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Spicy king crab

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients King crabA Green onions, ginger50g Cooking wine2Spoon Pixian bean paste2Spoon The practice steps of the king crab
Array  - 洗碗哥001

Onion ginger fried crab

6. Recently discovered that now eat the king crab is delicious ah, onion ginger fried king crab legs, this is only a part of the legs, a king crab good big said, I put a crab do4A dish Tips I do all the cooking is not to put MSG in general, I think it is not very healthy, so after you see the my menu inside estimates find the seasoning
Array  - 舌尖上的猫窝窝

Emerald crab soup

As long as the seafood is not allergic to, male Female Old Less In Green Young Suitable nutrition soup to eatO(A_A)O~. King crab meat in particular, so recommend this. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients King crab
Array  - 吃货在人间

King of the Griddle Cake protein

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Butter50g Medium gluten flour55g Powdered sugar45g Protein one33g The king of the protein Griddle Cake step approach 1. Adding sugar butter at room temperature
  - 项象

Qinghai King seafood noodle

Practice steps of the Qinghai King seafood noodles 1. 1Cook pasta Crab cut into four small pieces Shrimp to sand Then make a pot of water Pour some wine Add some ginger After the squid flower water (not too long) out Continue boiled shrimp and crab Color can be Wash bean sprouts 2. 2From the pan
Array  - 蒂熙

Crab flavor mushroom soup

The soup boiled crab mushroom, and walnut, the taste is very special Materials Ingredients Crab flavor mushroom300G Accessories California walnut(Dry)80GSalt2GChopped onionsAppropriate amountStock200G

Satay King ribs

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Spareribs1A Satay King/SauceTwo. Soy sauceTwo. Cooking wine1Spoon Thirteen fragrant/SpicedAppropriate amount/Not essential StarchAppropriate amount
  - Name傻婆

Cheese crab

Ingredients Crab2Only Starch2Spoon Egg1A CrumbsAppropriate amount CheeseAppropriate amount Practice steps of cheese crab balls 1. Steamed crab 2. The crab shell
  - 小喃8

King Prawn cake crony calcium

" king of milk10Times, is super super calcium expert. You can be cold, chafing dish, soup, stuffing, as long as you can think of, it will be you are in the hands of a healthy green vegetable snacks.(Stop) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients
Array  - jijiqucho

Hokkaido Qi Feng (King of formula)

Fine sugar50g Fine sugar30g Milk30g Salad oil30g Vanilla cream filling1A Hokkaido Qi Feng (King of formula) action steps 1. Egg egg yolk separation, if the egg is small compared with five. There is no oil in the basin. 2. First
Array  - 恩笨

Yellow crab

Old in the old Shanghai snack stalls on a feeding, people to this snack the a beautiful name, called yellow crab. Yellow crab named for its yellow color and round shaped like a crab shell. Who is the little yellow crab called Clay oven rolls really tell the initiator of evil. As a snack, it is popular in Shanghai. "No cake shop to smell, entrance puff pastry", whether it is white-collar
Array  - 坨坨妈

Spicy crab

Hele crab production from Sanya, because Wu chubby seafood processing shop chef cooking is famous, has now become the Sanya seafood processing shop of a signature dish. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10Cent or so Ingredients Happy crab
  - 哭灬泣

Fried crab

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients CarrotCustom Method of deep fried crab 1. 1Washed and shredded carrots2Carrots, salt and chopped green onion noodles3After the hot pan with chopsticks
  - 谷雨5

Steamed crab

This is the second.4The public4The mother with the bracelet of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs. Green shell white belly, claw losea gold is characteristic of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs. Because the crab is cold, eat more cold ginger solution. Materials Ingredients Hairy crabs8Only Accessories
Array  - Qiuyue0815

Steamed crab

Ingredients Crab1000g Onion ginger garlic Yellow Wine Fish sauce Sugar The steamed crab practice steps 1. Go to the gills Shred onion ginger garlic 2. Fire

Steamed crab

Dungeness CrabIn Chinese translation for the Dungeness crab, this very aptly stated, as the crab products an important resource, it really is a very valuable treasures. This crab is big and fleshy, from California to Alaska were fishing in the waters. Today, whether in San Francisco or Shanghai, the gem has great market demand for crab
  - 桃_酥

Steamed crab

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Crab Vinegar Soy sauce Garlic Ginger Steamed crab practice steps 1. With the water to the water to soak the crab in the water5Minutes or so
Array  - 刘小萌0

Curry Crab

Ingredients Sea crabA Potato1Only Onion1Only Color pepper1Only CurryAppropriate amount ButterAppropriate amount Cheese or milkAppropriate amount Starch or egg whiteAppropriate amount The practice steps of curry crab
Array  - Mars100

Bureau of crab

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Crab1000g SaltFew The practice steps of bureau of crab 1. Choose this blue foot crab
Array  - 李二娃5

Crab porridge

OilA small spoon Crab porridge practice steps 1. Rice wash, add water to boil, on the amount of their own home cooked porridge on the line. Crab legs breaking down, the crab body all in half, put in porridge. 2. Salt, cooking wine, pepper, and a spoon of oil, add ginger.
Array  - 瘦学霸

Steamed crab

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Crab Steamed crab practice steps 1. Use brush to brush clean crab, then steamed Steamed crab search
  - zylo

Delicious crab

Mother's taste Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients River crab3 Green Chinese onionFew GingerFew AniseedFew SaltFew The practice steps of delicious crab
  - 李鸿宇

Lotus crab

sauceAppropriate amount Corn flourAppropriate amount VinegarAppropriate amount Practice steps of lotus crab 1. Buy fresh crab Diced Brush with a toothbrush 2. Start curing the crab. Turn the garlic Ginger One or two drops of oil A spoon of soy sauce Half a spoon
  - 短短虫

Crab dumplings

Eat crab season how can not taste the delicious, is once a year can not miss the delicious, eat the crabs and how can does not taste the crab Xiaolong dumplings, do it yourself perhaps not beautiful, but inside the stuffing businesslike, good taste is the hard truth. Materials Ingredients Flour150GPork filling150GCrab meat150G
  - 香儿厨房

A spicy crab

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Swimming crab1Box Onion1A Aniseed pepperFew Lemon1A Pepper20g SesameFew Onion ginger garlicAppropriate amount Cooking wineFew

Braised crab

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Fresh crab2Only CorianderAppropriate amount Oil Salt Chicken Soy sauce Cooking wine Jiang Suan Braised crab
Array  - 小小应应

Perilla crab

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Crab1Only Perilla frutescens crispa5Zhang Garlic2A Ginger1Block Shallot2Root Cooking wineFew SaltFew The practice steps perilla

Lactagogue King carp tofu soup

Coriander2A The practice steps of King carp tofu soup prolactin 1. Prepare the food: fish packed back wash drain, knife, small blisters open wolfberry, 2. After the hot pot oil, oil heat explosion of onion, ginger, Chuxiang fish pot Jianzhi sides slightly yellow, add a teaspoon
  - 小灵犀

Black Tea Wafer (King of formula)

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Low gluten flour125g Black Tea tea2g(1Package) Boiling water100g Butter30g Salt1/4Small spoon1.25Ml) Baking powder1/2Small spoon2.5Ml) Black Tea Wafer (King of the formula) action
Array  - 洛成寂流沙飞

Crab porridge

Adult children love to eat Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Crab500g Rice200g Crab porridge practice steps 1. First boiled porridge
Array  - 小樱小可6

Curry Crab

Ingredients Crab2Only Arctic shrimp5Only The practice steps of curry crab 1. Flushing crab 2. Shrimp to shrimp line 3. Potatoes shrimp oil
Array  - yue月月乖乖

Curry Crab

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Crab Oyster sauce Curry Coconut powder Green pepper The practice steps of curry crab 1. Green pepper, diced garlic, crab cut four (cross) coconut
  - 小高粱

Fried crab

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Crab5Only OnionTwo. GingerA piece of GarlicFew SaltA few Fuel consumptionTwo. Soy sauceA spoon SpiritHalf a cup
Array  - SunFlower743

Crab bread

Cute crab shape, thick cream and butter, and then have to face a delicious taste. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients High gluten flour120g Milk50g(according to the water absorption of flour, as appropriate
Array  - 米西了

Crab porridge

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Rice A little sesame oil Crab stick The practice steps of crab congee 1. Clean the rice into the pot and cook it in the pot.
  - 豆粉8178129

Steamed crab

A family of three in addition to my interest in seafood, father and son of the thing is not a common cold. When you get home, you do it. Materials Ingredients Crab6Only Accessories GingerA few pieces ofSoy sauce1TeaspoonVinegar3TeaspoonSesame oil1TeaspoonGarlicSeveral
Array  - 黄豆豆的一家

Steamed crab

Crab, also known as crab, fresh, without spices, as long as a little ginger, vinegar can. Materials Ingredients Crab8Only Accessories GingerAppropriate amountRice vinegarAppropriate amount Steamed crab practice
Array  - youhaha0的厨房

Homemade pizza sauce - the king's Edition

(5cc) Oregano (oregano)A small spoon (5 cc) Sweet basil1/2Small spoon2.5cc) Salt6g Homemade pizza sauce - the way of the king's Edition 1. All the ingredients (9A) 2. Heat the wok with butter

Beautiful king hat cake (8 inch)

the pictures, act with confusion...First sun I love the little prince, I call him king, like the king's crown(Stop) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Milk80g Cheese70g Egg5A Corn oil50g Low gluten flour100g
Array  - aqzs2008_oxn

Powder steamed crab (crab steamed vermicelli)

oilAmount (slightly more) Soy sauceTwo. ChickenAppropriate amount Sesame oilA few drops of SaltAppropriate amount The practice steps of powder steamed crab (crab steamed vermicelli) 1. Cut the garlic, saute pan, wok. Add soy sauce, salt, chicken, sesame oil (Note: the soup is great, otherwise

The king's crisp pizza improved version

of the improved version of the king's crisp pizza 1. Add warm water and knead into a uniform dough.(Must be warm or hot dead will not become unleavened dough fermentation surface) 2. The dough is placed in half an hour and two times as large as the fingers. 3. Production
Array  - Zyanya

Heavy cheese cake to the king's Edition

7. Remove natural cooling and put in the refrigerator.4Hours can enjoy La ~ heavy cheese is absolutely cheese fans craving book Oh Tips Stirring constantly stirring uniform Search heavy cheese cake to the king's version of the practice
  - nnbuty

With Nian Yefan gold (bread crab crab)

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Bread crab Cornstarch Bean paste With Nian Yefan gold (bread crab crab) action steps 1. Split into gold crab shell, seed, rest cut, wrapped in flour, into the pan fried
  - 楠木的木

Crab tofu soup

Crab yolk color and shape of Huang Naixian, because it is a name like crab, the crab is beauty. Salted egg yolk and tofu pushed into a soup, suitable for children of a long body, if giving the old food, be sure to reduce the amount of salted egg yolk, avoid to absorb too much cholesterol. Materials Ingredients Xian Danhuang6ATender
Array  - youhaha0的厨房

Stir fried crab

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Crab Stir fried crab in the practice step 1. 1The onions, ginger into the pan, stir fry, washed crab stir fry, add wine flavor,.2Add fresh soy sauce and stir fry tasty.3Add a small amount of water

Dry mix lucky crab

green onionA The practice steps of dry mix lucky crab larvae 1. Chopped garlic pepper Chopped green onion 2. Oil heat oil Oil heat 3. Peppers stir out fragrance

Crab soup dumplings

~Open the steamer,Smoke,Crystal dumplings,Clip up transparent skin soup ready.Rich and sweet crab soup,Out of the moment,At that moment the mood can not say. Materials Ingredients Pork filling250GCrab ovary100GLard60GEgg1ASoy sauce1Soup spoonSalt1TeaspoonSugarFewCooking wine1Soup spoonOnion1SectionGinger1Block

Crab pumpkin bag

Crab pumpkin package        This package, taste sweet and delicate, lovely shape domineering, run amuck at our table, fully demonstrated the characteristics of crab Kazakhstan~Initial this package, praising the idea, long time no figure pasta, just practice on the hand, do not rub a circle without pinching fold novice friends play is also very good
Array  - 绿野仙踪olivia

Cooked crab cooked powder

the meal for the home cooked crab 1.Cold water, the dry powder into the pot 2.Boiled water can be picked up; set aside 3.Wash directly into the crab2Half(I'm not this big, if too big a cut4A) 4.The meat cut filaments marinated with salt and cooking wine5Peel carrots also cut stand-by minutes; 5.Cut green onions and ginger, shredded cabbage leaves and can be cut; 6.Hot pot of cold oil
Array  - 寂寞在跳舞

Crab clam soup

My daughter loves to eat crab and shellfish seafood, a chowhound, this match how a "fresh" word! Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Swimming crab2Only Clam10A AsparagusFew Bamboo shootsFew
Array  - 童童粑粑内人

Stir fried crab

Chicken The practice steps of stir fried crab 1. The crab wash with liquor, wine, salt, chicken essence, development20To30Minute 2. After the research, the soup into bowls, join soy sauce, soy sauce, sugar (sugar appropriate) (transfer a good sauce to a slightly sweet can use chopsticks dipped
  - superwoman_T

Small boiled crab

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Salt, onion, ginger, garlic, pepper It boiled crab small steps 1. Buy crab rinse 2. Water is the crab in all material

Crab Fried rice with egg

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Egg3A Shallot10g Rice500g Salt5g Vinegar10ml Ginger1A The practice steps of Fried rice with egg crab
  - 兔兔TUT

Crab meat tofu soup

Ingredients Swimming crab2Only Old bean curd1Block Tomato2A The practice steps of crab meat tofu soup 1. Crab clean cut, add cooking wine, ginger, pickled pepper,20Minutes, put the amount of oil into the pot, stir fried crab, crab to color
  - xwmljj811

Seafood crab porridge

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients ShrimpMore than a dozen Crab3Only BeerA bottle of PepperAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount GingerAppropriate amount CorianderAppropriate amount
Array  - 优柔君

Delicious bread crab (a crab to eat crab fried rice, two: ginger Sauteed Crab)

Bread crab is a relatively high on the ingredients, rich in protein, trace elements and other nutrients, the body has a very good nourishing effect. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Bread crab1Only about650g Egg2A
Array  - 淇淇2013

Typhoon shelter fried crab

garlic, Jiang Baoxiang 5. Add spring onion 6. Into the crab, stir fry a few times 7. Just pour some wine 8. Stir fry a few, have changed color
  - 南芷Echo

Stir fried crab

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Crab3A Stir fried crab in the practice step 1. Wash with crab 2. Prepare ginger, garlic
  - 颖翠

The lore of crab legs

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Crab legs1000g Rice pepperAppropriate amount GarlicAppropriate amount GingerAppropriate amount Brewed rice wineAppropriate amount Chopped green onionAppropriate
Array  - 我有三个宝宝

Stewed crab lion head

Stewed crab lion head is a Jiangsu Yangzhou Han dishes, Belong to Huaiyang cuisine, lion head Feinen abnormalities, that is the entrance, after eating crab delicious, full of fragrance, sweet tooth. Spread to the Tang Dynasty, one day, Zhi Gong Wei Huan national banquet, Fuchu chefs Wei Chan also made Yangzhou of the four famous dish, and accompanied with delicacies, amphibious treasures, so
Array  - 热情幸福de眼泪

Dry pot of spicy crab

It is said that the number of restaurants in Chengdu60000Many, after Beijing, Shanghai. In this60000A number of restaurants, both famous catering industry evergreen tree outside, also has a boutique boom bust. Once the "hot pot" and "hot and spicy crab" is definitely the representative of the latter. Spicy crab now fire all over the country, remember that year in Chengdu, the most famous

Winter crab porridge

Winter crab season is almost over, now also do a pot of fat crab crab porridge in winter, eat hot family Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Winter crab2Only Cooked rice3Bowl Cornstarch5g
Array  - 蚯蚓猪

Stewed crab lion head

Stewed crab lion head approach 1.Pork fat were separated, cut into filaments, then cut into rice shaped small pomegranate 2.First chop a few fat, then add the pork chop together a little while, the so-called rough cut fine cut 3.Steamed crabs 4.From the crab, crab paste, crab, crab, crab paste will be chopped 5.Onion, ginger cut slices, into the water by hand knead a few placed after half
Array  - 简单煮意

Crab steamed bread

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Wheat flour Practice steps of crab steamed bread 1. Yo fat crab Steamed buns Search crab steamed bread practice

Once Shixiang spicy crab

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Crab1000g Ciba pepper250g Fennel30g Pixian watercress100g Star anise1A Chinese prickly ash20g Interior eardamom4A Garlic40g
Array  - 曾维宇

Gold burst crab

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Wild crab springAppropriate amount MintAppropriate amount SaltA few Vegetable oilAppropriate amount Practice steps of the golden crab
  - 52097

Braised crab melon

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Ingredients Fresh crabAppropriate amount Wax gourdAppropriate amount Braised crab melon practice steps 1. Wash the crab cut melon slices together with stew cooked, simple and delicious
  - jimmy_仔

Crab-Flavored Fish

A dish of tongue, white, yellow and white color of light, taste like crab meat. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Egg3 Fish150g Shrimp meat5-8Only Ginger Soy sauce1Spoon
Array  - 小姿饭儿

Stir fried crab

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Crab3Only Accessories   Onion ginger garlicAppropriate amount Cooking wineAppropriate amount Soy sauce Oyster sauce Stir fried crab practice steps
Array  - 丫头家的厨房

Crab-Flavored Fish

Authentic dishes Crab-Flavored Fish, fish egg and various seasoning material! The crab is my name, just as the name suggests, because of the taste and the crab taste very much like! Crab season has not arrived, but also want to taste the taste of the crab taste of the pro Gu may wish to try! And egg contains rich nutrients, such as protein, minerals, vitamins and so on is old
Array  - Zara_瓊

Delicious tomato and spicy crab

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Millet pepperAppropriate amount Garlic2A Ginger4-5Slice Chopped green onionAppropriate amount Tomato2A Crab10Only around SpiritAppropriate amount
  - 实果子7

No MSG crab seafood porridge

Northeast rice2Bucket meter (4~6People) Shrimp1Jin Crab3~6Only Coriander1The Celery1The Accessories   Candied dishesArbitrarily SaltAppropriate amount The practice steps crabs No MSG seafood congee 1. The wash rice into the pot
Array  - BANANA厨房

Chaozhou crab porridge

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Green Crab500g Shrimp750g White clam250g Preserved cabbage50g Ginger1Block Onion2A Peanut oilAppropriate amount Small celery stalkA few
Array  - 李二娃5

Spicy crab vinegar

crab1500g Ginger10g GarlicA head Pepper10g Millet pepper (dry)10g Pepper surfaceTwo. Garlic sauceHalf a bag Mature vinegarThree spoon Cooking wineTwo. The practice steps of burning incense and spicy crab 1. The Paisui chopped garlic, ginger
Array  - 媄朲的私家小厨

Fried eggs with crab flavor

Crab flavor mushroom flavor than the fresh mushroom, meat thick matter than mushrooms nameko, toughness, excellent taste, but also has the unique flavor of crab. Materials Ingredients Crab flavor mushroom250GCarrot(Red)Half aEgg3A Accessories Vegetable oilAppropriate
Array  - 冬至2467

Crab sauce Tofu Pot

I'll see what I can do! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Japanese Tofu2A Crab stick6Root Meatball4A Is it sweet?3A Onion ginger garlicAppropriate amount Corn grainAppropriate amount FungusA small
  - 夕叶sy

Sauteed Crab ginger

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Swimming crab Jiang Cong Yellow Wine Soy sauce Soy sauce White granulated sugar Practice steps of ginger onion fried crab 1. Pour a small amount
Array  - luhong1

Crab flavor mushroom

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Crab flavor mushroom Practice steps of crab flavor mushroom 1. Deft dishes, crab flavor mushroom wash, boil hot look, oil in wok, put Pixian thick

Fried crab clam

Very fresh clams, plus crabs, fresh and tasty.... I think it's really good.. Dingguagua!! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Clam500g Crab250g Green pepper, chili25g Onion ginger garlic20g

Cheese crab tofu soup

Cheese crab tofu soup practice steps 1. To prepare duck's egg yellow and pumpkin, steam. Round gas up after more than ten minutes can be. (I'm a typical traditional man who has no specific concept, whether it's time or amount of experience.Cheese water heating into a thick shape. 2. Duck's egg yellow

Thai coconut curry crab

Coconut flavor with delicious curry crab! Go Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Sea crab2Only Coconut milk100g Huang Kali100g Green Curry100g Garlic3Block OilAppropriate
Array  - 上野妹纸

Crab-Flavored Fish

SaltAppropriate amount Egg1A Chopped green onionAppropriate amount Practice steps of crab 1. Egg white slightly. 2. Ginger mince 3. Stir of ginger and served out the stand-by. Then exergy chopsticks
  - Christing_

Onion ginger fried crab

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Crab4Only Chive Ginger Pepper Practice steps of onion ginger fried crab 1. Wash the crab, steam about three
Array  - 合言悦色

Spicy fried crab

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Hardshell Crab5Only Ginger, onion, coriander, pepperAppropriate amount Fish sauce Soy sauce Cooking wine The practice steps of the spicy fried crab
  - 七仔猫

Typhoon shelter fried crab

Whenever and Hong Kong have detached the dishes we are very sought after, take shelter from the wind Tang dishes originated in Hong Kong, has become one of the classic Cantonese, the shelter fried crab is even more popular. Materials Ingredients Swimming crab
Array  - 炸酱草儿

Fake crab tofu

"One side without fretting, hidden vientiane." Camouflage, is a magic props, be the most changeful is constantly changing... The size of the restaurant, close to high prices, sometimes just fake crab yolk Ingredients Xian Yadan yellow4-5Gold Bean curd300g White pepper
Array  - 小姿饭儿

Stir fried crab top

Salt MSG Stir fried crab top step approach 1. Wash crab shell top Breaking Supplementary material 2. Oil heat Ginger ginger Chopped green onion Pepper Into the top crab stir fry Add cooking wine Soy sauce Vinegar Sugar Salt Continue to stir fry
  - 西红柿98

Stewed Big Fresh Water Crab

A leap year in September, in addition to new year extremely late that I want to stay in school for a long time can not go home and family reunion, for us to eat is to eat to the full three months of good crab! Ninety days!!! September when female crab breeding season, so that when the female crab eat up. After two months of female crab to the lunar October should eat the male crab, this time
Array  - 恬萝姑娘

Sauteed Crab in Hot and Spicy Sauce

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Crab2Only Green pepper2A Green Chinese onion1Root Garlic1A Ginger1Block Star anise1A Chinese cinnamon1Slice Chinese prickly ashFew

Red with green asparagus crab Liu

Snow crab liu,75A box, as if it is not old, but there is a slight impact on the root of the texture, meat fresh and sweet, with asparagus whether it is the color or nutrition are very much to take. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Cent or so Ingredients
  - 寶寶-熊

Fried crab New Year cake

Wife is like New Year cake, crab is his favorite, fried together is the one family favorite. Put some vegetables, meat and vegetables, very good breakfast. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Swimming crab2Only New
Array  - 生活1978

Sauteed Crab in Hot and Spicy Sauce

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Hardshell Crab500g Onion1A Green peppers6A Dry pepperAppropriate amount Jiang SuanAppropriate amount Green Chinese onionAppropriate amount Bean
  - 萌萌哒0808

Sauteed Crab in Hot and Spicy Sauce

, garlicFew Old godmotherFew Round green peppers, celeryAccording to personal preference The practice steps of the spicy crab 1. 1First, from the pan, add a little onion, ginger, garlic, pepper and stir fry,2Wash the edges of the crab, stained with a little egg Qing, pan fried, add a little pepper round celery together in stir
  - 爱惜福

Simple tasty and an appetite! Crab flavor

Crab allergy, or even too cold to eat crabs but not shoes, absolutely to the dish. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Egg4A Ginger4-5Slice VinegarAppropriate amount Simple tasty
  - Royechi

Three wire Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables soy King

And do not want to cook and don't want to go out to eat, a bowl of soy sauce King fried noodles, absolutely is popular, and each time to eat the bowl in a trace of noodles are not left, which is the same family unity like to eat pasta. Materials Ingredients Instant noodles2ALeek1SmallEgg2AHam3Slice
Array  - 食尚煮易

Gold King - shrimp Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables

NoodlesAppropriate amount Gold King-The practice steps of shrimp Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables. 1. Clean and cut the material. 2. A cold water boil noodles, this not sticky and soft 3. Add: oil, ginger, shrimp, soy sauce, cabbage, noodles
  - 大白琴