in the steamer 7.According to the situation of their own fire, after the fire steam10-15Minute The practice of playing a halogen: 1.Cucumber, carrot cubes, chopped meat, fungus, spare 2.Oily cooked minced meat wok cool Sheng 3.Put the amount of oil in the pot, put the green onions, carrots, Ding Fanchao 4.Down the fungus for a while 5.Next cucumber to continue to stir fry 6.Drop cooked minced meat 7.Dark color, sugar, salt, soy sauce. Add the water to the vegetables, the big fire to open the small fire to cook 8.When less water in half, turn the fire, water starch thicken clean wok  
Array  - 知味人生

Milk oatmeal

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Milk Oat The practice steps of milk oatmeal 1. Porridge boiled 2. Pour in milk.
  - 豌豆荚子

Milk oatmeal

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Milk100ml Pure water250ml Oat40g Dry red dates2A Chinese wolfberry5g The steps of milk oatmeal 1.
Array  - 胖胖滴惆怅

Purple potato chips

550g About 1400Kcal 300Kcal/100G Ingredients Purple sweet potato mud340g Soybean meal60g Coconut oil10g Oat Chocolate bean Baking soda The practice steps of purple potato chips 1. Purple

Banana oatmeal

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Bananas, oatsBanana4A, oat1Bowl Practice steps of banana oatmeal 1. Cut the bananas into small pieces, roll with the spoon, and the oven can be up

Diet breakfast ~ small fresh color

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Strawberry1A Yogurt1A Oreo3A Oat1Spoon The steps of reducing weight and fresh color 1. Yogurt and Oreo with a blender break.First layer of oats, then Oreo yogurt
  - 咚咚嗨