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Hairy crabs

doorways. Materials Ingredients Hairy crabs4Only Seasoning VinegarAppropriate amount Ginger1Block Garlic2Flap Chive1Root WaterAppropriate amount
Array  - 80后男人的厨房

Steamed Dazha Crabs

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Hairy crabsTwo The practice steps of Qingzheng Dazhaxie 1. The hairy crabs washed, belly up into the plate (to prevent the crab steaming process flow

Steamed Dazha Crabs

Has always been very fond of seafood, especially hairy crabs, and love the most authentic eat, special fresh sweet, delicious, let a person unable to resist the temptation, although in Chaozhou days I almost every day to eat, but returned to Guangzhou, was not in the habit of, old miss the taste of it, this time to finally get to taste like the, ha ha! Materials
Array  - 潘@玲子

Stewed Big Fresh Water Crab

male crab for winter long body lazy fat ah ha ha (grace has a may be diligent fat, embarrassingrzSo, it is cream)! Fertilizer! Beauty! Hurry to eat! Just a small uncle came to Shanghai to see me, brought me a big box of decent Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, all male crab, eat me! Simply! Would you like to eat something else! Materials Ingredients
Array  - 恬萝姑娘

Onion ginger dry crabs

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Hairy crabs1000g Onion, ginger, dried chilli, garlicFew Cooking wine, soy sauce, vinegar, soy sauce,Appropriate amount Steamed fish soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, chicken
  - 痴dodo菜

Crab burn New Year cake

process2People did not say a word, after the end, they looked at each other, do not know the choice is right or wrong. Materials Ingredients Hairy crabs2OnlyNew Year cake300G Accessories Ginger50GOyster sauce10GSoy sauce10GSoy sauce10GRock candy10GFlourAppropriate amountEdible
Array  - 蓝冰滢

Cucumber egg salad herb

Cucumber egg salad herb practice steps 1. Wash all kinds of materials! Shred cucumber, together with hairy leaves, egg, 2. Add a little oil and stir fry the eggs, stir well, put them in the cucumber bowl, pour the garlic, add the vinegar, sesame oil, salt and stir
  - 小五午餐

Do not eat crabs in apple. Very simple! Step chart.

black bean. Do not eat crabs in apple. Very simple! Step chart. Procedure steps 1. The apple, as the picture cut into three parts. 2. Such as the figure, the middle with the apple core of the piece, and then cut into three pieces.
  - 小喜23

Steamed crab

This is the second.4The public4The mother with the bracelet of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs. Green shell white belly, claw losea gold is characteristic of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs. Because the crab is cold, eat more cold ginger solution. Materials Ingredients Hairy crabs8Only Accessories
Array  - Qiuyue0815

Crab clam soup

My daughter loves to eat crab and shellfish seafood, a chowhound, this match how a "fresh" word! Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Swimming crab2Only Clam10A AsparagusFew Bamboo shootsFew TomatoesA Fresh mushrooms2Flower Jinhua hamA few Sugar Cooking wineFew Oyster sauceFew Salt4g GingerFew Clam soup crab practice steps 1. The crab to gill (also can be opened, but easily cooked crab clam wash out). 2. The ham, diced tomatoes, asparagus, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, ginger wash and shred 3. The dishes in addition to asparagus outside into the pan and stir fry a few times 4. Add crab and clam with sugar, salt, cooking wine, oyster sauce and water, after the fire to boil stew5Put in a minute or so, and the fire continues to boil.3-5Minutes from the pot (if large crab will be the best shell breaking from burning, or yellow crab has not cooked vegetables) 5. To begin to enjoy! Really good fresh, too good! Tips Shellfish seafood zinc, calcium content is rich, is a bit cold, gastrointestinal function is not good to eat Crab clam soup search approach Daquan
Array  - 童童粑粑内人

Fried melon dish hair three step hand shredded meat

The hairy melon don't know how you call, here we also have called zucchini, in fact, this dish can infinite extension, you can stir fried pork shreds with pumpkin, fried shredded pork with carrots, in short what shredded pork can and is willing to forgive me for this dish is in production company, there is no exquisite pictures, images is actually not attached
  - 翠天使

Perilla crab

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Crab1Only Perilla frutescens crispa5Zhang Garlic2A Ginger1Block Shallot2Root Cooking wineFew SaltFew The practice steps perilla crab 1. Good material 2. Wash, cut 3. Cut into small pieces 4. Clean wok, add garlic stir incense 5. To enter the crab 6. Add a little salt, cooking wine, add a small amount of water 7. Open water5In minutes, basil 8. Sprinkle with spring onion dish 9. Delicious! The search of Perilla crab practices Daquan

Steamed crab

Cooking skills1, crabs can not be with sweet potato, pumpkin, honey, orange, pear, pomegranate, tomatoes, melons, peanut, snails, celery, persimmon, rabbit, Herba schizonepetae with food; eat crabs can not be drinking cold drinks can cause diarrhea. 2In cooking, crabs, should add some fresh basil, ginger, with crab poison, reducing the cold. Crabs can be used for steaming, boiling, frying or making
Array  - 黄豆豆的一家

Steamed crab

4. Open cover, a little cold can be open to eat 5. Cut ginger, pour vinegar, time to eat crabs, eat with Cooking skillsSteaming time according to the size of the crab, the big steaming15In a minute, the time is long, the meat is old; a pot of water.
Array  - youhaha0的厨房

[the kitchen] wind vine della Nanyang baked salted crab choke

The salty and salty crab is the seafood which is love and hate. Vinegar can be directly eaten breakfast with rice, chopped into paste do crab paste and a little waste. To make it a warm pot today, and with exotic flavor! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Salted crab2Only Big potato1A OnionHalf a Bean curd1Block GarlicThree flap Ginger1Small CornstarchAppropriate amount [the following dressing] Curry powder1Spoon Tomato sauce2Spoon Salt1Small spoon Sugar1Spoon Water1The soup Cooking wine2Spoon [the kitchen] practice step vine della Nanyang wind baked salty crab choke 1. Prepare all the ingredients. Salted crab breaking off, go to the lung and cut into two halves, to the crab wrapped in white. The potatoes peeled cut hob block, cut onions, 1000 tofu slices, ginger slices of garlic. 2. Handle good ingredients. 3. The pot pour3Spoon oil, fried yellow and salted crab. 4. Pour the remaining oil. To the pot, pour oil1Spoon, burst garlic and ginger, stir fry onion, potatoes block and one thousand tofu, add seasoning salt, sugar, curry powder, tomato sauce and water, simmered for a while off the fire. Salt as long as a little bit, because the salt is salty enough to choke. 5. The stew good food to the casserole, top salty crab choke. 6. After the fire boil a thousand pages of tofu will expand, take a big fork to break the tofu will be flat. After the fire to the minimum fire stew15That is good to potatoes by minutes. [the kitchen] search vine della Nanyang style baked salty crab choking practices Daquan
Array  - 蔓德拉

Cooked crab cooked powder

Powder dry is a specialty of Fujian, with rice processing and drying system, the taste and Guilin is a bit similar to the rice, but it is more thick, long time to cook. Materials Ingredients Rice noodles1The Hairy crabs
Array  - 寂寞在跳舞

Steamed crab

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Crab Vinegar Soy sauce Garlic Ginger Steamed crab practice steps 1. With the water to the water to soak the crab in the water5Minutes or so The main is to confuse the crab 2. Give crab relaxed Wash the crab with a toothbrush. Clip front dirty oh To wash 3. Rinse with water after washing. 4. After washing, can you tease it down Because it's about to leave this world. 5. I found it very not active when I washed the crab. Skin cyanosis Corneal reflex disappeared Muscle relaxation 6. The crab crab crab crawled and in turn prevent outflow 7. Cover Conflagration5Minute Small fire 8. Look at the color. Crab is ripe. 9. According to their own taste tune ingredients Dish 10. I hope you have more than I do Steamed crab search approach Daquan
Array  - 刘小萌0

Stewed crab lion head

in the change, the spring can clam with the burning and the winter with hens with the stew, late autumn and early winter season is Xiefen lion head the eaters welcome. Materials Ingredients Pork600G Hairy crabs
Array  - 简单煮意

Fried crab clam

Very fresh clams, plus crabs, fresh and tasty.... I think it's really good.. Dingguagua!! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Clam500g Crab250g Green pepper, chili25g Onion ginger garlic20g

Steamed Schizonepeta

cure a cold, have so much effect. Once again lamented the profound Chinese medicine! Steamed hairy, is I learned it from my mom's, wash clean, control of water, wrapped a layer of flour on the steamer, garlic and sesame oil mix, aroma, soft and delicious. The aroma of Schizonepeta is a symbol of the arrival of summer, summer is the same table indispensable vegetables. No words to express my love
Array  - 羊羊厨房

Braised bean curd

See the white tofu, infiltration in the golden crab, mouth seems to remember the extremely warm and delicious. Materials Ingredients Southern tofu500G Accessories Hairy crabs
Array  - 芹意

Stewed crab lion head

Pork1000G Pig.500G Hairy crabs4A Accessories Onion1Root Ginger1Block Starch50G Egg white1A
Array  - 热情幸福de眼泪

Delicious bread crab (a crab to eat crab fried rice, two: ginger Sauteed Crab)

Bread crab is a relatively high on the ingredients, rich in protein, trace elements and other nutrients, the body has a very good nourishing effect. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Bread crab1Only about650g Egg2A Leftovers250g GingerSeveral pieces OnionChopped up Cooking wineAppropriate amount StarchA spoon SugarFew Soy sauce2Spoon Pingguo Cu or white vinegar2Spoon Delicious bread crab (a crab to eat crab fried rice, two: ginger Sauteed Crab) action steps 1. I bought a bread crab is cooked, frozen, ca.650G, thaw, and then open it. 2. Gary has a lot of bread crab crab, very delicious, sorted out, mashed. 3. The pot into the oil, add ginger, a little salt, crab fry, add an egg, a little cooking wine, scattered, and crab together and stir fry until cooked. Beside him. 4. Heat oil, fry into another egg, divided into small pieces, add leftovers 5. Add soy sauce, Pingguo Cu, Steamed Rice fried powder. Add crab fry, add chopped green onion. 6. Fill out a tray 7. The pot into the oil, add ginger, a little more, fire, oil heat, add bread crab pieces, stir fry, add cooking wine, chili powder, soy sauce, stir fry evenly, a little a little hot braised. 8. Add some sugar, starch and mix thoroughly, pour into the pot, thick thicken, add chopped green onion or spring onion. Stir fry pan! Two dishes are made! Search delicious bread crab (a crab to eat crab fried rice, two: ginger Sauteed Crab) practices Daquan
Array  - 淇淇2013

Bean saltwater

Commonly known as "soybean soybean, soybean, because its hairy pods, so called maodou." Is a common summer with beer. Materials Ingredients Soybean500G Accessories Salt7GAniseed2AChinese prickly ash15GrainRed pepper3A
Array  - 冬至2467

Fried red amaranth

Three-colored amaranth , formerly: amaranth, alias: yanlaihong, young and old, at heart, Amaranthus tricolor, Latin name:Amaranthus tricolor , Amaranthaceae, Amaranthus annual herb, stem stout, green or red, often branched, glabrous or hairy when young. Amaranth vegetable food is strong smooth and soft body, entrance fragrant, have run stomach heat effect. Also known as "Fu

Gold burst crab

Tips With other crabs can also Search for gold and blasting practice
  - 52097

Soybean fried rice

Soybean is known as soybean, soybean, because its hairy pods, so called maodou. Materials Ingredients Soybean100GHam sausage1RootSteamed Rice1BowlEgg1A Accessories Vegetable oil2Soup spoonOnionSalt2G Soybean fried
Array  - 冬至2467

Schizonepeta pie

The practice of Schizonepeta meatloaf 1.Add a little salt and add a little salt to the water. 2.And into the dough, knead until the dough is smooth, wake up30Minute 3.The leaves of Schizonepeta wash, wash chopped scallion, ginger, peeled, sliced ginger 4.Wash the hairy leaves chopped 5.At the end of the beef with a little water, stir well, add in diced green onion, ginger, salt
Array  - 喱斗

Underwater world (baby cartoon)

a dish, the seaweed cut out the wobble plate wave shape of seagrass, the protagonist crabs, and some seafood decoration, baby love can be Tips To ensure that the baby is not allergic to seafood, eat seafood before and after half an hour do not eat fruit andvc, or easy to pull the stomach Search underwater world (baby cartoon
Array  - 添妈的厨房

Delicious crab

1. The selection of the finest Panjin crab and crab cleaning 2. Use a water curtain to wait for the water to boil into it 3. Add a little salt to a crab. 4. The water was boiling, then add crabs and then add aniseed
  - 李鸿宇

Crab fried braised fish in soy sauce braised chicken New Year cake

1. Hot pot, pour the oil into the pot in, followed by the crabs into the oil, fried into a golden yellow after the crab scratch to the side, into the rice cakes, and then released pumping, soy sauce can also put in some sugar finally add some more hot water, the fire boiled a few minutes OK. Fried crab New Year cake Braised fish in soy sauce

Homemade wine

7. Into the rice, stir evenly, with disposable gloves will be a one-time sticky rice, the middle of a hole 8. Cover and seal in the yogurt machine.30Hour Cooking skillsAll the tools needed to dry wash, cannot touch the raw water and oil, otherwise they will be moldy hairy. Do
  - XPanda_

Onion ginger fried crab (Suo Zixie)

Kids love, if it is outside the dinner hall dead crabs, do ensure fresh ingredients, assured health! Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Swimming crab2Only OnionAppropriate amount GingerAppropriate amount
Array  - 兜仔爹

Bald butter rice

; Some people will ask no butter how to do?         In fact, he bought a few good quality male crab crabs, and cream yellow, rice! And it's delicious.
Array  - Ranichai

Seafood crab porridge

Edible oilAppropriate amount ScallionAppropriate amount Seafood porridge and practice steps 1. First wash shrimps and crabs, placed in a deep bowl pour a bottle of beer to soak for a while, ordinary beer, soak for half an hour or so can make crab taste very sweet. 2.
Array  - 优柔君

Typhoon shelter fried crab

Soy sauceA spoon The practice steps of the typhoon shelter 1. Treated crabs 2. Scallion, ginger, garlic 3. Pour the oil after the temperature rises. 4. Add
  - 南芷Echo

Fried whelk leek

Live in the sea, a small time the most like and small partners to pick up lo, catch crabs. Now only miss. Just relative to bring their pick up the hot lo, in the hearts of a burst of joy. After cooking, pick snail meat with a little vinegar flavor, that let me long aftertaste. Can not think of a way to eat, this is no longer a fried fried leek is good.
Array  - 快乐生活12

Simple tasty and an appetite! Crab flavor

Crab allergy, or even too cold to eat crabs but not shoes, absolutely to the dish. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Egg4A Ginger4-5Slice VinegarAppropriate amount Simple tasty
  - Royechi

No MSG crab seafood porridge

Northeast rice2Bucket meter (4~6People) Shrimp1Jin Crab3~6Only Coriander1The Celery1The Accessories   Candied dishesArbitrarily SaltAppropriate amount The practice steps crabs No MSG seafood congee 1. The wash rice into the pot
Array  - BANANA厨房

Onion ginger fried crab

Seafood is my favorite, especially the orchid crab, in Xi'an we only during the summer before buying, but the stir fried crab method is suitable for all crabs, and very easy, I this picture is not a lot of, later will have the opportunity to fix it, you do see, hey Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute
Array  - 舌尖上的猫窝窝

Typhoon shelter fried crab

remove and drain the oil 4.Fried crab oil poured into parts, leave some chopped garlic fried garlic; deep fry slightly yellow into bread crumbs 5.Bread crumbs and garlic stir fry slightly fried after add pepper, bean, onion, sugar, stir, pour into the fried crabs continued to stir fry, pan before the spray a little cooking wine and soy sauce Cooking skills 1And do this dish is improvisation
Array  - 炸酱草儿

Hot days

the fire 13. duang. Dish sprinkle chopped green onion can, because soybean pre cooked, so basically no hairy surface. A hot search approach.
Array  - 豆粉正妈

# Dalian Nian Yefan essential # garlic abalone

Dalian people's Eve dinner seafood has always been the mainstream, abalone, shrimp, crabs fly to the Qing Zhu taste too single, occasionally transform a taste, also let dinner on New Year's Eve style all of a sudden increase in! Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute

Meatball soup

Today morning to see hairy melon really cute, bought a, there are quite a lot of benefits and to search the search of wax gourd, and especially suitable for summer consumption, really to buy it. I this person cannot go without meat, so I decided to do a meatball soup, very delicious. Materials Ingredients Pork filling350GWax gourd1A
Array  - 热爱红烧肉

The baby can eat crayfish

The people before the fish do not eat shrimp meat, do not eat bones! Times have changed, now the lobster, crabs, chicken wing tip... Became the heart of love, but the meat was left out in the cold! This year is only a quarter of the lobster season, shrimp and shrimp are the pursuit of lobster is never stop!But, lobster must eat clean! At least did not get a clean lobster
Array  - 俏安mom

Lotus crab

eggs in the old. 8. Ha-ha Out of the pot. Tips Crabs are relatively cold... So remember to point more Jiang Hecong Search the practice of lotus crab
  - 短短虫

Qinghai King seafood noodle

The garlic shoot flat Saute Good water into boiled crabs and shrimp Pour some wine and soy sauce Stir fry Add squid flowers and wash good bean sprouts Continue to fry a few Then add the sauce Ketchup Salt Sugar White pepper Cooked pasta is also included Stir fry evenly If the sauce can not put some water or soup (Mi Tang) But bean sprouts will be out of water Don't put too much Cook for a few minutes.
Array  - 蒂熙

The authentic Korean Anton stewed chicken

is cooked, cooked after cold water is placed. 2. The rest of the material (potatoes, octopus and crabs, squid, garlic) have been washed, cut block and a, clams in advance with water bubble clean, sweet potato powder need warm water soaked until soft. 3. A small amount of oil in the wok resisting
  - 小韦大厨

[homemade] shrimp powder seasoning monosodium glutamate

~ Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Cent or so Ingredients Shrimp150g [step] shrimp powder homemade practices seasoning monosodium glutamate 1. Shrimp washed, remove impurities, such as fish, small crabs, wash several times, put salt wash off.
  - 悠悠小厨

A spicy crab

of the above A spicy crab practice video Tips 1.Crabs are rich in protein, less fat and carbohydrates. 2.The crab in high cholesterol content. 3.Crab is rich in calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, selenium and other trace elements. 4.Crab contains rich vitaminD. The search of a spicy crab practices Daquan

Delicious tomato and spicy crab

2. Crab will come back to buy (sell crabs will help kill good oho) clean, cut into two halves or quarters, and put a little cooking wine pickled ginger 3. Then the chopped green onion cut, and onion onion leaves separately. Tomato 4. The pan burning red, millet pepper, garlic, ginger, onion, tomato
  - 实果子7

Compoy Xiami Fensi Bao chiehqua

Although this dish more light, scallops, small shrimp, fans collocation zucchini, very fresh sweet taste, my daughter likes to eat. Zucchini is also called hairy melon, is peculiar to the south of vegetables. Zucchini scallops shrimp vermicelli in casserole, regarded as is Guangdong dishes, very attached to the stomach, and provoked the taste of shrimp and scallop (scallops), the whole dish
Array  - 紫韵千千

Crab dumplings

Eat crab season how can not taste the delicious, is once a year can not miss the delicious, eat the crabs and how can does not taste the crab Xiaolong dumplings, do it yourself perhaps not beautiful, but inside the stuffing businesslike, good taste is the hard truth. Materials Ingredients Flour150GPork filling150GCrab meat150G
  - 香儿厨房

Crab pumpkin bag

with red beans, decorated eyes 15.In order to finish the other small crab, cover the fresh film placed twenty minutes for two times. Cold water into the steamer, boil small fire steamed12Minute         Cut crab, red eyes and small crabs after decoration~         The pot is ready to open.~       
Array  - 绿野仙踪olivia

Ma Lan head with wok

visible capitate inflorescences, flowers pale purple or results. Achenes obovate oblong, flat, hairy. Micro gas, slightly astringent tasteless.(Stop) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Ma Lantou250g White tofu bittern180g Sesame
Array  - 小喜宝

Dry pot of spicy crab

and can't play powder can be reference of the old oil system of law: the spices into oil Weihuo slowly fried and immersed overnight, then the bubble oil spices brought cooking. 2Crab, general Hardshell Crab. To kill the crabs is simple: not to crab deregulation, find the navel position (that is, the a male crab or rounded umbilical broke after the location of the roots), with a root chopsticks poke