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From the literature found some for you 70 cook recipe, cook book,chinese cook.

Malt dumpling

Mother's taste! Difficulty:Chef(Senior) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Cotton headSome Small maltSome Glutinous rice flourSome The practice steps of malt dumpling 1.

Hawthorn malt water

~7Slice MaltA small Practice steps of Hawthorn malt water 1. Hawthorn wash 2. Wash the malt, and put into the pot together with the Hawthorn water boil, about5~7Minutes can be poured into the cup of tea as a drink. Search
Array  - 豆粉587440

Pure hand malt sugar

for a night, the morning of the second day with the pack, daily water two times until the wheat germination, then sprinkle in rice bucket 2. Every day early in the evening watering until almost three or four cm long, malt can 3. Glutinous rice steamed spare
  - KK918

Hawthorn malt tea

Malt help digestion, and lower gas effect is very obvious, hawthorn and collocation, with appetizers help digestion, Xiaoshi bulge removal efficacy is very economical tea, but malt and hawthorn have convergence effect, pregnant and lactating women prohibit drinking. Materials Ingredients Dry Hawthorn15GBarley malt

Maltose version of chocolate peanut

Do a little egg white cake rest to make nougat, this prescription can only do20Around, if there is a need, the amount of their own to increase the amount of each material is good oh Ingredients Maltose30g White granulated sugar50g Egg white20g Powdered Milk80g Water35g Peanut100g Cocoa powder10g Butter12g Chocolates10g The practice steps of sugar in the chocolate bar of chocolate peanut 1. Preparation of materials, water, white sugar and maltose can be directly mixed in a small pot weighing, cocoa powder and mixed with milk, butter and chocolate, water heating and melting 2. Oven160In the peanuts, put in the peanuts.10-15Minutes, a little cold after a while to the skin (too hot to the skin is not easy to cool for a better time to the skin, because the skin is time-consuming, as far as possible to prepare well in advance) 3. The water, white sugar and maltose mixture in the wok insert thermometer, fire boil until130If you want sugar, you can boil it.135Soft spot can be boiled to126Degrees, in the temperature range), boil stirring is not required, so we can pass the egg white until pulled upright rectangular is dry foam. 4. Until the syrup reaches the temperature close to the fire, along the egg basin side wall and slowly pour into, and whisk maintain speed to kill state and let the egg white and sugar syrup for rapid and complete fusion, then add the melted butter and chocolate to whisk (Fang Zili of chocolate nor relationship, and chocolate can be to let the taste of mellow) 5. Add cocoa powder and milk powder, and then mix it with peanut (keep the temperature in the egg bowl.100This is so easy to mix the peanuts, the temperature is low easy to agglomerate, we can put a bowl of water in the boiling water, the water is separated from the operation. 6. Ready for the right size mold and pave the way for oil, mixture into a smooth, cool thoroughly, diced, packaging end (sugar to cool thoroughly, time can put it in the refrigerator overnight, like I was in a hurry to pack away, and viscosity point opened oil paper, the surface is not smooth enough, the pursuit of beautiful we should pay attention to Oh~But wrapped up all the same, hee hee) Search for maltose version of the Chocolate Peanut beef
  - ˋSuKi刺

Red bean soup

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Red bean paste100G Malt sugar, agar powderAppropriate amount The practice steps of the red bean soup 1. 1, the pot of water, the amount of water

Strawberry jam

2. Strawberry slices wash drain water 3. Added sugar 4. Sugar Salt30Minutes to1An hour 5. Add lemon juice to boil. 6. Turn a small fire and add the malt sugar boil
  - 猫咪小宝

Beer cake

and amino acids, but also contain vitaminC, vitaminH, people call it "black milk". Black beer brew the main raw material in addition to the use of general pale malt, but also adding a certain amount of black malt and malt, and liquor has rich malt flavor coke. Malt is jiaosanxian Chinese medicine in China ""(Coke, coke, coke malt Hawthorn Shenqu)One. Chinese medicine believes that it is "stomach
Array  - NOChris

Jujube cake

1. Mix the powder with baking soda. Malt sugar Oil and water Knead dough to wake up an hour 2. Pack into the filling 180Degrees.18Minute Search jujube sesame cake practices Daquan
  - 末都

Sugar Plum

2. Add brown sugar syrup malt non-stick cookware heating to140Degree or so off the fire 3. Quiet to the bubble disappear But not all cool 4. Pour into the mold A plum For a long time, you can. Sugar Plum practice search Daquan
  - 曹大头ccc

Strawberry jam

slightly thickened, malt sugar, lemon juice 4. 4, take the heat into a good bottle of disinfection, down to cool, into the refrigerator to save Search strawberry jam practice
  - 蝈蝈215

Homemade rice flower sugar

to the malt sugar and honey stir and melt 4. Fried sugar with the attention of the small fire slowly boil, to the sugar from the bubble can, off the fire! Quick step by step! (don't fire the otherwise). 5. Fried good sugar with popcorn, add peanuts, add sesame stir to complete fusion. Fast
Array  - 王大姐走着

New Orleans roast chicken wings

4. After curing, put on the baking online,150Roast at40In the middle of a minute.2Sub surface, while the brush on a thin layer of oil, on the last time when the brush on the brush with malt syrup,Roast you can

Chicago Hemp flowers raw sugar maltose version

1. First, peanuts, sesame and stir fry until cooked, then nonstick touch on oil, open a small fire, into maltose plus a spoon of water, wait for it to melt into the sugar, and malt sugar bubble quickly add peanut sesame, fully mixing evenly, quickly out of the pot, into touch oil abrasive 2. The sugar is not very hot, remove from

Papaya jam

money, there are particles anyway, then joined about50Grams of malt sugar, boiled thick can be 5. It can be kept in a bottle without oil.20Days or so Search papaya jam practice

Jujube Tomatoes on sticks

Tomatoes on sticks, called Li Gao sugar in the northeast region, called sugar pier in Tianjin, called sugar ball in Anhui Fengyang. The ice is China Tomatoes on sticks Han traditional snacks, it is the fruit with a bamboo stick string after dipped in malt syrup. Materials Ingredients Candied jujube100G
  - 曲奇蜜饯

Delicious sugar ShaQima

of thin noodles, cut short 4. 4.Into the pan fried into a light golden yellow, remove and stand-by 5. 5.Add brown sugar, malt and sugar in the pot70Grams of water, boil to pull filaments, itOKThe 6. 6.Will be fried good billet and peanuts into the pot
Array  - 小牛玲蛋子

Scotland sentiment - Madeleine

a single malt whisky in Scotland. Germination of barley, island, oak barrels...... The distilled essence, not much, just a few shallow mouth, you will find the warmth from the cold.Then in Madeleine wayward feel, the shell like a small cake for shallow peaty, the aroma of orange oil, collocation some peaty, magical blend, another little Cranberry fruit slightly sour. Oh ~ ~ please allow me to use
Array  - 阿姿

Wide roast duck

Crispy water: malt sugar or honeyHalf a cup Crispy water: vinegar or vinegarA cup of Crispy water: waterAmount, enough to pour over the duck body The practice steps of the wide type roast duck 1. Duck wash clean, remove the wool/Mao Gen 2. Material chart
Array  - busybeemeals

Secret Roast Chicken

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients ChickenHalf Ginger, garlicAppropriate amount Cooking wine30ml Soy sauce, soy sauce20ml White sugar, brown sugar20g Five spice powderFew Malt sugar
Array  - ella522

Sweet scented osmanthus strawberry jam

7. See the soup juice becomes transparent, adding malt sugar, stirring to melt. Turn small fire. 8. The last two tablespoons of malt sugar is better. 9. Bottling. Tips No sweet scented osmanthus can not put. Be sure to add
  - .傻女.

Mulberry jam

3. After the fire boil, stirring, so as not to paste pot. (this process is longer, and more painful). 4. The malt sugar and lemon juice, add boiled jam. Continue to cook becomes sticky, about an hour or so. 5. Into the dry bottle, cut off with honey.
  - 紫色薰香

Dandelion delicious vegetable dumpling (17)

amount Chilli powderAppropriate amount Dandelion delicious vegetable dumpling(17The practice step 1. Flour, malt sugar reserve 2. The dandelion to pick a good wash with saline soak twenty minutes after the drain chopped
Array  - 冰洁1

Sha Qima

5. Yellow is good. Another clean wok add sugar and boiled until bubbling into malt sugar, boil to ropy be brushed off the fire, add noodles stir well, into a baking pan and compaction, cool cuts. 6. Success, it is quite delicious! The current practice of homemade search Daquan
  - 龙青虬

Beer duck

boil, turn a small fire stew1An hour to duck, micro. 4. Add the potatoes, boil, stew15Minutes, until the potatoes are melted, add salt, sugar, soy sauce, chicken amount adjusting good taste, fire close juice. 5. A dish of bright red color, tender and delicious, with a touch of malt
  - 阿杆

Pineapple cake

from Chengdu Discard the melon juice 4. Bo Luorong Pineapple Juice Melon seed Rock candy Malt sugar together into a non stick pan stir fry Like a jam 5. Fried better, better 6. Raw material preparation
  - 豆豆宋

Boudin (a caramel version)

The container brush a layer of oil (edible oil, butter, can pour caramel in the bottom),2~3mmThickness. I buy online direct caramel, malt sugar. 4. Pour the milk into the egg liquid and filter out the pudding. 5. The egg milk liquid filtered into the container with caramel, steam.
  - 柚子doudou

Mango Milk Pudding

1. 1.Mango peeled diced, gelatin with cold water soak.2.Will250mlPure milk in a bowl, add the mango, condensed milk, malt sugar, stir well.3.Take a clean pot, pour the milk mixture, heating to warm.4.Will be taken from ice cold water, put into the pot to melt, off the fire5.After a little dry cold pudding, pour into the silicone mold, placed in the refrigerator2Hours.

Peanut nougat -- classical taste version

2. Egg sent to bring small sharp 3. Malt sugar water first heating to make it melt, after a small fire heating 4. As the water evaporates, the sugar becomes dark 5. Lift spatula, maltose falling into flake

Sweet and sour.

salt, soy sauce and sugar, malt vinegar, cooked into the sauce; 6, into the fried pork ribs, stir evenly, pot and sprinkle sesame seeds.(Stop) Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Pig.400Grams, onion1Root, ginger3Slice, cooked sesame, cooking wine1Spoon
  - 豆豆286

Delicious nuts dip

In the practice of delicious nuts 1.The walnut kernel with small fire saute spare. Peanut small fire fry, then blow to red, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, almonds and black and white sesame saute 2.Good fried nuts with a knife cut into appropriate size blocks, prepare a heat-resistant containers, the vessel inner wall coated with sesame oil reserve 3.Put sugar into the wok, add malt
Array  - 笛子

Brown sugar lollipop

Ingredients Brown sugar powder (brown sugar powder)100g Malt sugar (maltose)20-30g Clean water35g Salted Plum10A The practice steps brown sugar lollipop 1. Ready materials 2.


2. A glass of water+Sugar+Malt sugar, small fire heating stirring 3. This is a rose eggplant soaked in water, in order to dyeing 4. Sugar boil to who have melted a little yellow 5. Put the fish powder of Roselle water soaked
Array  - 倒立的猫猫

Mulberry jam

is very fragrant taste. On the contrary, the icing on the cake, if not normal use malt sugar can be.biubiuCome and do it yourself, the health food is the most important. Tips I think the custard powder custard powder suddenly have a brain wave, because as a thickened tool...Normally, it should be used for the maltose. Search
  - 蘑菇三姨

Crisp tart grapefruit

corners. See you like. 3. No writing practices tart crisp practice front. Citron tea is very simple grapefruit peel clean wire stripping, grapefruit skin removed white silk, do not go to clean bitter] sugar, malt sugar slowly boiling down close stem juice on the line, bag like a package dumplings, set aside adequate position by hand pinch tighten

Unsolicited red

Unsolicited red practice Raw materials: Moon cake crust: Flour150Grams of sugar1Small spoon, malt sugar1Small spoon, sesame oil2Large, peanut oil1Big spoon, baking soda1/4Small spoon, boiling water55G, a little red. Moon cake filling: Cooked flour25Grams of sugar40Sugar sweet scented osmanthus1Small spoon, sugar15Grams, cooked kernel20Grams, cooked melon seeds10Grams of cooked
Array  - 笛子

Beijing Roast Duck

Seasoning Onion50G Ginger1Block Cooking wine10G Sweet30G Maltose20G Pure water20G Water130G The practice of Beijing roast duck Roasted Duck: about three pounds of ducks1Only, malt syrup20Grams of water30Grams, cooking
Array  - 坨坨妈

Dried bamboo shoots cook meat stuffing Clay oven rolls

, 15. The face washed down by flat pleats 16. Brush on the surface with a brush30Gram boiling water10G maltose blending good malt syrup 17. Pick up the cake with the water that is in the sesame bowl with the sesame seeds

# berry flavored dishes # Cranberry nougat

Father is very fond of nougat, so every time back will do a lot of a lot, malt sugar version, have done a candyfloss version, taste of maltose compare to the pure, but cotton candy wins in time, five minutes in the pan knead sugar, so there is time do maltose and no time to choose lazy version(Cotton candy) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary

Pumpkin candy

2. Pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds in the oven, and100Degree heat preservation. Malt sugar, sugar, water, salt, butter, in turn into the pot, heat up to140Degree, extinction. Quickly pour pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds. 3. Fast mix down the board, plastic rectangular, slightly cool, diced.
Array  - 食·色

Red fruit jam

6. Sugar preserved for half an hour after the high temperature boiling, then add two tablespoons malt sugar 7. High temperature boiling water boil turn a small fire to turn into the thick juice of half a lemon juice 8. High temperature disinfection pot, cook for ten minutes
  - Eno以诺

# beauty gentleman # Vienna chocolate bread oven

Ingredients High gluten flour260g Yeast powder3g White granulated sugar20g Malt syrup20g Powdered Milk20g Salt4g Water132g Butter20g Chocolate bean50g #Us gentleman's oven#Vienna chocolate bread practice steps
Array  - 王晴40

Sugar rose

Protein35g White granulated sugar150g Rose sauce50g Powdered Milk30g The practice steps of the sugar of rose 1. Peanut put a pot of small and medium heat, stir fry, cool peeled 2. Malt sugar, water, sugar, rose sauce into the pot, small fire
  - 沐沐秋枫

Chaozhou corn ham Burger

Well, according to the universal mother, baked corn this snack origin in Chaoshan area, with a little orange cake (Chaoshan characteristic of candied fruit and melon Ding and cut groats fat pork, and malt sugar, water, starch, tune into a paste, fried together. Actually actually originated from where, is really not good study, because it is sweet crisp taste, deeply loved the lady, so now basic

South Korean fried chicken

sauce1.5Strawberry jam2Spoon, tomato sauce6Malt sugar4Spoon, cooking wine4Spoon, minced garlic2Spoon, chili oil1Spoon, onion South Korean fried chicken practice steps 1. The chickens will be clean, chicken, lemon leaves, garlic into the pot boil5Minute 2. Cook with cold water and then rinse

Mulberry jam

1. White sugar and mix well after cleaning mulberry 2. Preserved more than half an hour or overnight (cover the fridge) 3. Add sugar2Block 4. Increase the viscosity of malt sugar

The perfect lunch, according to roast chiken rice

sauce recipe is relatively large, we can decrease compared to the same period, the general taste leaching can buy in the supermarket of imported, of course, a treasure you can also, malt sugar can also go to a treasure The perfect search easy, as rice practice roast chiken.
Array  - 陆老板记食

Plum green bean cake

bean on the steamer to cook, I this is not completely peeled off clean, too much trouble. Will. Steaming40Minutes. 3. Out of the pot of green beans with flat shovel into mud, can also be a cooking machine. Then the pot butter, add mashed beans, condensed milk, malt sugar, sugar, stir, received fire add chopped vines more may stir evenly, out
  - ﹎╃榴莲

Chicken cake

2. The water, malt sugar, peanut oil, sugar, blue milk, wine, pour garlic stir in a larger plate. 3. Stir evenly after the release of peanuts, sesame, salt continue to stir evenly, then put the meat into the ice 4. Probably even after the cake powder, low gluten flour also put into the mix. Stir
  - LLLch

Small fresh pineapple cakes

and break even with maltose, wok fried 2. Malt sugar 3. Fire boil 4. Stick to the bottom of the pan fried state can 5. Fried pineapple cakes stuffing

Peanut sugar

be mastered, remember! To see the small fire boil, brown red syrup (without foaming) can be poured into maltose. To take advantage of the peanut sugar warm when cut into pieces, or the cold will cut sugar! Brewed malt sugar, use chopsticks kept dipped in syrup cold water too cold, taste sugar becomes crisp before, so eat up just won't stick to your teeth! Search for peanut candy
  - 大萌果

Su style pickle meat moon cake

bag; 3. Wake up surface of the gap to make meat, pork patties in ginger powder, fine sugar, malt sugar, soy sauce, cooking wine, salt, white sesame seeds, along the direction of a stirring energetically. Stir until the meat is very thick, add chopped green onion, sesame oil, stir, add cut into Xiaoding mustard core, stir, stand-by
Array  - youhaha0的厨房

Open crisp

10. Add flour and mix well 11. Add coconut. There can be no added. 12. Mix well and gently knead dough, cold for half an hour. 13. Melon, pineapple broken squeeze juice, sugar, malt sugar stir fry.

Delicious mung bean cake

oh, After the fall of the green bean sand 7. In the pot, stir fry, add sugar and malt sugar, sweet or according to their own preferences, mung bean soup is cooked the can foretaste herself. I did not very sweet, because we need to put a red bean paste filling 8. Fried
  - 威威2015

# sweet Chushen # cat claw cotton candy

3. Respectively loading12Continuous film 4. Protein addition10gThe fine sugar and lemon juice, sent to bring a straight hook(Hard/Dry pass). 5. 37gFine sugar, malt sugar and water in a saucepan, boil to slightly thick, away from the fire

Honey-Stewed BBQ Pork

sheet, but not very thick, it is best to cut into thickness2CMAppearance 2.Sesame with smoking and wine stirred, and malt sugar, stirring to open, if not easy to stir can microwave for a few seconds to heat it up, then add chopped garlic and all remaining marinade 3.The marinade wipe in the meat, hand kneading5In a minute, the surface is covered with a plastic wrap, and is fed
Array  - 糖小饼Halloween

Cattle rolling sugar

middle, baking15-20In about a minute, the aroma of roasted and roasted to peanut red slightly cracking. 2. Then you can put the crushed peanuts red off with a hard object flat. 3. Fine sugar, malt sugar, water poured into the pot inside, with small fire heating, the sugar is completely

Delicious mung bean cake

not stick pan with corn oil, white granulated sugar, malt sugar, small fire after being heated and melted into mung bean powder, stir fry into non stick mung bean can be. 4. Mung bean sand into each25Gram, red bean sand each12Grams of dough ball cover with a plastic wrap to prevent surface cracks.
Array  - 玫子学烘焙

Mooncakes with meat

sauce5ml Soy sauce2ml Salt10g Sugar2g MSG(Best not to put)2g Malt sugar or sugar or sugar(Oily water)5g Clean water60ml Sesame oil5ml Cooking wine5ml The practice steps of the meat moon cake 1. Will70gLow gluten flour and40gLard mixed rub into the crisp
Array  - 嘟嘟熊5

Pineapple cakes ---- spring tea

on the chopping block mince. 2. Pineapple cut into small pieces, into the juice machine pressed juice and pulp fibers. 3. The white gourd sauce, pineapple fiber, a cup of pineapple juice (ca.200G) into the pot add sugar, malt sugar and lemon juice simmer until thick transparent pan, cool
Array  - 莉莎_0571

Simple pork

spoon of malt sugar, with meat to fish, to mix evenly. Not too deliberate. (Note: maltose is flavoured with color, in Guangdong and Guangxi, like the sweet side of pork, the fifth step, if it is in the north, partial salty taste. The fifth step is exempt from to. Figure four and figure five is the color difference between wheat or barley. Tips
Array  - 红红火火565

Pi Dansu

Rice bran oil92G Water80G Sesame10G Preserved egg crisp practice Youpi material: high gluten flour150Malt sugar20G(Note1)Salt,5Grams of rice bran oil30G(Note2)Salt,3Grams, boiling water80G Material: high gluten flour pastry125Grams of rice bran oil62G(Note2) Ingredients: Bai Lianrong200G, Jiang
Array  - 康妮chen

Homemade tomato sauce

changes in the sugar amount. I suggest a don't do too much, in this way can often change taste, and secondly, do not need to put for a long time, still can use less sugar.Types of sugar. Stewed jam, sugar, sugar, maltose can. The sugar jam finished more luster, maltose can increase the viscosity. I personally like sugar and sugar mixed with malt sugar, no, because after I found the jam boiled
  - NOChris

Brown sugar ShaQima

not fried too old, don't need to fried yellow, white noodles fried again3To5Second, the noodles can be the whole of the hard to change, fried old words, do out of the Shakima taste is not crisp 14.Will the noodles all the deep fried to fill out the spare Syrup: 15.120Wok add grams of brown sugar200Ml of water, fire heating 16.Join100Grams of malt sugar 17.Turn a small fire, and slowly boil ah

Homemade cranberry ShaQima

16. Then the vessel walls of Pshaki Mar oil. 17. At this time it began to boil syrup, malt sugar and sugar and water into the pot, small fire boil. 18. Then the syrup is opened, and the temperature is measured, to reach115The degree of fire.
Array  - 西镇一婶

Desktop pineapple cake

Powdered Milk25G Butter150G Maltose100G LemonHalf a Old sugar200G Milk25G The practice of Taiwanese pineapple cakes Ingredients: Pineapple600Grams, white gourd1000Grams, lemon juice, half a quantity, salt1/2Small spoon, old candy200Malt sugar100G Pastry: unsalted
Array  - 芹意

Cocoa peach Rome shield

: low powder40G Corn starch10G Butter50G Corn oilAbout40Milliliter Sugar90G Walnut kernelAppropriate amount Peanut butter, malt sugarEach spoonful The practice steps of Rome shield the cocoa nut 1. This is the material for making the outer ring. To do something
Array  - 石绿花青

Guangdong style barbecued pork

, the best mat Zhang Xizhi 9.Roast15The minute end comes out with a brush of the malt syrup, and then the opposite side is then baked.10To15About a minute or so, it's time to brush again.  Cooking skills 1, special roast pork with barbecued pork sauce, but taste thin, don't like or three kind of sauce mix taste better, more strong; 2, pork color is bright red, generally outside the hotel
Array  - 罗生堂

Caramel puff tower

oven, middle, upper and lower fire170Degrees.15Minute or so, the micro - yellow and crisp can be roasted, the roast is not fragrant, put a cool standby 2. Caramel: sugar700G, grape (or MALT) syrup350Grams of butter20G, water200G; in addition to the butter and poured the entire contents into the thick stainless steel pot at the end

Pineapple cake

in a clean pan, add80gThe malt sugar, the fire boil to be the maltose all melt to turn a small fire 12.The melon and pineapple pan Rong Rong 13.The melon and pineapple Rong Rong bubble boil, add50gSugar, has been slowly with small fire simmer 14.The process side boiled, stir the pot edge, water will slowly become less filling, slowly forming  15.Until the water dries, half a lemon lemon juice
Array  - 盘子会唱歌