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Long pepper

Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Tenderloin13Block Yellow Wine, ginger, onion Practice steps long pepper 1. Tenderloin sliced,With yellow rice wine, onion, ginger, salt, pickled15Minute

The long beans

8. Is this...... Search the long beans approach Daquan
Array  - sslsslssl

Stewed long face

large spoonSoy sauce1A large spoonWhite granulated sugar1TeaspoonSalt1/2Spoon The practice of braised row 1. Will face wash drain, on the chopping block, with the opposite to the original film song1Times, take a container, the long shot loose into the container, add onions, ginger
  - 大儿童Yumi

Pork stewed long beans

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Pork Carob Soy sauce Water Peanut oil The practice steps of pork stewed long beans 1. Will peanut oil heat
Array  - Rabbit妈咪

Homemade salad long beans

oilEven less than cooking Homemade salad long beans the practice steps 1. Choose good wash 2. Boiling water, put the cooked beans8Points, personal preferences, but not too familiar. 3. To have the flexibility
  - 点货

Long hand fish cake

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Fish500 Fat250g Ginger50g Hand tofu200g Sweet potato powder200g Salt50g MSG30g Method of long - hand fish cake
  - Swallow80

Zhejiang Suichang long dumplings

Bamboo leafAppropriate amount Zhejiang Suichang long dumplings practice steps 1. Pick the leaves, fresh, clean, 2. Hometown plum dried vegetables, their own sun. Soil pork, farm fed pork, chicken marinated with salt early
  - 小抠范儿

Long pool Purse

go to a nearby brook fish. Once, He Long in Shanxi he is also dedicated to a few.1958Chairman Mao Zedong had visited the year on both sides of the Changjiang River dining in Wuhu, "celebration floor restaurant". Wuhu adjacent to Nanjing Liuhe, chef dedicated to cook, chairman of the "fried crucian carp" Chairman Mao of Huaiyang cuisine is very interested, not only the Rao has fascination ground
Array  - 心清似水淡若云

Cumin sauce Long Xiawei

Excellent food purchasing the lobster tail, frozen meat delivery, good Oh, good peeling, appearance is indeed looks like a bug Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Long Xiawei250g Spices: onion, garlic, cumin, pepper

Long almond crisp cake

Ingredients Butter35g Powdered sugar35g Almond powder35g Egg white40g Low gluten flour25g Hazelnut brokenAppropriate amount ChocolatesAppropriate amount Practice steps of a long, almond cake 1. Butter sugar and almond powder, mix well.
Array  - 睡宝宝

Long beans and eggplant

The practice steps long beans braised eggplant 1. This is the ingredients 2. Eggplant cut into water in the bubble5Minute, then squeeze the water out. 3. Long beans with hands folded cut into the length of love you

A manual long life

Today is my home baby's birthday, mother prepares to give the baby to do the bowl long life. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Dough material: Egg1A(Go to shell55g Clean water55g Flour (plain
Array  - 深蓝小米粥

The new wife long bean salad

1. Long beans wash cut 2. Cut the long beans boiled hot water after a cold boiling water 3. The vinegar, soy sauce, pepper, salt seasoning juice made 4. Put the garlic in the long beans pour sauce, sesame sauce and mix well into the final
Array  - 做个快乐的嘟嘟

My father cooked long soup

When at home, Dad's big soup is my most loved one. Came to the southern hemisphere, for a long time did not eat pork, because every day is to do a person to eat, so also for a long time without drinking soup, particularly miss the taste of home. One day he bought bite three pieces of pork, asked my father to do, try to own in the dormitory. The process is very fast, once
  - 废废废柴

Fragrant noodles enjoy long life and good fortune

The practice of fragrant noodles enjoy long life and good fortune Material set 1.Put the noodles into the boiling water according to the packing instructions cooked drain 2.Add oyster sauce, Lee Kum Kee pure incense sesame oil mix 3.Sprinkle with chopped green onion and shredded vegetables.
Array  - 李锦记

The supper is not long fat - Taiwanese Meatballs fine flour

Stay up late, the city people have to face the reality. Whether it is overtime, or a variety of nightlife.That night, eat or not eat? It's a problem. Eat the fear will be fat, do not eat really hungry ah!Yao Jie advice is to eat!In order not to commit the difficulties, as long as the meat, the staple food+Small amount of meat+With vegetables, cooking methods, is the most
Array  - 耀婕

Dried duck leg fried garlic long

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Dried duck leg1Only Green pepper5A Ginger1Small Garlic3A Soy sauceAppropriate amount Dried duck leg fried garlic long practice steps
Array  - 豆粉678547

Burn hairtail (simple prescription, long time)

Rice vinegar2Spoon SugarHalf a spoon Red pepper4Root SaltHalf a spoon ChickenHalf a spoon White pepper powderFew Onion ginger garlic (sliced)Appropriate amount WaterHalf a bowl In addition: Salad oil1Spoon Burn hairtail (simple prescription, long time practice steps

Long season to yam carrot soup bone soup

:1Hours above Ingredients Cheese bone1A Carrot1A Mianshan medicine1A SaltAppropriate amount VinegarA few drops of The practice steps of a long, seasonal, carrot and carrot soup 1. Cheese bone cold water pot to boil remove
Array  - 快乐生活12

[meat] long beans -- not to be missed Home Dishes

Very simple dishes, the taste is very good oh! Used to eat long beans for a change, don't have a taste!! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Cent or so Ingredients Carob250g Roumo150g [meat] long beans

Carrot long beans Fried rice with egg

Vegetable oilAppropriate amountSalt5GSteamed fish soy sauce10MilliliterSoy sauce10MilliliterWater500Milliliter Carrot long beans Fried rice with egg practices 1. Prepare ingredients; wash the carrots and cut into thick.3MMAbout the film, and then mold carved flowers, long
  - marieanne

A crisp onion cookies, delicious meat is not long

Ingredients Butter60g Low gluten flour100g Milk25g White granulated sugar13g Accessories   Salt2g Chive7g A crisp onion cookies, delicious meat not long practice steps 1. Butter soften at room temperature, add sugar
Array  - っ小情绪1

Steamed eggplant with chili perilla perilla - long live

FishAppropriate amount Oyster sauceAppropriate amount SugarAppropriate amount Soy sauceAppropriate amount GarlicAppropriate amount Long live Perilla frutescens crispa-Steamed eggplant with chili Basil practice steps 1. Wash eggplant and cut into strips, basil, garlic, minced pork spare
Array  - 逃离o_O圆规

Good not long fat pumpkin oatmeal cake

Weight loss when would particularly like to eat the cake, this kind of sweet, sticky things, but can not eat, old suppress a easily broke out to eat a big meal to so might as well eat point similar to this delicious cake is not long fat ~ ~(At ~ ~) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute
  - Miamiamiaa

Long emperor Bake - e Internet oven baked wing

, preserved in the last of the bag is also more honey. Search long EmperoreA.BakeInternet oven roasted wing practice
Array  - Seven181

The world's most simple fried steak as long as five minutes

Buy the black pepper sauce and butter for the half finished product. Both tunnel and simple. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients A box of steak The world's most simple fried steak as long as five minutes

The legendary Coca Cola Chicken Wings -- as long as do some delicious

Cola1How many cups, general chicken wings and, with wings on the line GingerA small amount, more than the taste is also very good Star anise1No, no, you don't have to. The legendary Coca Cola Chicken Wings -- as long as do some good practice steps 1. Chicken wings with a knife cut, cold water soak, remove the blood
Array  - 五只零半头

E - Bake - CRDF30A test report of the long emperor of the Internet.

Thanks to the long emperor to give a new long EmperoreA.BakeInternet electric ovenCRDF30AThe trial opportunity, the panel is very beautiful. Double tempered glass to ensure the safety of baking so as not to burn, the touch screen panel is beautiful outstanding. Simple and convenient operation, in particular, is worth mentioning isappWirelessWIFIFunction. Can play a strong
Array  - 豆帝煮

Fried bean

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Long bean Meat Green pepper Onion Salt MSG Chinese prickly ash powder Yipinxian Oil Practice steps of fried bean
Array  - 冰冰607

Chinese food for a long time, to the point of exotic flavor, Hungarian style pig Liu

Ingredients Pork tenderloin Pepper (yellow, green) Xing Baogu Accessories   Salt Ketchup Suan Rong Chinese food for a long time, to the point of exotic flavor, the Hungarian style of the practice steps of pig Liu
Array  - 爱的暖食

Homemade yogurt old yogurt long emperor oven zero failure formula (essence version)

Note: oven temperature I use the long Emperorcktf25b Fermentation temperature can be as high as70Around You can't do it. I have tips To the upper and lower fire sixty degrees rotation a little heard thump sound Observation is not the measured temperature in the35-40Around Can be fine tuned to the right temperature. Front ten points...(Open) Note: oven
  - 吖頭d菜地

Fried Hu Dou with garlic

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Hu Dou500g Long garlicAppropriate amount Homemade picklesAppropriate amount OilAppropriate amount Soy sauceAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount
  - 荒岛木子

Garlic eggplant

This long eggplant is said to be the south of the species, I was the first time to buy this eggplant. Eggplant with heat hemostatic, detumescence and acesodyne effect, and also has a good effect of lowering high blood fat, high blood pressure. Materials Ingredients Eggplant(Purple skin, long)4A
Array  - 康康1818

Dragon whiskers noodles

When the weather is cold, eat a bowl of hot longxumian, warm, warm stomach Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Dragon whiskers noodlesA small TomatoesHalf a Green leafy vegetablesA small Chopped green onionAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount WaterTwo Natural freshA spoon The practice steps longxumian 1. The pot of water, open water into the surface, parboil in tomatoes and vegetables, salt and fresh and natural. The pan before adding chopped green onion. Tips Put the ingredients according to personal taste Search approach Daquan longxumian

Handmade Liuzhou fish

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Ingredients Basa1Block Rice-meat dumplings(Pigs, cattle, sheep, etc.)Early rub into the ball frozen StarchFew SaltFew White pepperFew The practice steps of pure manual Liuzhou fishballs 1. Basa1Block. 2. Cut into pieces, add starch, salt, white pepper and put in a blender! 3. A fish out after chengdu. 4. Repeatedly beat up. 5. Take out first frozen the Rice-meat dumplings. 6. Packets into the fish, the other hand must be stained with water to wrap, so not sticky hands! 7. Water do not burn, there are small bubbles just. 8. Good fish into the package. 9. Forming remove, ready, can also do eat frozen Hot pot. 10. Reeky cabbage Fish ball soup. Search handmade Liuzhou fish practices Daquan

# ChangDi e Bake Internet # oven of spicy fish

11. Cloud startup,230Degree, preheating6Middle layer. 12. It would be a good fried fish sauce in the pan, sprinkle with pepper, salt and pepper, chili powder, cumin powder. Put in long EmperoreA.BakePreheat oven in the Internet. 13. 230Degree35Minutes later, will take the disk

Orlean # ChangDi e - Bake the Internet # oven grilled wings

Orlean baked wing operation is simple and delicious, mainly to do the clean health, using long Emperore-BakeInternet oven with a mobile phone can be controlled, very convenient Order number:945191342528576 Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients
Array  - 情缘情

# application ChangDi oven # cream cake roll []

for long emperor oven#The steps of the cream cake roll 1. Egg white separation, the vessel to be filled with no oil without oil. 2. Beat the egg mixer to make a delicate foam, add 1/3 of the sugar. 3. Send to the smooth, and then add 1/3
  - 夏抹晰析

# ChangDi e.Bake Internet of # seafood pizza oven

6. Oven200Preheat, put in the middle, roast15Minute. (long emperor of this Internet oven temperature difference is not big, the original with a sister's home oven baked,15Minutes usually not how cake bottom color, crisp, bake a cake at the end there will be a little bit of paste, this oven is just right15Minutes, turn color, good taste and very crisp
Array  - 薇薇琪王子

Fried bean

First attempt Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Long bean The practice steps of the long bean 1. Long bean wash, cut section
  - 胡阳阳

A supplement Ca ~ ~ Sweet Shrimp

1. Ingredients 2. The wine sauce mix to shrimp and mix well. 3. The heating pot put a little oil, under the small fire fried shrimp2You can enjoy it, it's easy. A search for long supplement calcium ~ ~ Xiangxiang shrimp practices Daquan
Array  - 快乐生活12

Spicy boiled fish Liuzhou [Mosquito] private kitchen

In the food and fruit beans bought sole fillet, with high protein, low fat, is the best tonic for ms.. Don't wrap egg, no flour, you can cook the meat are smooth, full of fish, the key is not fishbone! It is very convenient to do Shuizhu ingredients such Yu, pickled fish dishes. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Sole fillet400g Cabbage (or baby food)250g Green Chinese onion1/5Root Garlic3Flap Ginger6Slice Dry pepper6Root Chinese prickly ash1Small Chilli powder5g Clean water750ml Accessories   Bean paste3Spoon Salt1/2Spoon Cooking wine2Spoon Vinegar1Spoon Spicy boiled fish [LiuzhouMosquitoPrivate small kitchen] practice steps 1. Food and beans fruit food bought sole fillet 2. After the thaw, with a blade fillet, diagonally cut, the first knife cut to the first layer1/4In place, not cut off 3. Second knife second layer and then cut off, start into flying fish 4. Will3Shred ginger, sliced fish in add ginger, cooking wine,1/4Spoon salt, mix well30Minute 5. Onion ginger garlic mince 6. Put some more than usual cooking oil in the pot, add onion ginger garlic, saute a small fire 7. Add bean paste 8. Small exergy shovel edge stir fry 9. Join750mlClear water,1/4Spoon salt,1Spoon of vinegar, stir with a shovel, turn the fire 10. Waiting for the water to open, will be cut into the cabbage 11. When the water is open, put the cabbage and cook.3Minute 12. Remove the cooked cabbage, into the soup 13. Then marinated fish Liuzhou, use chopsticks to pick up, a piece into the pot 14. Cook3Minute 15. The fish and soup poured into the bowl with cover cabbage, sprinkle with pepper powder 16. Put some in the pot.30mlOil, oil, heat, off the fire, add pepper and dried pepper 17. Immediately the fried pepper oil poured in the chili powder, "la la la la la.~"The sound of hot oil~ 18. Just finished it.~ 19. Spicy boiled fish and Dragon Spicy boiled fish [Liuzhou searchMosquitoPrivate small kitchen
Array  - Mosquito私家小厨

Cartoon # ChangDi e - Bake the Internet # cookies oven

My second baking cookies or works, belong to the simple, difficult and almost cranberry biscuits. The mould is long Dili home gifts, Meng Da, children's day bring office sisters eat all Kua, very popular. Order number:1046306435680428 Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so
Array  - 嘻嘻麻麻爱烘焙

# for ChangDi # [rose] cookies oven

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Edible roseAppropriate amount Boiling water40ml Low powder135g The whole egg15ml Butter35g Sugar40g #Apply for long emperor oven#
  - 夏抹晰析

# ChangDi e - Bake the Internet -- the mango yogurt # oven

Previously used in the oven to produce a yogurt, with a regular function, to get their own time, very troublesome, and now with this long Internet oven, linkwifiAfter using a mobile phone, can set the time and temperature, after fermentation can automatically cut off, very convenient~ Time:1Hours above
Array  - JUJURAI

# ChangDi e.Bake Internet of # lava cake oven

the oven to roast,220Degree,12Minutes. 3. Pour the batter into the paper cup, the formula of the amount can be installed11A paper cup. Put in the oven.12Minutes. 4. This cake is suitable for rapid fire, after my test, long Emperore-BakeInternet oven to bake12Minutes, baked out
  - 小小阿紫

# ChangDi e - bake the Internet # lollipop cake oven

Taobao order number:1051804267706108 In my grandma's house.6.1Just go home, want to do the cake to give the baby a lollipop(Le Kuijun version). The use of course is just beginning with the long Emperore-bakeOven, use it to roast out of the color is very good, but also power saving type, more can be connected to the function is very powerful operation simple for us.
Array  - 其实,一起.....

# ChangDi e - Bake the Internet -- Oven roasted onion # hairtail

Fried fried Octopus always break the skin, no appearance~~Too much trouble with ginger, wrapped starch, not baked, no oil and no oil, more health~~ Using long Di Internet oven, temperature is very accurate, don't worry burned burnt, alignment time and temperature, you only need to prepare a good rice waiting to eat.~~ Difficulty:Cut pier
Array  - JUJURAI

Egg Tart ChangDi e - Bake the Internet oven

I only eat a plus on half a bowl of porridge or half a cup of milk, breakfast is enough enough of the. This is not a thin person to the beauty of the proposal oh! Search long EmperoreA.BakeThe Internet Egg Tart oven practices Daquan
Array  - Seven181

# pickle ChangDi e Bake oven of carp # Internet

The first time the novice uses an oven. Long emperor of this button is very sensitive. Still very good use. The first successful fish. Order number:1046750989571840 Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Cent or so Ingredients Crucian carp1A300G
Array  - 豆粉737639

ChangDi e.BAKE Internet oven grain muffin.

, directly along the lollipop stick on a circle is complete. This method is forwarded from colleagues in the micro channel to learn, is not very wonderful. Tips Drupe part can replace, no sugar can be used instead of brown sugar or white sugar; Search long Emperore.BAKEThe corn muffin stone oven Internet practices Daquan
Array  - 原味煮厨

Egg # ChangDi e.bake Internet # small biscuit oven

As a roast bird, long Emperore.bakeThe oven to help me, first egg biscuit, done after the son or the like. The biscuit is simple and easy to use,So easy~!Order number:1076022597922636 Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Low gluten
Array  - 豆花儿

# ChangDi e - Bake the Internet wave # Cranberry toast oven

ChangDieA.BakeSmart oven specific35-45Can adjust the fermentation temperature, can make the dough in a comfortable temperature and humidity environment in the perfect fermentation! The change from "prescription5C icy the delicious "in the low temperature yeast, like in a natural and healthy environment grow up children, this bread texture soft fine, excellent taste! The party can do2A450gToast. You...(Open) ChangDieA.BakeSmart oven specific35-45Can adjust the fermentation temperature, can make the dough in a comfortable temperature and humidity environment in the perfect fermentation! The change from "prescription5C icy the delicious "in the low temperature yeast, like in a natural and healthy environment grow up children, this bread texture soft fine, excellent taste! The party can do2A450gToast. You can cut it by half.(Stop) Difficulty:Chef(Senior) Time:1Hours above Ingredients High gluten flour350g Sugar50g Salt6g Dry yeast7g Water125g Powdered Milk15g Butter50g Frozen dough300g Dried cranberriesAppropriate amount #ChangDieA.BakeThe Internet wave oven Cranberry toast#Procedure steps 1. First liquid kind of dough: high gluten flour300G, add water300Dry yeast1G, mix well, room temperature fermentation1In an hour, and then put into the refrigerator, at least12Hours, in order to17Hours is better. 2. Take300In the dough, add all the ingredients except the butter, knead the dough, add the softened butter, and knead until the film is fully expanded. Room temperature fermentation40Minutes or so. 3. A good dough, exhaust, and then divided into two parts, rubbing round, static20Minutes. 4. Take a piece of dough, roll up30Centimeters wide20Cm patch, sprinkle with dried cranberries. 5. Roll up from one side. 6. Cut the dough out of the middle. 7. Cut the dough out to the open. 8. Then twist the two dough together. 9. In a toast box, another dough so operation. 10. Cover with plastic wrap and feed into the oven for second times. Selection of fermentation mode,40Degree50Minutes. 11. Ferment to8Full, brush on the egg. 12. Preheat oven.165Degree35Minutes or so. After the color will be stamped with the tin foil. 13. Baked 14. Internal organization Tips The first step in the production of liquid, far more than the required amount of prescription, please take the use of! Search#ChangDieA.BakeThe Internet wave oven Cranberry toast#Practice
Array  - 潶铯芼衣

No. e Bake strawberry ChangDi Internet oven of Cup Cake

Oven order number:1046360033674407 Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Lemon juice15ml Whole egg2A Yolk2A Fine sugar120g Salt1g Low gluten flour100g Unsalted butter50g Cream200g Powdered sugar20g No. ChangDieA.BakeThe practice steps of Internet oven Cup Cake of Strawberry 1. 1.Butter and water melt.2.The whole eggs and egg yolk.3.Add the sugar and salt high speed until pale and thick sent 2. 4.Sieve into low gluten flour and mix well.5.Add butter6.Squeeze into the preheated cups170Upper and lower middle of the fire.25-30Minute to golden yellow. 3. 7.Sugar cream cake can be sent to the state8.Cut the cake top, decoration can be. No. ChangDieA.BakeThe Internet of the oven Cup Cake practice video strawberry Tips This cake is between sponge cake and pound cake. The search for ChangDieA.BakeThe Internet oven strawberry Cup Cake practices Daquan
Array  - 妈妈说无名

ChangDi eBake Internet oven garlic suck that chicken

4. Long emperor oven preheating200Degree, roast35In the middle of one to two times. 5. Can eat directly, can also be equipped with some care to burn can be salad dressing 6. Finished product Search long Emperore BakeInternet oven Garlic
Array  - 草莓漫食

# ChangDi e Bake Internet # honey oven roast chicken wings

This is really a super delicious honey roast chicken wings, and the method is very simple, you can try it. Order number:1048515123119631 Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Chicken wings9A Soy sauce2Spoon Salt3g Sugar5g Barbecue material3g HoneyAppropriate amount #ChangDie-BakeThe Internet toaster honey roast chicken wings#Procedure steps 1. Clean the chicken blood, positive and negative two knife. 2. I bought this kind of barbecue, the supermarket will generally have a very good taste. 3. Seasoning juice a good tune, in fact, each kind of seasoning I didn't scale, looking at probably the amount of tune a bowl bottom so much, not is not afraid of, the cooking time. 4. Put the chicken into the sauce and let each chicken wrapped in sauce. 5. Cover the film and put it on the refrigerator for a night. 6. Bake before both sides of the brush a layer of honey, oven preheating, according to the "up and down" function,20Minutes, the shelf to put a pan Oh, juice will flow down. 7. Well, the color is not very pretty! Just get out and I ate two, ha ha, my Andy did not eat. Tips If you can't wait for the night, and for two or three hours can also be oh. Because I am directly with honey brush, no water, so you do not brush the brush two times. Take advantage of the heat to eat well. Search#ChangDie-BakeThe Internet toaster honey roast chicken wings#Practice
Array  - 小小阿紫

Strawberry # ChangDi e Bake into the Internet (Guo Pu) biscuit oven

with a good sieve. 5. Put the dough in the plastic wrap and hold it in a rectangular shape, and freeze it for an hour. 6. After freezing out, a sharp knife cut, tile in the oven, preheat the oven for ten minutes165The temperature, the long EmperoreIntoBakeThe Internet can be plugged
Array  - 锐婷

# ChangDi e.Bake Internet super simple Margaret # biscuit oven

Taobao order number:946383249719984Friend's house has long been used by the emperor's oven, every day, a variety of food, envy, driven by the new product activities themselves into a^^Has been the next kitchen waste, baking class is never contact, want to eat cookies cake what has always been Taobao to buy people's private baking. Look at the Internet for a fool....(Open
Array  - xilay2006

Love # ChangDi e Bake after the pizza oven.

That day do not know to do something good, make a pie just be prompted by a sudden impulse (Chinese style pizza), a little bit more ingredients(*^__^*)But the long Emperor CRDF30AInternet oven is really good use, for me, I can not cook, the first can do so successfully . My oven order number:945034710409875!! Difficulty:Cut pier

# ChangDi e BaKe Internet Chiffon Cake # of oven

Long electric oven Order number:1050011387994595 My son loves to eat cake, and in particular to eat soft, so when I get the oven for the first time on the choice of the legend of this very difficult to succeed the chiffon cake. I bought this long emperor computer control of the oven, but also withWIFIFunction, and...(Open) Long electric oven Order
Array  - 宋岚儿

# m # -- both sweet cookies [like meat biscuits]

Today, a circle of friends, we all feel like beef, ha ha ha, really drunk! Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Low gluten flour100g Milk20g Butter80g Powdered sugar40g Almond powder20g Monascus powder1g Mei Zirou15g #M sweet#They look like cookies -- [meat] cookies practice steps 1. Soft and fluffy after butter 2. Adding sugar, milk well, add chopped Mei Zirou 3. My big almond almond powder is salty to buy their own use broken machine 4. Add almond flour and mix well. 5. Sift the flour and yeast powder mix, into the bag roll0.8Centimeters thick, into the refrigerator freezer40Minute 6. Take it out and cut it into triangles,170Preheat oven 7. In the baking tray 8. 170Degree fire15To20Minute 9. ()^)) Search#M sweet#They look like cookies -- [meat] cookies practices Daquan
Array  - 桃之夭梅梅

Baked Gang Dou

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Vinegar Soy sauce Sugar Practice steps of baking long bars 1. The pan stir evenly 2. Add soy sauce Vinegar Sugar
  - popo27

ChangDi e - Bake the Internet * * fun thick toast oven

Very lucky to get the long emperor on this tall on the oven test, thank you for long~~Before the gentleman on the micro Bo saw him using the oven of the video, when you think there is such a high level of the oven Can use mobile phone operation~~After the oven. Immediately studywifiFunction, really good use of. Difficulty:Garnish
  - Yan_xl

Bake - E - red bean yogurt bread *

the drawing 15. Baked it is very soft. 16. Eat two mouth Search long EmperoreA.BakeInternet oven *Red bean yogurt bread*Practice
Array  - Yan_xl

# quickly ChangDi e Bake Internet of durian # oven

Hum ha Xi, fast to do durian cake! Baking skills can also be negativeholdLive yo~ Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Pastry4Zhang Liu Lianrou1Block Accessories   Egg1A #ChangDieA.BakeThe Internet quickly Crispy Durian Pastry oven#Procedure steps 1. Material photo, eggplant hit~ The most popular pastry, a bakery has. Sanya brought back the big durian meat, wrapped3Layers of adhesive tape before being driven out of the plane. The egg is so as not essential. 2. Cut4Block. You have to cut it16Block I don't block. 3. Around the brush on the egg. Water can play the same role. Glue can not. The paste is arguably can eat, or do you try to hair, a recipe. Durian meat to nuclear, chopsticks stir a few, pick up a piece of durian mud into the mouth. Ah, the sour. Back buccal teeth fragrant smell smelly son taste, while to pick up a lump in the middle crust. 4. Close. 5. Embossing fork. Nice and not easy to speak. This step can be omitted, squeezed almost. 6. Oven200Degree preheating. Brush egg. This step can be omitted, not brush is also very good. 7. Into the oven,20Minutes. Just cut16A classmate do not paste it. As was the night, the baby is very sleepy and chowhound are attracted fragrance waiting to come out, I tune into220The fire of the fire is rapid, speed, but the color ratio200Many deep, sharp little black. Ah, think of nowifiWhen the home is in the oven to remind me of the baked. Hei hei. 8. A small stool side waiting. Once hot immediately click. There is no slow hand hand. Tips No.4You can put them in the refrigerator. Next time you go out roast, then this quickly becomes invisible hand durian durian crisp. Thank you. [number1047739150188885] Search#ChangDieA.BakeThe Internet quickly Crispy Durian Pastry oven#Practice
Array  - Rainy137

# ChangDi e Bake Internet baby teething oven

activities, long emperor launchedeA.bakeChangDi CRDF30AIntelligent oven suddenly attracted me, do not hesitate to pay a deposit to the baby's income capsule! From received express began, unpacking, networking, baking are very satisfied, first use of very successful, continue to explore running slowly. The road to the future is accompanied by the long emperor! Order number:1046753465301211(Stop
Array  - 李太皮皮

# ChangDi e - Bake Internet oven double raspberry Cheesecake #

Taste is very good, sweet and not greasy, there is a faint smell of milk~~~~Order number:1049777556831210 Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Low precision flour100g Butter70g Cheese70g Dried cranberries15g Blueberry dry15g Accessories   Baking powder1Small spoon Milk50ml White granulated sugar30g Egg1A #ChangDie-BakeThe oven double raspberry Cheesecake#Procedure steps 1. 100gLow precision flour and a small spoon of baking powder to beat the screen 2. Dried cranberries and blueberries dried shredded cheese, chopped 3. Put the butter in the oven, and choose the mode of fermentation.45C,10minThen remove and add white sugar.30gBeat egg mixer 4. Add an egg in the butter, and stir the egg mixer to the sticky state. 5. Stem points twice low refined flour and milk into butter liquid, stir and add cheese and a half of the blueberry stem, cranberry 6. Uniformly loaded on the surface of the paper cup, sprinkle a little of dried blueberries, cranberries, and preheat the oven5Minute 7. The paper cups into the oven to bake on the middle, mode, temperature is set to160C, roast30Minute 8. When the oven stops working, taking molding double cheese cake cups raspberries #ChangDie-BakeThe oven double raspberry Cheesecake#Practice video Tips Cheese cut can easily become soft, then cut proposals into the freezer, the other steps are completed and then remove the cheese. Search#ChangDie-BakeThe oven double raspberry Cheesecake#Practice
  - 喵_小黑

A simplified version of # ChangDi e.Bake Internet Apple Pie # of oven

Husband eat crispy Food.So I have to go online and have a net,Finally took a fancy to this pineapple cake.As a novice, I can't wait..With my new start Kathleen,Haha, many people will ask what is Kathleen.This can be our long Emperor13Group of friends to the long Emperore.BakeInternet oven to take the simple and kind of name Oh,To me...(Open) Husband eat
  - 湘晨

# ChangDi e.bake Internet of Matcha coconut puff # oven

Novice for the new oven heat is not high, a free to do something to eat. So they think try puff, watching someone else's recipe, do a little modification, had my Matcha puffs, very fragrant and colleagues also praised me Oh! To enter the novice, it is a great support! Order number1053004490184648 Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Low powder60g Sugar10g Water30ml Coconut milk70ml Green tea powder3g Corn oil35g Salt1g #ChangDie.bakeThe Internet toaster coconut Matcha puff#Procedure steps 1. Water, coconut juice, sugar, green tea powder mixed together, mixing evenly, open fire, burning stirring, let open green tea powder. 2. Remove the pot from the fire and pour the low powder into the mixture, stirring evenly. 3. Move to a small fire and then burn, stirring constantly. 4. After mixing, remove from the pan and let cool. And then mix in the egg, a bit here and, add agitate, do not add too much. Finally, this can not with the egg. 5. After mixing, you can preheat the oven, and I'm using the program in the cloud. Press a button control can be, immediately prompted. Convenient. 6. Preheat the oven to at the same time, the batter into the piping bag, you master can have a good method, can fast and refreshing the batter into the bag, hope can give suggestions. 7. The technology is not very good, is literally squeezed. Ben would like to squeeze a green leaf, as if not successful. 8. The program of the oven is preset.180Degree15In the minute, I look at the other person.200And I have to change.200Degree, but in the end, it was a bit too. It seems to be more suitable for the default. 9. Read on to know, I this one,180Degree,20The minute is enough. 10. Inside is empty, it seems successful, really very sense of accomplishment of man, the first day out of the pot or very crisp, but the second day morning soft, this is why? Tips 1The number of eggs depends on the size of the eggs, my family is a soil egg, a small head, I am the two with a good use is not enough, and added a, just right.2No, a method can reduce the load due to the piping bag glued to the waste bag? Search#ChangDie.bakeThe Internet toaster coconut Matcha puff#Practice
Array  - 果果美食2011

# ChangDi e.Bake Internet Beef Burger # oven super delicious

fragrance, remove and flattened with the palm, dough bubble knead until smooth, fingers pressed not to rebound, divided into6A. 7. Divide the dough6A small load tray (tray with a layer of aluminum foil to prevent dip platter) open long oven Timor into the middle and the bottom put a plate, pour in hot water(In the middle of the water temperature
Array  - 林儿E梦

# ChangDi e.Bake Internet of butter cookies # oven

7. Tin with greaseproof paper 8. The flower shaped pastry bag with extrusion 9. Long emperor this Internet the oven is unique is that it covers the build the large amount of recipes, you don't have to set the time and temperature, it will help you solve the, you only need
Array  - 薇薇琪王子

# ChangDi e Bake Internet oven zero failure # Banana Muffin

In the paper cup,1/2To2/3Full of good. And then put it in the warm.180Degree oven, bake20-30Minute, up and down. (I am here to use the long emperor recommendedeA.BakeInternet oven has a uniquewi-FiControl more convenient) 4. Wait for the oven, baking and complete expansion can be baked golden color

# ChangDi e.Bake Internet Cup Cake # oven the scent of lemon

Long emperor order number:1046751867364714With long Emperore.BakeThe oven is very convenient, ready to use mobile phone in Ali Kathleen materialsAPPYou can preheat the oven quickly so you can use it in the kitchen....(Open) Long emperor order number:1046751867364714With long
Array  - 曼梓

Bacon # ChangDi e Bake Internet oven baked rice # potatoes carrots

Has long been used in the oven, see the launch of the new network oven, immediately updated. Use it down, more evenly than the oven baked before, close to the inside and on the door of the degree of baking. Can be set up through the phone, the temperature of the oven is very convenient, can be monitored at any time through the mobile phone oven temperature and baking time
Array  - 陈428

# ChangDi e.Bake Internet is the shape of the bread oven # flowers

More and more friends have bought their own bread, oven, heart itch. When the first saw the oven to do the activity, do not hesitate to hand. The most fancy point is that you can use the phone to remote control. It was this that attracted me. To bake I is zero based, Handmade Bread dough is not easy, sifting through many celebrity Weibo kneading techniques, a full a hours. Can not say...(Open) More and more friends have bought their own bread, oven, heart itch. When the first saw the oven to do the activity, do not hesitate to hand. The most fancy point is that you can use the phone to remote control. It was this that attracted me. To bake I is zero based, Handmade Bread dough is not easy, sifting through many celebrity Weibo kneading techniques, a full a hours. Can not say to achieve perfection,70There is. But the shape it is just passable ah, the next will continue to try.(Stop) Time:1Hours above Ingredients High gluten flour200G Water75G Fine sugar40G Egg35g Powdered Milk20g Salt1.5g Yeast3g Butter15g Accessories   Melt butter (brush)8G The whole egg (brush face)Appropriate amount #ChangDie.BakeThe shape of the bread in the oven.#Procedure steps 1. The main ingredient which in addition to everything except butter into containers, and began to face. Start with the wet sticky feeling, but please don't add, always rub, kept rubbing. 2. Is this kind of degree, when the feeling is a bit dry can add water. Please note, absolutely not to add, very important. 3. Knead until the dough is smooth, and the time will appear when a layer of film. (forgetting to take a photo) is almost the same. Continue kneading add diced butter, knead until smooth film. I rubbed it for about an hour. Then covered with fresh film, began to ferment, fermentation to two times as big as 4. Exhaust. Divide the dough into three parts. The dough40gIn the dough125g, The rest is the big dough. To divide the big and medium dough into different5Equal parts, roll garden relaxation15MIN. 5. Large dough5A dough15CM,In dough5A dough10Cm. 6. Put the paper on the surface, brush a layer of butter, and then put a layer of. The top layer of the layer does not need to brush butter, and then cut with a knife, pay attention to the side do not cut, cut back to the rear, why I said this is a technology to live, because I am so ugly! After the open, rolling into10Cm in the middle of the dough, continue to cut, turn. Put the dough in the middle. 7. That's the shape, it's ugly, right. Want to try a friend to practice it, my virginity can only reach this level. 8. Two times in the oven to ferment, put some hot water will be more with oh! Using a mobile phone on the Ali ash, fermentation function, can be a key to start, it is too convenient. Ignore the ugly two stool, I still do not have to find a good place for the oven, because the kitchen can not receivewifi, can only be placed in the living room. 9. Fermentation is complete, take out the brush egg. Continue in the oven 10. 165Degree,20Minutes. One button start. Oh yeah~~ But it may be a little high, in less than20In the minute I go to see, the surface is too dark. The friends noticed that if you go,160Degree20I think it should be almost the same. 11. What a pain of insight. But next time, I'll know the character of the oven. Come on, give me a break. 12. Writing production steps Tips e.bakeInternet oven purchased5April12On the day, the order number is945927977049195 Search#ChangDie.BakeThe shape of the bread in the oven.#Practice
  - hsisbxhj

The imperial e.Bake Internet oven of the court purple sweet potato

Very glad to have the opportunity to participate in the activities of the long emperor oven, this new type of home oven looks very beautiful, the overall stainless steel structure, placed in the kitchen is very tall. After a few times, including on the oven temperature test, found this new electronic oven temperature is very accurate, special inner volume, not too big nor too

# ChangDi e.bake Internet of lace corn Bacon # pizza oven

My husband and I are meat animals. Every weekend at home to do something delicious treat yourself~So there's a pizza that's all they got from the dough.~Looking at a lot of steps, in fact, it is also very simple to do slowly! Order number:946385803540867~ Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Pizza sauce 1.Onion1A 2.Butter20g 3.Oregano, black pepper, rosemary, parsleyAppropriate amount 4.Tomato3A ===I am the dividing line=== Pizza in 1.Pei Gensui100g 2.CornAppropriate amount 3.Ma Su mozzarella cheese150g 4.Beeswax2Root ===I am the dividing line=== Pizza lace 1.Sausage5Root Accessories   Pizza dough 1.Egg1A 2.Edible oil15g 3.Sugar20g 4.Yeast3g 5.High powder100g 6.Water40g 7.Salt2g #ChangDie.bakeInternet oven of the lace corn Bacon pizza#Procedure steps 1. First to prepare all the ingredients except the pizza crust.~ 2. Put in the bread machine steps I did not take, with already rubbed good instead! Every time I come to knead with bread machine with SAPI~First turn on the water. Oil, eggs. Salt. After heightening powder. Sugar. Finally, a bridal chamber in the flour yeast. I used Famian program. About 1.5 hours to get it out. 3. I gave it a pizza! I did three of the day! Round exhaust respectively! Put aside15Minutes! Remember to cover with a wet cloth! 4. Use this15Let's make tomato sauce! Put the tomato. Shred onion 5. Open in the middle of the fire and put the butter, and then put the butter to melt and then put the onions. Turn off the torch and say it. 6. Then use the pot. Open fire. Add tomato sauce and stir fry onion. This time can add the seasoning! According to the taste of sugar, salt. Black pepper. Pizza grass. Rosemary, 7. After adding a small bowl of water, the fire stew, stew into thick soup. 8. This time is also awake to the same. You can roll into a wafer, than your home plate of a great circle of bodhisattva. Because the inside to add sausage heart. The picture is a good way. Is to roll out the dough after. Along the edge of sausage, give it a good package 9. The package according to the height of the tray, the sausage with scissors into size the same, after the cut sausage erected, such as chart appearance, the way the bread with fork uniform poke some holes. Next to the pizza when not drum up for trial 10. After the last step to do a good job of lace pizza crust into the oven,150Degrees.10Minute 11. Oven is very good. Examination of the appearance of the skin of the Bodhisattva 12. My family's cheese is a big chunk of it.10Small pieces, each block50g, to eat more convenient, the150gCheese, that is, three pieces, cut into wire and two kinds of film 13. This is Bacon cut broken and beeswax sheet 14. Baked pizza crust. The tomato pizza sauce, which is just under the top. After a layer of cheese wire, then put a layer of bacon bits and beeswax sheet, and then put a layer of cheese wire. The top add appropriate amount of corn. Put a few slices of cheese. Probably set aside1/5Cheese spare 15. Preheat the oven.160Degree,30In a minute, there is a distance.15In the minute the cheese spread to the pizza. Also5Shift the pizza to the highest position in a minute. Make the cheese evenly. 16. After be accomplished.~ #ChangDie.bakeInternet oven of the lace corn Bacon pizza#Practice video Tips 1Pizza crust can be a few more than a few, the test put into the refrigerator freezer. It would be much easier to eat2Tomato pizza sauce if you like to add the meat, etc.. But I prefer the flavor is not added3Cheese if you feel more can be reduced to80G. Search#ChangDie.bakeInternet oven of the lace corn Bacon pizza#Practice
Array  - 小五在这里呀

The cup # ChangDi e.BaKe Internet # small cake oven

In order to as soon as possible to find out this oven temper, 66 continued to do some food, more and more comfortable with the hope with this smart oven baked color mood, the color of life. Taobao order number:1054943621013553,I hope I get the chance to get a free. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Low gluten flour150g Fine sugar80g Olive oil50g Brandy30ml Egg5A Milk20ml #ChangDie.BaKeSmall cake cups Internet oven#Procedure steps 1. Prepared ingredients 2. The eggs into the pot, into the small sugar, milk and brandy. 3. Pass the whole egg to stir up easily after the drop can be. 4. Into the olive oil and after the screening of the low powder, stir evenly. 5. The egg paste is poured into a mold in the paper cup. 6. Put in an oven.150Degree cake model35Minutes. 7. The finished picture is coming, is there any appetite! Tips The characteristic of brandy wine flavor can not only remove the smell also makes the cake more full-bodied flavor, aftertaste. Search#ChangDie.BaKeSmall cake cups Internet oven#Practice
Array  - 雨润海棠

# ChangDi e.bake the Internet oven passion fruit cake roll #

Long emperor oven to buy the first time to make a cake I even have special cake baking dishes In the oven with baking This season Passion fruit is simply cool artifact Homemade passion fruit curd do fillings Wrapped in a cake roll It's good to eat. Forgive me for the first time. But it's really good to eat. Stuffed fresh Delicious cake ChangDi awesome oven With the...(Open
Array  - Libera-Danny

# ChangDi e - Bake the internet jam cake roll # oven

Simple and delicious cake volume, the first to do a very successful, I believe you can do it, come on! Will continue to upload more works, I hope you like Order number:945191342528576 Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Low gluten flour100g Egg4A Accessories   Milk60g Corn oil45g Sugar(Yolk)20g Sugar(Protein)50g ButterFew #ChangDie-BakeInternet oven Jam Cake Roll#Procedure steps 1. Egg white, egg yolk were hit without water in the basin 2. Add corn oil and sugar in the egg yolk.20gAfter mixing the milk 3. 50gSugar added2Secondary protein 4. Beat egg machine to pass, the basin does not fall off the buckle 5. The egg yolk liquid in the sieve into the low gluten flour stirring uniform 6. The protein of the pass3Times to add egg yolk paste, every time to add up and down after mixing evenly 7. Oven160Degree preheating6Minute 8. Prepare the cake batter into the brush butter dish 9. The installed cake paste tray in the oven, choose cake/Bread,160Degrees.20Minute 10. Baked cake cake upside down to oil paper or plastic wrap (I oiled paper run out buy did not arrive so used preservative film, evenly brush jam 11. Brush the cake cake while hot jam up static, stay cool cake cut into the width of the cake you like 12. Cut the cake with a good jam, and enjoy it with your family and friends. #ChangDie-BakeInternet oven Jam Cake Roll#Practice video Tips You can change the jam to cream. Search#ChangDie-BakeInternet oven Jam Cake Roll#Practice
Array  - 情缘情

# ChangDi e - Bake the Internet -- cocoa sugar cookies # oven

This cookie will sell, but taste good, especially wrapped in a layer of coarse sugar, bite chewing up a little rustling taste that he particularly liked. With the long emperor Internet oven, heating up quickly, the temperature is also quite accurate, time to come, take out just good~ Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary
Array  - JUJURAI

Orlean # ChangDi e.Bake Internet of # oven roast chicken wings

5. Long emperor this oven roast chicken wings special recipes, recipes, press any key to start, automatic oven preheated, chicken on the grill, placed in the middle of the oven 6. Fifteen minutes after the wings over, continue to bake 7. Gallops, time, delicious grilled wings made
Array  - 薇薇琪王子

# ChangDi e - Bake the Internet oven baked fish

Taobao order number 945927977373382. Like to eat octopus, but moved out after myself haven't eat fish, Miss fish taste, oven, first to fish to satisfy their craving Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients SaltA small spoon Soy sauceTeaspoon Soy sauceTeaspoon Cooking wineTeaspoon HairtailOne, the husband bought less, it is best to a pound OnionA GingerThree large cut into small pieces HoneyFew #ChangDieA.BakeThe practice of Internet oven roasted steps of hairtail 1. Add onions, ginger, soy sauce, soy sauce, salt, cooking wine into the refrigerator after two hours. I have to put a good dressing before dinner, and so on. 2. Put the foil on the dish, put the fish. The oven can be opened before the start of the process. 3. Preheat well, will choose the tray,180Degree,15Minute 4. To15Minutes, take out the brush with honey, I think there are places try to put a sweet potato. 5. Brush honey and baked10Minutes. The smell is sweet. 6. The wobble, with some chopped green onion Search#ChangDieA.BakeThe oven baked fish Internet practices Daquan
Array  - kite87

# ChangDi e.BaKe Internet Roasted Duck # turn oven fork legs

Long Di smart oven to my life bring more fun, although we work so hard every day, but after coming home it brings my happiness can I painted a day of fatigue, always wanted to have a rotating oven fork function, finally got his wish, I will with this oven to make more food. Taobao order number is:1054943621013553,Hope to be lucky...(Open) Long Di smart oven
Array  - 雨润海棠

# ChangDi e.Bake Internet of peanut butter cookies # oven

in the treatment of the material need not personally go to the oven, preheat well have tone, can at any time by mobile phone to observe the time and problems, very convenient. Put the thermometer in the oven, and observe the difference in temperature.5Degree or so, very good use.Long emperor oven order number:94592773907865(Stop) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary

# ChangDi e - Bake the Internet # chives soda biscuit oven

Husband often work overtime at night, to ask me to do some biscuits and other snacks, such as molar teeth, as the main sponsor of the oven, which is not satisfied with the requirements of small ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~This electronic oven can be using a mobile phone operator, so I in the treatment of the material need not personally go to the oven, preheat well have tone, can at any time by mobile phone to observe the time and problems, very convenient.Just right...(Open) Husband often work overtime at night, to ask me to do some biscuits and other snacks, such as molar teeth, as the main sponsor of the oven, which is not satisfied with the requirements of small ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~This electronic oven can be using a mobile phone operator, so I in the treatment of the material need not personally go to the oven, preheat well have tone, can at any time by mobile phone to observe the time and problems, very convenient.Just cook the remaining onion home, immediately do doLong emperor oven order number:945927739078652(Stop) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Milk50G Vegetable oil30G Low powder150G Yeast4G Accessories   Salt2G Baking soda1G ChiveAppropriate amount #ChangDie-BakeThe Internet of shallot soda biscuit oven#Procedure steps 1. First Zhang Quanjiafu, warm the milk powder mixed state added yeast, sift, removal of spare shallot chopped green onion. 2. In addition to onion powder materials, humidifying material mixed knead 3. We then add the most important ingredients ~ chives, or ordinary soda crackers. 4. After the pot cover rubbed smooth, wrap a damp cloth or static20Minutes. 5. After the dough exhaust into oil (behind the convenient direct paper into tray) roll into thin slices, here often edge will roll than the intermediate thin, baked in this way easily colored (I have practice demonstrated,5555), so be as thin as possible. 6. Cut into small pieces with cut, if there is a better hob. Not one of my hob hundred years, until it can't find (mianbi ~ ~ ~) 7. Please ignore my cut. And then use a fork to fork out a small hole in the top of it.10Minutes. At this time you can start180Degree preheat oven. 8. Warm up and put in the middle of the middle.160Degree, hot air10Minutes or so 9. Visual color and taste preference. Tips Bear in mind: the edge of the middle as thin as the best. I have a thin edge of the edge, but the texture is more fragile.The static time must be good, so that the rear roll, like bread, this step can not. Search#ChangDie-BakeThe Internet of shallot soda biscuit oven#Practice

New Orleans # ChangDi e.bake Internet of oven roasted chicken #

Super simple New Orleans roast chicken You can also roast chicken wings oh Order number1051067959978370 Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Chicken leg500G Accessories   SaltFew New Orleans pickleAppropriate amount #ChangDie.bakeNew Orleans Internet of oven roasted chicken#Procedure steps 1. Then wash the chicken with the knife in the absence of skin side row two knife has better. 2. Add a little salt in the water (don't put too much salt.10Minutes, let the chicken full of water drained excess water. 3. New Orleans add marinade, supermarket or to buy a treasure. 4. Put on the fridge for a day. 5. Second days you can bake. With the pan with water on the bottom layer of the oven, grill on the middle layer. Open the barbecue/Sweet potato pattern and fan,180Degree preheating5Minute 6. Add chicken, open barbecue/Sweet potato pattern and fan,180Degree18Minutes. Tips If you like with sweet taste can be added in the first test15Minutes after the brush a layer of honey in the water into the oven and bake in chicken3Minutes. Honey water is not too strong or easy to coke out. Search#ChangDie.bakeNew Orleans Internet of oven roasted chicken#Practice

# ChangDi e.Bake Internet of spicy chicken lace # pizza oven

ChangDi CRDF30A Order number:1048439955505696Beginner baking, start just want to give the child to eat a little food safety, the result is in love with the baking, I believe a lot of people are so into the baking, taking advantage of the time to buy a long timee.bakeOven, the way to start my success...... Really good~Because...(Open) ChangDi CRDF30A

E - Bake - CRDF30A test report of the blueberry bread

Milk90g Butter17g Salt2g Egg liquid1A Accessories   White sesame seedFew Blueberry JamAppropriate amount ChangDieA.BakeInternet electric ovenCRDF30APractice steps for the test report of blueberry bread 1. This is the long
Array  - 豆帝煮

E - Bake - -CRDF42X test report of the Li Rong bread

-1About an hour or so 8. Into the oven middle, lit210Degree, under fire150Degree, roast16-18Minutes out 9. Come out, let it cool! 10. Cut a section Search long Emperore-BakeInternet
Array  - 我爱唱宝宝

Have to add a chowhound dish. Longevity 60

Think in the absence of cooking wine, and ginger, to get a smell of the dish is prepared, but also do delicious, then try me this long cycle of sixty years! Ensure that you can not think of the surprise. But are the Moshan soup fresh yo. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so
  - 无敌70

E - Bake - CRDF30A trial report of whole wheat bread

100% whole wheat Sweet This is the first2A long EmperoreA.BakeInternet electric ovenCRDF30AOn trial Still feel strong and good Accurate temperature Color is very like.Regardless of manual or intelligentAPPAre very good and worth having Ingredients Whole wheat flour300g Butter30g
Array  - 豆帝煮

ChangDi e Bake Internet -CRDF30A test reports a pineapple cake oven

, please as far as possible according to their own oven to adjust the roast time a gentle, to avoid color too deep. Search long Emperore-BakeInternet oven-CRDF30ATry to report a pineapple cake approach Daquan
Array  - 张小樱--ZXY

E - Bake - -CRDF42X trial report of the Internet oven for Cinnamon Apple

Search long Emperore-BakeInternet oven-CRDF42XTrial report of Cinnamon Apple practice
Array  - 我爱唱宝宝

No. ChangDi e.Bake Internet of milk meal package for oven

ChangDie.BakeThe milk incense practice step Internet oven meal package for 1. Quan Jiafu, appeared together. 2. In addition to all the material mixed with butter, knead dough.. I'm too rough.. Constantly rub ah rub ah rub rub, pain. In fact, I do not know knead for a long time, flour at different time
Array  - 安静的美大婶

# ChangDi e.Bake Internet super soft fruit cake oven cups #

Since the long emperor oven,My happy life has opened a bakery,Today I will introduce to you a super soft and silky moreish cups fruit cake,Order number:945877668723056. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Low gluten flour65g
Array  - 林儿E梦

E - Bake - Internet oven CRDF42X trial 1] carrot biscuits

The carrot cookie is very cute. Green is the use of green tea powder, red beet root powder is used. Are natural ingredients, there is no point pigment Oh, very suitable for children to eat. Of course, the use of spinach and strawberry powder is also very good. Sugar beet is a kind of high nutritional value of vegetables. This trial is a long Emperore-BakeInternet
Array  - 马琳malin

Flavor, aftertaste -- eight sauce

or small shrimp Accessories   Bean paste Sweet Chili sauce Cooking wine Starch Sugar Salt MSG Pepper Onion ginger garlic Flavor, aftertaste long -- the practice steps of eight sauce 1.
  - 球球来了

Domand ball

Domon meatball is one of the representatives of the Hong Kong Style classic dessert, Hui Lau Shan, full of this kind of dessert shop, door must, in addition to the mango class halberd is estimated that Domon balls the, this is also a lot of old Cantonese, plot a dessert. It is not very complicated, but it has the traditional style of all the characteristics of the dessert. Materials Ingredients Mango300G Accessories Yogurt75G Fragrant glutinous rice dumplings70G Seasoning Mint leaves1Slice The practice of domand  1.To prepare a mango 2.Peel the mango and cut them into two pieces, and then cut them into small cubes. 3.Take half of the mango into the cooking machine, pour75Plain yogurt 4.Stir into a mango paste 5.The pot boiling water, boiled down into small Glutinous Rice Balls 6.Will cook good small Glutinous Rice Balls remove, cold boiling water rinse standby 7.Take a square bowl, and put the other half of the mango into the bowl, and the inclined plane leaves half the place. 8.The mango paste into the other half position, and then put the cooked small Glutinous Rice Balls, mint can last decoration Cooking skills  1, the stereotype of Hong Kong Style Domon balls, is the general Party bowl, slant half with mango dices, and the other half is mango mud balls, diced mango is not to say, is always a cuts only, but mango puree, each with various practices and preferences, pure mango whipped into the mud of, also have mango+Milk, mango+Cream, mango+Honey and other practices, my personal favorite is mango+Yogurt, milk and too light, with cream too greasy, too sweet with honey, mango pure too monotonous, add the yogurt I think just, just use yogurt sour and sweet mango microstrip and sour taste, highlighting the mango, sweet, is the most appropriate collocation; 2And if the yogurt with mango, chilled, taste more refreshing for summer!
Array  - 坨坨妈