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Homemade luncheon meat

powder3TeaspoonSoy sauce2TeaspoonCooking wine2TeaspoonOyster sauce1TeaspoonChinese prickly ash powder1TeaspoonChicken1TeaspoonWaterAppropriate amountStarchAppropriate amountSalt1Teaspoon Practice of homemade luncheon meat 1. Meat wash first cut into small pieces
  - 子同妈妈

Baby food supplement of luncheon meat

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients PorkAppropriate amount Egg1A StarchAppropriate amount Salt1G Sesame oilFew The practice steps of baby food supplement of luncheon meat
  - 梓菡妈妈

Rice and vegetable roll luncheon meat

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Luncheon meat Seaweed Steamed Rice Xiangsong Oil Vinegar Sugar Soy sauce Cooking wine The practice
Array  - dearlora

Organic chjcory luncheon meat Fried Eggs

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Organic chjcory Luncheon meat Egg The practice steps of organic chjcory Fried Eggs of luncheon meat 1. The chjcory chopped and egg

Sandwich lunch meat

The practice steps of luncheon meat sandwiches 1. Prepare food 2. Good for lunch. 3. The bread is crisp and crispy. 4. To3Block bread. The first piece of bread is coated on one side with a salad

# national tournament Xihongshi Chaodan # tomato luncheon meat fried scattered eggs

Light dishes will make people feel a bit awkward, read a mouthful where feel only the name to appropriate expression of its delicious, tomato scrambled eggs is the national classic dishes, almost everyone will do, taste and texture don't have expounded, plus the luncheon meat tomato scrambled eggs pro who tried it? Please believe me, definitely a dish of children's welcome.
Array  - MONICA食尚煮易

Fried egg for lunch

I prefer to eat eggs Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Egg2A Luncheon meat2Slice Chopped green onionAppropriate amount KetchupAppropriate amount Practice steps

Fried egg fried lunch meat

Fried until lunch meat, egg with meat, add cornstarch after the test, not only taste good practices too fast. Improve the speed of the dishes Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Merlin luncheon meat304g Egg1Only
  - 蝶舞44

Breakfast sandwich

Simple first time to do Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Whole wheat bread slice Egg Luncheon meat Romaine Lettuce Cucumber The steps of the breakfast
  - --爱哭鬼

Guapian lunch

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Shanghai Merlin luncheon meat1Box Cucumber2Root Millet pepper2A Onion1Root Garlic2Flap The practice steps by lunch

Lunch meat fried egg noodles

The main nutritional components of luncheon meat is protein, fat, carbohydrates, niacin and so on, minerals sodium and potassium content is high, luncheon meat meat is delicate, fresh taste, flavor fragrance. The nutritional value and efficacy of fried eggs with egg, Eggs are considered to be a nutritious food, containing protein, fat, egg, lecithin, vitamins and iron, calcium, potassium
Array  - ❤️颖

Diced Pork with corn

The old man and the child are particularly fond of, nutritious, do not get angry. Color, aroma and taste. Have a good appetite! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Corn1A Luncheon meat250g Small cucumber1A
  - 向天飞

Don't need ten minutes Fried Eggs toast

Fried chicken is simple and delicious Nutrition is also rich Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients EggA Luncheon meat or chilli pepper or tomatoMeter meter ToastA CheeseA
  - 車車8

Baby sandwich

Luncheon meat Spinach Spicy cabbage Egg Seaweed Salt Baby sandwich the practice steps 1. Blanch after chopped spinach, egg and stir well, add a little salt, put a little oil in the pot, the egg spread into Egg cakes 2.
  - 瑜82


2. Eggs to make fried eggs 3. The luncheon meat and Poached Egg sandwiched in the toast 4. Cut in the shape of a triangle. 5. Then be accomplished. Video of the sandwich
  - 思念si

# find the most clever steamed Master # -- homemade lunch meat

Immediately to the holidays, the festive table also need to some convenient cooked food, prepared in advance. If a guest comes, people stir fry, someone cut cooked, while a large table delicacies will present in front of us. Cooked food is inseparable from the nature of meat, I prepared a homemade lunch meat, speaking of luncheon meat or small time craving only breed
Array  - 热爱红烧肉北京

Simple fried rice

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Luncheon meat (available sausage)Appropriate amount Overnight white riceAppropriate amount Egg2A The practice steps simple fried rice
  - AgjbXVkvfhk

Seafood Noodle

Small shrimpPersonal love PrawnsPersonal love BroccoliPersonal love Luncheon meat(Ham sausage)Personal love Chopped green onionAppropriate amount Pepper MSG Salt ChickenSlightly more, more fragrant Seafood noodle steps 1. Prawn, broccoli, luncheon meat cooked spare
  - _____。70

Pizza toast

Oven debut Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Massurius La cheeseAppropriate amount Small tomato Whole wheat toast Luncheon meat Corn ham Green pepper Onion
  - 草莓酱mmm

The simple version of xuewang

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Duck, luncheon meat, bean sprouts, squid, 1000Appropriate amount Shuizhuroupian (bagged seasoning liquid)20g Salt, pepper, Dahongpao TeaAppropriate amount GarlicA few cloves
  - sunny格

Fried rice

a luncheon meat I use green onion) 2. Heat the oil under the chopped green onion, pour kohlrabi fry to join the ham, then poured into the rice, fried powder, then add the eggs, salt, every time I will add soy sauce and the amount of oyster sauce, taste very good, children love to eat. Fried rice search
  - Rain0123

Omelets omelette

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Egg2A Color pepper1A Luncheon meat200g Dried mushrooms4A Tomato1A Black pepperFew SaltAccording to personal taste add Olive oilFew
Array  - Hebetan

Colorful egg cake

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Egg4A Flour6Spoon Red pepper1A Luncheon meat1/3Box Practice steps of colorful egg cake 1. Egg and flour. Appropriate
  - 米修ivy

[meat] the most love of the beans is the stuffy face!

A person can not be too luxurious lunch or too shabby, to A basin Savory braised noodles with lentil best! Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Lentils250g Fresh noodlesAppropriate amount Luncheon meat
  - sasa1027

Kentucky Fried Chicken

FlourTwo. Starch or corn flourA spoon Bread crumbsA ladle Chilli powderAmount (see individual taste) SaltAppropriate amount Romaine LettuceA Hamburger breadA number of MayonnaiseAppropriate amount Luncheon meat (not essential)Appropriate amount Egg1A Kentucky Fried Chicken
  - Maor_

Saury sushi salad sauce

MayonnaiseAppropriate amount Sushi rice300g Luncheon meat1Box Saury1A The practice steps of saury sushi salad sauce 1. Cucumber, luncheon meat cut into standby. 2. Saury practices:Bought back after the delicious saury fish maw clean after both sides of the sprinkle salt
  - 考儿简

Fried bitter gourd (Okinawa Edition)

As is known to all the bitter gourd is a high nutritional value of vegetables, but the bitter taste is hard to swallow! Today found a very good way to eat bitter gourd method to share with you, luncheon meat and tofu together to eat and bitter gourd in the mouth of the bitter taste, delicious and healthy! Summer is about to come, not to eat bitter gourd when you
Array  - 吃货是快乐的

Oat steamed corn beans

ScallionAppropriate amount Oat steamed corn beans practice steps 1. Long beans washed 2. Beans, corn, oats, luncheon meat or ham, flour, stirring 3. Into the steamer, steam15Minute

Fried shredded meat silk Sauteed Green Beans

Try the Sauteed Green Beans Qiesi Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Sauteed Green Beans2Yuan Lean meat1Yuan Luncheon meatThree copies of a canned luncheon meat Red pepperHalf
Array  - HD_AK-57

French toast

Sitos is one of the most common snack restaurant in Hong Kong, referred to as the "West", is said to the dessert is imported from France. Therefore, sitos also called "French toast". Materials Ingredients Bread2Slice Luncheon meat
Array  - 浓咖啡淡心情

Harbor type meal egg noodles

The practice of Hong Kong style meal egg noodles Material set: 1.Cut the luncheon meat0.5Cm thick slices, take two tablets with a little fried until golden brown on both sides in the frying pan, remove the spare 2.Then fried eggs, one side can be, old and tender according to your personal favorite degree can be, the people of Hong Kong love fried into the sun (protein, Dan
Array  - 空心菜

Homemade sandwich

Tomato1Slice Thousand Island dressing1Bottle Fried egg3A The practice steps of homemade sandwich 1. Egg and luncheon meat fried, cucumber and tomato slices, spare, spare, 2. Thousand Island dressing, green bottle, like the person

Kaiser bread slice

Luncheon meatA Ma Su cheese.Several (according to the individual) Kaiser bread slice approach steps 1. A piece of toast ~ ~ dice 2. Bacon a piece to cut small ~ 3. Luncheon meat dice
Array  - 致---THEN

Army pot

) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Bean sprouts Flammulina velutipes Water spinach Xing Baogu Bean curd Merlin luncheon meat Beef Cherry Radish Bread The practice steps of the army pot
Array  - 爱的暖食


Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Pork1000g The practice steps of meat 1. Sliced pork stir fry wok 2. Add sugar and stir fry

Taiwan Shouzhua cake

A lot of people like to catch the cake in the outside buyers, but outside made very health, and things are expensive, so their own at home do and sanitary and convenient Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Luncheon meat
  - 疯了疯子-


Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Ingredients Cast leaves Glutinous rice Pork Xian Danhuang Dried squid Small shrimp Garlic Thirteen fragrant Soy sauce The practice steps of the meat
  - 恩46


Never wrap dumplings, this time particularly want to package dumplings, son of love meat, so the choice of meat package. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Pork, mushrooms, chestnuts, onion, leaves, oil, salt, soy sauce

Homemade entry-level pizza

individual tastes can be added) OnionAppropriate amount Ma Su mozzarella cheeseLook at the situation Luncheon meat1Small The practice steps of getting the entry-level pizza. 1. Prepare all the materials, green pepper, red pepper and onion shred spare, luncheon meat cut into small pieces, Ma Su mozzarella peel
  - hi觉觉

Chinese hamburger

Luncheon meat150GTurnip Sprouts20GSalt2GBlack pepperFew The practice of Chinese style hamburger 1. Slices of pumpkin bread, a steamed bread cut four slices, canned luncheon meat slices, two eggs scattered, adding radish seedling (kind of radish seedling), egg can put the right amount of salt
Array  - youhaha0的厨房

Spicy hot pot

" 2. "Strong push" huangchenglaoma spicy seasoning (three bags) taste good No need to add pepper in the following degree South Korean cheese lunch meat taste good 3. Oil saute dried pepper, onion and garlic, add seasoning and stir fry, add luncheon meat and sauce (Sheng Chou+Old vinegar+Zanthoxylum oil+Oyster sauce+Allspice) stir fry, one
Array  - MichelleDN

Mix is delicious, meat is the key!

the condition to put the refrigerator first1-2Hour 3. The rest of the onion and garlic also chopped, put the cut onion garlic also put together 4. All materials to be fully equipped for:A bowl of cornA bowl of luncheon meat, cucumber cutCut the fungus to open up and cut
Array  - 啊啊苏小雲

Duck blood in chili sauce

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Duck2Box Yellow bean sprouts1Jin 10002Slice Kelp silk150g Luncheon meat1Box Smoked meat100g Fresh bamboo shoot100g Sandwich meat
Array  - 考儿简

Goldfish wonton (mushrooms rape stuffing) Bao Baocan

Goldfish wonton (mushrooms rape stuffing) practice steps baby meals 1. Live separately:Rape smash the living surface Direct cold water surface Good standby 2. The baby does not eat mushrooms, noon left luncheon meat, I put them with food machine broken, rape, chopped, smoke release, fuel consumption
Array  - 茟じ☆

Spicy squid shrimp

Accessories Potato Shougan powder New Year cake Luncheon meat Hot pot bottom material Crispy fried flour Chinese prickly ash Pixian watercress Yongchuan lobster sauce Self matching spices Onion Ginger
Array  - 葱花儿

Zhang aunt [cream chicken ham Italy noodles]

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Italy area Chicken meat Ham/Luncheon meat/Bacon meat Accessories   Cheese/Cheese Milk Salt Black pepper
Array  - 张阿姨私房菜

Korean pickled cabbage Omurice

Steamed RiceA bowl Green soya beansFew Luncheon meat3Slice CarrotFew Xing BaoguFew Mushrooms1Flower Small onion1A Spicy cabbageFew Korean chili sauce2Spoon SaltFew ChickenFew Egg2A Milk1Spoon Egg yolk sauceFew KetchupFew
  - Amy_米米

Meat free meat

I accompanied my mother had a habit of each burning pork will take some pork soup out, put it in the refrigerator and used to burn the other dishes, roast potatoes, eggplant, tofu... It is conceivable, today to do without meat meat and potatoes. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute
Array  - Wsshui

Meat of seaweed

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Lean meat-Fat5:1To match LaverSeveral pieces Ginger Garlic Celery (onion is also OK) Salt Practice steps for the meat of the seaweed
  - copin

Boiled meat

a small amount of starch, salt, soy sauce, stir well The bean sprouts, salt water used to eat vegetables cooked spare copy Remove Put the amount of water in the pot. Adding shuizhuroupian material, plus all like to eat boiled meatballs, slip into delicious meat cooked in advance Into the large container

Boiled meat

Delicious, is so capricious! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Meat, cabbage, cucumber, pepper, pepper, soy sauce, salt, sugar, chicken, cooking wine, soy sauce, starch Method of water boiled meat
  - 小心肝27

Boiled meat

First the water is boiling. 2. Put the pork slice 3. Put the meat in the boiling water. 4. Put the chopped green onion, ginger into the water 5. Cook the meat with the wind.

Boiled meat

My hands to do for his family to eat, a year is booming Ingredients Lean meat Chinese Cabbage Shuizhuroupian the practice steps 1. Cabbage slices, boiled until cooked 2.
  - 宁暄

Meat color

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Pork skin, onion, ginger amount300g The practice steps of meat color 1. Skin wash, boiling, boiled soft scrape residues in pork.
  - lilith80

No meat curry

PotatoTwo CarrotA OnionHalf a Big tofu (there is no can, but also can be added to other vegetables not to take the taste can)Half a block, other vegetables, the amount is not too much. Curry block1/3Box Oil SaltAppropriate amount EggArbitrarily Steamed RiceReady for No meat curry to the practice step
  - 夕颜284

Boiled meat

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Lean meat250g Shuizhuroupian the practice steps 1. Small fire Shuizhuroupian practice video
  - 我·們

Rotten meat

of rotten meat peas 1. The pea well washed peel, chop into some thick end, to the amount of fat. Ginger, minced garlic, diced green peppers, don't want, in fact, the best red pepper 2. Put the minced meat with starch, bean, soy sauce, add a little water, hand them all into minced meat
Array  - 静净3

Taicai meat

sauce1Teaspoon The practice steps Taicai meat 1. Floatingheart wash cut. Pour hot water into the pot, add water to the water.1Drop peanut oil,1gSalt, boil to boiling. Seaweed in the boiling water Chuo water out after half a minute too cold 2. 100gTenderloin shreds
  - Jennie_Liu

Boiled meat

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Pig lean meat500g PotatoTwo Fungus10g Flammulina velutipesA Green vegetablesA small Green Chinese onionTwo CeleryTwo Bean pasteTwo spoon
  - Stira

Mushroom meat

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients High gluten flour, a pound of yeast100Grams or so, milk500Milliliter Practice steps of mushroom meat package 1. Flour to add warm milk, yeast dough, I

Boiled meat

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Tenderloin Round lettuce Pixian bean paste Method of water boiled meat 1. Onion, ginger, parsley, meat, lettuce, cut well, wash
Array  - 王多多lalala

Boiled meat

pin will pepper roll pieces, with a pair of scissors will dry red pepper cut into pieces. Set aside. 4. PI pan put oil, oil heat, will be ginger and soy bean paste Pixian County into the stir fry, marked stir flavor, add appropriate amount of water, the marinated meat slip in the pot, with chopsticks dispersed, meat color can pan, decoction
Array  - 不甜的糖87

Toothpick meat

soup spoon Cumin powder, chili powderAppropriate amount StarchFew Egg white1A The toothpick meat practice steps 1. Buy back the meat, wash the cut, cut the beef, cut into the1A thin slice of cm thick, put in all the seasonings (Sheng Chou3Spoon, soy sauce2Spoon, sugar, half spoon, salt1Half spoon
Array  - 0河豚0

Snail meat

Array  - 邱记茶馆

Fried meat

The pig tenderloin, wrapped in egg fried flour makes out the meat super smooth, delicious. Materials Ingredients Pork60GEgg1AFlour50G Accessories Vegetable oil2SpoonTomato sauce1Spoon Fried pork practice

Boiled meat

Boiled is a particular approach in Sichuan, with boiled fish of the national popular, people gradually accepted and like even infatuation on this practice. Boiled or simply: Boil the meat and then poured hot oil bean soup. Many years ago, Sichuan is not like now so popular, many people of boiled meat pregnant with strange emotions. More than one person said to me: "I thought of boiled meat
Array  - 小编

Meat Kui

Seasoning Salt1Teaspoon Chicken1Teaspoon Onion21G Water190G Vegetable oil2Soup spoon Pepper15G Meat / practice Raw materials: pork170Grams, onion21Salt, salt1Teaspoon, hemp15G, chicken1Teaspoon Dough: Flour300Grams of water190G 1.Pepper
Array  - love双双

Boiled meat

Shuizhuroupian is Sichuan a traditional dishes, spicy meat, soft and tender because meat is not the oil drawn, with boiled named Shuizhu. The shiny red soup, spicy flavor, the most suitable meals, one of the Chinese people like to Food home. The whole process has not been a long time high temperature frying, to avoid the generation of carcinogenic substances, is a more scientific method of meat
Array  - 芷萍

Dragon meat

The practice of meat Dragon Dough: self raising flour360G, Wen Shui235G Minced meat stuffing:260Grams, onion90G, Jiang Rong8About two grams of soy sauce, sugar, spoon1Teaspoon, cooking wine1Spoon, soy sauce1Spoon (color), five spice powder1/2Teaspoon, white pepper1/4Teaspoon Practice: 1. The dough+32Degrees of warm water and put into a smooth, warm place fermentation to two times
Array  - 凤凰太太

Mushroom meat

Practice steps of mushroom meat meal 1. Onion, count Are chopped Get ready 2. Mushroom chopped 3. Boiled meat5Minute After Chopped 4. Egg cooked Cut knife Tasty Ready Everything
  - 淘吃宝贝

Braised meat

Soy sauce Salt The practice steps of meat braised 1. Wash beans, pinch to both ends, a hand breaking. 2. Wash the potatoes, peeled and cut into small pieces of the size of the thumb. 3. Slice the pork fat
Array  - 蕞爱Dadelion

Coke meat

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Cent or so Ingredients Preserved pig meatSome ColaAppropriate amount Coke meat practice steps 1. Anita small fry fried pork, out of oil, do it the fat but not greasy
  - mester

Pack meat

Ingredients Anterior groove Five spice powder Cooking wine Soy sauce Salt Sugar Glutinous rice Cast leaves The practice steps of the meat package 1. Glutinous rice soaked for four hours
  - 小林林5

Fresh meat

Fresh meat is addicted to meat family favorite, is our favorite, home bag can be capricious, put a little bigger cut of meat, cooked after crystal clear glutinous rice faint exposing the inside of the meat, let people salivating, beyond the imagination of delicious. Once to eat, and so cold can be frozen into the refrigerator Difficulty
  - 香儿厨房

Boiled meat

4. Meat slices with appropriate amount of starch and salt 5. Put the meat evenly into the pot2Minutes. 6. Spicy and hot pot boiled meat. Ate the decoction down Oh, add vegetables like cooking is authentic take food. Shuizhuroupian

Steamed meat

Hind leg meat1000g Wheat flourAppropriate amount Yeast powder5g Soy sauceAppropriate amount Soy sauceAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount SugarAppropriate amount Peanut oilAppropriate amount Cooking wineAppropriate amount Dried radish OnionAppropriate amount

Pickled meat

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Pork Pickled cabbage resembling sauerkraut Salt MSG Pickled meat practice steps 1. First fried pickled cabbage, put
  - Eating114

Fried with meat

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Lean meatAppropriate amount LentilsAppropriate amount Green pepperSeveral GarlicTwo. The practice steps of meat fried with beans
  - *~*7

Meat dumplings

amount Glutinous rice500g Cast leavesA dozen CottonA string Soy sauceAppropriate amount Cooking wineAppropriate amount Five spice powderAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount Edible base1g Sesame oilFew ChickenFew Practice steps of meat dumplings
Array  - 湾湾Oo

Meat foam

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Bean curd Lean meat Pepper foam Ginger Garlic Green Chinese onion Practice steps of meat and foam
  - 已注销

Melon meat

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Lean meat50g Wax gourdA circle Ginger6Root Chinese prickly ash6A Soy sauce1Spoon Soy sauce0.5Spoon SugarFew Vinegar0.5Spoon

Lettuce meat

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Lettuce, meatA lettuce, meat two two Onion, garlic, pepperA little amount of pepper garlic, onion, Practice steps lettuce meat 1. Lettuce
  - 清澈年华

With minced meat

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Minced meat100g Broccoli150g GarlicTwo flap The practice steps of the minced meat with Broccoli 1. Prepare kale, minced meat

Colorful meat

This dish is simple and nutritious meat, all kids eat. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Pork (or pork)Appropriate amount Potato1A Carrot1Root Pepper1Root Soy sauceAppropriate
  - 迷蝶缘

Boiled meat

Sichuan full ~ Ingredients Tenderloin300g Shuizhuroupian seasoningAppropriate amount Shuizhuroupian the practice steps 1. 1.Pork slices, pickled.2.Pour into pot, with a good seasoning oil, boil into the meat,3Minutes
Array  - Belinda私房烟火

Meat and potatoes

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Potato Minced meat Starch Practice steps minced meat potatoes 1. Put the minced pork with starch, a little soy sauce, salt, mix
Array  - 爱得那么深

Meat package

sauce1Spoon Egg1A Starch1Small spoon Meat package practice steps 1. Add all the ingredients. Then stir in a clockwise direction. Mix Put in the fridge. 2. Yeast first with warm warm water5Minutes up And then into flour Stir with chopsticks Water volume
  - 清Q

Meat dumplings

Practice of meat dumplings 1.Leaves after soaking scrub clean, into the pot boil10Minutes, to the boil disinfection cotton 2.Wash the glutinous rice soaked for two hours after the Lishui, mixed with a little oil and salt reserve 3.Red beans, peanuts soaked for more than six hours, add glutinous rice, mix well 4.Cut two Zongye ready, all appliances 5.Pork belly cut
Array  - 宅与路上

Cherry meat

Cherry meat practice steps 1. Take1Pounds of pork, cooked in boiling water30In a few drops of white wine. When cooked, dices. 2. Pot heat oil, add rock sugar and Teriyaki Sauce Fried candy colors, rock sugar dissolves into the diced meat, garlic, star anise, soy sauce, then stir fry2Minutes.
  - Jolie0003

Sour Meat

The practice steps of meat soup 1. Tenderloin with garlic slices, gently pat. 2. After a good shot into the sugar, salt, soy sauce, Yellow Wine, starch, grasping uniform marinate. 3. Celery, stir fried diced chili pot.
  - 俗人老侯

Boiled meat

4. The fourth step: in the hot pot, add garlic, chili powder! 5. The fifth step: Sprinkle with chopped green onion, then pour hot oil. And it's like this again and again. Tender meat is best to eat.^_^ Shuizhuroupian practice video Search shuizhuroupian practices Daquan
Array  - vivien牙牙

Fresh meat

Glutinous rice7000g Soy sauceAppropriate amount MSGAppropriate amount Cast leavesA basin Soy sauceAppropriate amount PepperAppropriate amount The practice steps of fresh meat 1. Prepare materials 2. Take three tablets
Array  - Vivi卿

Meat dumplings

Stealing from the sisters, the super delicious! Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Pork Glutinous rice Red bean Cast leaves Practice steps of meat dumplings

White meat

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Lean meatThree block Ginger Chopped green onion Pepper Star anise Salt Cooking wine The practice steps white meat
  - 西红柿98

Meat dumplings

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Fresh meat500g Egg8Only Ginger, onions, salt, sugar, soy sauce, cooking wineAppropriate amount The practice steps of meat dumplings
Array  - 琴652

Boiled meat

Shuizhuroupian approach 1. Put the meat into thin slices, add salt, soy sauce, corn starch pickled10Minute 2. Wash the Chinese prickly ash and dry, garlic cut mud 3. Wok put oil, put the fried bean sauce Red oil

Mushroom meat

Special mushrooms can add a fragrant flavor for meat dumplings, it is delicious and tasty, delicious and pleasant. Materials Ingredients Flour500GPork500GMushrooms400G Accessories Ginger1SmallSpiced tempeh10GChilli powder5GPepper 3GSesame oil5GSoy sauce15GSoy sauce15GYeast
Array  - 孙见林

Cooked meat

The meat was standing at home goods, boiling on a and let cool to seal cold box, can eat for a long time. Sometimes cook, directly mixed sauce can be eaten, a very simple thing~Occasionally can be used as the ingredients to make a debut... In short, it is very common and convenient.~~ Materials Ingredients Pork
  - quenny

Boiled meat

Shuizhuroupian is a gravy tender, spicy and delicious Food, is really the DC slobber... Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Lean meat250g Bean sproutsBan Jin Dry pepperAppropriate amount Chinese