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From the literature found some for you 23 cook recipe, cook book,chinese cook.

Jeffrey osmanthus tea

, firmly attracted me, Tang Guihua, sweet scented osmanthus are my favorite. The Momordica grosvenori sweet scented osmanthus tea with sweet scented osmanthus fragrance foil tea mellow taste and unique, Momordica grosvenori taste of cool GaN has the effect of clearing heat, moistening lung, relieving cough and phlegm, Runchang. Osmanthus tea with Qi and blood, spleen and stomach, dispelling cold
  - 肥小菇

Mangosteen Sydney porridge

Mangosteen is a superb ingredients, I small like sugar, but sugar for the child's physical development is not very good, mom doesn't let me eat, but the sweet taste of couldn't give up ah, so mother in Siraitia grosvenorii I rushed soaked in water to drink, really fragrant and sweet, semi enough to drink a pot! More and more cold weather, the northern air dry up, mangosteen is good and moistening lung, add sweet Sydney will certainly be able to protect your lungs against the haze! Materials Ingredients Polished round-grained rice1BowlSnow pear1A Accessories Jeffrey1/2AWaterAppropriate amount Jeffrey Sydney porridge practice 1. Select the relatively clean mangosteen 2. Mangosteen is very sweet, so half enough, break, breaking of the broken point 3. A Sydney, scrub clean surface, choose a more sweet 4. Cut off the skin, cut into small pieces. 5. Boil the rice cooker, put in boiling Luohanguo ten minutes 6. Then add rice, cook for half an hour 7. It's been a very strong time. 8. Join the Sydney 9. Continue to cook for 10 minutes.
Array  - 恬萝姑娘

In the spring of Luohanguo soup

Dried tangerine peel1/4 JeffreyHalf a Ginger3 Water10Bowl The practice steps in the spring soup of Momordica grosvenori 1. Bone salt grasping uniform put freezer souse a night, the next day out blanch, oysters and soak wash, cut dates, all materials processing into the casserole fire boiling water to turn
  - 汤水芙蓉

Yin lung heat cough S.grosvenorii

Ingredients Jeffrey1A Pear1A Red dates6~8 Rock candy1g Chinese wolfberry10A Tremella5g Jeffrey drink Lung heat Practice steps of relieving cough 1. The skin without the broken shell of Momordica grosvenori clean break, pear to the core, tremella cold water
  - 吖頭d菜地

Mangosteen braised white fungus

Jeffrey heat lungs, cough, sore throat, slippery bowel catharsis function. The fire for lung dry cough, sore throat, aphonia, has good curative effect of constipation. Tremella rich nutrition, containing a variety of amino acids and minerals were beneficial, nourishing fluid, lungs and stomach. Jeffrey stewed white fungus has certain curative effect on the treatment, sore throat, cough and phlegm is the lung heat. Materials Ingredients Tremella 20GJeffrey A Accessories Rock candy Appropriate amountWater Appropriate amount The practice of mangosteen braised white fungus 1. Tremella bubble 2. Wash clean, points 3. Jeffrey stripping gourd Nang 4. The pot add water, mangosteen gourd Nang, the amount of crystal sugar, small fire boil to boil about20Minute 5. Remove Luo nuts seeds 6. Tremella add pot, boil, small fire simmer, cook until gum Cooking skills1Tremella boiled, the longer time to taste glial, is excellent. 2Also, can not add sugar, mangosteen itself has some sweet.
  - yoyo原色

Jeffrey Chrysanthemum Tea

Someone who has been a smoker, now begins to give up smoking, as a doctor in the Department of respiration, he used to [email protected] health pot Boil a pot of S.grosvenorii Chrysanthemum Tea, Qingfei phlegm, more than medicine make sb accept. Health pot Yangsheng Cha, simple and easy, step in place. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Jeffrey1A Chinese wolfberry10A Tire Chrysanthemum15Flower Jeffrey Chrysanthemum Tea the practice step 1. Mangosteen crumb, and wolfberry and chrysanthemum in health pot. 2. Join1000mlClear water. 3. Select the working mode (Zhu Cha), waiting for the end of the process. Jeffrey Chrysanthemum Tea search practices Daquan
Array  - 青蛙公主落水中

Tremella red dates sugar Momordica

The practice steps of Tremella syrup of Momordica grosvenori red dates 1. In addition to playing in the drugstore to buy Chuanbei powder Candied jujube Candy without washing Outside Other wash Tremella bubble wash Tear off small pieces Water Put sugar. Boil2Half an hour 2. Pan Divided bowl Yummy Relieve
  - ICE-Angel

An ebony cough tea

Injected water1300Ml, connected to power, press the fruit tea button, and then press the start 5. 15After a minute, you can drink it. Cooking skillsThere is no health pot, can be brewed with boiling water, stuffy20Another minute; Momordica grosvenori cool, cold, diarrhea and other symptoms should
Array  - youhaha0的厨房

Feicui Xiaren (bitter gourd shrimp)

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Balsam pear1A ShrimpBan Jin Feicui Xiaren (bitter gourd shrimp) action steps 1. Peeled and chopped prawns with salt reserve 2. Remove the bitter bitter gourd cut flesh 3. Shrimp "stuffing" mission in the ring (inside as well as bitter gourd stuffed), set the disk. There is a cut with pepper. 4. Steam ten minutes into the pot. 5. Oil and water, oil and water, oil and water, oil, water, oil, water, starch, oil, water, starch, water! (this step can be omitted) Search Feicui Xiaren (bitter gourd shrimp) practices Daquan

Share sb.'s joys and sorrows bitter gourd purple potato

The body weight loss Can better retain the ingredients of bitter gourd Ages oh Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Purple sweet potato3Around Balsam pearA HoneyAppropriate amount Share sb.'s joys and sorrows Practice steps of bitter gourd purple sweet potato 1. The balsam pear flesh And then on the pot steaming The color will be deep. Just a few minutes. At the same time, the purple potato peel And then cut into small pieces Not too small Just cut it off. And then water vapor Until cooked And then put the purple potato in a bowl. Add honey 2. And then put the steamed good bitter gourd cut into a large section Put the purple sweet potato mud into the mix. Press It looks like it Is it simple? Tips No honey or sugar can also be Search share sb.'s joys and sorrows Purple sweet potato practice
Array  - 修灵的妖

The fried pork (consumption bitter gourd)

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Lean meat250g Balsam pear1Only Green pepper2A SaltHalf a spoon Cooking wine1Spoon Soy sauce1Spoon Corn starch3Spoon Onion ginger garlicFew Aniseed1A Chinese prickly ash15A Soybean paste2Spoon The fried pork (consumption balsam) practice steps 1. Lean meat into strips, add half teaspoon salt,1Spoon soy sauce,1Spoon of cooking wine,1Spoon edible oil and mix well, add3Starch and mix well (lock moisture), preserved10Minute 2. Bitter gourd with a spoon to dig Narang (try to dig clean, bitter gourd will eat up bitter) shred, shredded green peppers, ginger, garlic, onion mince spare 3. Wok pour a little cooking oil and aniseed oil into hot shredded meat, stir fry until color dish out 4. Wok pour oil into the oil into hot pepper, green pepper silk and bitter gourd silk, stir fry until after the water water and dry, add2The soy sauce and half bowl of water into a paste, add shredded meat to stir fry until sauce evenly wrapped, you can pan Search North fried pork (consumption bitter gourd) practices Daquan
Array  - 金东婷儿

Minced meat of balsam pear

Bitter cool refreshing, not greasy, in summer cool and comfortable feel after eating, your heart appetizer effect. Although the bitter gourd, but it never to bitter to the "others", such as with balsam pear broiled fish, braised fish, fish not stained with bitter, so bitter and "gentlemen's dishes" nickname. Bitter gourd containing pectin, can reduce the blood cholesterol concentrations, the role of preventing the accumulation of fat. Materials Ingredients Balsam pear1APork100GPepper3A Accessories Salt2GSoy sauce2GPeanut oil20GFresh flavor2G The practice of bitter gourd meat 1. Balsam pear, pepper, pork 2. Balsam pear seed slice, chop into minced meat, chopped pepper 3. First fried pepper stir fry 4. Into the bitter gourd fried 5. Put some salt tasty 6. Fried broken students 7. Put minced meat 8. Fried minced meat powder 9. Pour into the soy sauce, MSG and fresh seasoning 10. Stir fry 11. Dish Cooking skillsIf you are afraid of bitter bitter bitter gourd, cut a good piece of bitter gourd with salt soak half an hour clean.
Array  - 水青青

Yellow Douwen gourd spareribs

This dish is the husband's favorite, he taught me to cook. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Ribs, soybeans, bitter gourd, spicesAppropriate Yellow Douwen bitter ribs practice steps 1. Chop chop small pieces, pot heat oil, saute garlic, stir fry dry water under the ribs. 2. According to personal taste, add seasoning, soy braised bean to soft together under. Fresh soy braised in general will be ready in twenty minutes. 3. Wait until the soybean is almost good, the next bitter gourd cook seven minutes. On the pot!The sweet and bitter taste of bitter gourd, plus the meat of the ribs, almost perfect match. Search Douwen practices Daquan ribs yellow gourd
  - 保护色5

Bitter gourd circle

Bitter gourd fruit contains a variety of nutrients. Every one hundred grams of edible parts containing protein0.9G, fat0.2Grams of sugar3.2G, cellulose1.1G, carotene0.08Mg, lineB10.07Mg, vitaminB20.04Mg, vitaminC84Mg, melons and vegetables containing vitamin isCOne of the highest Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Balsam pearA SaltA small spoon CrumbsAppropriate amount The practice steps of circle of balsam pear 1. Wash the bitter gourd cut into pieces 2. Inside the removal 3. With boiling water, the salt and the bitter taste, wrapped in bread crumbs 4. The oil is hot small fire, in order to let the children eat bitter......... Tips Point.Bitter bitter cold, into the heart, lung, stomach, with Qing min to quench their thirst, lowering blood pressure, blood lipids, beauty beauty, promote metabolism and other functions. Bitter gourd rich in vitaminB1VitaminCAnd minerals, long-term reference, to maintain the energy, the treatment of acne is very good. Search approach Daquan circle of balsam pear
  - ♔_惟翎♚

# summer vegetarian # fermented bitter gourd

Shallot GarlicAppropriate amount Salt ChickenAppropriate amount Haitian soy sauce1Small spoon #Summer vegetarian#The practice steps of Momordica Douchi 1. Balsam pear Onion Green pepper Garlic wash 2. Balsam pear halves to scoop
  - 星辰801

Bitter gourd Fried Eggs

The practice steps of Momordica Fried Eggs 1. Chopped bitter gourd Beat eggs Put together Spice Small fire Fried The search Fried Eggs practices Daquan balsam pear

Bitter gourd Fried Eggs

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Bitter gourd, eggsBitter bitter half, eggs3A The practice steps of Momordica Fried Eggs 1. Balsam pear dices, add a little salt for five minutes. Put the egg into the bowl, squeeze dry bitter

Bitter gourd Fried Eggs

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Bitter gourd eggHalf bitter gourd3An egg The practice steps of Momordica Fried Eggs 1. Half a bitter gourd, first cut into strips, then chopped

Bitter gourd Fried Eggs

of Momordica Fried Eggs 1. Bitter gourd slices, add the beaten egg into less than sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, grasping uniform 2. There is a little more in the pot.8Hot to pour into the bitter gourd, don't wait to turn over egg combination 3.

Bitter gourd Fried Eggs

Ingredients Balsam pear Egg Onion Salt Peanut oil The practice steps of Momordica Fried Eggs 1. Here is bitter half has a lot of, the bitter gourd cut a Zhuo again saline, a minute or so, and then cut into small pieces

Bitter gourd soybean bone soup (fever)

gourd soybean bone soup (fever) action steps 1. Ingredients are ready, wash, if there is time, soybeans can be soaked in advance for an hour or so, better to eat, and more full 2. Big bones and balsam pear had water to remove the fishy smell and bitter taste, eat bitterness of Momordica charantia had
Array  - 刘小兔童鞋

Cold crisp gourd

Cold crisp bitter practice steps 1. To wash the bitter gourd off the flesh, then cut into half centimeter thick slices. 2. Pot in the amount of water to boil, pour bitter gourd pieces and blanch again after boiling fires continue to cook to smell the smell wafting from Momordica charantia, off
  - jxgg耶

[Cantonese] miscellaneous bittern chewy Lo is thin aftertaste

special attention to peel,1/4(block1A cent4Block) can, there will be excessive bitter taste; licorice and Momordica to join, will make good brine food more aftertaste). 6. Then the duck, duck wings, pigeon kidney and bittern tofu in cooked gravy, again after the fire to boil, turn the fire to boil8Minutes off the fire.
Array  - 粉竽粘糖