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Natto with onion

Onion spicy, mix with natto is very gouwei. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Natto130G Onion130G Accessories   SaltAppropriate amount Sesame
Array  - Qiuyue0815

Scallion natto

Guizhou people love the summer With old godmother natto very well with rice Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Green Chinese onionA Old godmother nattoAppropriate amount Suan Rong Short
  - 曙光710

Homemade natto

Let's take a look at a glass.45Grams of natto and other ingredients comparison,How much nutritional value?1.Each45Grams of natto containing protein 7.4G.Effect:Growth muscle,Organ,Provide essential energy for the human body.=Comparative beef50Gram of protein8.1G.45Grams of natto containing protein equivalent45Content of beef.2.Each45Kenadoe...(Open) Let's
  - 趙子龍

Black natto

Natto from soybeans by fermented natto bacteria (Bacillus subtilis) and sticky, not only maintain the nutritional value of soybeans, rich in vitaminK2To improve the digestion and absorption rate of protein, it is more important to produce a variety of physiological active substances, which has the function of the health effects of protein and other physiological functions. Black beans can also

Homemade natto

Natto from soybean through natto (fermented Bacillus subtilis), With sticky, not only to retain the nutritional value of soybeans, Rich in vitaminsK2To improve the digestion and absorption rate of protein, More important is the fermentation process produced a variety of physiological active substances, Health effects of protein and other physiological functions in regulating the physiological
Array  - youhaha0的厨房

Cucumber natto

I like to eat salad natto, edible convenience, rich nutrition. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Natto200G Cucumber150G Accessories   SaltAppropriate amount
Array  - Qiuyue0815

Large cattle natto fermented homemade natto bacteria

Natto natto kinase rich, isoflavones, lecithin and other nutrients, to adjust intestines and stomach, prevention and treatment of thrombosis, reducing blood sugar, lose weight and wonders. Eat natto can increase pumping, the best mix now eat. Natto out of the fridge can not be natural thawing, high temperature heating, in order to avoid killing death natto, reduce nutritional

Natto with spicy cabbage

I like to use the dish to eat natto. Today, it's a side dish, very delicious. A supermarket to buy the kind of bag off the Korean spicy cabbage, and natto tune eat together, can be very good. Home has the homemade spicy cabbage can also be. I was doing it, the cabbage helped a water. Reference Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary
Array  - Qiuyue0815

Cucumber natto with almond

Natto can and a variety of vegetables collocation eat, poured like sauce, whether to eat rice, pasta or rice porridge are very good. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Cent or so Ingredients Black natto150G CucumberHalf
Array  - youhaha0的厨房

Black soybean natto

(Baidu) from China natto began making since the Qin and Han dynasties. In China lobster sauce, Japan has called for "bean natto".Bacillus subtilis natto, namely fermented soybean, is a kind of health food in japan.Natto rich in natto and high-quality versions and food fiber, can inhibit the intestinal pathogenic bacteria growth, clear bowel, prevent constipation, improve
  - Qiuyue0815

# Chushen # sweet apple natto

Today to make a fruit salad with natto, sweet sauce, unique flavor, sweet love to refer to. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Natto120G Apple1A Accessories   Sweet
  - Qiuyue0815

Natto strawberry yogurt machine version

The natto machine is bought by her husband in the TV shopping, wanted to eat natto is good to the body, spent hundreds of pieces, buy the Bacillus natto, seems to be sent to buy Bacillus natto natto machine. Results bought back to do two times, a failure, second times to do it, but the taste is really unacceptable, it is no longer done. Natto machine was put on ice for a long time. Then I
Array  - 羊羊厨房

The whole article, natto and rice in Tomato

The tomato meal fire for a long time, adding natto have a distinctive flavour Oh, purple sweet potato color is also very good.~Don't like natto please stop Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients NattoA small box TomatoA
  - honeyqianert

Brown sugar natto (down three fat to spare)

Rest stop for a year after the re, natto,14H of fermentation, the perfect has been covering the white pellicle, and showing a variety of drawing, to mom and dad do dissolve thrombus, reduce cholesterol, adjust gastrointestinal function, prevent osteoporosis "brown sugar natto" beep beep! Successfully completed! (a surcharge, Japanese creation, taste has not intuitive, not...
  - jijiqucho

Agaric fried pork with vermicelli

PorkAppropriate amount MushroomThree block VermicelliAppropriate amount FungusFew Green Chinese onionAppropriate amount Chinese prickly ashAppropriate amount Natto soy sauceAppropriate amount Natto pasteFew The practice steps of agaric fried pork with vermicelli
  - 桐桐娘

Their own breakfast 6.6

2. Milk 3. Add flaxseed and natto seaweed biscuit Search their own breakfast6.6Practice
  - mint凡

Cold Cedrela sinensis

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Chinese toon Old godmother natto2Spoon Sesame oil a little Pepper oil (pepper surface can also be)Few SugarFew The practice steps of Toona sinensis
  - YANZI52

Fried green pepper pork intestine

3. Pour the right amount of natto soy sauce, not salt, low salt, health first ah, put some garlic and stir fry, pan. 4. To see the color is not deep, with soy sauce to use, can not be used with color, are additives, if there is a color of the dishes, recommended by the use of sauce. Search
  - 桐桐娘

Pea jelly

cabbage resembling sauerkraut Sour spicy Chilli oil Soy sauce Vinegar Sugar Garlic Old godmother natto MSG The practice steps of pea jelly 1. Ready to cut the pea powder (the pea powder can refer to my other recipe -- homemade pea powder
Array  - ylxwj

Steamed spareribs widely fermented pepper

lotus leaf1Zhang Accessories   Wild pepper chili sauce10G Yellow lantern pepper sauce10G Old godmother natto10G Pepper2Teaspoon Seasoning sauce2Soup spoon Sugar1Teaspoon SaltHalf teaspoon Cooking wineA spoon Fermented pepper steamed spareribs wide
  - 蕾拉REIRA