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From the literature found some for you 25 cook recipe, cook book,chinese cook.

Hazelnut baked banana rum

Difficulty:-(:)) Time:10-30Cut pier The primary AccessoriesA Minute   Rum20ml The practice steps of hazelnut rum baked banana 1. Today when the downstairs
Array  - 小天269

PierreHerm hazelnut chocolate cake

evenly, and then you can cook it.Pierre HermE is naturally unwilling so let us, not only in the body of a biscuit with high quality cocoa powder and roasted hazelnut sweet peeled to match with the rich flavor of the butter, and both sides are stuck in rich almond flour pastry dough, in taste and vision and the main echo each other, rich layers and complex flavours. Delicious is the price of time
Array  - 美人小妖

Coconut mango Hazelnut Cake

During the Spring Festival, the hazelnut are not to eat, just a coconut and mango fruit in the fridge, think ofMango six Mango coconut is also very good to drink,On the initiation of a fresh coconut hazelnut mango cake idea Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute
Array  - hildashaka

Hazelnut shortbread is Macarons - Rice noodles taste

Look at the photos point like in macaron (and failed), but not really ha, the Pima Kalong simple really, did not so sweet, but also more delicious. Hazelnut like a small partner, may wish to buy some high-quality hazelnut, shelled, oven170Degree10Minutes, roasted the ingredients to do. The cookies with sticky Rice noodles instead of flour, taste crisp, stuffed
Array  - 美人小妖


Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients ToastA Honey or maltose Jujube Almond slices Peanut butter Hazelnut chocolate sauce Hazelnut tablets Cream cheese

Chocolate Brownie

Tips With hazelnut and cashew more delicious Chocolate Brownie search practices Daquan
  - xiaooming

Hot Chocolate Milk

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Pure milk Chocolates200ml Chocolate one or a few Chocolate milk practice steps 1. The amount of pure milk, hazelnut chocolate truffle sauce amount
  - 豆粉861679

The flowers Glutinous Rice Balls

Originally wanted to make sunflower appearance, petals of the strip of the cooked paste to the glutinous rice balls, you can't stand, it's not as friends. Then do a few small petals, like the flowers do not know what. Material: Skin: glutinous rice flour60gSugar,5gSalt,1gWater,35g, cocoa powder, the amount of yellow pigment Pie: hazelnut filling30g Materials
Array  - quenny

Swiss muesli

large spoon Swiss muesli approach 1. Wash the apples and cut into the root. Hazelnut cut into pieces 2. This step materials Turkey yoghurt100g Milk, plain yogurt

Cigar biscuit

Cigar crisp cake~~This is a recent study of the biscuits,My favorite is the relatively simple to use cookies.The batter is out of the ordinary,Make cookies light and taste,Melt butter,Finally, baked cookies rich milk crisp,A bite of GA,And very crisp,Not hard.With a thick hazelnut chocolate sauce~~ Materials Ingredients Egg

Long almond crisp cake

Ingredients Butter35g Powdered sugar35g Almond powder35g Egg white40g Low gluten flour25g Hazelnut brokenAppropriate amount ChocolatesAppropriate amount Practice steps of a long, almond cake 1. Butter sugar and almond powder, mix well.
Array  - 睡宝宝

For example: wood Kang cake cup

) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Marie biscuit200G Walnut40G Almond powder20G Hazelnut powder20G Light cream300G Sugar free Li Zirong100G Mars Capon50G Fine sugar30G Accessories   Cocoa powderAppropriate
Array  - 孟尤尤

Banana Chiffon (green wells version)

"To create a sweet banana ripening & Taste of strong alcohol." Taste is wetQPlay the banana chiffon, using mature banana cake to enhance sweetness and taste, fragrance baking room. Whole egg formula, to avoid the baking Chiffon will left a large number of egg yolk distress, but also try to add some chopped hazelnut taste and sense of hierarchy~ The personal feeling of Qing
Array  - C大小姐太傲娇

# berry flavored dishes # Cranberry almond nougat

Cattle rolling sugar has been a childhood memory of the most delicious sugar, sugar can be eaten peanuts, the United States and the United states. Then eat hazelnut flavored nougat, they are put nuts into the sugar, today you try nuts and fruit stem made of nougat, do not have some taste, a quasi - do not regret it. The more the more almond ox may become00And after10After
  - 华丽的D调

Nut beef

(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Peanut50g Walnut kernel50g Hazelnut50g Cashew50g Pine nut50g Man Mei Gan50g Powdered Milk200g Cotton candy300g Butter60g The practice steps of nut beef
  - 梓菡妈妈

Type three cookies

3. Cream is added to the butter in three times, each time, must be mixed to see the liquid, the butter is completely absorbed by the butter, and then add the next 4. Add the butter, batter more light and fluffy, divided into three equal parts, respectively80gLow gluten flour, making chocolate cookies that reduce10gA flour, hazelnut into small
Array  - veronica-li

Oat yogurt

Coconut slice20g Corn flakes20g Hazelnut50g Pumpkin seed30g Black sesame1A lot of Honey50g Coconut oilA spoon Yogurt (homemade thick)Appropriate amount Candied orange peel1The Raisins1The The practice steps of oat yogurt 1. Heat the pan

Butter Croissant

in the middle of the wide head1.5Cm in the middle hole, put some hazelnut paste 8. Just cut corners to both pack, and then the wide head end to the narrow end of the roll to, then the two angle to stick together. At the end of them covered with paper tray, brush the surface of the whole egg. In200Degree oven10Minutes,10Minutes after take out
Array  - Amanda小茄子

Banana ice cream

, frozen too hard words before eating take out slightly back to temperature, and eat ice cream. 5. If you're not trying to lose weight, you're just hoping for the best.DIYA variety of flavors of ice cream, you can also play in the final10Add the peanut butter, milk, hazelnut oil, sugar free cocoa powder and other things you like seconds ago.

Chocolate cake roll

120GChocolate with cream80GInside filling with cream 200GInside the cream with sugar20GStuffing with chocolate hazelnut sauce80GThe exterior with light cream 200GExterior light cream with sugar 20GEgg yolk with sugar15GProtein with sugar50G Practice of chocolate cake roll 1. Protein egg yolk separation

The wheel.

product. Materials Ingredients Cake powder20GClean water250GButter100GSalt3GFine sugar100GEgg4A Accessories Milk400MilliliterYolk5ACorn starch25GUnsalted butter200GChocolate hazelnut sauce100GAlmond slices for decorationAppropriate amountDecorated with icing sugarFew

Italian Macarons

electric mixer to soften the butter until thickened, add the egg liquid, and beat until smooth.5.The stuffing can be used as the basis of filling, mixed with other raw materials after making other flavors stuffed, can also add stuffing stuffing.For example: take40G based hybrid (stuffed20Anhydrous grams of sugar free hazelnut paste/Or9Kierkegaard sauce/Or60Grams of cream cheese, or durian powder) made

Roasted chestnuts

, vitaminCContent is also higher than the tomato, but also a dozen times apple. Minerals in chestnut is also very comprehensive, potassium, zinc, iron, etc., although there is no content high hazelnut, but still than apples and other fruits is much higher average, especially potassium content higher than apple3Times more.(Stop) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary
  - 泡菜Nigel_

Natural yeast dry fruit filling bread

yeast90g Unsalted butter20g Water180g Accessories   Salt4.5g Raisins, walnutsEach30G Dry, dry, honey orange raspberry yam Ding, hazelnut, bakery chocolate beans amount.Appropriate amount Instant oatmealAppropriate amount Practice steps of natural yeast dry fruit filling
Array  - COUSS烘焙

Walnut Chocolate Cake

to pointOKWow, kaka... Not used is unaware of its benefits, really is amazing, I come se a back to their oven named as "Joseph oven".(Open) Difficulty:,(Cut pier) Time:10Cent or so The primary Dark chocolate23A Hazelnut Chocolate23A Common flour335A
Array  - 舒舒的厨房