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Cold noodle

Difficulty:Chef(Senior) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Cold noodle Salt Vinegar MSG Kelp Water garlic Onion Chinese prickly ash powder Coriander Peanut butter
  - 豆粉065334

Cold noodle

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients High gluten flour, water, sesame oilHigh gluten flour350Grams, water amount, sesame oil a little The practice steps of cold noodle 1. The350High gluten
Array  - 爱你不是目的

Henan noodle

Noodle is Henan characteristics pasta, as well. Here in the US, both large and small streets, or a variety of food stalls and even restaurants will have the face, braised noodle is incalculable. Henan is also almost everyone love to eat noodle, out all the year round in, once returned to his hometown, also must a bowl of noodle, because this is the taste of home. My family and I also like to eat
Array  - 万山红

Cold noodle

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Common flourAppropriate amount WaterRepeated amount SaltFew The practice steps of cold noodle 1. A proper amount of dough

Cold noodle

Crushed peanuts Chilli oil The practice steps of cold noodle 1. Home with the use of the dumpling powder, with the salt water to live well... 2. Add cold water, the amount of water in the water of the submerged dough is appropriate...
Array  - 蒂凡尼的晚餐

Shrimp noodle

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Shrimp5A Green Chinese onion1A Egg1~2A Hanging noodlesA The practice steps of shrimp fish noodle 1. Like
  - 9新

Seafood Noodle

understand. 5. Put the dishes into the noodles boiled water. 6. To cook good white shrimp in the face and sprinkle with white sesame seeds can be. Search seafood noodle practice

Cold noodle

Million years of cooking, the first time to do not think of it is successful Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Flour500g The practice steps of cold noodle 1.
  - 狮子AIR

Seafood Noodle

can need not salt, and then turn off the fire, put a little chicken. With a bowl. Search seafood noodle practice
Array  - 杨小小小然

Curry Noodle

Lazy Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Curry sauceA package NoodlesA package Practice steps of curry 1. Open the Hand-Pulled Noodle, cooking

Seafood Noodle

1. Choke pot, add water, add all the ingredients to cook together. Tips Want to put the ingredients to mix Search seafood noodle practice

Lamb noodle

Lamb noodle called mutton, mutton soup, mutton has Hand-Pulled Noodle. Fast food/Staple food. It has Zhuangyaojianshen conditioning, conditioning Yang, fear of cold and cold limbs, winter health conditioning conditioning. The dishes taste: smooth surface gluten, delicious soup. Lamb noodle is Henan famous special snack, loved by the people. The soup, thick noodles, delicious mellow; tenacity
Array  - 西马栀子

Seafood Noodle

into the bowl.6To cut the good parsley, onion placed in the middle.6.Put a little bit of oil in the hot pot, put the pepper on the hot pot to close the fire, the oil poured into the parsley on top of it can be eaten. Tips Surface best to wet surface Search seafood noodle practice
  - Devil684

Wonton noodle

Wonton noodle practice steps 1. Own package wonton boiled five ~ 2. The appropriate amount of cooked vegetables cooked good spare ~ 3. Bowl add seasoning soy sauce amount, vinegar appropriate to add a little salt, chicken powder and pepper
Array  - CheungMingChing

Noodle rice

Cooking oilAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount Soy sauceAppropriate amount ChickenAppropriate amount FlourAppropriate amount OnionAppropriate amount CorianderAppropriate amount Pickled cabbage resembling sauerkrautAppropriate amount The practice steps of the rice noodle

Henan noodle

Noodle is Henan characteristics pasta. Is the most traditional lamb noodle. Now also derived a lot of taste. I do today is based on the lamb noodle plus fresh fish, the fish fresh sheep. This makes the noodle collocation more delicious to eat better Materials Ingredients Flour500G Accessories
Array  - 万山红

Egg noodle

Array  - 星辰奶吧

Cold noodle

Liang Pi is Shaanxi famous snacks, had seen in the streets of Zhangzhou, hawker pushed vehicles posted a "Xian Liang Pi" small scooters, shouting, "Liang Pi". Would like to try, but the car on the rough hygiene conditions to let me go away. This day, the Xia Xue group in the sun she do on the Internet is very cold noodle, temptation. Then very seriously to ask the next, the next day, a simple
Array  - 蛋白质厨房

Henan noodle

As the people of Henan, my favorite noodle is. My home is also the most favorite, not only can do the taste of mutton, and beef, chicken, ribs, and so on. This is a beef noodle, but also a taste of our Henan people eat. The taste is great. Materials Ingredients Beef1000GFlour400G Accessories
Array  - 万山红

Henan noodle

About Henan noodle, made of mutton, beef, chicken and some taste. Because now Henan noodle taste transform many, also can make delicious pork soup noodle. Today, I was with the ribs to do Huimian, the count is our Henan person eat noodle flourish, no mutton, but for the small row, plus some amaranth, the soup color powder, looks nice, the surface is also very delicious Oh
Array  - 万山红

Seafood Noodle

Small shrimpPersonal love PrawnsPersonal love BroccoliPersonal love Luncheon meat(Ham sausage)Personal love Chopped green onionAppropriate amount Pepper MSG Salt ChickenSlightly more, more fragrant Seafood noodle steps 1. Prawn, broccoli, luncheon meat cooked spare
  - _____。70

Seafood Noodle

Array  - 凡鸟

Pork noodle

Array  - 水青青

Noodle soup

in a small amount of chicken. Search for noodle soup practices Daquan
  - 味儿酥

Noodle soup

Childhood memory Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Flour Small shrimp Green vegetables Black fungus Practice steps of noodle soup
  - 逆着光飘

Cold noodle

Ingredients Flour500g The practice steps of cold noodle 1. Do the process of forgetting to take a picture, simply say ha. Basin water250G+1Grams of salt+500Grams of plain flour, kneading dough and dough. Then put the rest for an hour at least. I do in the evening
Array  - 又是大晴天6

Cold noodle

steps of cold noodle 1. The flour and water roucheng smooth dough, without yeast, without Tangmian, even in the south of the flower, there is absolutely no pressure. 2. After waking up, the dough into a bowl of water, and began to rub the face in the water.
Array  - 白花花的白花花

Cold noodle

Sesame oilAppropriate amount The practice steps of cold noodle 1. 1.Cold noodle bubble, the pot hot oil, add green pepper and half into the amount of soy sauce, seasoning, cooled to room temperature.2.Remove the bubble cold noodle, add garlic juice, soy sauce, vinegar3.The best oil in cold4.Put three spoonfuls of sesame, sesame oil
  - 敏敏厨娘

Seafood Noodle

Tips Finally put a little sugar hanging next to the fresh, and then you can turn off the fire. Search seafood noodle practice
Array  - lemon__酱7

Cold noodle

Summer snacks Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Cold noodle, cucumber, capsicum100g The practice steps of cold noodle 1. Cold noodle+Huang Guasi+Millet
  - 驿_*动*丫

Cold noodle

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Flour300g The practice steps of cold noodle 1. And face 2. Wash
  - BLue_sky14

Seafood Noodle

noodle practice

Cold noodle

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Cold noodle, cucumber, ginger, garlic, chili oil, vinegar, soy sauce The practice steps of cold noodle 1. 1 Will buy the cold noodle wash with water
  - Abby。2

Beef noodle

of beef miso soup out of the pot! 7. Sauce and water1:1The proportion of debugging into buckwheat noodles soup 8. Do some food toppings miso soup, add one or two tablespoons of miso soup seasoning, namely Search beef noodle practice
Array  - 厨娘阿K

Cold noodle

Since childhood love to eat Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Wheat flour The practice steps of cold noodle 1. Smooth and good dough, with water basin
  - 周慧杰

Seafood Noodle

until fragrant add shrimp, ham.3,The head of the prawn, shrimp and laver pick, add water, a little salt to boil.4,Add cooked instant dish out face to face. Search fresh shrimp seafood noodle practice
  - 夏目121

Beef noodle soup with tomato and beef noodle with Udon

Following the curry Udon face, completely fell in love with the Udon noodles, the noodles, with the taste of memory, once again try the pill turtle made surface and a popular surface---Tomato beef Udon noodle Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients
Array  - 望瑶

Manual cold noodle salad cold noodle

Always greedy cold noodle! But now a lot of cold noodle sellers are wholesale market with the product! China's food is really let people do not rest assured! Wash their own! Difficulty:Chef(Senior) Time:1Hours above Ingredients High gluten flour
Array  - 居家小胖妞

Chicken soup noodle

Mutton Huimian, is Henan people from snacks to large families are like pasta, feelings for it, people in Henan have a bowl of noodle complex, this article focuses on noodle embryo production method, so for the noodle no longer worked much introduction, I will in special noodle in more detail the Henan Huimian mutton. Materials Ingredients
Array  - 芷萍

Left ShaQima noodle

to avoid paste. Search left noodle ShaQima practices Daquan
  - 双梅姐

Lanzhou beef noodle

Recently in the bean fruit excellent food to see this can be in the homeDIYLanzhou beef noodles, after tasting taste really like to eat beef noodle shop in Lanzhou, and has the advantages of simple operation, so everyone to share Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Cent or so

Mushroom chicken noodle

The noodles are almost good. Search mushroom chicken noodle practice
Array  - Devil684

Shredded meat cold noodle

Shredded beef (pork)Appropriate amount CorianderAppropriate amount Cold noodle (round one)3Slice Soy sauceAppropriate amount GarlicAppropriate amount The practice steps of shredded meat cold noodle 1. A little cold noodle after washing, cut into strips
  - Feadafu

Tomato Mushroom Noodle

, according to the acidity of tomatoes, add a little vinegar, sugar, soy sauce, salt tune into your favorite taste can Search tomato Mushroom Noodle practices Daquan
  - 王-小-茉

Stewed mutton + noodle

The north for pasta that is very keen, especially here in Henan it is very authentic lamb noodle. When a child often recalled the Hutong, a division of labor to do this Food. Now think of, or the past time is the most warm, the most memorable. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above

Sichuan spicy chicken noodle

Sichuan spicy chicken face practice       Because it is a facet, in the noodle shop, also belong to the fast food surface, so the surface, if made in advance a bowl of chicken sauce, noodles, only need to boil the noodles, sauce noodles mix can be eaten, therefore, the key lies in making a bowl mouth can of meat. 1.Take a bone chicken and wash the spare
Array  - 芷萍

Onion Beef Noodle

Beef noodle soup 1.Cooked beef, diced tomatoes, onion cut small pieces cut wide wire cut into cubes. 2.Oil in wok, add the tomatoes fry sand, add salt, sugar and soy sauce to stir fry 3.Add onion and cooked beef to stir fry.30Seconds 4.Into the pot2/3Full of water, the water boiling after adding fresh noodles cooked remove, two times of cold water and drain water on the plate
Array  - 文琦

Hand-Pulled Noodle

steps of Hand-Pulled Noodle 1. The appetite for a family of three, two small bowl of flour, a little salt (salt remember not to put, a little bit) dissolved in the warm water, stir, little by little, add the flour, will face bunched up into groups (amount to add some water. The surface is too hard not open, on the chopping board is coated with edible oil
Array  - twy521

Fried rice noodle

Originally like eat Baita Road Cobra opposite a barbecue fried rice noodle, because his family not to put bad peppers, pickles, who knows suddenly on the demolition. After a long time to eat... After a long time, eat at home mom fried meat, fried feel try it yourself... Oh, it tastes good.. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary
Array  - ¨佬岢¨

Homemade homemade cold noodle

The weather is getting hot, cold noodle is becoming more and more popular, homemade, cold noodle eating at ease, but also very love, oh Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients High gluten flour300g WaterAppropriate amount
Array  - 添妈的厨房

Beef noodle soup

Noodles1The The practice steps of beef noodle soup 1. The first step to make beef soup! Just put the beef on nothing! Don't be too fat! The soup pot for four hours! Second step! Green vegetables have a hot standby! Any vegetables can be! I like Chinese cabbage and asparagus! Third slice of ham! Fourth cooking! I use shougan! In fact, Hanging

Italy beef noodle

12. Delicious pasta, enjoy it! Italy beef noodles practice video Search beef Italy noodle practice
  - 浚哲宝贝

Cream mushroom Italy noodle

from the cream to cook for four or five minutes, absorb the juice, you can on the plate Cream mushroom Italy face practice video Search cream mushroom Italy noodle practice
Array  - JuicyEvaaa

Seafood shrimp noodle

seafood and shrimp noodle practice

Braised beef noodle

pasteHalf package Star aniseTwo. Rock candyFew PepperThree or four Lanzhou Lamian noodles Supermarket to buyA package ShallotThree trees ParsleyAccording to personal taste Braised beef noodle practice steps 1. The finished product, step forget to take pictures
  - malu521

Curry Italy noodle

Fire fire boil5Minutes (to keep stirring oh Otherwise you will stick pan) 4. Boiled Italy noodle Best in the curry and add water to cook10The minutes when cooked pasta. Not enough time Water boiling Take a pinch of pasta Put it in the middle of the pot. Radiate form Don't move him. Make him soft Cook12~15Minute
Array  - ASbefore

Delicious cold noodle

Keep your mind and heart of cold noodle, after2Failure finally succeeded first because wash not clean waste. The second did not cover the pot steam cracking and stick to your teeth and the duly completed to make soft and smoothQElastic and refreshing, too excited...... The two sauce, are good to eat, especially health without additives, eat at ease[Laughing
Array  - wenteay

Homemade cold noodle

Eat cold noodle for a long time, due to the recuperation body decided to reduce eating out, so want to do. Did two times and finally succeeded! Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Flour250g CucumberA Salt3g
  - //__唯美、

Homemade cold noodle

Ingredients High gluten flour Cucumber Sesame Vinegar Sesame oil Seafood sauce Oyster sauce The practice steps of homemade cold noodle 1. And the surface, forget to take a picture.
  - 玲儿厨娘

Beef noodle soup

Tomatoes2A CucumberHalf of the root Egg3A Onion, ginger, garlicAppropriate amount Beef noodle soup of the practice step 1. The first and the surface, according to the number of people into the flour, (I am two people divided into two meals, so probably250g ) times a small amount of water, stir
  - 抽泰妍

Baby curry noodle

of the pot! Search baby curry noodle practice
  - 镁博

Do cold noodle

VinegarAppropriate amount GarlicThree Since the practice steps of cold noodle 1. Knead the dough a little hard. 2. And then the water is good. Grip the pulp Milk white Pour out The best not to pour too much The dough that is made of plastic. About three water.

Bean noodle cheese

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Cheese noodleA Bean jellyA MustardA small bag The practice steps of jelly cheese noodle 1. The noodle and cheese jelly together

Fried noodle baking

Noodle baking is sweet potato noodles, before the poor can not afford to eat sweet potato flour, put the pressure into the noodles to eat eat. Now the baking noodle with its unique sweet taste, rich nutrition became everybody on the table early adopters experience delicious life. Husband eat noodle baking, always thinking about when the taste of home, but do
  - 筱蘩

Homemade rice cold noodle

Qin Zhen rice dough----These days a lot of friends in the cold noodle see me, Heartbeat! Beckoning immediately, night do to do this cake roll cold noodle, the rice noodle taste better Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Large
Array  - 银元宝

Lanzhou beef noodle

I am grown from beef noodle snacks, often and the industry masters exchange learning, brewing this recipe for a long time, only a matter of time has yet to put pen to paper and read online all Lanzhou beef noodle soup recipe. According to these methods is to absolutely can not make a Duiwei Lanzhou beef noodles, this is normal, even if in Lanzhou General family few people will do! Lanzhou beef
  - 陈橙子

Do cold noodle fast

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients High gluten flour SaltAppropriate amount Water Do the quick steps of cold noodle 1. As follows.
  - 豆粉142780

Hunan rice noodle

Black fungusAppropriate amount CorianderAccording to personal preference. Also can not add OnionAccording to personal preference, but also can not add StockAppropriate amount Jiang SuanAppropriate amount Hunan rice noodle practice steps 1. Ingredients, pork, black fungus, rice vermicelli
Array  - zzzzzzz小呆

Shaanxi cold noodle

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Flour Starch Bean sprouts Cucumber Mashed garlic Aromatic vinegar Salt Chicken The practice steps of Shaanxi cold noodle 1. 1.Than usual noodles face

Shaanxi cold noodle

Cold noodle is also known as the Shaanxi cold noodle, Shaanxi special snack. Cold noodle long history, originated from the legend of Qin Shihuang period, dating back more than two thousand years of history. From the raw materials, cold noodle is divided into two major categories of rice and flour. Silverskin now Hanzhong rice pericarp, Qin Zhen pericarp, Hanzhong rice pericarp general hot to eat
  - lin悠然

Homemade cold noodle

Mom and sister like to eat cold noodle Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Medium gluten flour500g Water250g Peanut meatA Chilli oil Cucumber Bean sprouts
  - ScarlettChyi

Hand-Pulled Noodle

of schedule The practice steps of Hand-Pulled Noodle 1. In the process of forgetting to take pictures, this is the finished product. The search Hand-Pulled Noodle practices Daquan

Beef noodle soup

Outside surface of the beef is too expensive, less material, there are a lot of monosodium glutamate, and additive, or eat to do their own peace of mind at ease, the taste is definitely not inferior to California beef noodle! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute

Stewed beef noodle

Practice steps of halogen beef noodle 1. The cattle tendon put enough water to boil, skim clean floating foam, must be left clean, certain! 2. Tell all the spices into the material bag, my bag material formula: pepper, aniseed, cinnamon, basil, pepper, onion and ginger.

Fried rice noodle

, fried rice noodle is complete. A friend who likes ketchup can put tomato sauce.!(Fig.1Tomato sauce Figure2Plus) Search fried rice noodle practice
Array  - 忆月歌

Homemade cold noodle

Ingredients Flour Bean sprouts Cucumber Coriander Garlic Sugar Vinegar Seafood sauce Chinese prickly ash Pepper surface Salt Sesame The practice steps of homemade cold noodle
Array  - 守财奴的老婆

Hand-Pulled Noodle

Difficulty:Chef(Senior) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Flour300g Bone soup1000ml Salt3-5G Edible oilAppropriate amount EggA Ham sausageA The practice steps of Hand-Pulled Noodle
Array  - 幸福蜗牛

Homemade sauce noodle

Cooked noodles (you can add some salt. It is said that the noodles noodle), after cold water put bowl, with a fork in the middle surface toward a direction turn and look 4. Heat wok, saute garlic at the end, the mushrooms minced meat fry (like to eat shrimp can also add a little), put a little chili, put bean fried sweet and a little boiled. Because
Array  - DαiSㄚ