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Steamed egg # beauty smart microwave oven fire # clam

I especially like the steamed custards, plus a clam is delicious~~Is used in the microwave oven to steaming, no open flame, do not stand in the hot stove before the water open, do not have to worry about familiar with steam or steam old, as long as the good firepower and time is set, give it to the smart microwave oven to ensure let you eat the delicious custard~~ Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Egg2A Warm water (40Degree or so)150g Venerupis philippinarum12Only Ginger3g Accessories   Salt1/4Teaspoon PepperFew Sesame oilAppropriate amount OnionFew #Smart fire microwave oven#The practice steps Huage egg 1. Clam in saline, static2Hour, let it spit do the mud 2. Egg and sprinkle with150gWarm mix 3. Add salt and pepper 4. Pot boiling water, add ginger and cooking wine, add boiled clam, to immediately remove the opening 5. Rinse off sand and foam with cold water and put in a bowl. 6. The egg bowl to filter clam 7. Cover with a plastic wrap, stab a few holes with a toothpick 8. And then put into microwave 9. Cover and put in a microwave oven. 10. High heat, steam15Minute 11. After the end of the program, will be the microwave steaming treasure come out, do not open the lid, stuffy5,6Minute 12. Then sprinkle some sesame oil, sprinkle with chopped scallion~~You can also pour some soy sauce~ Tips 1.If the water is clean and not boiled clam sand, can be placed together in the warm after adding steamed egg~~I have a lot of boiled water sand and foam, so lost~2.The egg and water ratio is about1:1.5(that is2An egg100G, water150G);3.Water is best to use a little warm water, probably40Degree or so, it is too hot to the egg flower soup~ Search#Smart fire microwave oven#Clam egg practices Daquan
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