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From the literature found some for you 3519 cook recipe, cook book,chinese cook.

Mouth mushroom fried rice

Mouth mushroom fried rice practice 1.Cut the mushroom into thin slices. 2.Carrot cut into small Ding Er 3.Fish intestine cut into Ding Er 4.Egg with a little water.(This fried eggs will be very tender) 5.The pot a little fried egg fried egg containing the backup 6.The pot a little oil in carrots, sausage and mushroom Ding mouth piece stir fried flavor. 7.Into the remaining
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Wet and sticky rice

a good mushroom (don't use fresh).5Flower SaltAppropriate amount Accessories   Five spice powderFew Oil30ml Soy sauce1Spoon Sesame oil1Spoon The practice steps of the rice in the rice of the wet mouth 1. Chop the mushrooms into the pan, stir fry
  - MS吃货

The sea cucumber mushroom and chicken soup

chicken soup, cook and installed in the heat insulation barrel, get on the bus to the county at the station at the entrance of the village to do, and from the county seat on the bus.-----." Is really the daughter ah, mother unexpectedly dream my mouth soup, is simply amazing. Mother is afraid it is too far, the soup is cold, just outside insulation barrels sew a cotton, when the car has been in my

Braised Prawns [sweet mouth]

Braised Prawns[Sweet mouth]Procedure steps 1. Shrimp, wash well, go to the shrimp line[Shrimp head can go can not go] 2. Wine smell, open the shrimp back[In order to good taste] 3. Seasoning, ready to be used
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Cliff mouth Liang wonton

Shrimp Onion Sesame oil Sesame Salt Soy sauce The practice steps of cliff mouth Liang wonton 1. Prepare shrimp Go to the shell and head to the shrimp. (to stay Oh chop soup) 2. Meat fried with salt pepper and a little
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