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Laver rice

, will be tiled laver rice, the prepared ingredients in turn put up.5.Is also the whole process of the most critical, force will be rolled up. You remember each volume slightly pressed, or roll will loose. Gimbap practice video Search gimbap practices Daquan
  - robyn_阿喜

Laver rice

For children do not eat rice, the laver BaoFan generally will not refuse, especially she can participate in the production process, feel yourself, eat it will be special incense. So from time to time, we will do a gimbap together, let the little girl also follow do play together. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time
Array  - 多幸福多快乐

Laver rice

  - _L0

Laver rice

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Some seaweed, ham sausage, dried meat floss, cucumber, salad sauce The practice steps of gimbap 1. The laver paved, on Steamed Rice, pressure evenly
  - 露露

Laver rice

Laver3Slice Steamed Rice, white vinegar, salt1Bowl, vinegar, salt, a little Carrot1A Cucumber1A Ham (turn head)1Section Fried chicken leg meat1A Egg2A Mayonnaise1Package Bamboo curtain1A Mustard silk (Wujiang brand) more delicious1Package The practice steps of gimbap
  - Yes'小鑫

Laver rice

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Steamed Rice3Bowl Laver12Slice Egg3A Carrot1Root Ham2Root The practice steps of gimbap 1. The ham, cut

Instant laver

As early as1400Years ago, China's Northern Wei Dynasty "Qi Min Yao Shu is already mentioned" Wu seaside Zhu Shan, gnotobiotic seaweed ", and the laver edible methods. Tang Meng Sheng "is" dietetic Materia Medica "in the South China Sea, seaweed is blue,Of stone,The record of "purple". To the Northern Song Dynasty has become a precious food seaweed. Li Shizhen in the Ming
Array  - 丹然美丽

Laver rice

a little. 4. Such as laver roll cool a little after it began to cut, can stick tomato sauce, or Korean chili sauce Gimbap practice video Search gimbap practices Daquan
Array  - 小新的姑娘

Laver rice

Array  - 小毛哈哈

Laver rice

seedAppropriate amount Fruit vinegarAppropriate amount EggThree. SaltAppropriate amount ShutterA Sesame oilAppropriate amount The practice steps of gimbap 1. To prepare ingredients cut into strips The Steamed Rice tile in laver A few drops of sesame oil Sprinkle some sesame seeds
Array  - 肥小喵

Laver rice

of carrot into the pot a little stir fry. Stir fry a few times can be Biao too long 3. Material ready, you can start the! 4. Take out2Piece of seaweed on BaoFan shutter, remove and rice put on gloves slowly spread in the laver (rice shop a little thin. I lay a thick significantly seaweed
Array  - FayeHuang

Laver oyster cake

Laver oyster pie Material set: 1.Will oyster cake flour and fried mixed powder, water, a little salt and stir into a thick like (with the chopsticks across lines of such a state can be) standing for half an hour 2.Wash a little chopped chives, laver cut grain, finely chopped cabbage, oyster soaked with salt water clean and drain 3.The laver, onion and cabbage bowl 4.Burning
Array  - 寂寞在跳舞

Laver Chicken rolls

Laver to children to buy she likes to eat, like this usually eat with, the change pattern added to eggs, let her likes eating and add the eggs more nutrition, also added a little onion, fragrant smell of a lot of, at the end of a way out of the pot, baby very much love to eat, are not doing enough for her to eat, so that next time, I still do, oh. Materials
Array  - 草莓茶

Laver pole bacon stew

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Rod Laver Bacon Braised bacon laver pole practice steps 1. To prepare the ingredients, seaweed to skin pulled out and cut into strips, bacon
  - nizhijie

Chicken breast laver roll

Chicken breast laver volume approach 1. Prepare the chicken breast meat1Block, seaweed sushi2Tablets, mushrooms1A carrot1A little short, Congduan 2. Carrots, mushrooms, chopped into small pieces. 3. Chicken breast meat chopped
  - 翊栩

Laver mackerel pill

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Spanish mackerel1A Laver10g Coriander1A PepperAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount Fresh chicken1Spoon The practice steps of laver
  - 隋子

Laver Chicken rolls

At the end of the onionAppropriate amount GingerAppropriate amount PepperAppropriate amount StarchAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount Cooking wineAppropriate amount The practice steps of laver Chicken rolls 1. 1.Egg into the bowl, and pig meat stuffing, leek half at the end and all
  - 蓝云悠悠

Monte Carlo laver cake roll

10. Apart from the middle laver with a layer of salad sauce, the roll cake rolls on laver 11. Put the cake in a piece of cake and eat it. Cooking skills,
  - 吾爱烘焙

Laver package Rice and vegetable roll

Taste really good!!! Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Steamed Rice2Bowl Laver Cucumber1Root Ham1Root Dried meat floss Mayonnaise Carrot
Array  - 艾西尔

Fried rice with soup supper laver package

My husband came back in the evening is relatively late, but also to eat a snack, but home apart from the day before yesterday to eat hot pot remaining cabbage chrysanthemum fish and bought long do BaoFan laver, no, think why not do a fried rice bag? So you can do it, because it's the picture that you are trying to take, so it's just the result.

Laver tomato soup Rice-meat dumplings

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Lean meat100g Egg1A Laver1The Tomato1A ChickenAppropriate amount Oyster sauce1Spoon SaltAppropriate amount Vinegar1Spoon
  - 秦航

Bao Baocan laver (2 people) rice

His favorite seaweed, so the house standing seaweed, nothing gave a new recipe for children study Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Laver1Zhang Egg1Only OnionHalf a Bell pepper1A
  - 汤水芙蓉

Korean Seaweed Roll - gimbap

Compared to the high-end sushi, flower like Korean Seaweed Roll, probably because it is a fragrant sesame oil. This dish is done strictly in accordance with the Korean recipes, just put the fish cake for beef slices, the flower does not love the taste of fish cake, can make rice too, beef taste just fine. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Beef sliceSome EggSpread the egg skin Spinach1The MushroomsSome CarrotA Korean Seaweed Roll-The practice steps of gimbap 1. Rice with sugar, salt, soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar and mix well cool, carrots, salt and stir fry, mushrooms after a good soak with soy sauce and stir fry, spinach Zhuo water showers squeezed sesame oil mixed with soy sauce, sugar, eggs, salt pancake shredding, beef mince with garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, pepper, salt, stir fry until cooked. 2. Shop seaweed, wet hands grasp after the rice shop on the beach, in turn put material, material paved sprinkle sesame wipe point oil roll, sharp knife cut, cut per cutting knife are under cold water. Tips Rice shop hands wet will not stick, cut to wet the knife sliced would be neat, rice shop after leaving a centimeter of air and rolled wet was stained with on the oh. Search Korean Seaweed Roll-Gimbap practices Daquan
Array  - 白花花的白花花

[Steamed Rice] so delicious (laver roll Plain white rice meal)

Wanted to do the seaweed, but found no material, so just wrapped the Plain white rice unexpectedly, this delicious! Small partners to quickly start it Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Laver Plain white rice
  - winne030

I Zushi

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Steamed Rice Roasted seaweed4 Accessories   Sausage1A Carrot1A Cucumber1A Egg2A Laver rice Sushi

Simple gimbap

When doing the pizza for lattice dough, take two gimbap; short time, is very simple to do Hand ingredients with what; suitable for rookie junior players do; lattice how do BaoFan; welcome parents to communicate a lot Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Seaweed2Zhang Steamed RiceAppropriate amount Beef flossA few Sausage6One or so CucumberA few SaladAppropriate amount Canned tunaA few The practice of simple procedure gimbap 1. Seaweed a pack; a, lattice a person only need to do two BaoFan. Two pieces of seaweed enough; this brand from Taobao shop to buy back; regret broken two or three piece 2. Rice ; just put it in a bowl and let it cool for a while. 3. Seaweed sushi shop to bamboo above; covered with a layer of white Steamed Rice 4. Sprinkle on the dried meat floss in Steamed Rice. 5. Sausage cut Put the middle; also can put other ingredients; lattice using existing home made simple ingredients for dear reference exchange board; 6. Canned tuna It is all-match pizza; And the board which could put some amount can be adjusted according to personal taste; 7. Canned tuna spread above dried meat floss according to personal preference; to decide whether you want to put in the salad 8. The bamboo curtain rolled up like this; 9. You can directly eat diced Complete the board; Simple gimbap practice video Tips Steamed Rice can just fill out the stew good dry for a while Not too hot Simple search gimbap practices Daquan
Array  - 艺格2

Jinjiang seaweed crisp

South Fujian is rich in seaweed, so it's a lot of things to do. In addition to popular seaweed soup today introduced a seaweed crisp........... Materials Ingredients Laver2SliceEgg1AFlourAppropriate amount Accessories Salt and pepper powderFew
Array  - 豆帝煮

Backscroll gimbap

Salt Baked laver or sheets of seaweed The practice steps backscroll gimbap 1. Because team egg smell can not accept, so instead of quail egg. Break up, stand the egg skin, cut into thick strips 2. Material so ready
Array  - 斐然

Sushi (sushi)

See the door of the school to sell, but because I love to eat, so I got it Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Seaweed (large)A piece of seaweed can get10Around, I look at the right amount is good Dried meat flossA row of seaweed CarrotA Sour radishHow much to eat Ham sausageAppropriate amount Spicy foodCan eat hot, right amount CucumberA What do you like to eatJust right. Steamed RiceA small bowl of a piece of seaweed, oneself look good enough Sushi vinegarAppropriate amount Oil and saltAppropriate amount Sushi (sushi) practice steps 1. Put the right amount of cooked rice into the top of the seaweed, and then put the material in order. 2. With the bamboo curtain to roll them up 3. When the volume should be strong, or point 4. Then cut a piece of a piece with a knife Sushi (sushi) practice video Tips Wait until the food is cold then sushi vinegar and salt together get uniform Search Sushi (gimbap) practices Daquan

Salad, sushi, sushi

Ingredients LaverSome Glutinous riceSome Lemon1A Carrot, cucumber, ham, eggSome Shrimp, crab LiuYou like MangoYou like Sushi, salad, gimbap the practice steps 1. Such as figure, cut 2. Figure, shrimp shell, shrimp line, with bamboo through. Three kinds of ingredients cooked with water, spare 3. Egg fried, cut, and ham cut 4. The way to do a salad 5. The rice is cooked and put in a cool, add the lemon juice, lemon juice to add salt to taste, here is generally add the sushi vinegar, but the lemon juice is equally delicious. Then use bamboo and seaweed into something you like, roll up, cut 6. Can a small volume 7. After the shrimp is cooked, the shrimp abdomen can be cut off, and can not be cut off. A good pinch on shrimp, Rice and vegetable roll,. 8. Crab, cucumber, mango, shred, add salad, very delicious Sushi, salad, gimbap practice video Search the salad, sushi, gimbap practices Daquan
  - C咔

Quick gimbap

up... Quick gimbap practice video Tips How many people and the girl mother like love "I see is a singer, and Zheng Chunyuan break out of an encirclement before Oh mom filling to his son, do the laver BaoFan his favorite, feeding his mouth small Zheng Tongxie happy face, suddenly touched the girl's mother. The girl always love

Spicy cabbage Seaweed Roll

Made several different flavors of Seaweed Roll, the partial Korean flavor to try Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Spicy cabbageAppropriate amount Shredded squidAppropriate amount Sweet radishA Steamed RiceA bowl LaverA Sesame oilA drop Practice steps of hot Chinese Cabbage 1. One, I only do a seaweed roll so a piece of seaweed enough 2. Put on the sesame oil has been put on the rice, rolled out 3. In turn put a good cut of the spicy cabbage, cut half of the sweet radish, cut into the section of the squid 4. Haha graph, taste very good, I like!!! The practice of hot Chinese cabbage Seaweed Roll Tips Steamed Rice put a drop of oil will make Steamed Rice more flavoring, eat up taste better Search for the practice of Chinese cabbage Seaweed Roll
Array  - 翎妞

The basic version of gimbap

Sliced ham, shredded carrots. 4. Put on the bamboo laver stalls, Steamed Rice, codes of good food, salad sauce squeeze roll, cut into small pieces. 5. This is to give the family the children to prepare, if you want to taste better, can be involved in spicy radish.
Array  - _丹_

Sushi sushi

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Steamed RiceAppropriate amount Seaweed10Slice CucumberA Japanese horseradishA CarrotHalf of the root White radish1/4 root Ham sausageHalf of the root MayonnaiseAppropriate amount TunaA tank Sushi The practice steps of gimbap 1. Two bowls of rice and a small purple rice, steamed Steamed Rice, cool 2. Cucumber, carrot, white radish, ham sausage cut into the same length of the nori 3. The purple rice evenly paved on the nori, if rice is sticky, spoon dip water, will all be placed in one end of the rice nori, tuna, squeeze a good salad sauce 4. Press the right side of the hand tightly. Sushi Gimbap practice video Search for sushi Gimbap practices Daquan
Array  - 炙天使宝宝

Korean kimbap

Do the students to eat Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Dried meat floss, sausage Lettuce, cucumber, radish Pork sauce North Korea's gimbap practice steps 1. Beginners start not to put too many things Oh, slowly pack. 2. Enjoy it! Korean gimbap practice video Tips A hot meal a little bit hot, notice board way North Korea search gimbap practices Daquan

Savory gimbap

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Laver5~6Zhang Egg3A RiceFour people SpinachFew Cucumber2Root Ham sausage1Root Carrot2Root Sesame2Spoon Sesame oil3Spoon
Array  - 一只爱吃的萌咩

Dormitory gimbap

I saw the students.healer I'll give him a roll of seaweed I don't let me cut it Take a roll of food I've just had a roll of four for him. Let him go back to eat. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients We used seaweed And mustard Beef in Brown Sauce In fact, want to put anything See their own preferences The practice steps gimbap the dormitory 1. Spread the rice in the seaweed. Best with disposable gloves Will not stick the rice in your hand. Flat 2. Put the material up. 3. Good volumeOKThe Dormitory gimbap practice video Tips Sushi curtain or very good use Had been rolling The first time with a sushi curtain Bang Bang Da feeling Search the dormitory gimbap practices Daquan

Quick gimbap

Is not pregnant before they are able to do BaoFan laver, in the twinkling of an eye the baby has been seven years old, during a number of small, but every time he is like. In fact, I like it because of the rich color, always adhere to the good will be delicious, delicious general not too ugly. Well, hark back to the subject. Our family is gimbap made of rice, glutinous rice

Pork fried seaweed flower

oil50MilliliterOnion1SectionGinger2Slice Fried meat laver flower practices 1. First let us look at the whole picture of the flowers 2. Clean and cut into small pieces. 3. Add water to the pot boil
Array  - 热爱红烧肉

Egg soup

Because of love Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Laver30g Free range eggs2A The practice steps of egg soup 1. Prepare seaweed, soil eggs

Seaweed egg meal

Practice of seaweed egg meal        Designed for children in poor areas of a nutritious meal, simple, delicious, nutritious, and can burp. A less than2The cost of $, this formula is suitable for frying pan suitable for lunch. Laver usually the most common approach is to drink soup, birthday party secretary rice, actually seaweed to eat a lot
Array  - 异族极限

Happy gimbap

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Glutinous riceA small bowl RiceA small bowl Spinach.Five Carrot Half of the root The integrity of sausageA little Cucumber A Salt Sesame oil Sugar Sushi vinegar Egg Two Dried meat flossAppropriate amount Roasted seaweed Happy gimbap the practice steps 1. Rice and glutinous rice a proportion of rice It is best not to use the pressure cooker with the function of electric cooker, electric cooker is made clear, non stick rice grains. 2. Huw Rob Che S, fried with olive oil. .Stir the egg, spread into the egg cake cut into strips.Wash the spinach, whole blanch then cut into short (so that nutrition is not easy to drain) salt, vinegar, sesame oil, chicken salad will have a flavor, sausage cut stand-by (I was in the oven and bake for about) 3. After rice is stuffy. Add a small amount of salt, sesame oil, sushi vinegar, sugar, mix well. And then spread it evenly on the seaweed..Sesame seed 4. Then lay the material on the rice. 5. Then, a little bit of good volume curtain compaction. 6. The knife dipped in water and then cut into small pieces of fine cut ~ gimbap finish Happy gimbap practice video Search happy gimbap practices Daquan
Array  - 抹茶籽coo

Crispy seaweed

If a meal Steamed Rice do more and do not want to eat, give the child do it crispy rice. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Steamed Rice Laver Shrimp Black sesame Salt Starch The practice
Array  - 妞妞candy

Awesome gimbap

The first time I eat is the primary school classmate's mother (a Korean oh) in the autumn to eat. Super stick!Now you have to do it yourself.!Think for a long time, looking for, finally made from gimbap. There is South Korea's gimbap put the sesame oil and salt. These obviously popular recipes inside to add white vinegar or sushi vinegar, that is the practice of sushi...(Open) The first time I eat is the primary school classmate's mother (a Korean oh) in the autumn to eat. Super stick!Now you have to do it yourself.!Think for a long time, looking for, finally made from gimbap. There is South Korea's gimbap put the sesame oil and salt. These obviously popular recipes inside to add white vinegar or sushi vinegar, that is the practice of sushi. We do not confuse. I hope you can understand.(Stop) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Bamboo curtain Seaweed Sesame oil Sesame Dried meat floss Crab stick Ham Cucumber Egg Japanese radish Carrot Steamed Rice Fresh keeping film Mayonnaise Salt What's gimbap practice steps 1. Egg, ham, radish, cucumber cut. 2. Sesame seed. I bought it. Raw and cooked. 3. Cut the carrot, fry, mix in sesame. 4. Crab meat torn into pieces, stir fry, put sesame. 5. Dried meat floss. 6. Sesame oil 7. Rice can't burn too much. Water and rice are1:1. Let cool down after the burn. 8. Add sesame oil and salt. Mix well. 9. Disinfection of bamboo. 10. Plastic film covered with bamboo, in Shanghai moss. 11. Must brush on sesame oil!Better eat!More fragrant oh! 12. Rice to pave the way. 13. To prepare the dishes all over!Multi release point!To do is to feed their own! 14. Roll roll. Get! 15. Stick stick! Wipe sesame oil! Sprinkle with sesame seeds! 16. Lure is not attractive! 17. Do a lot of! Looks good! 18. Another volume method. That in turn, Steamed Rice with plastic wrap, placed in the seaweed on material. Awesome gimbap practice video Tips With the text on the picture, with the same steps is the same. Especially good! Go out to play can also take! I use the foil package. Search awesome gimbap practices Daquan
Array  - 君君LlllJjjjjj

Mustard gimbap

water, spare. 2. Steamed Rice, flavoring vinegar, salt, mix well(Rice is best to use a pressure cooker pressure, more sticky)Spare 3. Prepare bamboo, put laver, spare. 4. In the seaweed on the basic uniform on a layer of rice
  - Small_'fox

Six pancake

Name floatingheart Enteromorpha, Chlorophyta, Ulvaceae alga buried plant. Single tubular, fresh green to yellow green. Seaweed contains a variety of amino acids and vitamins, carrot element, iron, calcium, phosphorus, nail glue, protein and pectin, with through meridians, strong bones and muscles, heat hangover, chest and gas, teeth Mingmu effect, therapeutic value is higher. "Compendium of Materia Medica" records, the Taigan with Jianwei, diuresis, clearing away heat and toxic material, inhibition of weight reduction, blood pressure, soften blood vessels and other functions. Often eat, can prolong life. To the hotel dining when eaten several seaweed pancakes, happened to be in the market to see, so bring some back to make pancakes, this pancakes for breakfast is also appropriate with cup of milk or soy milk is good. The floatingheart soup is very delicious, into an egg, then Eggdrop Soup with seafood. Materials Ingredients Flour1Small bowl FloatingheartAppropriate amount Seasoning Peanut oil30G Salt1Teaspoon Chicken1Teaspoon Pepper1Teaspoon Six pancake approach 1.Seaweed scrub clean cut and put it into a bowl 2.Add a little flour, egg; add seasoning, add appropriate amount of water stir into batter(Thin thick batter according to the degree of personal taste determines the thickness of the pancake), then set a moment. 3.Open the electric baking pan, then scoop the batter in thin oil brush 4.Until one side of the pan fry until the shape, then turn the noodles fried cooked(The batter in the process of using a spoon evenly to avoid as far as possible with the floatingheart sink)
Array  - 舞之灵

Gimbap, three bears about gimbap practice

"Three bears" is committed to the Korean food culture heritage, not only because of the delicious food of the South Korean three, but also from the "three bears" brand behind the touching story. "The three bears" in South Korea is a well-known brand, is accompanied by the growth of every Korean songs, is representative of the happy family. "Three bears" is an important representative of Korean culture, one by Song Hye Kyo, Zheng Zhi...(Open) "Three bears" is committed to the Korean food culture heritage, not only because of the delicious food of the South Korean three, but also from the "three bears" brand behind the touching story. "The three bears" in South Korea is a well-known brand, is accompanied by the growth of every Korean songs, is representative of the happy family. "Three bears" is an important representative of Korean culture, one by Song Hye Kyo, RainRainStarred in TV play"Full house"By the vast number of consumers love the image of the three bears have been deep in the hearts of Chinese people.(Stop) Ingredients Steamed Rice300g Korean seaweedSeveral Zhang Radish1Root Sesame oilAppropriate amount Accessories   SaltAppropriate amount Sausage2Root White sesame seedAppropriate amount Gimbap, practice step three bears about gimbap practices 1. First of all in the warm rice in the salt, white sesame, sesame oil, with the hand to stir evenly on the side of the air. 2. Whisk the eggs, add a little seasoning salt into the pan and fry the egg skin cut as strips, while the pan is still hot, and cut into strips of bacon and carrot stir fry, be sure to pay attention to the furnace should not focus the also don't stiff not cooked. 3. Everything is ready, take out two pieces of seaweed thin paved, rice fell on the top, down three to four points with hand get covered with seaweed three quarters of each corner of the powder, not too much force, then put eggs a carrot a ham spinach. 4. To roll up the seaweed, it must be rolling. If the volume is not tight, it will be loose. 5. Finally, a bar with a knife cut into gimbap1.5cmThe little piece can be. Gimbap, three bears about gimbap practice practice video Tips To roll up the seaweed, it must be rolling. If the volume is not tight, it will be loose. Search kimbap, three bears about gimbap practice practices Daquan
  - skyszx

South Korean basic Seaweed Roll Rice

Ingredients Laver, sausage, carrots, spinach, sour radish, egg, cow Peng Steamed Rice, sesame oil, salt The practice steps of South Korean basic Seaweed Roll Rice 1. Prepare all materials 2. The first pot

Tuna spinach gimbap

Simple and convenient, nutritional balance. Materials Ingredients Canned tuna30GSteamed Rice60GLaver20GEgg30G Accessories Spinach20GCarrot10GThousand Island dressing15GSalt1G Tuna spinach gimbap practices 1. Beat the egg, add salt, spread into Griddle Cake in non-stick cookware in 2. Wash the spinach boiled water to squeeze the water. Wash and cut carrot, egg Griddle Cake sliced standby 3. Choose from large tuna fish, Lek to the soup, spare 4. Add sushi vinegar and mix in Rice The paper or bamboo mat in sushi nori, will mix the Rice noodles evenly on the top, compaction Hand dipped in water will not stick 5. The thousand island sauce evenly the Steamed Rice on 6. The carrot, tuna, egg and spinach on top of one end of the Steamed Rice 7. With both hands four fingers on the stuffing at the same time, both hands thumb slowly toward the front drive, roll up the stuffing 8. Roll and roll, roll to the other end, press the connector on the following 9. With a sharp sushi knife or a fruit knife, cut into thin pieces of sushi. 10. After the pendulum can eat Cooking skills1. Person who likes to eat carrots crisp taste, in fact, carrots can also omelette pan fried, carotene is more easily absorbed. 2. Canned tuna can choose soy sauce or sauce, spicy taste, according to personal preferences. 3. Rice can also be mixed with sesame, it will be more fragrant.
Array  - 寻找桃花岛

# summer vegetarian # Seaweed and Egg Soup

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients LaverA large Egg2A Tomatoes1A SaltA small spoon Sesame oilA few drops of StarchA small spoon WaterTwo large bowl OnionA short ChickenA small spoon #Summer vegetarian#Practice steps of seaweed egg soup 1. The foam washed seaweed, tomatoes, coriander slices, egg, spare. 2. The pot into the water, starch, stir and boil, while stirring while slowly into the egg, then add persimmon, seaweed, green onion, salt, after boiling, cook2Minutes off the fire, add chicken, coriander, sesame oil. A delicious taste of the soup is made. Search#Summer vegetarian#Seaweed egg soup practice
  - 飘雪636

Seaweed egg soup [low fat diet].

May be concerned about my other menu. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Egg2A Tomato1A Laver20g Chopped green onionTwo SaltAppropriate amount GingerAppropriate

Hot and sour soup seaweed fungus

Suanla Tang Qi tonic, Shugan Xingpi, nourishing qi and blood, strengthening the function of. Not too big an appetite to eat can enhance the appetite. There are some of the acetic acid and a certain bactericidal effect, not only to digest, but also to prevent the occurrence of intestinal infectious diseases. With Suanla Tang sweating also cure a cold winter, so drink Suanla Tang is still very good. Materials Ingredients Egg1ALaver10GFungus(Water)30G Accessories Green Chinese onion1SectionSalt1Small spoonPepper1Small spoonCoriander2RootVinegar1Soup spoonStarch2Soup spoon Hot and sour soup seaweed fungus practices 1. Dried black fungus diced, diced onion 2. Add half pot of water, add the seaweed and boil 3. Add black fungus 4. Add onion Ding 5. Add vinegar 6. Add water starch 7. Add pepper powder 8. Join1Salt salt 9. Pour in the egg liquid, stir with chopsticks 10. Sprinkle with parsley. Cooking skillsThe amount of vinegar and pepper powder, please adjust according to personal taste.
Array  - 壹笑嫣然

Carrots, corn Seaweed and Egg Soup (dormitory cooker version)

Laver4g Ginger2g Carrots, corn Seaweed and Egg Soup (dormitory cooker version) action steps 1. Prepare food, wash them, cut them.~ 2. Such as boiled carrots and corn grain first cook. 3. Put seaweed, eggs, soup and then boilingOK.
Array  - 泳霖不叫猪宝宝

Autumn Porkneck broccoli seaweed soup

Autumn soup: Yin Qi, lowering blood pressure, regulate the function of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Porkneck200g Broccoli300g Laver20g Salt
  - 汤水芙蓉

Good mother gimbap

Rain over the weekend to do what little girls eat, gimbap! Simple nutrition, but also with parent-child hands-on, just do it, I'm awfully girl, what is there against it! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Mayonnaise Cooked sesame seeds Sesame oilAppropriate amount The flavor of the Steamed RiceAppropriate amount Meat sausage Egg Carrot Spinach CucumberAppropriate amount Korean radish (radish sushi)Appropriate amount Good mother gimbap the practice steps 1. Spinach salt to boiling water Cheuk cooked, carrots boiled cooked, cucumber and cut into strips, scrambled eggs into the cake cut into strips, meat grain dochez and South Korea radish together Sheng disk backup! 2. Rice is not hot, join the amount of sesame oil, salt, cooked sesame seeds and mix well, for soooo only these materials so only this kind of seasoning, according to their own preferences, randomDIY! 3. Prepared bamboo curtain paved seaweed, rice with spoon uniform compaction, edge and not too thick, otherwise finished after coiling dew meal not beautiful Oh, prepared dishes followed by placing end rolled up. 4. According to their own tastes can add some salad sauce, my daughter is like the taste! 5. We must roll, otherwise the knife easily loose oh! 6. I and the girl do a few, to share with the neighbors to eat, remember to share oh! 7. Delicious dish, salad sauce, is the daughter of love, so added some! Simple and delicious, nutrition, how! Don't do it!!! Good mother gimbap practice video Tips Do Steamed Rice when the water is a little larger, increase the product operation of the viscosity, not hot and cool to the Steamed Rice operation Search good mother gimbap practices Daquan

Korean kimbap

This gimbap with a Korean wife to learn. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Cucumber, carrotGe Bangen EggFour Dried meat flossAppropriate amount Sesame oil and black sesameAppropriate amount More light meters or northeast pearl riceThe six cylinder (is meters cup) Korea roasted seaweedThree. The practice steps of Korean kimbap 1. As the figure cut into thin strips 2. Beat the egg a little saga of Lee Kum Kee steamed fish with soy sauce, sesame oil fried into Egg cakes and cut into strips 3. This amount of dried meat floss 4. Steamed rice while hot mix with sesame oil, salt, mix side side taste, let cool stir fried sesame. 5. I use the South Korean sister bought seaweed, relatively bad crackers package, but tasty. 6. Packet is not difficult, sushi curtain shop well above the shop on a layer of plastic wrap, put a piece of seaweed, shop on a layer of rice (compaction), code of cucumber, carrots, eggs, meat and sausage, roll process is the side of the volume while compaction, pack tight sushi was delicious. Is to eat, not easy overnight. Korean gimbap practice video Search Korean gimbap practices Daquan

Fried seaweed meatball

The practice steps of fried meatball laver 1. Clean water 2. Cut the fat meat. 3. Onion cut into small onion, chopped leaves do not, a little, this is a little big 4. Laver, fat, sweet
  - 玉阶听弦

South Korea big purple rice

In Korea there is a saying, "for gimbap meaning Fu capsule ", new year many! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Steamed Rice500g Laver40g Egg400g Ham200g Crab stick200g

Nutrient rich gimbap

Ingredients Rice470g Large yellow rice150g Laver9A Cucumber1A Carrot1A Spinach200g Ham sausage1A Salted radish9A Salted burdock9A Egg2A Canned tuna1A Sesame oil15ml Salt9g Cooked
Array  - 嫣若水

Rice-meat dumplings seaweed soup

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Laver Meat The practice steps Rice-meat dumplings soup seaweed 1. Soak the seaweed in cold water for a while
  - 不再见i33

Clam Seaweed soup

Cook dishes cooked rice And cook the simple and quick soup. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Venerupis philippinarum Laver Salt Edible oil The practice steps of clam Seaweed soup
  - 勇気

Gimbap (Muslim)

Muslim, only their own to do the rest assured. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Steamed RiceThe three bowl CarrotA CucumberA Beef sausageA Gimbap (Muslim) action steps 1. 1Will be carrots, cucumber, cut the growth of intestinal,2The carrots boiled.3Lay the rice.4Put the radish, cucumber and intestine placed at the edge of the.5Roll dice Gimbap (Muslim) practice video Tips Rice to heat. After a good stew to add some salt and vinegar stir. Search kimbap (Muslim) practices Daquan

Tomato Tremella Seaweed and Egg Soup ~ diet nutrition soup lunch

Ingredients Tomato2A Tremella1Block Laver20g Egg1A Tomato egg flower soup Tremella laver practice step soup nutrition lunch to lose weight 1. The two diced tomatoes, try to cut the small point, pot into the amount of olive oil, stir
  - 张小辣椒

Xian Yadan Huang gimbap

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Rice Carrot Sour radish Egg Cucumber Ham sausage Sesame Sesame oil Salt Xian Yadan. Dried meat floss Mayonnaise It Yadan gimbap the Yellow Xian steps 1. The amount of rice soaked, more than usual to put a little water (I soak in the afternoon, the evening to do) 2. Cucumber, ham sausage, sour radish cut, egg fried Griddle Cake shred! 3. Huw Rob Che S, add sesame and stir fry a little salt! 4. Ready cooked Xian Yadan yellow! 5. Ready to (do) dried meat floss can be bought off the shelf! 6. Ready to make a salad dressing (to do it yourself) can be bought off the shelf! 7. In the Steamed Rice in a few drops of sesame oil stir, then remove the seaweed on the Rice and vegetable roll, shop! 8. In order to put the salad sauce, cucumber, ham sausage, sour radish, carrot, egg, dried meat floss, Xian Yadan yellow 9. Roll up! 10. Cut1Centimeter or so thick, can be! Xian Yadan yellow gimbap practice video The search Xian Yadan yellow gimbap practices Daquan

Tomato eggs seaweed soup

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Egg2A SugarFew Soy sauceFew VinegarFew StockConditional permission SaltFew BreadA LaverFew Tomato2A OilFew The practice steps of tomato eggs seaweed soup 1. 1.The surface salt gas cooked up. 2.Open the eggs and cut in half. 3.The tomato is better than the soup.. 4.Put a good sauce into the bowl..Put a few pieces of tomato pad high selling a good friend, and then covered with seaweed, tomato, egg, pour the soup. Out pot! Search tomato eggs soup seaweed practices Daquan
  - 四月厨房

Melon shrimp Seaweed soup

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Wax gourd250g Shrimp6A Dried seaweedA Garlic oil and saltAppropriate amount The practice steps of white gourd shrimp Seaweed soup 1. Melon peel, pulp excavated section. Shrimp to the head, to die, to shrimp line, cut into small pieces. Chop the onion. 2. Only for the top of the chart. I put the shrimp less, cut the small pieces. Shrimp head and remove the skin, do not throw away, when the noodles put in, flavor. 3. Hot pot oil, oil heat, put garlic saute, add shrimp, stir fry a few, pour melon stir fry, add water, boiled, soup slowly turned white, water fast open add seaweed. 4. After adding the seaweed, the color of the soup is deep. 5. Cook until melon is transparent, you can fire off. Add MSG, sesame oil, etc.. As for salt, I feel that when I do the process or at the end of the season, you can add. I added salt to the third step, a little. In fact, not to taste fresh, no MSG flavor. Melon shrimp search Seaweed soup practices Daquan
  - 绛心一叶

Seaweed soup soup

Yummy Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Steamed RiceAppropriate amount Fast food Seaweed soupA package EggA TomatoesA Green vegetablesAppropriate amount The practice steps of Seaweed soup paofan 1. Cooked rice 2. Into the right amount of water, about a bowl. Add vegetables. Seaweed soup, tomato. Proper cook. Add eggs. Tips This is one of the people. The search Seaweed soup paofan practices Daquan
  - leisure0

Seaweed and shrimp soup

, insist for a long time, the effect is very good oh. Materials Ingredients Laver15G Shrimp20G Accessories Onion1Root Ginger1Small
Array  - 粉竽粘糖


Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Rice Laver Sushi practice steps 1. And others do the same Sushi practice video
  - 哈哈blog里

Tuna Omelet

Ingredients Laver Rice Great burdock Salted radish Cucumber Egg Carrot Zi Suye Salad sauce The practice steps of Tuna Omelet 1. Material Science
  - kaam

The purple air comes from the East -- a propitious omen

Calcium. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Laver100g Shrimp20g OnionFew GingerFew SaltFew Sesame oilFew The practice steps ziqidonglai
  - 古道夏津

Gimbap (food prepared after novices can 2 ~ 3 minutes forming)

2. Sprinkle dried meat floss in the middle of the paved rice, dried meat floss in order to display shredded carrot, radish, cucumber, ham (can join the tuna like material) 3. Then is the volume up slightly. When the volume must be tightly rolled (so as not to scatter or seaweed rupture) brush water laver to stick, interface remember water


2. Steamed Rice with a little white vinegar, put a little tomato sauce mix 3. Shutter pave the way, put laver, the uniform of rice on the floor above the laver, followed by the cucumber, ham, carrots, eggs code 4. Roll up, cut, you can eat.

This sushi

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Laver Steamed Rice Ham Sausage Dried meat floss Wait According to their own tastes Step 4 practice Sushi 1.
  - Icyy

Mixed with seaweed

This dish is simple and an appetite! Every time you have a meal, they like it. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Laver Small shrimp Coriander Salt MSG Sugar

Purple Sushi

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Carrot Cucumber Egg Purple Rice Ham Salad Laver Practice steps purple Sushi
  - khun0422


Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Laver Steamed Rice Cucumber Carrot Canned tuna Toast Radish Mayonnaise Sushi vinegar Sushi practice

Preserved Sushi

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Steamed Rice Egg Cucumber Ham Carrot Haw slice Laver Practice steps preserved Sushi 1. Good material
  - 末小艾


Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Steamed Rice, cucumber, dried meat floss, Sara, sesame, tomato sauce, cherry Sushi practice steps 1. Rice stalls in laver roll on, put chopped cucumber
  - 意林橙


Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Steamed Rice Laver Carrot, etc Sushi practice steps 1. New rice mixed with sushi vinegar put cool 2. Carrots
  - kealy

Homemade Sushi

Laver1Package Cucumber1A Carrot1A Egg2A Hot dog3A Tuna1Box White sesame seed50g Sushi vinegar50ml Green lemon1A Sesame oil4Drop Sugar15g Homemade sushi practice steps 1. First, wash the rice and cook, cooking can begin
Array  - 丫头家的厨房

3 minutes to get a night of seaweed soup

Ingredients LaverAppropriate amount SeasoningsAppropriate amount 3Minutes to get a night seaweed soup practice steps 1. Laver 2. Tear 3. Put

Simple and delicious Korean Sushi

Rice Laver Ham sausage Cucumber Egg Laver Sugar Salt Rice vinegar Korean yellow sour radish Simple and delicious Korean sushi practice steps 1. Cucumber, carrots, ham sausage, Korean sour radish cut into thin strips. Egg frying pan fried
Array  - MissAngieYoung


Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Laver Sushi practice steps 1. Cucumber Sausage Carrot Egg 2. Seaweed used in the roll
  - 米菲69


Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Glutinous rice Rice Laver Cucumber Ham Vinegar Sugar Salt Sushi practice steps
  - vipvipvip

Sushi + Rice and vegetable roll

Ingredients Steamed Rice Small cucumber Xie Liu Corn Dried meat floss Laver Fried Eggs Accessories   Salt Vinegar Mayonnaise Sushi+Practice the steps Rice and vegetable

Seaweed broth

Good drink and quick soup Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients MinceAppropriate amount Laver1Zhang CorianderAppropriate amount Soy sauceAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount