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Burn the flesh of a donkey

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Flesh of a donkey500g Star anise1A Chinese cinnamon5g Soy sauce1Spoon Cooking wine50g SaltFew CaramelFew The practice steps
  - 老汪9

Flesh of a donkey dumplings

Difficulty:Chef(Senior) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Flesh of a donkey Chinese Cabbage Onion Coriander Onion Green Chinese onion Cooking wine Soy sauce Five spice powder

Laba garlic flesh of a donkey

Dear sent a piece of flesh of a donkey, for I don't love to eat meat, how to solve a problem. Open the refrigerator and found our own pickled Laba garlic, think of Laba garlic flavor, with donkey meat, greasy to Tim, immediately hands! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute
  - 橘络1

Small crisp flesh

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Pork Flour Starch Egg Five onion ginger powder The practice steps of small crisp flesh 1. Pork shred, clean
  - 静言5

The donkey steamed fish

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Fresh donkey fish500g Onion ginger garlic Steamed fish ass practice steps 1. 1Put the fish in clean.2: on the surface of the fish to spend
  - 爱车居

Small crisp flesh

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Lean beef500Grams of pepper powder a little, a little salt, ginger three, an egg The practice steps of small crisp flesh 1. Beef washed, cut
  - 绮丽人生

Roast as closely linked as flesh and blood

On the outside of the stalls are as closely linked as flesh and blood, the girl want to eat at home, baked more easily. But these half finished or eat less for good. Materials Ingredients The material as closely linked as flesh and blood450G Accessories Romaine Lettuce1A
  - 子同妈妈

[four] small kitchen flesh melon

small kitchen] flesh melon practices Daquan
  - 四叶小馆

Salt and pepper small Clay oven rolls

Like to eat bread with clip, can easily make the meat dishes, their taste buds meet the little food. This is my friend brought me some butter well last night before and above the flesh of a donkey, flowers, rose up in the morning20Flapjack minutes, with a balcony on the coriander, perfect breakfast! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary
Array  - 家有厨娃

Braised mutton

The family likes to eat sheep but also fear the smell of flesh of a donkey, small, so I had to do Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Mutton1000g Star anise2-3A Ginkgo2A GeraniumLittle


Sweet, delicious, delicious, Ingredients Thearpeutic, chestnuts, pork, shrimp, egg, green onion, five spice powder, flour, salt, chicken powder, rotten skin, Practice steps of pulp 1. The main horseshoe is a horse and a head of meat Search pulp practice
  - 芳芳195

The new donkey hide gelatin paste is more suitable for summer

A friend asked: why is your donkey hide gelatin relatively soft, high temperature and some will be more flexible? That is because the purity of donkey hide gelatin my donkey hide gelatin paste to use, and there is no edible gum, this was the custom extract of donkey hide gelatin real effect. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary

Gelatin paste

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Dong'e gelatin block250g Rock candy150g Walnut, jujube, Chinese wolfberryAccording to their own tastes add a variety of Yellow Wine The practice steps of this extract 1. Gelatin blocks smashed into powder 2. Add yellow rice wine, the fingers of a joint... Boil, add rock sugar, cook until sugar after the opening into the powder, boiled sticky. 3. Turn off the heat, add walnuts, jujube, Chinese wolfberry, if want to eat other things can also be free to add, such as longan meat, and so on, stirring evenly, Sheng into the brush oil container 4. Cooling one night, second days after the release, slicing. Before the steps forget to take photos... 5. All sections 6. Cut into small pieces, placed in the freezer, refrigerator, eat every day2~3Block 7. Boil the furnace is the key, do not boil head, otherwise a pot of glue waste, I think as long as don't boil head, can be successful This extract search approach Daquan
  - lzhzl

Gelatin paste

Peru solid element gelatin paste -- Yang Guifei's beauty cream Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Gelatin powder250g Yellow Wine brewed750g Rock candy250g Black sesame (cooked)250g Walnut kernel (cooked)250g Red dates (go nuclear)250g Chinese wolfberry150g Longan meat150g The practice steps of this extract 1. Good ingredients 2. Tongrentang authentic powder 3. Yellow Wine brewed 4. Huang Bingtang 5. Chinese wolfberry 6. Black sesame (cooked) 7. Walnut kernel (cooked) 8. Longan meat 9. Red dates (go nuclear) 10. Yellow Wine brewed+Huang Bingtang+At the same time went to yellow powder, sugar completely melting. Add red dates, longan meat, Chinese wolfberry... Boil to a sticky, add black sesame and walnut, boil to dry out of the pot. 11. Into the Tupperware special refrigerated cold storage box (a copy for3.5-3.7Jin, according to their own dry and dry, ranging from dry 12. After second days of cold storage can be taken out. 13. One day1-2Suitable for the whole family to eat together, people of all ages and both sexes. Also very good nourishing snacks! Tips Very suitable for blood deficiency in young women, kidney yin and Yang of the two losses, liver blood deficiency of the elderly, as well as people with poor physical fitness. This extract search approach Daquan
Array  - _あ小绿的_Lisa_

Gelatin paste

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Gelatin film250g Yellow Wine500ml Red dates100g Walnut kernel100g Chinese wolfberry100g Black sesame150g Huang Bingtang250g The practice steps of this extract 1. Prepare materials Use Yellow Wine soaked gelatin2-3Days, black sesame, walnut kernel fry, (not fried, stir fry the sweet) 2. Gelatin water melts, keep stirring, to prevent sticking to the pot, add sugar and stir until completely melted when melting 3. Rock sugar dissolves, adding jujube, mix well, add walnuts. Mix well, adding Chinese wolfberry remove, stirring for about ten minutes, finally add sesame mix5Minutes or so 4. Pour the oil absorbing paper pad and coated mold layer of oil, after the cold chill night 5. Second days out of the finished product 6. Finished product Tips 1.Water is not easy to get angry 2.Female cases should not be eaten during the holidays 3.Also should not eat cold 4.Not eat, eat more lit This extract search approach Daquan
  - 大成妈妈

Small bowl of steamed meat crisp

Chinese prickly ash Ginger Onion Fungus The practice steps of steaming bowl of small crisp flesh 1. Sliced beef,Salt and pepper2Hour 2. A good beef with starch.,If the tenderloin can omit this step.
  - selimah


Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Ejiao Jujube Yellow Wine Walnut Black sesame The practice steps of gelatin 1. Ejiao Rock candy Powder Rice wine heating Material pot boil Search Ejiao practices Daquan
  - zd57

Lean meat stewed gelatin

In winter, it is a good time to tonic. Donkey hide gelatin, sweet, flat, moist mass non-toxic, into the liver, lung, kidney three classics, for more than two thousand years has been recognized as panacea to cure the disease, tonic, nourishing medicinal should two, with nourishing yin and blood, Runzao hemostatic function, blood effect significantly. Materials
  - 紫韵千千

Skin of onion cake

Ingredients FleshBan Jin FlourBan Jin OnionA The practice steps of flesh onion cake 1. Chop the onion 2. Flour and flour 3. Very good
  - 芳Janniy

Solid element gelatin paste

Mom, sister will boil glue, sister is in the middle of the pharmacist, pharmacy, chemist, the technology is good, has been to help relatives and friends on behalf of the boil, now I have to sell at home, I have learned a. Materials Ingredients Ejiao500GBlack sesame500GWalnut500G Accessories Fruit of Chinese wolfberry100GYellow Wine500MilliliterRock candy250GRed dates250GSesame oilAppropriate amount Solid element gelatin paste approach 1. The gelatin and sugar smashed into powder, spare 2. Walnut kernel microwave oven40Second, take over and then bite1(According to the number of their own appliances set) 3. Black sesame 4. Pot into the fire Yellow Wine crushed rock sugar, pour the whole small fire boil, stirring until the sugar dissolves 5. Into the red dates (without water) and the Chinese wolfberry constantly stirring, stirring, do not stop, look good. 6. Add cooked kernel 7. Add black sesame, stir fry, keep stirring to prevent hunters, sticking to the pot, it is difficult to stir 8. Put the ingredients in a pot filled with sesame oil inside the container compaction 9. Do not cut gelatin cake, Cooking skillsThe method of edible gelatin cake: Minute1The weak constitution can be one of two times a day; Minute2Child (suggestion5Eat a small piece of years) before going to bed; Minute3Eat a piece of, people who can't sleep at night after the foot bath, to sleep; Minute4The daily maintenance of the daily maintenance of a piece of.
Array  - 马淘淘

Solid element gelatin paste

Had to buy back the soda water to drink every day, found soaked in water to drink is difficult to melt, and make solid yuan paste, so eat up much more convenient. Ingredients Ejiao,250g WalnutAppropriate amount Rose petalsAppropriate amount Chinese wolfberryAppropriate amount Longan meatAppropriate amount Go nuclear red datesAppropriate amount The practice steps of solid element gelatin paste 1. Gelatin into powder, with Yellow Wine global time. Prepare various materials. 2. The bubble good Yellow Wine gelatin, together with the remaining Yellow Wine stir, put the pot in the fire boil, side boil while stirring, so as not to burn. After the opening, it is a big bubble, turn a small fire. To get its ingredients upside down state, join, a plus, stir evenly. 3. It takes a great effort to stir it up, so that it can be found in the container. It is also covered with plastic wrap, compaction. Put it cool, put it in the fridge. 4. Tear film, cut, you can. 5. Finished product. Tips You can add some of your own. Solid element gelatin paste approach search Daquan
Array  - 小野快跑

Solid element gelatin paste

Mom can't sleep, you say eat this good.So you can rest assured that some Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Tongrentang gelatin block250g Jujube250g Chinese wolfberryAppropriate amount Walnut250g Black sesame250g Yellow Wine2Bottle Rock candyAppropriate amount The practice steps of solid element gelatin paste 1. With the global Yellow Wine Ejiao about two days 2. To add medlar jujube Hu 3. Walnut 4. The soaked gelatin on the boil to ropy ingredients into sugar! 5. The bowl into the fresh-keeping film into Aohao cool cuts like gelatin Solid element gelatin paste approach search Daquan

Small pepper crisp

Not afraid of spicy food. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Pork PepperAppropriate amount The practice steps of pepper small crisp flesh 1. Fried small crisp

Remove cold blood

sauce1Half spoon Sugar1Small spoon SaltAppropriate amount Chicken1Small spoon Sesame1Spoon CuminHalf a spoon Carrot1Root CorianderAppropriate amount Remove the flesh cold practice steps 1. The meat bones put in cold water to boil skim floating foam, put

The skin of onion cake

1. Chop the flesh 2. Add onion, salt, sugar, according to their taste 3. Surface and uniform 4. Very good 5. Thin and uniform
  - 芳Janniy

Homemade strawberry jam (with the feeling of the pulp oh)

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Fresh strawberry350g Sugar50g Lemon juiceAppropriate amount The practice step of homemade strawberry jam (having the feeling of the pulp). 1. Fresh strawberry with salt water or rice soaked in water, wash clean drain, remove the strawberry stalks, cut into small pieces. 2. With sugar for a while, can also wear gloves crush (also can not directly apply on the strawberry cut, sugar crumb) 3. If you do not stick to the pot must be burned and stir, with small fire, do not need to add water Oh ~ 4. A few minutes later, the above is not related to the above, will naturally be No. 5. To boil15About a minute or so, there is a sticky feeling, if you want to get a little sticky, then boil for a while, then the color will be deeper. 6. Boil to their satisfaction of the consistency of the fire, and then drop into a few drops of lemon juice, stir it, put a cool storage tank, sealed to keep the refrigerator. 7. But they do no additive or as soon as possible eat better, make a cake roll, with toast or bread, and so on. Tips I don't like sweet, if you like sweet can add some sugar. Do not have their own additives, as soon as possible to eat Oh Search homemade strawberry jam (with the feeling of the pulp oh) practice

Solid element gelatin paste

the pot in order to avoid sticky pot 5. A small fire has been boiled to hang a flag (pictured), this step is particularly important for E-Jiao cake making, this relationship to rice wine has not fully volatile, this step do not good soft easily lead to do out of the donkey hide gelatine cake.

Litchi meat, simple snacks

I especially love the litchi flesh sweet and sour pork when to eat snacks, consider out to sell more than 20 pieces a pound, you ah, buy less, not enough to eat, buy their own pounds of meat eating more cool fun Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients
Array  - 豆粉384060

Appetizer dish - salad and meat

CorianderFew OnionHalf a PeanutAppropriate amount SugarAppropriate amount VinegarAppropriate amount Chilli oilFew Appetizer dish salad - remove flesh practice steps 1. Left the spareribs with brown sauce the meat into small pieces

Solid element gelatin cake

Ingredients Ejiao500g Red dates500g Walnut kernel250g Sesame250g LonganAppropriate amount Chinese wolfberryAppropriate amount Sugar / sugar250g Yellow Wine500ml The practice steps of solid element gelatin cake 1. Prepare all the materials, such as drawing, gelatin powder, sugar powder, sesame fried walnut, red dates to the nuclear cut 2. Add the powder and cook the rice wine into the pot. 3. Small fire, in order to join the walnut, red dates 4. All the material into the after keep stirring to avoid sticking pan, then add sugar, stir heating to mention it to the drawing0K 5. Pour plate, pressing, cooling after cutting 6. Finished drawing! A small piece of day, physical conditioning bang bang da! Search for solid element gelatin cake.
  - Minnie_0

Ejiao jujube health

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Xinjiang and Tian jujube500g Zhumadian black and white sesame250g Almond almond500g Tongrentang gelatin100g Ejiao jujube health practice steps 1. Wrapped gelatin dates into sesame inside 2. Start rolling 3. Uniform package body dates Tips Ejiao jujube health[Rose]Now launch black and white Black sesame health jujube is three pieces of peanuts (peanut does not contain the cholesterol containing rich in dietary fiber, Yangwei efficacy) White sesame health jujube inside is two almonds , (almond containing protein can enhance the immunity of the body) two different flavors to your different products Search health practices Daquan Ejiao jujube

Gelatin cake

Recently saw a circle of friends began in summer can also eat gelatin cake, think of home and ejiao... No sesame, walnut, cashew, it will... Ha ha... Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Ejiao250g Cashew150g Red datesSome RaisinsSome Chinese wolfberrySome Rock candyAppropriate amount Yellow WineAppropriate amount RoseSome The practice steps of E-Jiao cake 1. Yellow Wine Ejiao, for two days, the stew, stew for two minutes... Gelatin cooked 2. Add a variety of ingredients, forget to take pictures 3. Box, box wrap pad, pour a little sesame oil good demoulding... Night, take out the slice 4. Plastic wrap, eat, free package... One day to eat a piece, very convenient... Search gelatin cake Daquan
  - 乐妈_6

Hunan taste pork braised in brown sauce

the skin, add water bamboo or radish, continue to stew 10 minutes until the chopsticks can be easily inserted into the flesh 9. Add green pepper, stir fry until sauce 10. 11. Add garlic, stir fry

Gelatin cake

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Dong'e donkey hide gelatin Red dates Rock candy Walnut Chinese wolfberry Black sesame The practice steps of E-Jiao cake
  - 乖小宝2012

Gelatin cake

Jimo yellow rice wine400g Sugar powder150g Chinese wolfberry100g Jujube slices50g Walnut kernel250g Cooked black sesame250g The practice steps of E-Jiao cake 1. Donkey hide gelatin piece milling, pan poured into the rice wine, rock sugar, rock sugar dissolves join donkey hide
  - grf818

Gelatin cake

() 1 250g 500ml 250ml 250g 250g 250g 250g 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ()

Gelatin cake

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients 1:1:1:1500g The practice steps of E-Jiao cake 1. Ejiao crack Yellow rice wine bubble 2. A lot of mom and the U.S. Simply put Search gelatin cake Daquan
  - 缪缪75

Gelatin cake

(to intestines and stomach bad people benefits 3 boiled separated donkey hide gelatin kept stirring, donkey hide gelatin melting liquid, put crystal sugar and continue to stir. After half an hour to put other ingredients. Fire and then change the fire30Minute. The shop has done in stainless steel fresh-keeping film, drying for a while. Put in the refrigerator24Hours, cut into pieces will be accomplished.
  - 莞尔一笑8

Gelatin cake

Oneself to do to eat at ease Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Fu Ejiao250g Yellow Wine400Milliliter Walnut150G Chinese wolfberry100g Red dates200g Black sesame250g The practice steps of E-Jiao cake 1. Fried sesame 2. Into the pot to boil gelatin and Yellow Wine flag! 3. Add red dates, walnuts, Chinese wolfberry stirring, and finally add black sesame mixing, loading plate 4. Put some rose leaves! Pretty much! 5. Cut more delicious, more enjoyable Search gelatin cake Daquan
  - 辰辰9889

Stir fried meat and protecting the heart of Lee

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Nursing care Pepper wire Lee fried meat practice steps to protect the heart 1. Add more than one ingredients Search the heart care practices Daquan Lee meat
  - 李超_NV


Cold weather, and can be fried crisp meat eating, is best to use lean collocation of pork, fat more fried out of delicious, but still see you like Kazakhstan, if do not love to eat fat, more lean meat into almost the size of sheets or long thin strips, fried up easily cooked, piece of meat should not be too thick, hanging paste, starch (starch) and eggs, I am about a pound of meat, add two eggs, with the100Grams of flour do not add water paste, water frying pan fried will. Materials Ingredients Pork500G Seasoning Peanut oilAppropriate amount SaltFew Ginger1Block Soy sauce1Teaspoon Egg2A White pepper powderFew Sugar1/2Teaspoon Corn starch100G The crisp approach 1.Pork peeled, cut into thin slices of similar size 2.Cut the meat into the bowl, cut a few slices of ginger, add salt 3.Add a little soy sauce, add soy sauce, as long as a little bit, increase the flavor, put a little sugar 4.Add a little white pepper, and mix well for a while. 5.Then scored two egg, mix the egg with cornstarch;(Corn starch)100Gram or so 6.Paste such as below the degree of HA, the meat chopsticks separated of the bowl bottom paste can not recover soon, looking at possible in some parts of the surface of the meat is not what face ambiguous appearance, does not matter, the pot after the bombing, the surface is uniform hanging paste, before you mix remember to mix for a while 7.Plus the amount of the hot oil, take the meat hanging paste; wok, deep fry can be classified to one group 8.The first round of deep fried, do not fry too old 9.First round of finished products 10.Wok fried fire complex this time fried until golden and crisp surface 11.Finally, the fried crisp meat!~Once you can put a refrigerator
Array  - apple爱自己

Carrot boneless meat

Now want to eat meat is not in their convenient, I personally started will wash the meat, then charge the great Shoujin son a little bit cutting, Paodingjieniu ha large bones, the best way to solve-Carrot boneless meat, the meat is OK get something, may leave the large bone of the how to do it, this is used to stew but the most fragrant ha, throw away is certainly impossible, so I thought this stupid way, is to use a pot will big bones thrown into boiling, cook rotten the bones tick down meat, meat can not only for cooking, soup can also be used to rinse the dishes or boiled noodles, this can be a good way to threefold ha. Materials Ingredients Bacon800GCarrot100G Accessories Vinegar20MilliliterFish20GJiang Suan20GChinese prickly ash3GCooking wine20MilliliterWith pepper100GSoy sauce20Salt2G Carrot boneless meat practices 1. Meat and bones into the pot, add ginger, pepper, cooking wine and vinegar boiled meat until soft rotten, meat from the bone tick down cut into strips and hot fried fragrant ginger garlic at the end and Duojiao 2. Add carrots fried soft, add chili, add chopped boneless meat 3. Sprinkle with salt, soy sauce, stir fry evenly in the pan Cooking skills1And the meat of the vegetables can be free collocation 2The cooked soup, don't pour out, this is used to following super sweet 3, salty bacon, this dish put less salt
Array  - 林冰儿

[] live lazy recipes a bowl of noodles

is my favorite, I usually use a large Haiwan, the proportion of noodles and vegetables almost1:1, and then poured my favorite condiments and crushed peanuts, mix well, find a quiet and comfortable place, regardless of whether the snoring eat, that time don't want to disturb anything.I put my favorite vegetarian noodles described as "flesh", a day late at night, I put the noodles in the circle
Array  - 大菜的美食物语

Gelatin cake (solid element gelatin paste)

1, donkey hide gelatin bought are massive, eat up to the first bubble, very time consuming, so buy donkey hide gelatin can let the owner to make into powder, general pharmacy are free to play;2In general, the prescription is used in sugar, if there is no sugar for diabetes.3, brewed with donkey hide gelatin Huadiao wine which is more pure flavor, not with the kind of cooking like wine as wine
  - 神仙兔兔

Red dates Ejiao Walnut Cake

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Dong'e donkey hide gelatin250g Yellow Wine250ml WalnutAppropriate amount Red datesWhere appropriate SesameCasually Walnut cake red dates Ejiao

Boneless meat salad

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Boneless meatFit well The bottom of CucumberHalf of the root The practice steps boneless meat salad 1. The boneless meat cooked , boil tick osteosarcoma added two Welsh onion, a piece of ginger (ginger with a knife shoot) add a little cooking wine, cook about 12 minutes on the pot and prepare for half a cucumber is abluent, cut quadrilateral (sliced) cut after loading plate bottom! Then the boneless meat with seasoning mix! You can add onion dish! Boneless meat seasoning mix (onion, ginger, garlic, soy sauce,... Vinegar and more... Capsicum, cane pepper oil, Red oil, salt, MSG, chicken, pepper,... A little sugar to put a little...) They look on their own!! Boneless meat salad search approach Daquan


We shall have to do the dishes. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients MeatPersonal standard EggPersonal standard PinkPersonal standard Salt, MSGA few Pepper, caoguo surfaceA few OilHalf pot The practice steps of crisp meat 1. Egg powder into yogurt than thicken the paste, add seasoning, meat is added to mix evenly. Without water 2. The heat of the oil turns to a small fire, and a piece of meat is put in the deep. 3. Slowly deep fry golden yellow can be a pot! 4. My father uses the ribs, my father would like to eat ribs. Personally, personally like lean meat deep fried. Tips Practice is very simple, the amount of adjustment is not particularly specified. After the heat of the oil must be small fire slowly fried, the fire is easy to paste inside the paste. A novice can cut down the meat. All kinds of meat can be put, beef. Lean meat, ribs, fat meat. I don't like fat meat. But just fried the fat is also very fragrant. Dry food, cooked into the vegetable soup is delicious! The crisp search approach Daquan
Array  - 小狐仙l

Tremella lotus gelatin candied soup

1. Tremella can improve liver detoxification capacity, from the hepatoprotective effect; Tremella on elderly patients with chronic bronchitis, pulmonary heart disease have certain curative effect; 2. Tremella rich in vitaminDCan prevent the loss of calcium, the growth and development is very good; because of the rich selenium and other trace elements, it can enhance the body's immunity against tumor; 3. Tremella rich natural plant gum, and...(Open) 1. Tremella can improve liver detoxification capacity, from the hepatoprotective effect; Tremella on elderly patients with chronic bronchitis, pulmonary heart disease have certain curative effect; 2. Tremella rich in vitaminDCan prevent the loss of calcium, the growth and development is very good; because of the rich selenium and other trace elements, it can enhance the body's immunity against tumor; 3. Tremella rich natural plant gum, and its effects on Nourishing Yin, long-term use can be soothing and remove facial chloasma, freckles effect; 4. Tremella in effective components of acidic polysaccharide substances, can enhance the body's immunity to mobilize lymphocytes, enhance leukocyte phagocytosis, excited the hematopoietic function of bone marrow. Tremella red dates lotus seed soup is a tonic congee, the main material, tremella and lotus seeds red dates, the main process is to cook cooking. Have the effect of beauty. Is cold, pregnant women and other bogey cold not to eat.(Stop) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients TremellaA flower Go to the core of the lotus seed15A Gelatin candied4-5A Chinese wolfberry15A Raisins15A Rock candyA small bowl The practice steps of tremella lotus gelatin candied soup 1. The night before a good soak Tremella 2. The soaked Tremella abluent, cut thick pedicel yellow and black. 3. Cold water must be put under the tremella, enough. The fire boil, turn down the heat and simmer for half an hour. 4. Add lotus seed, turn into medium heat 5. Add gelatin dates, cooked with lotus seeds, to simmer for half an hour. 6. Add guiyuanrou, into the fire 7. Adding the right amount of sugar, here I add a bowl of amount. 8. Add raisins, turn down the heat and simmer20Minutes. 9. At this time there will be sticky. 10. Medium heat, add Chinese wolfberry, cook2Minutes, off the fire. 11. Left to the bowl, drink a bowl of warm or chilled in the refrigerator for an hour. Tips To break or cut into small florets of tremella. Water must be added, or cook until the last is not enough moisture, the impact of taste. Lotus seed must go to the core, otherwise very bitter. Dates to leave earlier, can be boiled for a long time, it is the taste of jujube. Chinese wolfberry off before the fire2Minutes, nutrition will not be lost The search of tremella lotus seed soup gelatin candied practices Daquan

Lean meat soup with red dates Ejiao

Very suitable for female tonic soup, the soup only deal with the ingredients, into Dunzhong, does not need in the kitchen busy busy can be for them to eat. Jujube, donkey hide gelatin edible efficacy of nourishing the blood, the decoction and Ziyin Runzao, whitening, anti-aging, anti fatigue, improve the therapeutic effect of immunity. Materials
Array  - 朵云3602


Delicious crisp meat can be fried, steamed, multi eat! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Pork500g Flour200g Egg1A SaltFew Five spice powderFew Edible oil500ml The practice steps of crisp meat 1. Cut the pork belly, cut into strips or slices according to their own preferences. Boiling water to remove blanch Weijuan, egg flour and a little water to stun, add a little spice powder five. 2. Pot by adding all edible oil, till the Qicheng hot, put the meat into the batter, successive into slices or strips, fried Oh until golden brown, remove! Tips Remember to lose weight! The crisp search approach Daquan


Fried crisp hot food is the most delicious, also can make the soup, cooked Hot pot. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Pork500G Egg3A Flour1A large spoon SaltTwo small spoon White pepper powderAppropriate amount Salt and pepperAppropriate amount Yellow WineTwo small spoon The practice steps of crisp meat 1. Pork cut into small pieces or strips 2. Add wine, salt, white pepper, salt and pepper grasping uniform 3. Break into the eggs 4. Add flour 5. All mix well 6. A sandwich with chopsticks pan, fry until golden. Tips Fried crisp meat batter without water, on eggs and flour, egg volume a little a little less didn't too big effect, mix the batter can wrapped around the meat can be. The crisp search approach Daquan
Array  - 格妈


Sichuan as a perennial work in the field Special want to eat the thing in the home every year Far away Can only do it yourself Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Pork Cornstarch Egg Chinese prickly ash powder Salt Soy sauce The practice steps of crisp meat 1. Put the pork clean cut section Slices can be Buy back water precipitation powder 2. After the surface water drained starch precipitation Add pork Egg (the weight of the meat). Salt The amount of soy sauce Stir well 3. Put the oil in the pan. Crisp fried So more oil Oil burning after the fire Novice can put a piece of meat. I did it for the first time. Golden fried up Fried crisp pork soup can be put together to eat boiled Tips The fire hot oil Then you have to be patient with a small fire. The crisp search approach Daquan
  - 十一爷

Meat foam

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients The meatAppropriate amount Dry kelp40gAbout Soy sauceAppropriate amount Fuel consumptionA spoon SaltAppropriate amount The practice steps of the meat of the kelp 1. Dry kelp wash bubble hair, after a good soak and then repeated several times. I've been in for three hours. 2. Meat and stir fry until color, put the sauce, continue to stir fry. 3. Into the kelp, add a little water, a little after a while. 4. Kelp is cooked on oil and salt, can stir fry pan. 5. Learn together,vThe letter:gaojing9431 Tips I use the dry kelp, hair, the amount is relatively small, after the hair will become more and more, with fresh seaweed, like the home just to use a dry kelp. Search for the practice of meat and foam seaweed
Array  - 吃金鱼的猫猫

Gelatin cake solid yuan paste

not see Walnut red dates longan Are you then. Very troublesome But rest assured that the most important(Stop) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Dong'e donkey hide gelatin500g Walnut kernel500g Jujube meat500g Chinese

Crisp pickled cabbage soup

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Pickled fish100g Crisp200g Frozen bean curd100g FansA ball of ChiveMince GingerShred GarlicDice Fresh Chinese prickly ashAppropriate amount Star aniseAppropriate amount Hot pepper5-6A The practice steps of pickled cabbage soup crisp meat 1. Pickled fish 2. Fried crisp pork 3. Frozen bean curd 4. Mung bean vermicelli 5. Required. 6. Wok put hot pepper oil, fresh cooked fragrant anise 7. Add ginger, garlic, Pepper Fried color added fragrance color changes 8. Put a knife to change the shredded pickled fish stir fry two minutes 9. Add fried pork stir fry thoroughly soft 10. Join2000mLWater fire boil 11. Add frozen tofu and cook for ten minutes. 12. After ten minutes and then add vermicelli and cook for ten minutes tasty 13. The pot put a little salt, chicken powder, a tablespoon of vinegar, a soup bowl and sprinkle chives, coriander...... Delicious Search the crisp pickled cabbage soup practices Daquan
Array  - LOVE/YAN

Stuffed meat Hupi Jianjiao

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Meat stuffing300Grams, green pepper500G, oil, salt, garlic, vinegar, sugar, cornstarch. The flesh of the flesh Hupi Jianjiao practice steps 1. Meat

The pork braised in brown sauce

Because they are pregnant, the first three months of the lack of appetite! Can only eat fruit. Now six months, and finally no response! These days would particularly like to eat pork braised in brown sauce! This dish is also home to eat oh! So I cook for them when pork braised in brown sauce to reward you some time ago, because I don't eat meat mouth! Ha-ha Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Pork1000g(my family is more than a bit). Onion2Root Ginger5Slice Dry pepper4A Chinese prickly ashFew Star anise2Grain Garlic6Grain Geranium2Slice Oyster sauceFew Soy sauceWith the color Soy sauceFew SaltAccording to their own tastes Rock candyAccording to their own tastes Taomi ShuiAppropriate amount Cooking wineAppropriate amount OilFat will be out of oil so little The practice steps of pork braised in brown sauce 1. The most suitable for pork, marbled meat, even belt! Hei hei...... 2. Cut into strips! The thick of the thumb is good. 3. Materials prepared 4. Material two 5. Under cold meat to the blood boiled out! Put two pieces of ginger flavor ~ 6. Put a little oil to fry for sugar, put in fry to melt gold in into boiled meat! 7. Fried meat color plus prepared seasoning! Add cooking wine, oyster sauce to continue to fry...... Yellow after adding soy sauce, soy sauce ~ 8. Deep color can add soy sauce to continue to stir fry, can make meat after a point of oil and water! This can make the meat is not so fat! 9. Add water to the meat, boil a small fire stew30Minute ~50Minute 10. Put salt! If you have done ~ oh soup with fire soup! Can be put on the carrot with a color...... I wish you a good appetite...... Ready to eat. The practice of video pork braised in brown sauce Tips My family is more so! According to the number of fixed amount of meat don't like sweet ~ if you can put less sugar, a good color, Search the pork braised in brown sauce practices Daquan
Array  - Sòrγy曉嘿牙&

Solid yuan paste

Method of solid element paste 1.Preparation of gelatin, gelatin shelf life of about five years, a lot of people buy to save, the shelf life can be used 2.The first donkey with a stick beating into pieces, into the mill, mill, about30Seconds 3.Grinding good gelatin into the container 4.Longan peel 5.Take out the flesh 6.Also placed in a small container to spare 7.Jujube
Array  - 飞雪无霜

Bitter gourd pork braised in brown sauce

A lot of people do not like the bitter taste, but for those who like to eat it. How to cook all feel sweet and delicious, especially and pork together braise in soy sauce, bitter gourd absorbs the flavor of the meat, melon meat cotton rotten sweet, pork fat but not greasy, balsam pear help decomposition of the oil, eat up the taste is great, oh. Materials Ingredients Pork500GBalsam pear3Root Accessories Edible oilAppropriate amountSalt1TeaspoonSoy sauce3Soup spoonSoy sauce1Soup spoonSufu(Red)3SmallMiso Sauce1Soup spoonOyster sauce2Soup spoonChickenFewSugar5Soup spoonGarlic8FlapSoy sauce1Teaspoon The practice of bitter gourd pork braised in brown sauce 1. Wash the pork, cut into same size blocks 2. Wash the bitter gourd, cut Liangtoujian 3. Garlic, peeled and preserved throughout, wash 4. Put a little oil hot pot, put garlic saute, stir fry pork fell, stir up the surface of the oil 5. This step materials Pig pork500G Garlic8A Plus, South milk with broken spatula 6. Add sugar, soy sauce, soy sauce stir constantly. 7. Coupled with soy sauce, oyster sauce and stir fry until fragrant pork 8. Add high pork1Cm of water, cover the pot after the fire to boil, simmer tune into the fire 9. Braised pork with neutral balsam pear: cut in half, with a small spoon scrape out seeds 10. Cut up pieces 11. Braised pork until thick soup 12. Pour into the bitter gourd block, add a little salt, chicken powder 13. Stir evenly, cover the pot and simmer15-20Minutes or so 14. To the left a little bit of soup boiled, stir evenly scooped up, running.~~ Cooking skillsTry to cut large pieces of balsam pear, stew cooked sauce salt forming a good-looking, their first try before deciding how much salt taste.
Array  - 食尚煮易

Sweet honey pork braised in brown sauce

The pork must be a good pick three or four layer FeiShou white, as do the food is very time consuming, I totally see mood to do it! To do a good job, the meat is sweet and soft, the entrance is the. Even a friend who does not eat fat can eat a good few blocks! Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients PorkAccording to the number of people Caoguo1 Star anise1 Huang Bingtang (Bai Bingtang)A lump GingerThree or four pieces Cooking wineA spoon Soy sauceAppropriate amount SaltRight amount (I am not put on the basic) Sweet honey-The practice steps of pork braised in brown sauce 1. Wash the pork into the boil! Then put the meat out of the spare, broth water left standby! 2. Star anise, cinnamon, ginger, caoguo! Into the pan fry! (sugar back) 3. Remove the meat into the pan stir fragrant spices, stir fry evenly, as far as possible to allow the sides of meat are cooked, so that fat is not greasy! 4. The meat slightly brown when placed in the cooking wine, soy sauce! Stir fry color! 5. Color evenly after the first step in the pork soup! No meat can be! Cover the lid and cook it and turn it in.30Minutes! Then add the yellow rock sugar! Simmer15Minutes or so! Open cover and stir fry! Then you can cook a pot! 6. Pan Sweet honey-Pork braised in brown sauce practice video Search for honey-Pork braised in brown sauce practices Daquan
Array  - 不是辣椒

Mother pork braised in brown sauce

My mother came to Shanghai to see us, do the best delicious pork braised in brown sauce. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Pork900 Accessories   SugarSome SaltA few Cooking wineSome AniseedSome Chinese prickly ashSome GingerTwo Oil20g The practice step mother pork braised in brown sauce 1. Pork cut into cubes, with boiling water boiled, remove the blood. 2. Put the boiled meat out, brush pot, pour the oil 3. To heat the oil into sugar, sugar melting 4. Add Cheuk good pork stir fry 5. Pour soy sauce, cooking wine, soy sauce 6. Boiling water 7. Add ginger, pepper, aniseed, small fire stew 8. After the soup pot Mother pork braised in brown sauce practice video Search approach Daquan mother pork braised in brown sauce
Array  - yipingjianyuan

No flavor pork braised in brown sauce

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Pork500g Chinese prickly ash5g Star anise4A Chinese cinnamonA piece of GingerA piece of Garlic4Flap Lee Kum Kee braised juice20g Cooking wine10g OnionA HoneyTwo small spoon SaltAppropriate amount Red dried chilliAppropriate amount The practice steps must taste the pork braised in brown sauce 1. Ready for such a piece of pork 2. Wash the pork, then cut the figure in the size of the box on the line...... 3. Pan put a little oil, a little salt, pork and skin toward the bottom of the pot, the skin fried into a golden yellow, and then stir fry, will the meat around all the fried to golden yellow. 4. Fried pork, wok, put in a bowl of oil reserve, can leave the pot. 5. Pepper, star anise, ginger, garlic, onion, pepper, ready reserve. 6. Pot stay in the oil is if you pour some, and then open a small fire, put two teaspoons of honey, fried to honey take yellow vesicles the, into standby in a bowl of pork and5gThe Lee Kum Kee braised juice, continue to stir, until now. 7. Pork color, add garlic, ginger, stir for a minute, then add pepper and pepper, stir...... 8. After the pork inside ingredients. Stir until fragrant, pour into the hot water, you can cover the pork, then add in20gLee Kum Kee braised juice, salt. Fire burning soup, then turn a small fire simmer for an hour. (Tang Yiding to add enough, don't stop halfway, then add water into, the effect of braise in soy sauce meat flavor) 9. Simmer until pork soup almost dry (Figure) can stir the fire close juice, soup into a sticky paste, turn off the heat immediately!!! Tangy flavor pork braised in brown sauce is complete...... 10. Complete No flavor pork braised in brown sauce practice video Tips Pork must choose thin fat layer, the more the better, make the meat of braise in soy sauce in order to reflect the more perfect, each process must be in place, do not disrelish a trouble. Hey, I wish you to make better pork braised in brown sauce! The search must taste the pork braised in brown sauce practices Daquan
Array  - 秋意濃

Tangcu Paigu meat

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Pork, porkSee the amount of self A aniseed, onion ginger garlicAppropriate amount Soy sauce, soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, oldAppropriate amount Edible oil, saltAppropriate amount The practice steps Tangcu meat Paigu 1. Prepare all materials, forgot to take the aniseed (star anise) 2. Into the cold water boiled meat 3. To put a little bit of salt in the pot.bengOil) 4. Add boiled pork meat, ginger, aniseed, stir fry until the surface is slightly yellow 5. Put garlic, soy sauce, soy sauce 6. Fry the meat had not been placed in the water, put the amount of crystal sugar, boiled water turn a small fire 7. When a small amount of vinegar put some juice, turn the fire stir fry sauce 8. Dish, sprinkle chopped green onion. Complete Tangcu Paigu meat practice video Sweet and Sour Meat search practices Daquan
Array  - 娜娜美食的诱惑

Marinated pork braised in brown sauce

Society, more and more young people will cook more and less, as a traditional dish, braised meat thin and not the firewood, fat but not greasy, simple but again reflect skills. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Pork750g Dufengxuan secret material pork braised in brown sauceA bag Rock candy10Grain Star aniseFew Soy sauceA small spoon Clean water300ml The practice steps of secret pork braised in brown sauce. 1. 1, pot by adding a little base oil, add sugar, non-stop rowing fried, fried sugar melts sugar, micro red can, a spoonful of water into the pot, mixed with sugar, color uniform, poured out and set aside. 2. Pan put a little oil, add star, saute, pour chopped pork, pour soy sauce, secret dufengxuan braise in soy sauce meat material, pour into water. 3. About25~ ~ ~30After a minute, you can take a pot. Marinated pork braised in brown sauce practice video Tips Three problems of traditional pork braised in brown sauce, fried sugar, seasoning ingredients in order to master, varieties and quantity, not good grasp. Today my method, the perfect solution to your problem. I micro channelfubohuai Search secret practices Daquan pork braised in brown sauce
Array  - 抚顺富师傅

Aunt pork braised in brown sauce

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Pork1000g The practice steps aunt pork braised in brown sauce. 1. Wash pork cuts, with their size like. 2. Frying oil and sugar 3. Add meat and stir fry until golden brown. 4. Add onion ginger garlic aniseed pepper stir fry, add boiling water before the meat 5. Today with potatoes, carrots, potatoes are the face, hanging paste!, have failed, but the taste is first-rate, very Xiafan. For baby had just finished milk I is really too sweet! Aunt pork braised in brown sauce practice video Search Xiaoyi practices Daquan pork braised in brown sauce
  - 苏乐小白

Is in Yulin fried pork

Guangxi Yulin traditional dishes, every family will do more in traditional dishes, banquet, festival, guests. Ingredients Pork Five spice powder Rice wine Licorice Salt Soy sauce Chicken MSG It is in Yulin's crisp steps 1. To a good piece of pork, adjust seasoning, put pork inside and waited for three hours or so, ready corn flour, put the pork into the powder, and then into the fried, optimistic about the time, about three minutes The search is in Yulin crisp practices Daquan
  - 行走者1

Boiled beef rib meat

product 7. Filling in bags 8. Put the refrigerator freezer Boiled beef rib flesh search approach.
  - 曲少滨

Super easy version of pork braised in brown sauce

Sister internship in Shanghai one month, the price of the magic and an intern wages compared To get rid of the rent is almost the same Eat take away every day Instant noodles. She received her internship. Just get on talking Sister I want to eat pork braised in brown sauce. It directly to the supermarket to buy food. A lot of things are not ready. This is the only super simple version of the pork braised in brown sauce. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Pork250g Sugar or sugar Soy sauce The practice steps of super easy version of the pork braised in brown sauce 1. The supermarket to buy sliced pork With a little water Beat to float 2. Put the oil in the pan. The oil is hot, add sugar or rock candy can Yellow foam Add soy sauce 3. Add pork Water stew 4. Water can add a little Stew30Minutes or so The meat is rotten. Remember to close the juice in the pot and stir fry Otherwise easy to paste 5. Final product Super easy to practice video version of pork braised in brown sauce Super easy search approach Daquan version pork braised in brown sauce
Array  - 無心77

Private secret pork braised in brown sauce

Childhood has been mom's pot roast, she likes to do that kind of soup can stew stew, braise in soy sauce meat rarely actually do. Junior high school when I am very interested in cooking, so now, I think it's no difficult to cook, especially like. Dad is like I do. This method is also suitable for pork braised in brown sauce, braised pork ribs do small, not wood, fat is not greasy. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients PorkAppropriate amount Ginger2-3Slice Star anise (aniseed)1A Chinese cinnamon1Small Chinese prickly ash5-6Grain Clove2Grain Dried tangerine peel1Block Hawthorn stem5-6Slice SaltAppropriate amount Rock candySmall10To block Soy sauceAppropriate amount Red pepperAccording to personal taste, general2-3A Quail eggs (or eggs).Appropriate amount MushroomsAppropriate amount MirinAppropriate amount Edible oilFew Geranium1Slice The practice steps private secret of pork braised in brown sauce 1. Pork cut into small pieces, water pot, add mirin (not available wine instead of) into pieces and blanch, to the bloody, defoaming, remove and drain water. 2. Heat wok, pour a little oil, ginger, stir fry until color, meat loaf stir fry, fat oil forced out some, until the meat color, remove and reserve. 3. The pan with a little oil, heat the oil into the sugar, stir until completely melted, color bubble. 4. The meat will pour, stir fry meat, to all uniform color. 5. Add hot water to meat, pepper, star anise, cinnamon, bay leaves, clove (dried clove aroma, no), dried tangerine peel, hawthorn (Crataegus is let the meat more soft rotten delicious especially lean), red peppers, break apart (not like spicy put less or not), put in, if you feel light colors can be appropriate to add the old extraction color. The color of the soup is not too deep, the final color will be a lot of color, more than a few times on the experience. 6. Will add mushrooms, cooked into the quail egg (egg substitute available), the fire boil, turn a small fire cover, stew30Minutes. 7. 30After a minute to open the lid, according to their own taste to add the right amount of salt, then stew10-15In a minute, open the lid to the fire. According to their own habits to dry or leave some soup, fast when constantly stir well~Call it a day! Private practice video secret pork braised in brown sauce Tips 1.A sugar that by experience, do a few times on the familiar, rock sugar does not need too much, color can use soy sauce fine-tuning, soup color does not need too deep, finally received juice color will be many.2.The water must be boiling water hot stew stew, cold water is not good.3.Quail eggs cooked in advance, but also can be replaced with eggs.4.The taste is delicious mushrooms early, tasty, soup with mushrooms, fragrance.4.In order to increase the flavor of clove citrus is better, do not hold.5.Hawthorn is to make the meat more soft rotten especially lean meat.6.A stew material bag at home, can not put the pepper, star anise and cinnamon.7.It is best to use iron stew, stew out of the fragrant~ Search private secret practices Daquan pork braised in brown sauce
  - 素素女王

Blind node pork braised in brown sauce

Pork braised in brown sauce is a very famous local cuisine, Shanghai people love the "thick red oil sauce". Remember when I was young, I especially love to eat to braise in soy sauce meat, a bowl of braised pork in brown sauce, I at least can eat half a bowl, now think about it, no wonder then I particularly fat, the original is because I love to eat the meat of the results, however what to eat now speak on light and healthy, food and health often is a contradiction, as long as we can control the degree of the can, so my stewed meat were only occasionally seen, I miss my childhood the taste ah. Materials Ingredients Pork700GBeans.3Zhang Accessories Cooking wine2Soup spoonEdible oilAppropriate amountSoy sauce2Soup spoonSoy sauce1A soup spoonGinger4SliceOnion1SectionStar anise2AChinese cinnamon1BlockGeranium2SliceRock candyAppropriate amountWaterAppropriate amount Blind node practice pork braised in brown sauce 1. Pork cut into small pieces, soaked in water for an hour 2. Blind to play, standby 3. Pork into the pot, add water, cooking wine, ginger, first boiled, remove the meat smell and part of the oil, remove the pork washed clean, drain water 4. Pot pour a little oil, add star anise and cinnamon, stir flavor 5. Add pork and stir fry, fry the meat four golden yellow 6. The pork into the casserole, pour soy sauce, soy sauce, ginger, geraniol, onion, add in the water and not pork, with the fire to boil, cover, turn a small fire to simmer1An hour, the middle can flip meat 7. Join the blind node, continue to simmer until the sauce, a little 8. Adding the right amount of sugar at the end, turn the fire stir fry, until sauce dry Cooking skills1Try to use sugar, sugar, sugar should be crushed into the end, it can better grasp the taste; 2, the last use of the fire to get juice, can make the color of the meat is more red light.
Array  - january0106

Steamed meat soup gourd

Loofah loofah brewed cup of meat, steamed meat, chili oil flavor and then poured cooked spicy. Materials Ingredients Towel gourd2APork300G Accessories Salt3GVegetable oil10GChilli powder10GSoy sauce5GOyster sauce5GMSG2GCornstarch30GChive20G Steamed meat gourd cup practices 1. Preparation of sponge gourd, pork, chive 2. Peeled diced meat, chop into minced meat, onion mince 3. Luffa cut, minced meat and chives, salt, starch, soy sauce and mix well 4. Loofah digging 5. Mix the minced meat stuffed into the gourd. 6. Brewed cup of Luffa 7. Steamed 8. Steamed sponge cup 9. Burning oil, put in the chili powder 10. Turn off the fire 11. Sprinkle with soy sauce, oyster sauce, sprinkle with monosodium glutamate 12. Cooked sauce pour in the steamed sponge on a cup 13. Delicious gourd cup Cooking skillsSteamed sponge cup like to eat spicy chili sauce.
Array  - 水青青

Steamed Pork Slices with Red Bean Paste

Jia Sha Rou also called sweet pork, pigs, pork, red bean paste into the meat, steamed to melted dessert on the table. Eating delicious sweet, plump and beautiful shape, fat but not greasy, usually, though not often eat, but new year's dinner on the table, it is absolutely indispensable. Materials Ingredients Pork500G Accessories Glutinous riceHalf a bowl Red bean paste100G Seasoning Soy sauce2Spoon Sugar20G Pork1Spoon Honey1Small spoon WaterAppropriate amount The practice of holding sand meat 1.Prepare pork(Layer three layer above is good) 2.A pot of water, boil off into the pork, fish out after birth 3.Dry skin surface moisture, coated with soy sauce color 4.And then coated with a layer of honey 5.With good skin color, very beautiful 6.The other pot, come on(Don't too much)The oil temperature,6,7Into the hot, pork skin down into the pot, this time the pot of oil will splash, with the lid against a is wonderful, or directly cover insurance comparison 7.Deep fry golden brown skin surface, remove 8.Into the boiling water, continue to cook7,8Minutes, the purpose of doing so has two, one is to remove greasy, two is the last steamed pork skin will wrinkle 9.Pot wash, dry, cut into a tablespoon of lard, small fire fry 10.Will be cooked rice with water, into the(Sticky glutinous rice in advance24Hour) 11.Add the right amount of sugar(Can not add, the last time to eat the surface can also be sprinkled with sugar) 12.Medium heat, stir fry evenly 13.Fried glutinous rice shovel out 14.Ready to paste 15.This time the meat cold, cut“Even clip”, that is, the first knife is not cut, cut off the second knife 16.The red bean paste into even the clip, press flat together 17.The meat upside down are placed in the bottom of the bowl 18.Put on a good fried glutinous rice, compaction 19.Into the steamer, remember to add enough water, before the fire and small fire, at least2An hour 20.Remove the buckle on the plate, sprinkle sugar that is Cooking skills 1, soy sauce+Honey brush on the skin surface, after fried, golden color, crystal clear and bright; 2And fried pork skin in the broth boil and cook for a moment, can play to the greasy, and steamed will that wrinkle effect; 3The rice with lard and sugar to fry the more fragrant, but also a more traditional approach. Worried about the high fat content, the step can be omitted, and directly after soaked glutinous rice, steamed pork together; 4The most difficult place to clip the meat is cut“Even knife clip”The meat, frozen meat in the refrigerator, a little hard good cutting knife, cut out a good cook“Even clip”Thin and large, after a long time after steaming, meat thin and translucent, revealing the inside of the red bean paste.
Array  - 璐稔

Detailed version of Sichuan fried crisp meat

In our Sichuan, the Chinese new year, it is necessary to eat, eat, and eat, cook, taste good. Married to the north, they do a little, but then how to do not have their own home to raise the pork. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients PorkA pound or so Chinese prickly ash powderAppropriate amount EggFour StarchAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount GingerAppropriate amount Practice with Sichuan fried crisp meat version steps 1. Peeled and sliced pork/Wire, put the amount of salt, cooking wine, ginger, pepper marinated for a while. 2. A small bowl of starch, four egg, mix well, put some salt, pepper powder. 3. Stir well into the well of the meat. (if it is too thick to be a little dry, it can be an egg. 4. The hot oil in deep fry until golden brown on both sides. (fried process should not have been turned, and put into the side of the bombing of the turning, even together do not worry, finally blown dry after will be separated. 5. Fried, you can continue to fry the rest of the pot. (use a spoon to press, the feeling is crisp is not soft, it can be fried well. 6. Finally, the rest of the tofu. 7. A thin crisp lettuce soup. Tips You can put some pepper, also can put the meat into mushroom, mushroom version of the next try. Search with Sichuan fried crisp practices Daquan version
Array  - 小小吃货ing

Gelatin cake [homemade paste] Guyuan Fu licensing Ejiao blood and Qi

Has been to see someone selling E-Jiao cake, but don't know donkey hide gelatin is not authentic, raw material, OK, so DIY E-Jiao cake...... So that they eat at ease! Gave birth to children with deficiency of Qi and blood, eat donkey hide gelatine cake Bubu, husband facing the computer for a long time, eat donkey hide gelatine cake to his body and good! Homemade gelatin cake
  - 恋旧6

Cream of dried meat floss buns

Well dried meat floss directly to arrange to do the small meal packages, the small meal packets formula is a luxury, not a drop of water, liquid part of most of the whipping cream, then milk and eggs, is not a tyrant bread feeling miles,O(A_A)O. Due to the use of more light cream, and the surface is more difficult, but the work of the bread machine is dry, people are more relaxed. Have to say, this small meal packages, in addition to the flavor of the dried meat floss, bread is full of milk. Materials Ingredients High gluten flour250GEgg1AMilk40GSugar30GYeast powder4GLight cream90GSalt2G Accessories Chicken130GSalad dressing35G The cream buns practice of dried meat floss 1. Light cream, milk, eggs, sugar, salt all into the bread barrel 2. High gluten powder into the yeast powder on the top, the beginning of the mixing with flour before mixing the yeast powder 3. I use chopsticks to stir up to no dry powder, and then open and surface function,30After the group reached the stage of expansion, if one and the surface program can not reach the extension, then continue to continue a program 4. Can pull off the glove membrane 5. Cover and film fermentation to2Double size 6. Exhaust gas12A system 7. The amount of chicken that you need to do, and the amount you need to take.,Mix evenly, salad sauce can make dried meat floss made a ball 8. A log compressed, wrap in dried meat floss 9. Shut down,All do a good job in the baking tray 10. Into the oven, put a bowl of hot water, a little hot water, open the function of fermentation,About half an hour, fermentation to2Times the size of the egg, brush 11. Oven180Degree preheating5In the middle of the roast.15Minute 12. Baked good small meal package, the way is very ordinary, but the taste is very good oh
Array  - 万山红

Homemade gelatin cake

Yellow Wine200ml The practice steps of homemade gelatin cake. 1. Material is the Hong Kong version of donkey hide gelatin powder, walnuts, sesame, jujube slices, rice wine boil sugar micro hot after into the donkey hide gelatine powder, boil to drawing shaped into other materials stirring, let cool,OK
  - 糖子鱼

Gelatin custard

I postpartum frail mom called me stewed donkey hide gelatin, I think donkey hide gelatin stew, soup, do not eat soup slag, waste, so I used to cook eggs, simple and convenient, the effect is good, add honey, sweet entrance! Fill body and health! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute
  - cinly2013

Handmade gelatin cake

Donkey hide gelatin piece is terrible, if made of donkey hide gelatine cake is more delicious today for everyone to share manual E-Jiao cake decocting method. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Ejiao500G

Handmade homemade gelatin cake slice!

This extract Nourishing Qi, nourishing yin and moistening lung. Beauty, improve sleep. To regulate menstruation tocolysis, eliminate all kinds of female cycle unwell wait for a symptom, donkey hide gelatin best eat is made of donkey hide gelatine cake, good taste, full nutrition, easy to carry. Difficulty:Chef(Senior
  - _张兮兮

Walnut red dates gelatin cake

, must treat their own. Since ancient times, donkey hide gelatin was regarded as a woman of Nourishing Yin rejuvenation, this from the inside out conditioning than any expensive cosmetics. However, the market is not gelatin content is too low, there is additive, and the price is not cheap. Just as in a supermarket, the most common of a pink donkey hide gelatin paste, not only low content of donkey hide
Array  - 西镇一婶

Fragrant crisp Brown

Early this morning to buy and buy fresh crisp flesh crescent, palm leaf, I like meat Brown Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Crisp flesh and blood75OG Soy sauce, salt, saltyAppropriate amount Glutinous
  - 胖妈1

Solid yuan paste

of flour 3. Cover the large basin.(Waterproof drop)Water vapor15In a minute, turn a small fire.90Minute 4. After the pot take another a large flat bottomed container, laying plastic film, the donkey hide gelatin paste steamed down on the container preservation of the membrane
  - Annylee

Mango Tea

, and personally like a small mango! 2. The black head cut off 3. To squeeze the mango king, squeeze the juice out of the fruit, and so on the flesh and skin after the separation, the flesh with the nucleus is squeezed out 4. Pour boiling
Array  - 妳婼相惜

Chiang stone fish

Spicy Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Hualian a5Jin The practice steps of stone fish of Chiang 1. With bighead carp flesh
  - 方丈8

Soybean fried meat

with soy sauce, starch, cooking wine, salt, salt, boil the flesh into oil. 2. Pan flesh boiled in oil, put pork fried first, want to eat hot pepper put chili oil, and then put the beans, green pepper, salt, chicken powder, MSG can be Search beans fried meat practices Daquan
Array  - 茉莉谢了

Sherbet avocado

the flesh dug up and placed in a container, peel to intact. 2. Add in the flesh10gWhite sugar, stirring to pulp no pronounced particle sense, put it in the refrigerator frozen, half an hour later put out into the skin, then! Search Sherbet avocado practices Daquan
  - dearlora

The production of gelatin cake

5. A small fire has been boiled to hang a flag (pictured), this step is particularly important for E-Jiao cake making, this relationship to rice wine has not fully volatile, this step do not good soft easily lead to do out of the donkey hide gelatine cake. 6. Will modulation of the electromagnetic oven heat preservation condition, put

Spicy hot pot Home Edition

Both male and father love to eat. Study hard Two times are very successful Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients As closely linked as flesh and blood10A Beef150g Dried bean curd100g Kelp50g
  - 小棉袄CL

Waste clever make orange sauce

Baby do not love to drink boiled water, the taste of the drink did not dare to, in addition to eat to him soup, usually give him fruit juice drink. The rest of the flesh eating no taste, throw a pity, used to make jam Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients

Classic rock candy stewed papaya

5. Dig to the inside of the flesh, then cut into small pieces. 6. Put some water in a saucepan 7. Choose to put into papaya 8. Then put into Tremella
Array  - Calf2013

Fruit meal -- milkshake

, banana to enhance sense of the proposal must put up, 2. Big mango cut half directly with a spoon to scoop out the flesh, not to fight the lattice so hard 3. All fruit cut into small pieces 4. I use the juice machine (mixer more
  - 豸苗大大

Honey melon banana circle, honey bitter gourd purple potato ring

purple potato ring 1. 1.Leave the middle section to remove bitter gourd, bitter gourd flesh.2.Boil the water a few drops of oil, remove the flesh that Zhuo a bitter gourd, about one or two minutes.3.The prepared immediately into the cold water, keep green.4.Stuffed banana, stuffed purple mashed potatoes.5.Slice, swing plate.

Novice fixation

Method for the practice of the new solid element paste 1. First to buy the donkey hide gelatin crack (please pharmacy knock best knock small point) with yellow rice wine bubble up, small bubble a day or two just fine and I like this to four or five days bubble oh 2. The materials ready, dates his best

Watermelon skin how to eat two

1. The watermelon flesh eating, then use a spoon to scrape into the red part. A flap of watermelon can be cut, in order to beautiful I only take half a. 2. Peeler for green skinned scrape, revealing a green watermelon flesh. 3. Treated watermelon skin, inner white, outer green
  - 空天小安

Honey thick toast (honey toast)

cut, cut the bottom. Along the wall under complete cut flesh toast toast. 4. The three vertical cross three toast flesh knife knife into nine. The inner wall of flesh and toast toast are painted with honey and butter mixed liquid. Bake in an oven15Minutes (toast flesh3Over a minute.
Array  - 灿爷是只小狐狸

Girly girl

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients HamA OnionHalf a Massurius La cheese20g(a piece of toast5gAround) As closely linked as flesh and bloodOn the two Soft sister approach steps
Array  - 陈串串est

Honey butter fruit

2. Cut in half, and then twist avocado, come out! 3. To flesh out, remove the stones! 4. Dig out the pulp in a bowl, add two tablespoons of honey(^_^) 5. Stir wellOK. Search

Stewed beef

A greedy mouth, afraid of flesh Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Dichotomanthes500g Ginger, soy sauce, Yellow WineSome The practice steps of Dichotomanthes halogen

Coconut Chicken

2. Split coconut, take half a piece of flesh thrown into the pot, pour coconut water pot soup, stew1Hours, cooking wine, salt seasoning. Search Coconut Chicken practice
  - 怡彤不宜

Sour Beverage

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Passion fruit5A Honey, water Practice steps of sour drinks 1. Cut one hundred fragrant fruit, the inside of the flesh dug out, add a little
  - 蔷薇124