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From the literature found some for you 68 cook recipe, cook book,chinese cook.

Fish soup with radish

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Fishbone500g Ginger10g Cooking wine10g The practice steps of fishbone radish soup 1. The big fish cut, heat oil in a pan, fry. Pour
  - 古月女子

Ukraine grilled fish

I am hereQQGroup climbing to cut black green, this is wild soundly, Ukrainian onion is our local someone cries out, the local call, I think the fishbone and Ukrainian scallion together, so taste the certainly good,,,,, Ingredients FishboneHalf of the root Wild blackAppropriate amount
Array  - 秀外慧中818

Fish porridge

Fishbone whether to soup or porridge is very delicious, well in advance of the porridge, the morning boiled a pot of fish porridge, warm drink a comfortable, and nutrition. But when they drink should be very careful, because a lot of thorns, be careful to fishbone bar. Materials Ingredients Fishbone100GRice1BowlRomaine Lettuce1Tree
Array  - 紫韵千千

Tomato soup

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients A fish fillet Tomatoes Practice steps of tomato soup 1. Fish (the best selection of fishbone less fish

Baked fish (FISH) of Perilla

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Fishbone500g Perilla frutescens crispa2Tree Coriander2Tree Onion, garlic bolt,2Tree Ginger1Block Oil, salt, soy sauceAppropriate amount
  - 星晴86

Crisp fish

Since childhood, grandfather likes to eat fish, my mother to a grandfather to eat, eat the most suitable toothless old man, child, because need not worry completely fishbone, fishbone simply do not eat out, turned the melted the! I have now learned to do for the mother to eat Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary
  - 酷瓜蘸蜜

Pan-Fried Codfish in Soy Sauce

Last half price from hi fish (http://www.hiyuer.comMicro letter public platform ordered several bags of silver hake, back to the children to eat, fishbone, a main thorn, nutritious and delicious, Very suitable for children to eat. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Cent or so

Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili

of the cut, cut fish fish slices, put egg white, cooking wine, salt starch10Minute 2. Pour oil pot, the head, fry the fish bones, clean wok, put hot pepper sauce, garlic, ginger saute, add pickled cabbage stir fry, put head fishbone cook, cook, put some salt. 3. Fish head cooked fish, fish, cooked

Puyang pickled fish

Many country cook can cooking this dish, Puyang pickled fish "in the Yellow River carp as raw material, need to warm the small fire to simmer and, is also a dish of Kung Fu, said that the first fish, a reference to eat fish, I'm afraid many people have experience of fishbone card throat, but when you taste" pickled fish, is another kind of feeling, fresh fish, fish bone crisp
  - NOChris

The pickled cabbage fish

fish, fish egg white powder a little salt sizing standby, hot pot oil garlic, ginger and green onion cook in soy pot sauerkraut stir fry, stir fry, and fishbone, broth to chicken powder, white vinegar, salt, bone maturation, pickled cabbage fish remove and install soup backing, pot stay in fish paste soup is good, soup fish will mature, pan fish Sheng sauerkraut above, saute onion and garlic pepper
  - 阿伟88

Steamed salted fish

1. Salted eel fish in clean, then cut into strips along the fishbone 2. The fish dish, sprinkle with shredded ginger 3. Boiling water pot, steam15Minute 4. The oil pot is boiling hot, and then you can pour it on.
Array  - 豆腐布丁

Fresh turbot (steamed)

Treasure the fishbone is relatively uniform, the most suitable to eat baby Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Turbot1A Onion, onion, salt, pepper Fresh turbot (steamed) practice steps
  - 果果豆儿

Crucian carp soup pickles

soup water can not fish more appropriate) cold water into the pot and steam for 20 minutes 2. Delicious soup out of the pot! Zambia.Begin to enjoy! Tips The fish has very high nutritional value, eat more fish that eat smart Oh, but be careful when fishbone Kazakhstan..To nag 1 soup
Array  - 童童粑粑内人

Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili

Fishbone 9. Put sauerkraut Put some salt 10. Stir fry Fang Qingshui Cover the fish 11. The fish soup Cook Lower fillet Try salt enough 12. Fish for five minutes.
  - an__ni__kk

Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili

egg 2. Cut off the pickle, small heat oil into the onion ginger garlic pickle sauerkraut, head fishbone flavor, add boiling water, boil the flavor fish pickled cabbage and so on, into the fish color white roll up, into the fish block bowl, hot oil, add pepper chili flavor into to the shop on onion Festival bowl
Array  - 等待450

Steamed Fish Head with Diced Hot Red Peppers

GingerAppropriate amount SpiritAppropriate amount The practice steps Duojiaoyutou 1. The best surface with a layer of light salt, help even tasty. 2. This layer can be without salt, 3. Add ginger pieces of fishbone skin
  - lasafa

Hot pot spicy fish

, grasping uniform curing. (note that scratch it don't be stabbed fishbone) this step is to make meat more tender, not easy in the cooking process of getting old. 2. Salted fish time, can prepare materials: onion oblique knife, cut into large; millet pepper, cut to about Jiang Qiecheng;1mmThick slices; garlic can be.
Array  - 西瓜籽籽籽

Crispy fried silver cod

This is a let you can not stop the mouth of the small snacks, crisp outside tender. Don't worry about the kids will be fishbone stuck, because only the main cod bone, no other small, to eat oh. Nutritive value of COD Cod is rich in protein and vitaminAVitaminDNutrient elements such as calcium, magnesium, selenium, etc., nutrient rich, sweet flavor; 2. Fish in...(Open
Array  - 尘缘若梦8

Chinese wolfberry fish tofu soup

Wolfberry shoots, cooking, slightly bitter taste, fresh taste. Also, pickled cabbage porridge, soup, soup to eat. A clear vision, treatment of yin deficiency, dry throat, sore throat and anger rising, be dizzy, functional low. Materials Ingredients Fishbone1AWolfberry leaf350GBean curd2BlockChinese wolfberry15G
Array  - Calf2013

Fried sardines

) Stock (the Sliced Boiled Chicken when stewed chicken soup)A large bowl Fried sardines practice steps 1. Sardines with boiling water to the middle of the fishbone, picked up the drain, cold oil pot, small fire slowly fried until golden brown. 2. Jiang Qiesi, garlic chopped green pepper, pepper
Array  - 司令的三九

Boil fish sauce

boil grouper approach 1.Grouper wash water control, go head to tail boning, fishbone cut 2.Fish fillet into a butterfly. (Oblique blade into, the first piece is not cut off, a piece of second cut, that is, butterfly fish) 3.The bottom of the pot put a little peanut oil, cool oil, add ginger, garlic, pepper fried; cut the fish bones into fry 4.Add not head of water, fire boil, put freshly
Array  - 温柔dy

Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili

1. Put the fish section, wash the head fishbone 2. Fish fillet with salt wash drain 3. Marinated with salt and cooking wine raw egg white ginger 4. Rinse and cut sauerkraut (preferably boiled water), chopped ginger
Array  - 一只猫的旅行。

Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili

2. The supermarket to buy a pack of pickled fish feed, fish feed the fish with inside for a while, the fish with pickled meat from the best 3. The pot into the amount of vegetable oil, oil heat to dry for two minutes and then fried pickled fish into the stir fry five minutes 4. Fishbone
  - 爱美食1992

Yu Song

Pour into Tupperware5.7L use a pot to stir fry at low temperature, 5. In the process of stir fry in one point one point add spices, know no fishy smell. 6. Fish stir fry, then. Delicious fish! Tips Note the fishbone yo

Egg fried fish

This approach gives the fish magic taste, golden surface, meat tender, caviar explosion, fishbone melted. The child can eat fish roe, Mingmu, contains trace elements required for the skin, protein and other mineral salts. Ingredients Multi spring fish Cooking wine Ginger powder
Array  - 小姿饭儿

Small clear new version of boiled fish

The impression of the Shuizhu should Yu eyes looked, is full of red pepper on top! Today the small version of Shuizhu Yu, added a bit of mushroom and vegetable soybean seed! Is that we do not choose to do Perch sea, although the fishbone less, but not easily broken forming! But the taste is really good oh! Materials Ingredients
Array  - 麦子老妈

Pickled fish do? You can chowhound?

3. Remove the fishbone 4. Gently under a piece of fish on the fish, the fish fillet into pieces with sideways 5. A good fillet of fish with salt and liquor.20Minute 6. Ready to soak the pepper and onion ginger
  - 虾客美食

Kudzu carp soup

6. Carp after the wash, dry water, oil fried yellow carp scooped up, into the soup. In the red dates/Dates. Open fire, will boil, and then simmer for 1.5 hours. 7. Salt, boil after death, if accidentally swallowed fishbone soup, put the fish out to complete the firsttadaA dish! There are wood! Dip in the soy sauce with ginger to eat
Array  - 蛋小特

Canned herring in Tomato

,3Cover the lid after a minute. Is the fish smell the row out. 7. Canned fish tomato well, fishbone are soft. Both nutrition and calcium. Cool in the future into the refrigerator. Every time it is best to eat cold, with the same can. Eat a week. Canned herring in tomato search practices Daquan
  - 丹东丹妮

Fryer honey yellow croaker

Family is not very fond of seafood, but especially likes to eat squid, octopus, fish, yellow croaker, may is because the fish meat tender, fishbone less, so home this several kinds of fish is standing. Bake in the oven: yellow croaker did two times, like family, is sweet and delicious than pork~~~ The change in the way of cooking is no braise in soy sauce, nor in the oven
Array  - 老方小雨

Fresh sweet yam bass peanut porridge

and began to gradually add yam and peanut Jiang Sihe fishbone. Continue to cook10Minutes. 5. This time it was joined with a spoon fillet, mix well. Open high fire3Minutes, add the parsley, a little salt.Pepper. You can turn off the table! 6. Served on the table, with a little chopped green

Steamed white fish

White soft shelled turtle is Taihu three white one, white turtle meat is tender, taste delicious, is more fishbone, farms, there are few to sell, but the farms on the side of the road to see have to sell, the fish with slices of ham join together steamed taste the authentic is the best. Materials Ingredients Whitefish400GHam20G
Array  - 香儿厨房

Chrysanthemum fish

piece cut chunks of meat, Tiqu fishbone 2. Just take the flesh part and cut into the box, if the box, I in order to make full use of ingredients, cut the rectangle, shape is not good-looking, cut cross took a knife, but must not cut through 3. Add onion, ginger, salt, pepper
Array  - 万山红

Steamed Turbot

6. Edible oil on the heating pot, poured directly along the green, the dishes on the table to be. Tips Fishbone soft, not afraid of her throat. The search Steamed Turbot practices Daquan

Braised crucian carp

Crucian carp, is I hate and love of fish, hate: too many bones, love: fresh sweet and delicious! I will not spit bones, hum.. I remember eating a throat fishbone, Dad took me to the hospital to pick a bone out, to the hospital as he walked side of the question, pick a bone is look at the branch, asked several people asked, does not stop said: "pick a bone at the Department." I followed.. "I lost
Array  - Calf2013

Baby food - Fish

Black fish300g Shallot1A Salt2g Pepper2g Vinegar3Drop Egg white1A Lemon3Slice The practice steps of fish - baby food supplement 1. Fish fishbone removing water and spring onions lemon soak for half an hour and flavor to the bloody bones but a living, for the first
  - 豆粉362003

Red date crucian carp Papaya Soup

Add the right amount of salt. 11. Finally mix it to the salt dissolves to drink Cooking skillsIn the process of making soup, do not arbitrarily to flip, flip powerful crucian carp will all rot away and eat them would be a lot of fish bone, little friends to drink when to pay attention to fishbone.
  - 紫韵千千

Steamed fish (microwave)

the onion and green pepper for garnish. Cooking skillsThe biggest advantage of this dish is, in fact, not so difficult but made great effect, that is, complex version of steamed fish, cut fish block recommendations should not be too thin, broken thorn to increase the fishbone, fish processing must wash away the fish belly black intima and blood clots, use wine
Array  - 娇児kitchen

Boiled fish fillet

of the fish. From the frying pan into the hot oil into the hot pepper.Garlic.Garlic leaf head saute, add Bean Sauce Fried Red oil water, boiling water into the fish.Fishbone.Fish roll2-4Minutes, finally add the fish fillet, boil with chopsticks to pull out the spread(A spade and a fish)Fish, cooked white can fire off. 5. The back out of the pot bowl

Baotou fish series food - fish tofu soup prolactin

water 3. Red dates to the nucleus, Chinese wolfberry slightly red.Ginger shred onion cut small pieces 4. The pan wok and pour into the corn oil with the bottom of the pot, add fish fry, fried and fry the remainder (fishbone, corner meat

Jiaozi Stuffed with Mackerel

on both sides took note, fishbone, then use the knife chop. 3. In the supermarket to buy a good mix of pork fat, to choose more, do so out of stuffing was delicious. 4. Chopped. 5. Ginger and pepper in advance withblisters one
Array  - zhao515445201

Don't eat fish bone crisp fish ~ fish

Although it is not the best looking crisp fish bone, but definitely eat up incense, even the fishbone has crisp taste, not strenuous, but also calcium. Try not to eat fish, too lazy to wash it off the head, when eating with chopsticks and a clip, the head fell off. The fish has a layer of black film, also must be clean, that is the most dirty fish.
Array  - 小五后

Steamed Fish Head with Diced Hot Red Peppers

As a matter of fact, I quite like to eat fish, but because fishbone, let I stop ah, can only eat hairtail, husband to eat these, the feeling is big thorn, is also OK, learn the. First learn to do the head, first, color and flavor of great boast husband! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above
Array  - 宸妈0524

Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili

Grass Carp wash, with a kitchen knife fish spine out(I was the boss of the fish.)Head and tail, cut down, head to head into the fish bones One divides into two., bowl 2. Take down the fishbone cut4Cm long fish, the fish on both sides of the meat into it0.5Cm thick fillet, placed in a large bowl. Remove the pickled fish material in the package bag
  - 米妈1020

Zheng Luyu soy sauce

Perch meat is tender, smooth, delicious taste, rich nutrition. Fresh steamed bass is the most prominent of delicious taste, bass has not been small, fishbone, very suitable for children eat. Materials Ingredients Perch1A Accessories Cooking oil3Soup spoonSalt3GFermented soya
Array  - 朵云3602

Double color fish

The practice steps of double color fish ball 1. Grass Carp a kill to the head section under the fish on both sides of the meat The fishbone cut section and the head put a rub salt reserve With the first pound fish Then the knife scraping along the fish texture fish paste I said about the fish paste248g Until the dark red meat has been scraped Take a small amount of salt
  - 恋尚鱼

Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili

saute onion and pepper, fried the fish into the pot, pour into the amount of cooking wine 8. Pour half pot of water before the fishbone 9. The pickled cabbage into the pot cook until fish taste 10.
Array  - 草莓茶

Silver carp stew tofu

I do black beans tofu and a, how to eat it, suddenly thought of the cross stew the, I want to the tofu into the stew should taste good, so early in the morning rush to buy fish, just husband at home, he helped me to clean up, good ha. Today I bought a big silver carp good one, because many of the silver carp fish, so I only buy big as fishbone has grown up, is not afraid to eat when not to stab
Array  - 热爱红烧肉

Spicy fish

For a long time did not eat spicy flavor, with a little miss hot and spicy aftertaste, fish fillets with Basa is really very convenient, supermarkets have frozen, buy the home into the refrigerator freezer, with the food with the use, not fishbone well for fish. Add lettuce and bean sprouts with cooking, the taste is very delicious Materials
Array  - 香儿厨房

Fish two to eat (boiled fish)

7. Hot pot material 8. Add water to boil after the fire. Add the. Cook for a minute to join the fishbone part. And so on one minute to join the fish 9. Add onion pot before. Celery. 10. Finished product
  - Je_taime.俊

Sauce stew loach

connected with the whole fishbone
Array  - 孙朱朱

The kitchen of a love goddess Li often fish (Shuizhu Yu)

in this way, just speculation in these materials is to the pickled cabbage under the pan fry). Bighead carp, silver carp, grass carp) to buy back clean up after, go head, tail, along the middle of the fishbone will fish piece into two, then skin down, slice into Bao houkuo fillets. Shaving under the fish and cut into sections, the head cut in half. The fish after washing, salt, cooking wine, ginger
  - 英儿6

Braised fish head Ma Lan

SaltAppropriate amount Ma Lan head braised fish practice steps 1. Prepare a fresh fish, my1Jin2Two 2. Use a knife to cut the meat out slowly along the fishbone 3. Cut into thick1Mm of fillet
Array  - yufanma0607

Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili

White pepper powder3g Starch4Spoon The practice steps of pickled fish 1. Grass Carp to gut to the scales, gills, wash, cut off the head 2. Cut from the tail at the upper end, close to the knife knife fishbone push method under a piece of fish
Array  - 小黠大痴


9.Add fried eel slices 10.Completely stir evenly, so that each segment with eel feed juice can be finished after the pot Cooking skills ,1And leather eel remember in the clearing process to first Tiqu fishbone, leaving only the net meat. This process can please Yutan to help deal with. ,2Fried eel with time, should pay attention to the oil temperature, the first section to ensure that each wok
Array  - 83小钟

Carp pea pickle pot

Pickle pot crucian carp is a Hakka cuisine, carp fresh and sweet infiltration of pickles, pickles is especially good with the season peas or shredded radish fresh soup, sweet and delicious. Carp fish is very small and can be wrapped into a pot rotten pot, soup dissolved ingredients, fishbone slag picked up can be discarded in a gauze bag~~~There are a variety of dishes
Array  - MONICA食尚煮易

Steamed Perch

see the people of this dish, he was attracted by the beautiful shape, would have wanted to try, and was delayed until today to the realization of Kazakhstan, lazy I die. So do steamed fish because the steaming time short, feel more tender, taste good, and when you eat it more convenient, is directly clamped up and eat, not a fishbone hey, very suitable for lazy people. Materials
Array  - 热爱红烧肉

Pickled fish Hot pot

approach 1. Ready to soak vegetables Pepper And onion ginger 2. Wash the scales, fins, gills and internal organs of the grass carp. Go to the head Go to the end 3. The fish in the midst, remove the fishbone. Gently under a piece
Array  - 西马栀子

Spicy boiled fish Liuzhou [Mosquito] private kitchen

In the food and fruit beans bought sole fillet, with high protein, low fat, is the best tonic for ms.. Don't wrap egg, no flour, you can cook the meat are smooth, full of fish, the key is not fishbone! It is very convenient to do Shuizhu ingredients such Yu, pickled fish dishes. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time
Array  - Mosquito私家小厨

Steamed fish with black bean sauce

The practice steps of steamed fish with lobster sauce 1. The same method of photo pickled fish, fish, fish, fish separate. The two biggest piece of meat to spread out flat, fishbone (that is, two fan whole fish ribs) 2. The fish back bone, steak cut into pieces.
Array  - 爱上丶沙琪玛

Grouper Boiled dumplings

Put the meat on the chopping board, with a blade scraping fish. Fascia, fishbone like to eliminate 3. The fish will scrape further chopped fine, pick the impurities to the fascia etc. 4. Green onion, Jiang Qiesi, Chinese prickly ash20Well prepared

Peach slices

1. Perch about two pounds. Clean kill, go head, from the fish back surgery with fishbone into two pieces. Fish fried fish bones golden, add tofu soup. Praise. Fish two to eat. 2. Cracked the chestnuts, soaked in boiling water for five minutes to peach full, with kitchen towel blot moisture remove.
Array  - 西米Fiona

Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili

the soup color white 11.Remove head fishbone, keep spare soup(Fish can also retained, this fish is big enough, the only fish, fish can do other dishes) 12.Boil the oil, after the heat into the remaining onion ginger and pepper, small fire fried flavor 13.The fried onion ginger and pepper remove 14.Will pepper into the pot stir fry a few 15.Add pickled cabbage stir fry 16.Add the cooked soup
Array  - 温暖经年

Homemade pickled fish

2. To put a good fillet into the container, add a little salt, pepper, starch, preserved for twenty minutes. Starch is to fish taste more tender oh. 3. Fishbone and head cut, set aside. 4. Sauerkraut wash several times, cut. I am a good wash three times, or sauerkraut is very salty
Array  - Lulu七公主

Homemade fish in Wanzhou

Xiao Yun take tilapia Wanzhou grilled fish! Because tilapia fishbone, Xiao Yun is a lazy didn't like thorns. Of course, we can't do it with charcoal, and we use the oven to make the dish. You can change it to any other fish! Materials Ingredients Tilapia3A Accessories Cumin
Array  - 心清似水淡若云

Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili

9. Add pickle ginger, stir fry 10. Add appropriate amount of water to open the fire 11. Put the fish head and bones boil ten minutes, the fish head and bones full flavor, then head fishbone and sauerkraut fish out into the container
Array  - 叶子的小厨

Huadiao Shaoxing Medium Sweet bloater

, very may adhesion, don't worry, until the fish block surface is slightly golden, use a colander will block fish fish out, slightly dry cool used in military will even with partial separation 15.The piece of fish again into the pot to copy, it will let the fish block more crisp, fish fried until golden brown, take a big thorn fish bite, fishbone became very crisp the even fried, fish remove Xun
Array  - 潘潘猫

Mother's day # # Ruanmian creamy lotus fish paste

of mixing is easy to glue;3The fish must be removed, in addition to the net, fishbone, such taste will be better Chengdu fish. Search#Mother's Day#Soft cotton lotus fish paste
Array  - 俞霏