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Ultra simple lamb hot pot

simple lamb pot 1. Put a teaspoon of salt in the water. 2. Add various materials in turn. Yuba, mushroom, peas, lamb. Cooked. Open sesame and hot dip to eat. Delicious Tips Can also be in accordance with their own preferences to join a variety
  - Miao-Miao-pu

Family version of lazy lamb Hot pot

Outside the hot pot is not clean The bottom of the oil what really do not worry Themselves to do too much trouble~(Into_Into`)Today I share with you the family version of lazy lamb Hot pot kazakhstan! Name a little long But it's very simple to do. Because I am also a lazy standard Hey But it's really late. Always wanted to share this recipe. I usually have been in their Hot

Lamb pot

Fungus8A Dried tangerine peel2Slice Star anise3A Bean paste1Small spoon Practice steps of lamb pot 1. Bought lamb is certainly to bath shower, I put the four, five times water, soak the three or four hours after the turn for the water to boil for a short, must wait until finish vomit foam foam Oh
Array  - 陆晓曲

Lamb pot

Welcome the annual dinner for sheep Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Sheep leg meat Practice steps of lamb pot 1. Blanch lamb meat cut into small pieces.
Array  - Sse7en7

Lamb pot

Nan Jiang50GBamboocane100GSatay Sauce1Soup spoonChili sauce1Soup spoonSoy sauce2Soup spoonShashen20GPolygonatum10GWhite radish1A Practice of lamb pot 1. Mutton lamb chops with skin, wash, chop into pieces 2. Cold water pot
Array  - 小五的吃喝玩乐

Hot pot

Small recipe Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients MushroomBan Jin Hot pot practice steps 1. First put tofu, and then put seafood
  - 尊诺珠宝

Hot pot

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Green vegetables500g Submarine fishingA bag Mutton slices cooked in hot pot, boiled beef Sesame. Parsley. Shallot. Fermented bean curd Hot pot practice steps
  - °夕阳、

Lamb yam pot

in cold water, everyone boil, skim floating foam, put pepper, dahurian angelica root, fennel, geraniol little, small fire boil a half an hour of time to add Chinese yam, boil for half an hour off the fire, under the rolling head after the salt, parsley, onion foam can be./Bared teeth Search lamb yam pot practice
  - 梦天使1

[summary] spicy hot pot

8. The pot can be Tips Spicy hot pot restaurant is certainly delicious, but always feel out of oil and spices have problems, so try to do at home [summary] search spicy pot approach Daquan
  - 造梦婚礼

Hot pot spicy fish

Early spring, cold. Frost looked out cold, love make a pot of fish Hot pot at home, warm up. The warmth of the animal, never leave the protein! Hot pot pot of fish, one family ate a little wobble, fully and delightfully, also can be used for hospitality dishes. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute
Array  - 西瓜籽籽籽

Spicy hot pot

Spicy hot pot approach 1. Sitting in rows, fruit branch 2. Take out the bag 3. Pot boiling water 4. All the things fall in and cook.1Minute
  - 卡卡姝诺

Hot pot balls

Winter, is often the season to eat hot pot. Hot pot convenient and delicious, no matter at any time to eat hot food. Next some fans, noodles in the words, they eat very satisfied. Materials Ingredients White radish300GFigure Hot pot balls500G Accessories Celery100GBone

Spicy hot pot

Bean fruit good food to buy the sweet pot, grab the oh~~~~DUANG There are pictures of the process map will teach you how to do, no pressure Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Spicy hot pot.1A The practice
Array  - 卡卡姝诺

The head of Hot pot

Hot pot as a popular food, popular in all parts of the country. Around the customs and habits of a lot of hot pot, the method is also slightly different. In general, there is no choice to choose the fresh ingredients you like, do come out of the hot pot taste delicious. A spicy, light, meat powder, vegetable dish and so on. The cold season, three five people sitting around the table
Array  - 水青青

The head of Hot pot

With the improvement of material life, people eat food, not only to eat, but also to eat nutritious, health, health, free. I prefer to eat hot pot at home, do trust and casual, with a bit of green vegetables, again one or two meat dishes, nutrition and delicious hot pot can freely eat. Materials Ingredients Fish head1AFlammulina
Array  - 水青青

Spicy hot pot

Guarding pot Sheng Stainless steel pot full of pepper sweat, a large tub of rich content of hot, let the heart without paying attention to your needs the attention which, in front of the spicy hot pot, taste buds are the most primitive desire and satisfaction, clip together not only vegetable, it is bursting with happiness! Materials Ingredients
Array  - Reymen

Hot pot chicken

This is the winter lazy Hot pot pot. No metal hot pot, but in an earthenware pot hot pot, such good heat insulation effect, when the family, cooked before serving, Jin province and convenient. Put all the ingredients into the pot, small fire cook for half an hour can eat, electric rice cooker and cook rice, a meal is solved, super province awkward, hot pot seasoning is also used the ready-made
Array  - 万山红

Family Hot pot Yuanyang

The sky Piaoqi the snow, watching the white snow exceptionally good mood today, the food should be a kind of grand debut, Hot pot! Home made a simple Yuanyang pot, the whole family sitting together, eat warm, slowly taste of life, savoring the simple happiness of taste...... Have the privilege of Jingzhou Kamaboko, fish balls, this is by the fish meat, eggs and meat is the main raw material

Hot pot dip material

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Sesame paste30g Coriander5g Red5g Fuel consumption2g Sugar2g Practice steps of dipping in the hot pot

Bedroom hot pot

Bedroom party must Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients What do you like to eat Bedroom hot pot practice steps 1. This is the girl's bedroom.

Chocolate hot pot

Decorative candyAppropriate amount Chocolate hot pot practice steps 1. To prepare the raw material for chocolate, candy, Ye Rong (brand can be different, but the best chocolatediyUsed, the finished product is more fragile. 2. Cut the chocolate into small pieces and put them
Array  - Yuri18

The head of Hot pot

It was cold, but also to eat Hot pot season. Materials Ingredients Fish head1000GYam100G Accessories Ginger2SliceSalt and pepper1TeaspoonShallot2RootVinegar1TeaspoonWhite pepper1Teaspoon The head of Hot pot
Array  - @那时花开@

Fish Hot pot

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Grass Carp1A Stock1000ml Bottom fishing1Package Dry pepper6A Ginger20g Fish pot practice steps 1. Fresh
  - 金可多

Spicy hot pot

Ingredients Potato Xing Baogu Meat sausage Fungus Yuba Shanghai green Chinese Cabbage Coriander Shrimp Fish ball Little sheep Hot pot bottom material Garlic Dry pepper The practice steps of spicy pot
Array  - Yan_xl

Spicy hot pot

amount Cooking wineAppropriate amount Spicy hot pot materialA bag Chinese prickly ash Aniseed Pepper The practice steps of spicy pot 1. Slice the meat, sliced potatoes, cauliflower broken into pieces, onions shred, ginger slices, garlic, crushed

Homemade hot pot

PeanutAppropriate amount ParsleyAppropriate amount At the end of the spring onionAppropriate amount SesameAppropriate amount Practice steps of homemade hot pot 1. Put sesame paste to mix it with water, and then put the chives and fermented bean curd modulation. After the garlic, chopped peanuts, sesame
  - 胖丫儿5

Spicy hot pot

Romaine Lettuce Potato chips Lotus root Yuba Bean curd skin Garlic Onion Ginger Pepper Chinese prickly ash Pepper Oil Sugar Salt Taste very fresh Cooking wine MSG Hot pot bottom material
  - xia1314521

Spicy hot pot

Usually at school often eat spicy hot pot, spicy temptation is really not worth living, the hands to try to make their own, ha ha, the taste is really very good, put the following my experience to share with everyone! Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients

Private spicy hot pot

Usually at home, ah ~ ~ what's to eat hot pot, ah, ah, Ma and hot. It feels like only to eat delicious food. May have been a child has been eating chili peppers, anyway, how to eat can not have a knot in one's heart, which is the most happy girl. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute
  - 喵小米0

Seafood Hot pot

Seafood hot pot practice steps 1. Cook togetherThe material is my husband to do their own I don't know what to do. He said that he was an onion ginger. On the line I ate half of it The husband said he put a bag of food inside the pot in the pot I thought it was a preservative. Grilled the trash can We both have a long time.
  - snow末末_

Potato ribs hot pot

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Ribs potato The practice steps of potato ribs hot pot 1. First ribs clean aside, in a pot of hot, ginger, a star anise, a little bit of cinnamon, stir fry

Spicy hot pot

Yummy Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Meatball9ml The practice steps of spicy pot 1. Fire60Minute
  - 已注销

Spicy hot pot

I know incense pot attracted me in addition to taste, that a cauldron of end up what can eat a bit of a sense of fullness, can I bring visual satisfaction and sense of joy. Hot pot bottom material well, an incense pot became I think constantly of one thing. Materials Ingredients Pig.50G
Array  - 水晶月光

The head of Hot pot

The weather is cold, the head of Hot pot delicious and economic, it is also fast, two or three friends nest together to eat really good. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Fish head:One, white radish:One, thousand:Two, onion:Two
  - 落尘寰315

Seafood spicy hot pot

Bean fruit good food to buy drops Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Vegetable bag1Bag Seafood bag1Bag Seasoning1Bag The practice steps of seafood spicy pot
Array  - 妍维尼私房菜

Dry hot pot

The practice of dry hot pot 1. Grass Carp wash away in half, then chopped into small pieces 2. Add white wine, salt, pepper, dry starch, pickled for a while 3. Cut onion, garlic, ginger cut into the end
Array  - 心清似水淡若云

Hot pot chicken

Tender chicken, spicy dishes, taste super good! Eat the Hot pot pot at home is too big, not suitable for the small quantity of food, use casserole cooking. Well after the end of the whole pot, casserole dish after heat warm warm, very suitable for the winter. Materials Ingredients ChickenHalfCarrotHalf aYellow bean
Array  - 秋天是童话

Japanese salmon Hot pot

Recently the salmon are plump, so the home often buy! But every time my mother will only get into fried sweet and sour taste, and then how to eat also eat a lot of greasy. Just recently the weather has turned cold, I tried to make the hot pot to eat Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute
Array  - Ivy叶叶

Hot pot fish

cooking time than the fish a little long 5. Boiled fish.15Minutes later, turn the fire, put the fish head and fish, after about two minutes, put the fish into the pot, cook for one minute off the fire. Fish in the pot for two minutes, the use of this time can be done with water, such as fish is the most tender, the most fresh!! In the evening
  - 阜和

Hot pot dish

Improvement Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Ingredients gyui(667 The practice steps of hot pot dishes 1. No steps Tips hhhhhh Search hot
  - 音魂不散7

Spicy hot pot

The practice steps of spicy pot 1. The edge of the pot pot fairly hot, little smoke will be poured into the pot of spicy bale to stir a small fire, these materials are washed. Shrimp to thaw, boiled water, in order to pork, shrimp, various meatballs, mushrooms 2. The pork balls, all under the wok and stir fry
  - A__秋秋

The head of Hot pot

ash15GrainPepper10GrainSalt5GGinger1BlockGarlic4FlapLeek1TreeRomaine Lettuce150GVegetable oil40GWaterAppropriate amount The head of Hot pot approach 1. Preparing food, fish head with Grass Carp head, a wash four, tomatoes cut half moon, ginger Paisui garlic, crushed 2. Heat oil in a pan

Spicy hot pot

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Bacon200g All kinds of ballsFew RosaTwo Flammulina velutipesA package Rape100g LotusA little Garlic boltA Spicy hot pot material bagA bag
  - 晨晨115

Spicy hot pot

boiling water about8Minutes. Out pot. 8. Hot pot, cold oil, crab fried first1In a minute1Spoon, a small amount of water, about5Minutes. Sheng.Hot pot,2Soybean oil1Chilli pepper oil, first fried fish tofu about1Minutes, in the inverted pepper, pepper, pepper, nutmeg, pepper sauce, in order to squid, wings, crab, black fungus, potatoes, beans
Array  - 钱樱心

Northeast sauerkraut Hot pot

Chinese wolfberrySome Red datesA few The practice steps of northeast sauerkraut Hot pot. 1. After cleaning the pickled cabbage, shredded. The pot of water add pepper, aniseed, scallion, ginger, boil boiled pork30Minutes or so. 2. After freezing and thawing the frozen tofu, clean
  - 孬孬酱

Happy hot pot

Grouper1000g Fungus100g Broccoli100g Baby Cabbage100g Chrysanthemum coronarium100g Spinach100g Flammulina velutipes100g Mushrooms100g Romaine Lettuce200g Green onion and coriander50g Sesame paste100g Hot pot seasoning2Bag Hot pot of practice steps

Spicy hot pot

Bullet pepper30g Onion1A Green Chinese onion1Root Garlic1Head The lotus rootHalf of the root Potato2A Celery50g Flammulina velutipes1The Chinese Cabbage50g Carrot50g White sesame seed30g Mung bean sprouts30g Hot pot bottom materialHalf a bag

The hot pot seasoning version

I do is5Personal amount, with three chicken legs, and these dishes, enough Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients The big chicken3A Homemade chicken pot chicken marinadeAppropriate amount Red99Hot pot bottom
Array  - 猫爪挠挠

Hot pot chicken

Hot pot chicken taste spicy and delicious, unless it is authentic Sichuan chef, to make authentic Sichuan not easy. Want to make their own authentic Sichuan at home? The universal Hot pot bottom material to help you easily, make authentic Hot pot chicken! Materials Ingredients Chicken leg4AHot pot bottom material30G
  - tgcyy

Spicy Hot pot

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Spicy Hot pot bottom material bag Ginger piece Garlic half Pepper a look at their own taste A small amount of sugar The Hot pot spicy practice steps
  - 木8

Hot pot chicken

The main dish is my Hot pot in winter, especially Mala Ji Hot pot. Mala Ji Hot pot is a very simple Home Dishes, very good, a three yellow wiped clean. Eat whole body warm. With the first Pixian fried chili sauce and then cook chicken Red oil. Mala Ji Hot pot of spicy and delicious, tender chicken, and the cook more fragrant, especially suitable for winter to eat dinner. Like to eat spicy food
Array  - 西马栀子

The head of Hot pot

The increasingly cold weather in the north, all is the most Hot pot seasonal food. The head of Hot pot taste spicy, with a variety of vegetables, delicious and not zaohuo. I am not a Sichuanese, the fish head hotpot is according to the tastes of the family members, of course, talking about is not authentic, homely approach can only be counted! Materials
Array  - tgcyy

The head of Hot pot

The cold winter, to cook a pot of steaming hot pot, and family sitting together, ate, chatted, around hotpot, Shabu Shabu, very hot, enjoyable, is very warm. Materials Ingredients Fish head1ABean curd500G Accessories Salt5GSpicy sauce10GPeanut oil20GFresh flavor2GCoriander20G
Array  - 水青青

Consumption of cow hot pot

The practice of consuming beef pot Lijiang tends to let people ignore its food——Because there are too many views. In fact, yak hot pot, just enough to make you completely fall in love with Lijiang. Living in non pollution plateau yak, grazing, and tender meat, is the most loving collectors. In addition to the yak hot pot, the Han people are not yet another way to a product
Array  - 

Beer hot pot chicken

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Chicken meat1Only Beef tendon1Block Beer1Bottle Star aniseAppropriate amount Practice steps of beer hot pot chicken 1.

Spicy hot pot

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Vegetables Meat Meatball The practice steps of spicy pot 1. Some dishes, and some dishes fried, and finally mixed Pixian bean
  - 笙屿

Chicken hot pot

, garlic, onionAppropriate amount Chicken hot pot practice steps 1. Diced chicken, boiled water. Drain water. 2. Fire, heat oil, add ginger, chili beans flowers. Dry bean. Saute 3. Add chicken and stir fry. When the meat
  - 花.婕

Homemade pork hot pot

Many people don't like mutton smell of mutton smell, eat mutton hot pot will support, change the pork also super rods, boiled soup clear faint, taste mellow, noodle soup are great, simple manufacture, without having to deal with the smell, simple manufacture material Ingredients Pure lean pork or pork1000g
  - 秦雪飞wi

Homemade spicy hot pot

Particularly like to eat spicy hot pot, but I always feel restaurant dry pot is too greasy, for mild fatty liver, I really is elusive, so resolutely decided to do it himself. This method make the dry pot is not greasy, but also tasty. The main whether family production, very convenient. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary
  - 吃货206

Spicy hot pot

meatHalf of the box CorianderA Huangchenglaoma spicy seasoningA small bag80g Sauce: soy sauce Vinegar Zanthoxylum oil Oyster sauce Five spice powderA small bowl Dry pepperTwo The practice steps of spicy pot 1. Lettuce The lotus root Snow pea "Water", potatoes Carrot "Oil
Array  - MichelleDN

Spicy hot pot

Kitchen seasoning brother incenseA package The practice steps of spicy pot 1. But first you like the material to be cut! 2. Put all the vegetables in the pot, add salt, or the vegetables have no taste. Tips You can add

Spicy hot pot

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Fish balls, tofu, chicken wings, Wangjiadu spicy seasoning, soy sauce, pepper, dried pepper The practice steps of spicy pot 1. Fish balls, tofu, lotus root, potato, fungus, mushroom
  - 雪545

Dry hot pot

of spicy shrimp 1. Shrimp head wash soak, want to look good to be set, and some sharp angle. 2. Seven oil hot pot, shrimp red can be picked up spare. Is to put the water into dry, a dry pot of feeling. 3. Small shallot, ginger, garlic, pepper
Array  - 虫儿飞73

Seafood spicy hot pot

OnionHalf a Green Chinese onionA GingerAppropriate amount Clam1Jin Spicy hot pot seasoningAppropriate amount The practice steps of seafood spicy pot 1. Potato chipsBaby food for half and half, and then half cutLettuce into leafOnion, green onions, ginger cut spare

Korean troops Hot pot

Marinated Egg1A Bean curd1Block Flammulina velutipes200g Mushrooms100g Luncheon meat100g STRONG PIG BONE SOUP1A Korean chili sauce3Spoon Cabbage kimchi100g Squash50g Frozen squid ring150g The practice steps of Korean troops Hot pot
  - 孍儿

Pickled fish Hot pot

Pickled fish hot pot source in Chongqing folk dishes, fish and soak vegetables stewed soup, taste delicious, beautiful color, aroma, spicy and sour, fresh, healthy , and the hot pot. I add mutton in pickled fish soup Chrysanthemum And fish. With pickled fish soup is very delicious mutton slices cooked in hot pot, but also to the greasy fresh. My fish is alive with Grass Carp, I put the head left
Array  - 西马栀子

The winter warm Hot pot

The cold winter, the family sitting around a group, eating hot pot, warm. Materials Ingredients Beef slices1500G Accessories Hot pot bottom material1BagChrysanthemum coronarium500GSpinach300GFlammulina velutipes500GFish roll300GRice-meat dumplings500GSweet potato2APeanut
  - Mua淡如菊

DIY spicy hot pot

not spicy, red sausage300g Shrimp5Only Cauliflower150g Lettuce150g Flammulina velutipes200g Tomatoes1A Onion1Only GingerHalf block Garlic1Head Dry pepper30A Chinese prickly ash2Spoon Aniseed6A Geranium2Slice Hot pot bottom materialHalf a pack

Spicy hot pot

Natural selection difficult disease, so spicy hot pot is the only solution, a pot of fried together, can eat what they like and clips, perfect to Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Beef250g Chicken250g

Version of spicy hot pot Hot pot bottom material

Want to eat what vegetables to buy what, what dish to use what dish, go out to eat the hot pot is not finished the dishes can also be packaged back to do Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients PotatoAppropriate amount
  - 木多余

Spicy fish tofu Hot pot

Yesterday to eat pickled fish Hot pot. Children's requirements. Left to the head, do this spicy fish Hot pot. The head is small enough, the children eat. The little pot or the children go home from school. And the protein in the bean curd is not complete. Protein deficient in methionine and lysine, these two ingredients are more abundant in fish meat;Fish protein phenylalanine content is less
Array  - 西马栀子

Homemade version of spicy hot pot

Their spicy hot pot, very casual, what side dishes like add what, spicy level can also according to their own preferences. This brush can own at home, spicy hot pot is really no we think so difficult. Materials Ingredients Bean curd skin50GMushroom40GKelp50GChicken wings4AAgrocybe chaxingu40GLotus40GBlack fungus40GLuncheon
Array  - 杜鹃花美食

Chongqing xuewang small Hot pot

Hot pot is China's traditional way of eating, originated in the Han folk, a long history. Chongqing hot pot, also known as duck hot pot or spicy hot pot, its origin is in the late Ming and early Qing of Chongqing Jialing River, Chaotian gate pier boatman trackers extensive way of dining, along with the development of society, the vicissitudes of history, people's eating habits, the unique flavor
Array  - anankitchen

Japanese style seafood hot pot

Ingredients Fresh scallop10A Chinese CabbageHalf a Flammulina velutipes1The Cod2Slice MushroomsA few Silk1Box Green Chinese onionA few Japanese hot pot sauce100ml Japanese taste1Small spoon WaterSufficient Kelp knotA
  - weisyS

Seafood hot pot soup bottom

Chinese New Year at home can also make a hotel like the delicious hot pot soup, health and health Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Dried scallopA ShrimpHalf Clam300g MSG, saltFew
  - 豆帝煮

Simple Sichuan hot pot dishes

Saying today is greedy hot pot, then pulls out home left a bag of pot bottom material, careless to do the meal simple hot pot to take food, tasteHOver! Satisfy! This dish I, perhaps not as good as other pro do with, but wins in simple, do not need to too many ingredients and complicated preparation work, only need a bag of pot bottom material and common spices and your fridge free some
Array  - sunny麦田

Homemade spicy Hot pot bottom

The most like snow outside the home, Hot pot boiling, feel very warm. Always go to the supermarket to buy ready-made material, every time very disappointed...... Then think about it, or do it yourself! Delicious no added, but also the taste of the family adjustment. To illustrate, this bottom material is a main feature of spicy, so stock I don't usually go to personally cook
  - 菲兔兔菲

Korean pickled cabbage Hot pot

of Korean pickled cabbage Hot pot 1. 1.The kimchi fried to can smell very strong sour, then add the sauce and seasoning, after adding bone soup, simmer for ten minutes, then the all the ingredients inside, cooked, can be started. Search Korean pickled cabbage Hot pot approach Daquan
  - robyn_阿喜

New Year cake Hot pot

My husband and I like to eat, the third did, feeling than outside the Korean hot pot more delicious) before are not uploaded, today want to upload, but not to buy beef, only with pork and chicken breasts instead. Strip New Year cake did not buy, buy sheet, the effect is the same! Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time
  - cherry_舅妈

Spicy hot pot (super simple)

Dad said he loved it, ",soThen, a lot of online shopping Sichuan spices, spicy hot pot to a simple version, the taste is very good.. In fact, the dishes you like can be added to Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10Cent or so Ingredients Spicy hot pot

Spicy hot pot Home Edition

Baby Cabbage1A Chrysanthemum coronarium100g Dry pepper Chinese prickly ash.Pepper Garlic.Chopped green onion Spicy hot pot Family version of the practice step 1. Prepare all the ingredients Especially Chinese prickly ash Mahjong Dry pepper 1.The fry as closely linked as flesh and blood
  - 小棉袄CL

Spicy hot pot (Home Edition)

ball50g Silk100g Cauliflower50g Garlic1Head Peanut20g Spicy hot pot (Home Edition) practice steps 1. Wash prawns, remove the shrimp line with brains 2. Lettuce and ham sausage cut well
Array  - 老王家的小厨房

Spicy pig's trotters Hot pot.

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Pig's trotters1250g Jon60g Hot pot bottom materialHalf block Rock candy15g Star anise6A Dry pepper10g Cooking wine1A large spoon Red
Array  - 超级顾问

Not be happy without spicy spicy hot pot

My husband and I are super spicy, spicy hot pot is not love. In the beginning we have been outside popular pan. Do not say in your material is not assured, before later on their own at home do eat, do is use sea fishing spicy pot material, delicious is delicious, but hot enough for a package materials to more than a dozen really eat a few shrimp. Now after a lot of research

Teach you to do the best to eat hot pot

Ingredients Free range chicken1Only Celery, carrot, onion, pepper, pepper, corianderAppropriate amount Onions, ginger, garlic, pepper, pepper, soy sauce, Pixian bean, sugar, salt, chilliAppropriate amount The practice steps to teach you to do the best to eat hot pot 1. Wash all kinds
  - vickykaka

Clever cook noodles (noodles) Hot pot characteristics

This bowl is delicious, but eat only know! Cooking time will be too little! The method is also very simple! Noodle type can be free to face Rice noodles Vermicelli can be used. Definitely better than the outside of the hot pot, and clean. A casserole is the best There is no relationship Ingredients

Korean New Year cake cheese Hot pot

a Xin Hand-Pulled NoodleA bag Spicy cabbage300g The practice steps of Korean New Year cake cheese Hot pot 1. Ingredients ready, right, Don't forget to have black pepper and sesame oil. 2. Fry the onion and fry the fragrance. Put black pepper

Korean New Year cake Hot pot cheese

cabbageAppropriate amount Bean sproutsAppropriate amount The practice steps of Korean New Year cake Hot pot cheese 1. The original materials are combined. 2. The various ingredients cut slice, uniform code at the bottom of the pot, the bottom layer of bean sprouts
Array  - 紫芋猪宝

Korean seafood New Year cake Hot pot

EggA The practice steps of Korean seafood New Year cake Hot pot 1. Put the oil pan, add onion, add cabbage, Sara rice sausage, shrimp, shrimp, New Year cake, egg, Hand-Pulled Noodle. Add a little water, sprinkle with Korean chili sauce, fire stew a few minutes can eat. Search Korean
  - 瑶瑶大厨

Korean in a very hot - Army cheese pot

Some time ago to see the drama "together with the meal," eat the army of the hot pot, see the female master to eat is just like the world delicious. I bought the material to come back to do, the result is not over, continuous eat10A few days. This is very fast,10In a minute you can eat, but also delicious, really not good to eat you come to me.
Array  - 把你喂成猪

South Korean kimchi hot pot (homemade)

Because I love Korean pickled cabbage, hot and sour feeling, so eat up very warm winter Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Pickles,1A Cabbage4A RosaAppropriate amount A pot of soup
  - 阿婷儿1

Family mutton slices cooked in hot pot

The main is to arrange the time is long Spicy=Vegetable oil, pepper (not powdered), grinding crushed pepper. Abrasive grinding crushed cumin, cumin crushed, salt (can put more points), black pepper (little) Base on the direct purchase of little sheep Hot pot bottom material, hot one Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate
  - juanzi5678

Homemade spicy duck Hot pot bottom material

Ingredients Lamb Spine Hot Pot2Jin Accessories Dry Hawthorn10Slice Hot pot bottom material1Bag Pixian bean paste2Spoon Seasoning Onion1Root
Array  - 温柔dy

Shanxi Nian Yefan essential traditional Hot pot

Shanxi Nian Yefan essential--The practice steps of the traditional hot pot 1. Shred cabbage stems, pot and stir fry after Sheng into the Hot pot, backing. 2. According to the order of the fungus, mushrooms, squid, sea cucumber, fried tofu, shred the code into the pot
  - 行摄_疯子

Korean cheese (pot, pickled cabbage army New Year cake Hot pot pot)

) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Cheese New Year cakeA bag of general500g No words Hand-Pulled Noodle Budaoweng Hot pot, Hot pot instant noodles.1To two people a pack of two people to four two pack, boys and a bag Fish cakeA bag of a move400g Ma Su cheese.30g
Array  - 蘑菇三姨

Liang food Hot pot bottom material roast chiken block

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Chicken meat850g Potato2A Onion (big)Half a Green pepper2A Accessories   Onion ginger garlic Beam food hot pot bottom
Array  - 梁食

The formula of DIY process in Chongqing Hot pot bottom material

This formula Hot pot shop resistant top secret formula taste quite like! Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Butter2Jin Salad oil1.5Jin Pixian watercress1Jin Spirit50G Fermented
  - C妈小厨娘

Do the most simple and authentic spicy Hot pot at home

Simple does not work, no matter how high or low your cooking, can do a meal with family, friends at home comfortably suit to eat a meal that is health and delicious spicy hot pot. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Cent or so Ingredients What to eat
  - 金老练

Lactation can eat chicken soup delicious than Hot pot, ah

The birth of a girl after all want to eat hot pot of chicken, but soup to eat, not to eat spicy husband, so the house research out of a kind of sauce flavor hot pot of chicken, simple steps, do not pass a plan Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients
  - 沐汁

The characteristics of Shanxi, Heshun county (in the traditional Hot pot Oh surprise!)

Legend is a lazy child, loves to eat Hot pot (here refers to the pot type Hot pot). He felt not easy to rinse rinse to bake, and the hot, almost do not eat Hot pot warm issued. So he filled the pot once, but also improved the ingredients. Gradually, people spread down. It does not contain any processing of spices, is the most primitive thing. Do not need oil, but also the oil
  - 屌丝王