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From the literature found some for you 19473 cook recipe, cook book,chinese cook.

Pumpkin fried shrimp

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Pumpkin Shrimp Dried small Shrimps fried pumpkin practice steps 1. Pumpkin cut well

Shrimp cabbage

steps of cabbage shrimps 1. 1Cabbage7,8The page clean tear pieces, a little shrimp wash;2The pot bottom oil, put in the fire and stir fry half cooked cabbage, put shrimp;3Fried to7Mature with a pinch of salt, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar,4, out of the pot! (stir fry to quickly, ensure that the cabbage is crisp) Very delicious
  - 蕊哈哈

Shrimp radish soup

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Radish Shrimp The practice steps of radish soup shrimp 1. Radish throwing silk, hot pot oil catch a big shrimp stir brown under the radish stir evenly, add water to the pot cover. 2. The middle salt over. 3. The soup into the green is good, some chopped green onion, pan. 4. Eat. Tips To put some more oil. Search shrimp soup with carrot approach Daquan
  - 写意生活

Small baby food

soft when poured into the dried small shrimps, dried small shrimps with running water. The transferred amount of salt, sprinkle with chopped green onion, stir fry pan ~ 4. Finished product Shrimp doll Recipe Video Shrimp dish doll search Daquan
  - Echo徐小叶

Shrimp cabbage

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Chinese Cabbage Shrimp The practice steps of Chinese cabbage shrimps 1. Chinese cabbage boiled off students

Steamed shrimp melon

Summer is like eating melon, faint, and refreshing. Ingredients Wax gourd400g Accessories   Salt1ml Chicken1ml Oil5ml ShrimpAppropriate amount CucumberAppropriate amount Shrimp steamed melon practice steps 1. Wash peeled melon; 2. Use a spoon to dig out the flesh; 3. Knife cut flower shaped; 4. To cut out the melon meat back; 5. Wash shrimp under, add salt, chicken oil, stir the mixture; 6. The shrimp sauce on top of the gourd above; 7. Steam on the pot20Minutes, there steamed melon, cut leaves here. Tips Steamed soft wax gourd to take out the light. Search shrimp steamed melon practices Daquan
  - 梦色奈儿

Shrimp lettuce

ChickenAppropriate amount Shrimp lettuce practice steps 1. Lettuce wash and cut sections. 2. Pot put the oil, oil heat, put shrimp stir fry, after the color add lettuce, smoke release, thirteen spices, salt (small, dried small shrimps and salt) fried lettuce discoloration installed dish can
Array  - 傲视晴天

Spinach fried shrimp

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Shrimp Spinach Oil, garlic, vinegar Spinach fried shrimp practice steps 1. Shrimp with blisters on the removal of salt 2. Put the oil in the pan and fry the garlic until fragrant. 3. In shrimp 4. Add spinach, add a little vinegar about cooking pot 5. Soft fried spinach on the pan, no salt, salty because shrimp Search approach Daquan spinach fry shrimp
  - 瑜82

Dried leaf mustard

2. Dishes, wash clean, cut off, drain water 3. Pot of hot oil, oil heat, add garlic and shrimp fried to golden 4. Into the dishes, plus a small amount of salt, a little over can pan, in particular, sweet, very delicious oh Tips
  - 芯琪盛

Shrimp and broccoli

shrimp 1. Washing water for ten minutes, boiling water with a little salt, boiled out flower green broccoli 2. Heat wok cool oil. A little oil, broccoli and stir fry for a while adding dried small shrimps, pour a little oyster sauce, salt, this dish is five minutes out of the pot
  - 豆粉899621

White radish shrimp dumplings

Before didn't do the white radish filling of dumplings, then a back home, my mother she did, I think is very delicious, very delicious, not to mention the added a little shrimp taste more delicious, white radish with dried small shrimps two things is build, so very good to eat, live the skin is also very chewy, delicious. Materials Ingredients
Array  - 草莓茶

Spinach fried shrimp

, because the spinach a little bit of fried, so only a knife 2. Pour oil pot, heat the oil into the spinach stir fry until softened into the shrimp, I like to eat dried small shrimps, so much to put some, dried small shrimps is salty, so don't put salt, fry pan, although simple, but very delicious, I attached a few days are fried dish, very

Shrimp fried egg cabbage

Flavored with fresh shrimp, can reduce the amount of salt in the dish. Materials Ingredients Chinese Cabbage350GShrimp25GEgg2A Accessories Vegetable oil1Soup spoonSalt2G Cabbage shrimp fried egg practices 1. To prepare the material, the Chinese cabbage core 2. Cabbage washed minced shrimp core, washing with water clean, water out of control 3. Wok vegetable oil, into the hot oil into the five shrimp 4. Shrimp fried flavor 5. Into the end of the cabbage 6. Stir fry evenly, to the Chinese cabbage off 7. Pour into the beaten egg, don't turn 8. For fast solidification over the egg, 9. Season with a little salt, stir fry evenly, can be filled out Cooking skillsShrimp is salty, finally put salt.
Array  - youhaha0的厨房

Mix shrimp onion

Dried small shrimps stir scallions, who grew up eating now, scallions to Zhangqiu green onion, spring onion long, with a hint of sweetness, Shandong is usually used for pancakes or bread to eat on a roll, congee dishes are very good. Materials Ingredients Green Chinese onion1RootShrimp20G

Pepper Fried Shrimp

2. Hot pot refueling will wash water and dried small shrimps, garlic with the pot and stir fry until fragrant dry standby. 3. The other hot pot refueling will change the knife under the pepper pot. 4. Add the right amount of fine salt to the hanging.
  - 牛妈厨房

Shrimp fried lettuce leaves

2. A pot of boiling water into the boil. 3. Sliced ginger mince garlic spare. 4. The lettuce leaves cut into fine powder, dried small shrimps, garlic, ginger trading on standby. 5. The wok cool oil, add garlic, ginger

Vegetable fried shrimp

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients ShrimpA Green vegetablesA Vegetable fried shrimp practice steps 1. Hot oil under the shrimp stir flavor, add vegetables, go stir fry, add soy sauce, salt. Pan Search approach Daquan vegetable fried shrimp
  - oups

Chrysanthemum shrimp vermicelli

A small dish without losing the flavor of fresh garlic, chrysanthemum and this is with a combination of, plus the fresh shrimp, the United States and the United States.(^_^) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Chrysanthemum coronarium300g Dried shrimp5g
  - 香颜

Onion pancake breakfast quickly -- shrimp

into fine small onion, chopped green onion shallot. 2. Beaten eggs, add onion, green onion, dried small shrimps, black sesame, salt, pepper, mix well, add flour and mix well into a thin paste, standing for a few minutes. 3. Heat pan brush oil, turn a small fire, pour the batter, spread
Array  - 舌尖记忆

A supplement Ca ~ ~ Sweet Shrimp

Shrimp is mainly processed by the shrimp. Shrimp production, focus groups, networks are often caught a uniform of shrimp. Generally in dried processed into dried small shrimps, shrimp meat with small, solid product is very easy to make people feel like shrimp, hence the name. The nutritional value of shrimp is very high, is to measure the protein content of nutritional
Array  - 快乐生活12

Shrimp fried Yuba

with blisters, torn, shredded, soaked shrimp is the same. Garlic slice. 2. From the pan heat, next into the garlic, pepper, slightly stir fry, add Yuba, dried small shrimps are fried, add a little water and cook for 3 minutes, transferred to soy sauce, salt, burning in three minutes, add MSG, topped with sesame oil.

Shrimp fried cabbage

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Chinese Cabbage500g Longkou vermicelli1The Small shrimp100g Salt1.5g The practice steps of Chinese cabbage fried shrimp
Array  - 灰羽7

Spinach fans with shrimp

Fan is the daughter of the beloved, now her teeth, add dried small shrimps, good calcium supplement. Refreshing cool, delicious! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Fans1Volume Spinach4Root ShrimpAppropriate amount Coriander1Root
Array  - 妞妞candy

Homemade gourmet mushrooms shrimp

Ingredients Shrimp, dried mushroomsAccording to the needs of The practice steps of homemade gourmet mushrooms shrimp 1. The best selection of unsalted dried small shrimps, spread to dry in the oven, drying can also, I was two days with geothermal sunshine, the three
  - 禅缌

Shrimp West

Practice the West steps of shrimp 1. West wash, cut the spare 2. Shrimp with hot water. Love can also use dried shrimps, dried shrimps 3. Dry pepper, onion cut off. This is not a dish with dry pepper, so cut some

Steamed egg with shrimp

SaltAppropriate amount ShrimpA few ShallotTwo Sesame oilA few drops of The practice steps of steamed egg shrimp 1. According to the amount of three, ready three small stew, each one. 2. Beat eggs, add warm water, stirring after mixing. The total amount of water
Array  - 吉祥69

Corn Tremella Rice Congee shrimp

The practice steps of corn Tremella Rice Congee shrimp 1. The corn and Tremella soak for an hour, and then put the pot for an hour 2. Put the rice into the pot boiled until cooked. 3. Add shrimps and cook for five minutes 4.
Array  - 木溪荼wld

Original thin skinned dumplings -- large leek egg and shrimps

dumplings--The practice steps of leek and egg shrimp 1. Leek stuffing for dumplings is to eat the leek flavor son, a variety of spices don't put or put less, chives, fried eggs, dried small shrimps, salt, peanut oil, sesame oil mixed with stuffing, salt can be put in more points, taste and leek is a salt blaze water salinity are the soup
Array  - 小白的小狗窝

Shrimp and leek

As a way of90Later, I am more diligent, hehe. Enjoy the process, do a happy kitchen girl. Ingredients ShrimpFew LeekSmall The practice steps of leek shrimp 1. Wash leek cut, to soak the dried shrimp, clean.

Shrimp egg chopped mushrooms

This dish is homemade, just want a meal can be a variety of nutrition, to the baby the best. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients MushroomsAppropriate amount ShrimpAppropriate amount EggAppropriate amount Green Chinese onionAppropriate amount Shrimp egg broken mushrooms practice steps 1. Chopped mushrooms 2. Chopped onion 3. Put all the ingredients on a egg in the bowl, put a little salt, (I am using salt shrimp so just put salt, mix) 4. Heat the oil, pour a little oil, stir the egg, stir fry, pan Tips All the ingredients are based on how much to eat, no specific data, personal habits of all the ingredients1:1 Shrimp egg broken mushrooms search approach Daquan
Array  - 讨厌的橙子

Seaweed and shrimp soup

Seaweed and shrimp soup though inconspicuous, but very good, and very significant effect. Now the people cried the high calcium, drink milk, eat calcium, in fact, dried small shrimps known as calcium pool said, rich in calcium and protein content is very high. The heat is very low, for lowering blood lipids, cholesterol has a certain role. Interested friends may wish to try this classic soup
Array  - 粉竽粘糖

[homemade] shrimp powder seasoning monosodium glutamate

Dried small shrimps calcium, I not much said, homemade shrimp powder, in our family, cooking, cooking soup will put a little, that is, calcium and delicious. Can not eat MSG during pregnancy, then use the shrimp powder instead of. In addition, use it to steam eggs, porridge, to the baby (6More than a month) to eat, nutritious delicious! What's waiting for you, please.
  - 悠悠小厨

Shrimp egg

Three year old daughter suddenly want to eat, and then she moved in my hand to help Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Egg2g Shrimp1g MSG1Spoon Onion1g The practice steps of shrimp egg 1. The eggs hit the bowl. 2. Chopsticks break down to put a little water hit the bubble 3. Add shrimp (salty), green onion, (because I now do not eat MSG so on) Search shrimp egg practices Daquan

Baby calcium diet egg shrimp Potato Pancake

Potato Pancake. 1. Potatoes cut into filaments floating water, beaten eggs, hot wok add olive oil, pour into the fried potato silk, stir, stir fried in the process of adding dried small shrimps and salt until potatoes brown when the liquid into the eggs, small fire until the mixture solidified, the surface can be appropriate to sprinkle some grated cheese.

Spinach shrimp Egg cakes (my diet)

Like the color of spinach juice, with dried small shrimps in pies, beautiful, nutrition, but also has the role of detoxification Runchang, let summer to a little fresh. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients SpinachA
Array  - wyj30

White radish shrimp balls

, pepper The practice steps of white radish balls shrimp 1. The radish shred washed into a small shrimp egg, in slightly put some noodles, salt and pepper as well. 2. Because the ball made shape, but the fear of trouble so a little fried, fried into golden on both sides will0KThe.

Leek shrimp fried egg

Fried egg leek shrimp practice steps 1. The main figure. 2. Wash and control the water, cut into4Cm of the segment. Egg. Dried small shrimps soaked in water5Minutes, then control the net water. 3. The pot into the hot oil, stir into the egg
Array  - 橘子小厨房

Shrimp melon soup fans - lose weight to wet skin

Melon light diuretic is suitable for today's weather in summer, Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Wax gourd Shrimp Mushrooms Fans Coriander Shrimp melon vermicelli soup--Steps to lose weight to wet the holy goods 1. To prepare ingredients, fans mushrooms boiled water 2. Shrimp, onion, star anise choke pot 3. Add the melon and stir fry until fragrant, add broth, mushrooms, fans, boil 4. After cooking, add sesame oil, parsley Search shrimp melon vermicelli soup--Weight loss to the wet saint
  - 楠木的木

Sea cucumber porridge shrimp

A refreshing, nourishing! Materials Ingredients Sea cucumber30GShrimp20GShallot10G Accessories Millet1/2Bowl Sea cucumber porridge shrimp approach 1. Sea cucumber foam hair36-48Hours, cook half an hour later, then the hair12Hours later 2. Amount of millet water 3. Sea cucumber and shrimp pot into the lake section, into the casserole porridge or rice cooker 4. Add onion, sprinkle with salt.
Array  - 我是晶晶姑凉

A series of 1---- eat sweet mother mashed garlic shrimp

Garlic is good stuff, is said to have many functions, shrimp is calcium Jiapin, the two mixed together, there is no sense of violation and! Family and friends like to eat it! Dried small shrimps had better choose a larger size of the kind of, is not very good buy, but the taste than small to chewing head, buy no more tightly, sealing the mouth in the freezer room deposit, eat
  - Lilian0523

Dried shrimps rape

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Rape Dried shrimps Peanut oil Garlic Vinegar Salt The practice steps of rape dried shrimps 1. Clean
  - 哈璐

Loofah dried shrimps

HEMMI loofah practices 1. Ingredients: loofah, dried shrimps, garlic, (carrot, decoration) 2. Gourd peel thick strips, dried shrimps, garlic Paisui soak for a while 3. Heat wok, add oil, saute garlic, dried shrimps under
Array  - 食尚煮易

Small fried shrimps with leek

The practice of fried prawns with Chinese and Chinese 1. Clean cut section of Chinese 2. River shrimp wash 3. A pot of oil, saute ginger slice 4. In a small shrimp
Array  - 融妈妈

Chinese cabbage with dried shrimps soup

This soup tastes Chinese cabbage with dried shrimps is very light, only a small amount of salt. The autumn weather is dry, the water content of the Chinese cabbage is rich, and the water content is high.95%, eat cabbage, can play a very good nourishing yin and moistening dryness, skin care effect. Chinese cabbage with rich vitamin, often eat Chinese cabbage can play an antioxidant, anti-aging
Array  - 壹笑嫣然

Vegetable Dried Shrimps fried rice

a Mushrooms1Flower Egg1A Leftover rice1Bowl Accessories   Edible oil20g Salt3g Chicken2g Sesame oil2g Chive1Section The practice steps of vegetables dried shrimps fried rice 1. Dried mushroom, cut into small cubes.
Array  - 吃货君爱美食

The purple air comes from the East -- a propitious omen

1. Tear the seaweed into small pieces and put them in a bowl. 2. Will shred onion ginger and dried small shrimps together in a bowl 3. The laver with boiling water to open, add a little salt, instant sesame oil. The search approach Daquan
  - 古道夏津


Ingredients Noodles Tomato Fungus Shrimp Mutton slices Stock10g Pasta sauce Zamian practice steps 1. Boil water, soup, and then cooked to below, put tomato, edible fungus, mutton slices, dried small

Fried shrimps with small green pepper

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Small green pepperFree Small shrimpFree Small shrimp fried green peppers practice steps 1. First pepper shrimp and washed, and then chopped
  - 沫月儿

Soy sauce noodles

1. Water noodles cooked fish out into the bowl, wok put the oil dried small shrimps, soy sauce, saute into the amount of water to boil salt, chicken seasoning, put green onion turn off the heat, pour the soup into the bowl can be. Search soy sauce noodles
Array  - 千江水月V

Beef, shrimp dumplings with seafood

3. Stripped of dried small shrimps, remove gut, add a little salt and cooking wine for ten minutes. 4. Dried small shrimps control off water, the pot pour a bowl of vegetable oil, cool oil into the dried small shrimps, fried dried small shrimps become crisp fish out, remaining oil is shrimp sauce, Liang Liang stand-by, the oil is very fresh
Array  - 檬吃檬喝

Vegetable shrimp Egg cakes

must not be more or less difficult to mature and taste is not good The search of vegetables dried small shrimps Egg cakes practices Daquan
Array  - Cindyzhzh

Fresh shrimp and scrambled eggs

Even in the seaside city, the fresh small shrimp, is not through any processing of dried small shrimps, could also be met but not finding, met, must buy to early adopters, seven dollars a pound, fresh, delicious, nutrition is high and than dried small shrimps cleaner. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary
Array  - 萍0120

Baby curry noodle

noodles practice steps 1. In potato slices, a little chopped green onion, 2. Pour the oil hot pot, hot pot put chopped green onion, put in diced potatoes, add a little salt, (as dried small shrimps and curry blocks are salty), put the shrimp, stir, then pour warm water, put curry block, finally out
  - 镁博

Crispy Shrimp

2. Pot put chili oil into the shrimp, fried dried small shrimps some coke removing the prawns, pot remaining oil into the crispy pepper, a small fire saute, put shrimp, opened fire with salt and stir fry, installed dish can Search for the practice of Crispy Shrimp
  - weon

Zucchini wrapped shrimp

1. The pumpkin peeled washed and shredded mushrooms with boiling water, soak a copy of shredded, shred tofu skin. Peeled prawns to the head cut small bits and dried small shrimps and shrimp head with hot oil fried red fish out, then the shrimp meat into just the shrimp sauce stir fry reddish can be. 2. Seasoning:Salt, pepper, ginger, MSG
  - Yuki105

Bean curd

, like water, soup can also be more water, put some spices. 5. Well, in a sprinkle dried small shrimps, finished. Tips A family dish, worth recommending Search tofu bubble practice
Array  - 哎蹭饭

Cherry Shrimp Fried Tofu

Is different from the general wrapped bread crumbs of explosives, the shell of the deep fried tofu is dried small shrimps, dried small shrimps comes with salty, into the fried crispy delicious, thin sauce dipped in sweet, greasy sense of balance. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute
Array  - trueblue

Fried garlic amaranth

Preparing food, wash and cut long amaranth, mince garlic, onions shred, fungus torn into small pieces 2. Bottom oil put onions, dried small shrimps, garlic and stir fry half 3. Join the fire amaranth, salt and chicken, stir fry 4.
  - 楠木的木

One food ~ toon dried shrimps Rice and vegetable roll

4. HEMMI washed, cut small oil stir incense. 5. The Chinese toon and HEMMI cooked hot meal and mix well. Pour. 6. Pinch the rice into the size of your own. One person~The practice of Chinese toon dried shrimps Rice and vegetable roll video
Array  - 叶子Ivy广州

Soup and baby food

soaked, shredded ginger, preserved egg cut into small pieces. 2. Under the pan, Jiang Baoxiang, dried small shrimps preserved egg. 3. Add broth or water, boil, boil for five minutes under the baby food, baby food becomes soft, add a little salt, chicken essence. (there is mention taste of preserved egg
  - 颜小泪

Melon shrimp

Like to eat dried small shrimps, because of lack of calcium, so the shrimp into the bed table regulars, the small shrimp to eat for a long time tired, recently replaced by a large shrimp Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Wax gourd Shrimp Salt
Array  - 静子946

Emerald prawn soup

3. Put the pot of oil, saute onion, ginger and garlic, add dried small shrimps, fragrant, add prawns, stir fry, add cabbage, add appropriate amount of water, boil and cook for a while, add sesame oil pan! Accomplish tasks! Search jade prawn soup practices Daquan
Array  - 木潇娜★爱护肤

Melon fungus lean Steamed Jiaozi

1. First, cold water can, after the sealing surface and good place, prepare the filling! 2. Zucchini, diced meat, mushrooms, add oil, soy sauce, salt, I also added a proper amount of dried small shrimps, more delicious, stir well 3. Then you can bag it, easily cooked pumpkin, I steamed for twenty
  - Ruana

Leek egg shrimp dumplings

to add a little salt, then stir evenly; the pot refueling, so that the bottom of the pot is oil live, oil heat egg liquid, and then stir fry, pay attention to, the eggs must be copied dry, the water and egg fry dry, then filled out and cool slightly chopped 2. Chives, eggs, dried small shrimps, dried bean curd pieces, in full bloom to bowl, top
  - 花花103

Small fresh dried meat floss cake roll

oil30g Vanilla extract3Drop Milk30g Decoration: Monascus powder3g Green tea powder3g Cotton swab Toothpick2A Small fresh dried meat floss cake roll action steps 1. Separated eggs Baking trays with fixed paper Egg white fridge
Array  - 奶油mo

Spicy cabbage pot

, peel the potatoes, cut into pieces, spicy cabbage cut into small pieces, sliced tofu, first ready to do a good job. 2. Cut a piece of butter, 2 tablespoons soy sauce, dried small shrimps chopped with a knife, chopped green onion cut into small pieces, the cooking when the three times Taomi Shui Sheng in the bowl and set aside.
  - 婧_婧

Small dried abalone stew mushrooms in Yunnan

Two kinds of ingredients to buy back to burn some, but still a lot of, today decided to combine the taste should be delicious oh Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Dry abalone foam30Around Small mushroom hair30Flower

Cucumber egg dumplings

spice powder, a little soy sauce, sesame oil seasoning, spices add less can, eat are delicious. Like seafood can add shrimp, shrimp, dried shrimps, can. Prior to soak dried shrimps, dried small shrimps to wash. 4. Wrap it up well, the filling is faster. I bought the skin, if your skin rolling, you can use cucumber out of the water
  - flice

Leek egg Boiled dumplings

The practice steps of leek egg Boiled dumplings 1. Fried egg is good, Liang Liang, leeks washed water control, cut leek good after putting it into scrambled eggs with the pot, add dried small shrimps [don't like to eat dried small shrimps can not put], salt, fresh spicy is thirteen spice, essence of chicken, the last to join to boil the oil cool! You can add more oil
  - 宝石莲

Fresh water radish

, can you not bring them home? 2. With a wire brush for wiping silk. 3. Put all the ingredients and stir evenly, shrimp salinity, salt amount on the burning, I unsalted dried small shrimps, can light. 4. Swing after hours or so
Array  - 妞妞candy

Carrot bun in Dried tofu

fried meat into powder, then put a little salt flavor, cooked into a little cooking wine and soy sauce, 4. Turn into the carrot, dried bean curd, dried small shrimps, onion turn fry evenly to stir out fragrance, facing a pot add MSG and salt seasoning 5. Fried stuffing let coolreserve
Array  - 小叉是坏蛋

HEMMI melon soup

Ingredients Wax gourd Accessories   Onion Ginger The practice steps of white gourd soup with dried shrimps 1. Take these 2. The pot put a little oil

HEMMI gourd soup

The practice steps of dried shrimps gourd soup 1. Long Island Jin Gouhai, bean fruit and food 2. A big pot 3. Prepare dried shrimps and loofah 4. Loofah peeled, cut into small pieces of hob
  - 卡卡姝诺

Sour face leaves

small shrimps and spices (Nande, is a mixture of spices, monosodium glutamate, salt, chili powder and the like) into the bowl stand-by 2. Dry film in the boiling water, boil for three minutes. Can also add their favorite vegetables 3. Cooked dough and boiling water into the bowl, add
Array  - Aselin547

Vegetarian stuffing dumplings

oil15g Salt10g Vegetarian stuffing Practice steps of egg and egg 1. Wash chopped fennel, dried small shrimps wash control, wash powder 2. Prepare the dough 3. Put the oil pan, the oil until golden shrimp.
Array  - 凌之羽5

HEMMI Geda Tang

and dried shrimps, bubble water, fire boil 9. In a small bowl, stir in a small bowl. 10. Stir into a snowflake 11. After boiling, mix the good doughball dial 12.

Steamed egg

to tie3-5A small hole, open the gas stove, the pot into cold water, about a bowl and a half, into the bowl, after steaming5To7Points, to be more tender can be3-5Minutes, off the fire to the next film can be Tips Sprinkle with dried small shrimps, carrots, mushrooms Search steamed egg practice

Crispy seaweed

steps of laver rice crust 1. Rice dried small shrimps, black sesame, seaweed tear small pieces, a little salt and starch, the amount of oil with disposable gloves grasping uniform, if left rice microwave oven play30Seconds to make it hot and sticky. 2. Knead dough.
Array  - 妞妞candy

Chicken juice old bean curd

, spring onion, capsicum, stir fry, add water, soup better) into the bean curd is old, put a little salt, fire burn 10 minutes, re-entry melon boiled for one to two minutes, put chicken, chicken sauce, a little sugar provided fresh, then the turn into the dried small shrimps, slices of carrot, green pepper, garlic spent pot can be, if the chicken oil. Finally, slightly oil drenched chicken also.

Paste cake

Paste cake Ready to work 1.Eggs beaten egg, corn flour add warm water along clockwise stir into a thin paste paste placed an hour, wash chopped leek, dried small shrimps into wok add a little oil and stir fry the pot before thrown into the green onion Egg processing 2.Pour the oil pan, oil temperature7Pour the egg liquid into the hot fry off the fire, then cut into the egg
Array  - 食尚晓厨娘


Xiayou approach 1. Pot put appropriate amount of vegetable oil, until the oil burning troughs twelve months, to clean up the clean dried small shrimps, shrimp first inside, small fire slow boil; oil to no shrimp top material 2. Just put it into the pot, because the shrimp belt water, crack

Milk white gourd shrimp soup

to shrimp, drain, shredded ginger, onion onion, green onion separated by 5. Put the oil pot, small fire stir fried ginger and onion 6. Add dried small shrimps, constantly stir fry, to smell a shrimp, shrimp significantly stir fried paste Huang, do not pay attention to.
  - 香颜

Baby wonton

to the next packet, is small enough. 4. Then do the water and began to cook the dumplings, fast ripe, cut green onion, salt, soy sauce, delta flavor, and seaweed, put some dried small shrimps, sesame oil, put a bowl, wonton water scooping together to bowl, the savory. Search baby wonton practices Daquan
  - 马家厨娘

Shrimp carrot egg pancake

Egg protein, vegetables, vitamin, and dried small shrimps inside the calcium content is also very rich, for the first time to do, finished a very successful. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Cent or so Ingredients Egg1A Flour120G
Array  - bluefeb

Vegetable paste cake

Leeks, shepherd's purse, pepper chopped; under the pan fried an egg, hot pan, add dried small shrimps, ginger, at the end of the lobster sauce, and sliced leek Capsella bursa pastoris pepper. Add salt, MSG, oil, sesame oil seasoning. 2. The corn flour, with hot water and surface, then add flour, add cold water, add a raw egg, flour thinly.
Array  - 杨继红5

Le Le your own dish - fried vegetables with shrimp seed

temperature is not too hot, put shrimp sauce stir fragrant, add vegetables, out of the pot before you can put some msg. Tips La dry dried small shrimps, doesn't like. This time to see a shrimp seed, for a taste, give yourself a different taste. Search for your own food---Shrimp fried vegetables practice
  - 乐乐姐

Vegetarian diet! Cucumber dried shrimps dumplings (Cameo Deep-Fried Dough Sticks Jun)

Vegetarian diet! Cucumber dried shrimp dumplings(Deep-Fried Dough Sticks King Cameo)Procedure steps 1. Shrimp thaw, cut into small grain reserve. Cucumber cucumber rub silk, the length must be short, put a little salt for ten minutes, stirring, water. This can be fried egg, to stir the egg into small pieces, molding can be poured into the Rending shrimp, stir fry
  - 荷露1

Sam sun dumplings (small shrimp, dried bamboo shoots)

Very fond of eating dumplings All kinds of fillings are loved Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Pork500g Dried bamboo shoots50g Small shrimp10g Mushrooms50g Chopped green onionA
Array  - DORA哚拉

Broccoli salad shrimps

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients BroccoliA A handful of dried shrimps Small pepperThree Green Chinese onionFew The practice steps of broccoli salad shrimps
  - 清色水波

Really have Chicken MSG

, shrimp, scallop Really a chicken with the practice steps of MSG 1. Shrimps, scallops, cooked chicken breast shredded by texture (this step can be recommended to watch TV for a while) 2. Lazy people can chicken, dried small shrimps, scallops together into the pot Weihuo fry dry
  - 何儿1021

Seaweed and Egg Soup

the seaweed, dried small shrimps and together in a bowl, onions and parsley mince put bowl, and then put the right amount salt, pepper, sesame oil and vinegar 3.Beat the eggs, and some more. 4.Pot to boil water, and reduce heat to calm water, the egg is a line like circles into the water, beautiful egg flower came out, direct upside down in a bowl, Qi live Cooking skills 1, beat eggs, spend
Array  - 罗生堂

Homemade tofu salad

Light pressure, is tender tofu, weight, tofu on the old one, and their own regulation ha! 5. Buckle in a pot. 6. With soy sauce chicken juice (also available ordinary fresh soy sauce instead), water, sesame oil, sugar, tune into the seasoning juice, and dried small shrimps, mustard
Array  - lily760628

Compoy Xiami Fensi Bao chiehqua

does not absorb the soup. No shrimp dried small shrimps instead of shrimp is also good, dried small shrimps contains rich in protein and minerals, especially calcium content is extremely rich, is a calcium deficiency calcium Jiapin. Put a small shrimp and scallops taste is very fresh, so there is no need to put chicken, hardcore can add a little bit of seasoning.
Array  - 紫韵千千

David cartoon baby cartoon

7. Seaweed Rice grain to make David's facial features 8. Dried small shrimps chopped and fried with rape 9. OK David's cartoon meal is ready. 10. David cute Tips
Array  - 肚麻

Cooked tofu

, the green pepper and onion turn up, attention spatula close to the bottom, carefully crumble tofu. A pinch of dried small shrimps, put a spoonful of soy sauce, a spoonful of soy sauce, stir evenly to be careful, cover pot simmered for a while. 3. If you like to eat spicy, can according to taste by adding the right amount of chili oil, stir fry
Array  - 澜HandMade

Wax gourd fried shrimps egg fried cucumber

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Dried shrimps Wax gourd Chive Egg Cucumber Melon fried shrimps Practice steps of egg fried cucumber 1.

Oil scraping wax gourd soup -- small shrimp

Ingredients Wax gourd Small shrimp Chinese wolfberry Salt Chicken Soy sauce Oyster sauce The practice steps of scraping wax gourd soup -- small shrimp 1. A large collection of food, melon to nuclear, looks strange
Array  - 爱吃的郭小婉

Shanghai Mini wonton

Often prepare some minced pork and seasoning into the refrigerator, can mix all ingredients together cooking, there is a packet of this small wonton. Small wonton skin thin add a little meat can be tight pinch, soup is quite exquisite, Sanxian small wonton, add mustard, dried small shrimps and egg crepe taste delicious. Materials Ingredients
Array  - 香儿厨房

Fried shrimps

Practice of fried shrimp small steps 1. Heat oil in wok into the small shrimp, add cooking wine over senbai crispy shrimp. Pack up. 2. Put some oil in the pan, add onion ginger stir fragrant put shrimp, add soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine, vinegar, stir fry dish. Put some chopped green onion ornament.
Array  - 橙石

Koinonia - leek zygote

, and wake up.20Minute 3. Two egg. 4. The oil pan fried fried egg powder will be broken 5. Chopped chives, eggs, add a teaspoon of salt, a spoonful of oyster sauce, sprinkle some dried small shrimps and mix well, do not need too
  - 心料理