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Xueyan peach Gleditsia meters

wolfberryAppropriate amount The practice steps of Xueyan meters of peach gum locust 1. To wash the good material, pick out impurities, put aside 2. The stew into bowls of distilled water, add a few grains of red dates and medlar amount of sugar

Gleditsia meters papaya cup

The Chinese rice papaya cup, simple practice, but also has the beauty of the efficacy, to try! Materials Ingredients Gleditsia meters20G Papaya1A Seasoning
Array  - 蛋白质厨房

Gleditsia meters peach soup

Beauty is excellent Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Gleditsia meters, peach gum, TremellaAppropriate amount The practice steps of Gleditsia meters soup of peach 1.
  - Mandy70

Gleditsia meters Tremella stew of peach

soup stew Tremella Gleditsia meters -- peach. Materials Ingredients Peach40G Gleditsia meters40G Tremella2Flower
Array  - 坨坨妈

M enema

The practice of rice enema Lijiang unique a flavor of food, by blood, rice and various spices, according to a certain proportion mix in a filling into processed pig intestines and made of rice sausage. When eating slices, or fried with hot oil, steam or heat. Meters enema simple color glossy, rich flavor, high nutritional value, is the blood, invigorating qi.
Array  - 

The blood red bean soup (do not put meters according to their own preferences)

Rock candyAccording to personal taste The blood red bean soup (do not put meters according to their own preferences) practice steps 1. The water4Hours (one or two hours later, it may be possible to cook for a long time). 2. The pot (the most common kind of electric cooker, put
  - D颠颠

White lotus seed potato syrup Hezi Gleditsia meters

Rock candyAppropriate amount Bai HeAppropriate amount LotusAppropriate amount White lotus Hezi Gleditsia meters practice step potato syrup 1. Gleditsia meters, white bubble20An hour 2. Pick out the middle of the lotus stem

Three rice congee

Three meters longan porridge practice 1. Black rice50Grams of glutinous rice50Grams, barley30G, Gui Yuan20G, red dates10Grams of brown sugar, brown sugar 2. Black rice, glutinous rice, barley wash, soak respectively.2Hours. Also can not bubble 3.

Scallion noodles (Shanghai rice road)

Fine flourSoy sauce Scallion noodles (Shanghai meters) practice steps 1. Onion cut, a small fire pot 2. Half a bowl of soy sauce 3. Pour the sauce and sugar into the domestic fire
  - 淡淡木香

Loofah rice soybean

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Towel gourd250g Mao Doumi100g FungusFew ChickenAppropriate amount OilAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount The practice steps loofah rice soybean 1. Loofah peeled and diced 2. Mao Doumi, fungus first boil3Minute 3. The pot put oil fried Luffa gourd on soybean discoloration 4. 2Minutes after the seasoning salt and chicken essence is The search of Luffa rice soybean practices Daquan
  - 已注销

Microwave oven rice bean curd

Now the use of microwave ovens are becoming more and more common, but the correct use of the microwave oven is a family of food safety must pay attention to the problem. Bogey will be ordinary plastic containers into the microwave oven heating, a hot food will make the container deformation, two is the ordinary plastic will emit toxic substances, pollution of food, endangering human health. I this is a special microwave bowl, high temperature, non-toxic. Ingredients Mi Doufu350G Accessories   Salt1G Soy sauce5G Chilli oil5G Fresh flavor2G Chive5G StockA bowl Practice steps of microwave oven rice 1. Rice bean curd, 2. Diced, 3. In the microwave oven, 4. Sprinkle a little salt, 5. Pour soy sauce, 6. Pour chili oil, sesame oil. 7. Preparation of soup, 8. Pour the soup, 9. Sprinkle with seasoning, pepper. 10. Cover cover, 11. Microwave oven heating10---15Minutes, 12. To become. Tips Each of the microwave oven is not the same, the function will be different, the time to set the. Search microwave oven rice tofu practice
Array  - 水青青

Almond milk porridge rice locust bird's nest

(//////)=(*) () 30~60 1. 2. 248 3. 10 4. 5.
  - 七日鬼车

Peach gum locust tremella soup rice

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Peach10g Gleditsia meters15g Tremella1A Brown sugar20g Rock candy10g The practice steps of peach gum soup Tremella Gleditsia meters
  - 乐和饵

Peach gum locust tremella soup rice

of peach gum soup Tremella Gleditsia meters 1. 1.About the bubble gum20Hours, soak rice locust12Hour, tremella bubble2Hours. 2.Clean the impurities, into the stew pot, adding ten times water, use the fire boil, and then simmer a small fire2 -3Hours, into the amount of sugar can be oh Peach soup Tremella
  - 旖旎a

Chinese rice soup peach gum (Revised)

Gleditsia meters, warm, spicy, commonly known as lotus, Gleditsia meters, sub Gleditsia benevolence, fine is the fruit of Gleditsia saponin. Is a high energy, high carbohydrate, low protein, low fat food. With Yangxintongmai, Liver eyesight, beauty effect. With water heating and expansion of the water, translucent, transparent, sweet and waxy lip, is to reconcile the human
  - johnleon889

Novice can also succeed the drawing of the pondo m toast

Ingredients High gluten flour320G Water195G Sugar24G Salt5G Yeast4G Butter15G White oil15G Powdered Milk12G Novice can practice steps drawing Pang meters toast 1. All the ingredients except the grease into the bread machine, after
Array  - Chris_蓉

M ugly ear dessert syrup Nostoc saponin

Aquatic algae Nostoc. Folk legend of the Eastern Jin Dynasty scientists, medical scientists, Alchemist Ge Hong retired Southland, via Hubei ZOUMAPING mining the meters for food, fresh and disease treatment, Ge Hong towards this dedicated to the emperor, frail Prince food after, disease in addition to strong, Huang sense Ge Hongzhi, with the given name "Nostoc commune". Its

Chinese wolfberry

Ingredients Rice50g Soybean50g Walnut kernel25g Chinese wolfberry10g Honey or sugarAppropriate amount Practice steps of the Chinese wolfberry walnut rice paste 1. Will be rice, soybeans were washed, soaked overnight, walnut meat chopped, Chinese wolfberry clean. 2. Will rice, soybeans, walnuts, Chinese wolfberry together into the soybean milk machine, add water to the water level line, start the rice paste button. Tips Walnut has brain puzzle, preventing and resisting aging effect; wolfberry can improve blood circulation, enhance stamina, enriching blood and nourishing the heart, prevent diseases and anti-aging. Search for the practice of Chinese wolfberry
Array  - 正在蕴藏

Almond milk rice (saponin tremella soup cooker 20 minutes can stew out thick gum yo ~

(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Almond Milk Gleditsia meters Tremella Duan Shumi Almond milk rice (saponin tremella soup cooker20Minutes can also be a thick colloid yo ~ the practice steps 1. Tremella bubble
  - 七日鬼车

# hyperenergetic wild rice using rice Zizania #

Wild rice is wild. Born in a lake, the fruit of the knot is like rice, it is very rare. September out of stems, flowers like reed. The fruit is long and an inch long, and the skin is dark brown after autumn frost. It has a name carved mushroom. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Wild rice100g Powdered sugar30g WaterAppropriate amount #Super energy wild rice using mushroom porridge#Procedure steps 1. The trial received wild rice 2. Wild rice with water in the water5About an hour or so 3. Good bubble mushroom water into the rice cooker cook rice20Minute 4. Some wild rice is not boil, and then simmer for10Minutes flameout with icing sugar 5. Wild rice products Search#Super energy wild rice using mushroom porridge#Practice
  - 9Ö®芸

Seasonal ingredients - fried broad bean rice

Hu Dou, also known as beans, broad beans, beans, beans South vertical Buddha beans; here we call it "Hu Dou", what you call it? Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Cent or so Ingredients Broad bean riceA bowl Accessories   Salt1Teaspoon Chinese prickly ash powderAppropriate amount MSG (not)Throw in Seasonal ingredients-The practice steps of clearing the broad bean rice 1. Bean shelling beans, rice, cooked a pot of boiling water2-3Minutes. 2. Picked up a cold standby. 3. The oil pan, put the two dry chili, pepper and fry a few, pepper up abandoned. 4. Stir fry one or two minutes, the next salt seasoning pot. 5. In the lake sister's proposal before the pot put some pepper powder, very fragrant, we can try. 6. A spring piece of cake. Tips 1.If the bean tender words also can even cook for ten minutes and then return the shell like fried, very delicious.2.After shelling beans meter only need one or two minutes with boiled water, remember not too long time, otherwise it will be boiled.3.This dish is to maximize the reduction of the food itself, the taste of spices, can also be reduced to only salt. Search seasonal ingredients-Qing fried broad bean rice practice
  - sunny麦田

Crispy beans and rice

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Red pepperAppropriate amount GarlicAppropriate amount Green pepperAppropriate amount Beans and riceAppropriate amount The practice steps crispy beans and rice 1. First with fried beans, add the right amount of salt, you can not stir fry, if the oil is not enough, you can gently stir fry two or three. 2. The bean rice skin deep fried crisp green pepper, red pepper, garlic, add. 3. Put the sauce over and fry for a while. Tips Fried rice with fried, stir fried, more oil, so as to avoid the fire pot. Crispy bean rice search practices Daquan

Fried rice and barley rice

Ha ha, I do not like drinking water, so drink apple cider vinegar, lemon water, recently very fond of this2Water, we recommend. Separate fried, then put the jar, when soaked in water to drink tea. Comparison of cold fried barley, had not, but still suggest a whitening dampness, bedtime, morning drink. Fried rice is soaked in water and special oil scraping the stomach. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Rice300 Barley300 Fried rice and barley rice in the practice step 1. Take it slowly, slowly over 2. Fried well. 3. Drink very good drink. A cup of afternoon, shave oil. 4. This is a good fried barley, my daughter like to drink, every night and morning, drink water to beans. The search of puffed rice and barley rice practices Daquan

Homemade KFC more delicious than the chicken rice flower

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Cent or so Ingredients Chicken breastTwo block EggTwo Accessories   StarchAppropriate amount Bread crumbsAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount PepperAppropriate amount OilAppropriate amount Self made ratiokfcMore delicious chicken rice flower practice steps 1. Chicken breast washed, cut into uniform ding; 2. Sliced diced chicken, salt, pepper, salted egg white15Minutes; 3. Prepare starch, egg, bread crumbs; 4. Marinated minced chicken were stained with starch, egg, wrapped up crumbs; 5. Do the dishes placed inside the green; 6. Put the oil in the pan.6A hot, sticky green into bread crumbs frying; 7. Minced chicken fried until golden surface, remove and drain the oil. Tips The fried chicken rice flower can be placed in the kitchen paper, a part of the oil can be sucked. Search for self - made thankfcMore delicious chicken rice flower practice
  - mester

# sweet Chushen #-- sago fruit soup

The recent comparison of a dessert of love A bowl full of fresh fruit, plus Jingying sago, the taste is very good The production process in addition to some time, is basically zero degree of difficulty Looking at the bright and colorful fruit Do you not?! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Sago (2-3Human capacity)100g Fresh pineapple250g Rock candy50g Accessories   Strawberry #Sweet Kitchen God#--The sweet fruit sago practice steps 1. Pineapple syrup production: pineapple cut into small pieces into the pot, add rock sugar 2. Add the amount of pineapple, the fire boiled, turn a small fire to cook about10Minutes, a pineapple in syrup 3. Sago production: burning a sufficient amount of pot of water, after boiling water add sago boil, turn the fire to boil10Minute 4. The Li Sheng drain, too cold, cold water immersion5Minute 5. Two times, in the middle of the fire.10Minutes, stirring several times. Lishui, too cold, cold water immersion5Minutes. 6. After the three fire, continue to cook10Minutes, stirring several times, to have seen the white core, sago flower shaped, turn off the heat and simmer for15In a minute, the drain is placed in a cool open water. 7. A bowl full of sago, good crystal 8. The super bowl into the pineapple soup, add sago, with strawberry, eat 9. The plane point and orange 10. Added to the soup, orange fragrance Tips Cook sago to patience, not think about it cooked, to gradually fall, several times to cook. Sweet taste to its own tune, usually I fruit weight20%So, as the fruit and sweetness. Sago is suitable for soup like, and small sago for soup. Bing Bing likes to eat the taste, the Sago Syrup into the refrigerator, but the proposal1-2As soon as possible after the day. Search#Sweet Kitchen God#--Sago fruit soup approach.
Array  - 橙色欢果

Ham and potato rice pizza

Rice for pizza is not god horse new son, although rice cake at the end than traditional cake at the end of the soft and chewy, but it appears so refreshing, but also more in line with rice control of their taste. Today, we will have a new look at the anti - traditional rice pizza. Potatoes on the table the most faithful partner, down-to-earth personality and taste almost can match with any type of food, it also has the name of a foreign flavor called "potato". I picked the potato in the pizza cooking rice cake, for obvious reasons, it can make rice cake taste more soft and won't grab the flavor of other ingredients. In order to achieve the "eat potatoes and potatoes," the effect, I put the potatoes into thin potato chips, evenly mixed in the rice, and then compacted as the bottom of the pizza. Look not carefully, appearance and pure rice cake is not much difference, eat when they try to surprise the, a mind opportunely, rice cake in the mashed potato, which not only increased the taste and flavor, more somewhat healthy elements, in line with the modern concept of health. A little change, it gives us a completely different feeling, the kitchen is the fun of this. Materials Ingredients Steamed Rice1BowlSmall potatoes1A Accessories Onion1/8AHam1RootBroccoli1Small flowerMassurius La cheese50GButter1SmallKetchup1Soup spoonBlack pepperFewSaltAppropriate amount Ham and potato rice pizza practice 1. Breaking the broccoli into small pieces, sliced ham, onions shred. Bahalamassu Che S, potatoes, peeled Ca Chengrong; will rub into mashed potatoes to squeeze water, and left mixed with rice 2. Add chopped butter; add a little salt, add black pepper stir with a spoon; 3. Will mix the rice into a mold, and compacted by hand; smear layer of tomato sauce, sprinkle a little chum; shop on onion and sliced ham; repave a layer of breaking into small pieces of broccoli 4. And finally, Ma Su, and put the rest of the rest of the200Preheat oven, bake15About minute or so 5. Cooking skills1.Wipe off the potatoes with Steamed Rice better integration, can also rub silk; 2.Cut into small pieces and mix well; 3.Rice cake into the mold after compaction, do not need too thick; 4.Baking time for reference, according to their own oven to adjust, roasted.
Array  - Nicole

Braised ribs lotus root of Maize

Delicious taste, people appetite. Materials Ingredients Pig.1000GLotus300GCorn300G Accessories Geranium10GGreen pepper10GGreen Chinese onion10GGinger10GGarlic10GCooking wine20GWaterAppropriate amount The practice of corn spareribs stewed lotus root 1. First wash the pork ribs put wine flavor10Minute 2. Corn wash cuts standby 3. Wash lotus root cut into pieces 4. Ginger and garlic slice 5. Geranium, green pepper dish spare 6. Remove excess oil from small ribs with boiling water. 7. First, the pork and green pepper into the pot of boiling water straight 8. And then the ribs and onion, ginger together to put down the fire boil10Minute 9. First, put the corn on a separate boil15Minute 10. Alone in good stew boil lotus in the process of system, mainly to avoid lotus flavor is suppressed by other ingredients 11. Pot into the lotus and put chopped green onion incense Cooking skillsAvoid to stew when bay leaves and blue and white pepper to stew, so as to fully release their fragrance, corn put down the stew needs time to put forward the sweetness, the lotus must to alone stewing clean wok to import, or pepper and bay leaf taste cover lotus fragrance, stew is best time in a half an hour or more to more delicious.
  - zhanga28

Rice soup Tremella saponin

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Tremella30g Gleditsia meters15g Rock candy50g Red dates5Grain The rice soup Tremella saponin practice steps 1.

Peach soup

Specific weight is not so accurate, I think the right amount is good Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Peach15g Gleditsia meters15g Huang Jiner10g Tremella6g Old sugar20g
Array  - 陆众众

Collagen beauty soup

Ingredients Peach20g Gleditsia meters15g Jujube4A Longan4A PapayaHalf a Method of collagen beauty soup 1. Peach20Gram reserve 2. Gleditsia meters15Gram reserve
  - 豆粉894119

Millet porridge Sydney

1. The millet and rice, washed, stay in the pot of water slightly open into the pot, finally meters to ripen into Sydney cuts and cook for a while you can Tips Millet and rice to boil Sydney search millet porridge practices Daquan

Good mood gift

Personally feel that cooking and mood are related, cheerful mood, slow food will have a special taste, oh ~ I think leeks and peas meters mix together, leek in color, it is a lot more vitality. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients
Array  - Belinda私房烟火

Sago soup

Sticky glutinous glutinous rice and peach gum, locust tremella, withQPlay the sago, is absolutely the best choice for afternoon tea and supper, delicious beauty and not worry about fat. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Wild peach Gleditsia meters

Peach gum locust rice jelly

Today introduced the dessert is the combination of peach gum and locust meters, I will they and sugar steamed, put milk and juice stirred into a viscous liquid. Use the color of the depth of the match, the shape of Tai Chi, and the small pumpkin together, it became a fine dessert - jelly. Materials Ingredients
Array  - love双双

Mutton rice

scallion stalk to stir fry, into cut into small lamb kept stir stir fry oil, add red pepper, carrot, vegetables and fry put meters fry to transparent, into the higher one meter refers to water, transferred to salt, shake the pot meters will be flattened lid stuffy cook, water absorption, meter is probably the ripe, put a spoonful of chili powder, a crude cumin, chopped green onion, salt, MSG, stir fry

Steamed Rice with Dried Duck

The practice steps of Lawei rice 1. Wash rice after soaking for one hour, this step is critical, or meters will stick pan, rice into the casserole, higher than rice half centimeters of water, a few drops of oil, covered with lid, fire boil to open immediately turn a small fire, the water suction meters code sliced sausages, anything can be, along the edge
Array  - 白花花的白花花

Lose weight: brown rice dumplings dumplings health

Eat Zongzi is also afraid of fat, suddenly got a brown rice, with blisters Siraitia meters, increasing sweetness. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Brown Rice Hei DouxianSelf-control Jujube

Zhuafan element

cut into Xiaoding, beans, diced, chopped garlic, onion dices, pan put a little oil, oil heat, add the beans, radish fried, then add the garlic and onion, fry, after a while, the meters on the top, then put into the water, cover the pot tightly, about20In a minute. Search in pilaf practices Daquan
  - 紫茉莉4

Steamed rice

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients RiceAppropriate amount The practice steps of steaming 1. Forget to take pictures, will meters, do not rub rice, into the pot, a meter three times of water, fire

Corn soybean milk meat porridge

blisters10Corn and milk foam5Minutes; meters open, into the soybean and corn milk, then add salt, like to eat sweet sugar; simmer20In minutes, turn down the heat and simmer20In a minute, you can eat. Corn soybean milk meat porridge practices search Daquan

Tremella pear juice

2. Diced 3. Soybean Milk select eight meters waterproof paste, the amount in accordance with the Soybean Milk machine most below the waterline can. 4. Well, it's very simple. Tips Soybean Milk machine Search
Array  - addiewoo

Tremella Lily Ejiao jujube congee

beauty, blood to complement the fine, to the effect of the digestion, suitable for frail, ischemia, anemia and immunity of the poor population. Women's skincare jiapin. Materials Ingredients Lily(Dry)10GTremella5G Accessories WaterHalf potEight meters
  - 康康1818

Korean kimbap

More light meters or northeast pearl riceThe six cylinder (is meters cup) Korea roasted seaweedThree. The practice steps of Korean kimbap 1. As the figure cut into thin strips 2. Beat the egg a little saga of Lee Kum Kee steamed fish with soy sauce, sesame oil

The bird's nest jiaoniang

Like beauty regimen Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients The bird's nest3.5g Peach1A Gleditsia meters8A Rock candy10g MilkAppropriate amount Practice steps
  - 和燕雅居

Fried rice with egg

1. Heat the oil after the egg into the fight 2. Fried egg into a semi frozen state, into the rice 3. Steamed Rice shovel broken up, add appropriate amount of salt 4. Pan ha, is to Lili meters scattered, but also sticky eggs
  - 康宁里

The characteristics of their hands

The characteristics of the practice of their hands 1.Huw Rob Che Martin, random dice onion 2.Mutton soup water, spare 3.Adding vegetable oil, carrot, onion, stir to mutton3Medium 4.Add boiled mutton soup 5.Add a little ginger, vinegar, salt, etc. 6.Discharge cooker, add washed rice and raisins, dried apricots, red dates, with water over half meters as appropriate 7.Normal
Array  - 黄豆豆的一家

Sweet waxy waxy is black rice

2. Chopped leaves 3. Cut up the leaves and sticky glutinous rice together for ten hours 4. The soaked rice washing clean 5. Just before cooking, water meters 6.
  - 茶17

Spicy chicken cubes with peanuts

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Minced chicken, onions, peeled flowers meters, soy sauce, vinegar, sugarFill in with your own tastes. The practice steps of spicy chicken cubes with peanuts 1.
  - 小企鹅36

Fresh mushroom Babao Fan

Before with eight treasures rice boiled sweet porridge, the try boiled salted rice, although vegetarian food, but joined the fried mushroom, eating cooked soft, full of sticky, delicious and tasty. Materials Ingredients Rice(Eight meters)300GXing Baogu250G Accessories Cooking
Array  - 朵云3602

Favorite, sushi

Bamboo covered with plastic wrap, put the sushi seaweed, meters above the middle tile;2Root cucumber,2A little sausage, dried meat floss. 4. Roll good compaction, take a knife cut into several sections,OKComplete Favorite, sushi approach video Tips Meters it is best
Array  - 鎕_果果

Pineapple Rice

rice and all the meters, the beans with a rice cooker cook (and rice), into the pineapple, rice sprinkle some cranberry and pineapple meat and pineapple juice, beautiful! 5. Evenly cover the lid of a good pineapple, and put the pot in advance.15-20Minutes, let Steamed Rice more tasty
  - 小叮当儿

Four Color Pearl Pill

formed into a circle rolling balls were placed in a variety of meters, which wrapped in Rice 8. Boiling water pot25-30Minute
Array  - 金山茶

Mung bean porridge Gorgon clear fire

Recently, eat too spicy, feel the fire is very heavy, so I burned the mung bean Qinghuo Gorgon porridge, not very good! Nutritious delicious! Materials Ingredients Rice1TheGlutinous rice1The Accessories Mung bean1TheGorgon meters
  - ❤️颖

Bao Zongzi

1. Wash and soak glutinous rice2H, Zhu Tuirou section block into the cooking wine, salt, sugar, soy sauce, stir well sealed preserved an hour. Wash Zongye with hot boiling2For minutes. 2. Leaves pocket meters, put on a good meat 3. Bahrain meat later covered with glutinous rice
  - _小__女人

Steamed vermicelli roll

4. Steamed rice rolls, dressing steps:A mushroom bubble open, chopped, chopped garlic, pot put the oil fried garlic meters, and then refuel soy sauce, fuel consumption, barbecue sauce, water, add mushrooms, boil and pour into rice rolls in,okThe. Chang Fen search Daquan

Tomato rice

practice steps 1. The accessories and dice, wash the tomatoes to Wendy 2. The electric cooker stew and water meters as usual. Put the vegetables in the middle of the tomato. 3. Cover the lid with salt and salt. Jinghoujiayin.
Array  - 谷雨5

Eggplant salad (rice cooker version)

to individual tastes Eggplant salad (rice cooker version) practice steps 1. With the rice cooker, the following is the meter, the above is the eggplant, eggplant long cut in half, water and usually cook like meters more on the line 2. , cooked rice, eggplant or, simmered for a while

Fried pork slices of Eggplant

meat (individual) Eggplant2A A small teaspoon of soy sauce The practice steps of meat fried eggplant 1. 1.Eggplant dices2.Mei head meat (individual)3.Huang Doujiang (a small teaspoon)Heat wok and pour the oil burst garlic meters, into the Mei head meat frying irritably, make the flesh white in into the stir fry

Fried oyster

2. The picture below is not empty.The onion chopped green onion standby 3. The sticky rice flour into a plate, then add two eggs, then slowly pour the water diversion Mickey paste, this time to pour the right amount of onion, put all the oysters are poured into, may at this time the meters paste thinning because there is water inside the oysters
  - 崔li

Rice cake

The leftover rice scattered, chopped ham, egg mixer, put the right amount of flour, not easy to disperse, five a little salt and chicken powder. Stir well. 2. Pan put a little oil, burn temperature Guan Xiaohuo, to half meters paste into, forming for the fire, fried until golden brown on both sides, you can out of the pot.
Array  - 方芳46

Egg fried rice to eat mushrooms and onion at any time to do

the action to be fast, the water act fast.WaterWith each kind of water meters are different, such as the purchase of meters, the instructions on the package will note..(Stop) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Mushrooms4A Egg2A

Coconut Juice taro boiled water

Materials Ingredients Towel gourd600G Taro250G Coconut milk1Tank Accessories Carrot1A Gorgon meters
Array  - 康妮chen

Cereal porridge

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Myotonin Gleditsia meters Wild rice Peanut Lotus Red dates Black sesame Chinese wolfberry Rock candy Water

Yangzhou fried rice

The family left the meters, used to make fried rice Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients CucumberHalf of the root CarrotHalf of the root Ham sausageTwo EggTwo OilAppropriate
Array  - 锴哥0

Braised cane

of braised bamboo shoot 1. Water wash, cut into cubes. Garlic slices, dried pepper cut into sections, cut into sections garlic bolt 2. Under the hot pan of oil, burst garlic meters, dried chili, put a Jiao Baigan scrambled to slightly browned, pour 3 tablespoons soy sauce, a spoonful of oyster sauce and 1 / 4
Array  - 米兔番茄君

10 minutes quick breakfast nutrition ~ Babao rice paste

eight meters paste 1. Required ingredients according to their own needs to quantitative, except the dates of other food overnight soaking put refrigerator freezer. Red dates need to advance to the nuclear. 2. Put all the ingredients into the soya bean milk machine. Add appropriate amount of water.
Array  - 杜鹃花美食

Ham Fried rice with egg

is not obvious. 2, after the rice to continue to stir fry, the meal is completely fried, so that the shape and taste will be more good. 3,Two rice, rice and millet mixed after steaming good rice. Features of dishes        Some time ago to eat two meters after dinner in a restaurant, you often do at home to eat. Feel occasionally so eat, than the big rice to a lot of incense
Array  - 尚食之文

Apple jam

In about two years ago, office of a congregation of hard-working cargo, on the occasion of the spring, essential hoe in unit garden cultivated one square meters square one of the plots, carefully drop seeding the leek that can once and for all: sowing time, year after year harvest several times. In fact, due to poor management, the annual leek is as thin as hair

Ham peanut dumplings

jujube raisins, stewed meat. So there is no specific weighing, just by the feeling was estimated a number, don't worry, ham and peanut can be less than, Zongye left again bubble meters, meters left they cook and eat. Ingredients can be flexible. Ham peanut dumplings practice search Daquan
  - 华丽的D调

Rose purple lotus

, diabetes, nocturia secret disease. In addition, the purple waxy rice full, strong stickiness. And purple rice fragrance, shiny, Ruannuo delicious, nutritional value and medicinal value is relatively high, with blood, spleen, and treatment efficacy and neurasthenia, "blood" m, "longevity meters," said. Rich in pure natural purple pigment and tryptophan nutrition,Clean water or soak will fade phenomenon
  - Lemon-acid

Zongzi Stuffed with Red Bean Paste

Dousha Zongzi approach 1.Wash rice, soak the rice, drain backup (meters can soak for half an hour, can also do not soak, bubble is not more chewing head); red bean paste into a few pieces and set aside, the amount of red bean paste according to their preferences, big and small. 2.Frozen dumplings leaves after the water reserve. If you do not have frozen boiled water, so you can
Array  - 飞雪无霜

Superior rice coconut juice

Superior rice, also known as pine needle meters, does not contain cholesterol, no sugar, it contains a unique natural antioxidants and rich in protein, high fiber, low fat and other rich nutrients. Through long-term consumption can greatly improve human immunity, delay aging, improve memory etc. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary
  - 杜婉娜

Warm mix

, into boiling water, when the water boil, remove and reserve will Scallop in Shell. 3. The coriander, rice hot wash, coriander cut duaner, hot standby meters cutting circle. 4. Will Billy cooked scallop and chopped parsley, rice spice into a large bowl and pour the wine, vinegar, soy sauce
Array  - 又是晴天6

Italian asparagus Risotto

be slightly salty, followed by adding meters will fade, if that light could be added, remember mixing evenly, oh ~) 3. Add the rice (rice can be soaked in water for a while) to stir fry, add hot water to cover the rice 4. Side of the small fire and stir to the water to dry, if the dry after the meter is still
  - 霁子小米

Scallop meat porridge

The practice steps of scallop meat porridge 1. Wash the scallops, water immersion1Hours, remove and tear into the water, soak scallops retained. 2. Wash and dry the raw pork, cut into thick grain, add dry starch and mix well, then add salad oil and mix well. 3. The two meters

Braised dove soup

meters20GrainRed dates4GoldGinger5SliceSalt3GWaterAppropriate amount Braised dove soup 1. Pigeons to hair and viscera, take out the meat, wash with, skin and subcutaneous fat to finally removed, stew out of the soup is not too greasy, Gorgon, medlar, red jujube, Adenophora, polygonatum wash dip10The
Array  - 秋天是童话

Egg pizza

Last night, according to the formula of net ready Wuhan meters of the Baba ingredients, did not expect today didn't send up, no way had to find another way to make breakfast for the. The existing material in the family only has the potato green vegetables, wants to have the son to eat the pizza, has tried to make a simple version of the egg to the pizza, did not think it is also very good to eat
Array  - 佑见炊烟

Traditional Chinese rice-pudding

jujube dumplings, which also put rice, wrapped boiled etc.. 10. Package of meat dumplings, from the beginning to leaf dumplings, installed meters, uninterrupted, install meters, put a raisin, a diced until full, package tied, a dumplings. And so on, and so on. 11. Bao Xiaodou rice
  - 洪业妈妈

Bamboo rice

The practice steps of bamboo rice 1. First of all, it must be suitable for bamboo can not be too thin can not be too old. The bamboo cut into segments and then wash heart bamboo (bamboo is clean just scum) 2. Inside two small washed rice, no water meters5~6Cm (can be added with meat and vegetables
  - 廖大本事

Chicken rolls die sideline - health rice crust

Search mode Chicken rolls - Health sideline meters crispy practices Daquan
Array  - Amy小厨

Tremella Papaya Soup

1. Tremella wash clean tear into small piece of small, coix seed and jujube is, the amount of personal right, sweet barley meters, jujube more sweet.^_^ 2. The pearl barley with Tremella put into a pressure cooker, add water before, fire and cook for about 15 minutes, turn a small fire cook 20 minutes, turn off the heat, reducing pressure
  - 素烧鹅

Mutton hand pilaf

3. Add carrots and continue to fry 4. Sprinkle cumin grain, ready to discharge the pot, stir fry good mutton, carrots and put down, shop on the onion silk, plus wash good meters, add water, with the usual cooking almost drop. 5. When cooked, hot hand pilaf. Delicious oh

Bacon sausage pot meal

! 2. Rice in water ratio is1Than1.5! In the water meters, around the touch point of the oil pot! The soaked rice and water into the casserole! Cook for ten minutes. 3. The first put on Bacon sausage and mushroom! Mushrooms also have water! Cook for five minutes. 4. Add cooked pea corn
  - 福来到9

Fried millet rice tea

to skim the surface of the white foam 7.Turn the fire boiling10Minutes, boiling rice blossom, water browned off the fire, 8.Colander filtered, rice and water apart, the left is coke meters tea
Array  - 慧心荷韵

[article] the baby food supplement salt mud shrimp porridge mushrooms

to warm water soak for half an hour, and the mushroom with the fire boil, the fire boil for five or six minutes to open a small fire slow boil ~ 5. Boil to ropy ~ meters are blooming to put mud shrimp into porridge mix two or three minutes, put green onion turn off the heat out of the mud shrimp porridge pot to beautiful delicious well ha ~ my
Array  - 宝玉zc

Crispy seaweed Glutinous Rice Rolls

rice rolls practice steps 1. Wash rice into the rice cooker, water amount, generally over meters can, no more water. 2. Will boil the rice to open the lid of the cold, hot steam. 3. The bamboo curtain paved a piece of seaweed, rice from a group in the seaweed on, wear
  - ☞兮凡☜


The seafood meal comes from the Spanish traditional diet, with thepaellaSpecial pot, just switched to the meters long, seafood meal at home, not afraid of trouble, saffron to advance in the soup boil, in fact, flower is not very fond of saffron flavor, but it does give a meal stocks very special fragrance. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary

Spleen yam porridge

of yam porridge 1. Red beans are made in advance, and the first time to cook rice. I use the rice, also can use other meters. 2. Yam cut into small Ding, rice quick cook HERSHEY'S on the plus yam. 3. Jujube cut into small pieces, with a small
Array  - 薪羽5y10

Salmon avocado sushi cake ""

a little salt and lemon juice, touch a layer to meters and then put a layer of rice, from die out wobble, salmon slice, roll into a flower placed in the top, surrounded by edible pigment color mayonnaise sauce(mayonnaise)Write, eat, remember to send sushi sauce and mustard. Salmon avocado Sushi"Cake"Practice video Search for salmon avocado Sushi

Nutritional vegetarian vegetables mushroom porridge

5. All the ingredients except dice meters away. 6. Wok refueling, gradually add bamboo shoots Ding, Ding mushroom, vegetables, rice, each to join a ingredients are required to stir fry a few, enable all the ingredients evenly heated. 7. Will stir the ingredients into the inner
Array  - Fe4015

Pumpkin flavored rice

Broth is left over from yesterday's short ribs soup, to the oil, there is no white wine with rum instead of, no Italian meters, with the ordinary rice, fortunately, the taste is good Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Rice100g
Array  - 冷咚咚

The Gorgon blood glutinous rice porridge

Bu Zhong Yi Qi, nourish strong food, lotus seeds and some similar, but Gorgon convergence sedative effect than a lotus seed strong, applicable to chronic diarrhea and frequent urination, spermatorrhea, women with backache. Materials Ingredients Gorgon meters(Fresh)50GRice50GGlutinous rice25GBlood glutinous rice25G
  - ❤️颖

Cordyceps flower scallops corn soup

Cordyceps flower dried corn soup Yangwei spleen, nourish the kidney function, high summer temperatures, heat is easy to loss of appetite, might as well pot soup drink try~~ Materials Ingredients Pig400GCorn1ACordyceps flower20GDried scallop15GGorgon meters30GCandied jujube2AFruit of Chinese wolfberry5G
Array  - 菊娜JUJU

Green Tea steamed rice sausage

meters into the global good. 3. The pot is in the water, and the two chopsticks on the mat to put a plate. 4. Put the bowl in a good sausage rice dish. 5. And then cover the plate, open the fire, and so on.20MinuteOK.
  - 峰子66

Shrimp Chaozhou congee

5. Fast Burst meters before adding to the gills, to the back line, end to end, along the midline of split shrimp 6. Continue stirring, cook5Minute 7. Add some ginger and sugar. 8. Sprinkle chopped green onion sauce
Array  - 邹征云

Tremella peach soup

preservation for a while, it is not necessary to keep up, I put things too much, it will be a little sticky pot. First Tremella Gleditsia meters gold peach ear, then the rest of the boil for half an hour. Finally put crystal sugar, to buy a certain soil rock sugar, is a kind of yellow. Finally can sprinkle some sweet scented osmanthus, cover the lid boring. Drink very fragrant.
  - 刘小雯8

Brewed rice wine

of energy-saving amount, while mixing side scatter starter. Oh, forget the glutinous rice scoop meters cup a cup and a half, eat not too much wine 3. Glutinous rice into a circle, poke eyes, eyes down to the point of distiller's yeast, sprinkle, cover the lid, with a small quilt cover.36Degrees of the day, second days on the wine, up to brew48In an hour
  - 番茄酱0324

Delicious crisp Chicken rolls

the mouth, well stored in snack iron in Chicken rolls, can eat for several days, but then there are Chicken rolls, do gun or cannon bar meters meters flower vendors, good taste of nostalgia, now gun rod and gun rice rice flower to eat less, only Chicken rolls often sell the last street, Liu Zi school saw Chicken rolls, I want to eat, but the Chicken rolls too dirty hands, then roll Chicken rolls and touch
  - 刘仔小帅