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Gelatin paste

Peru solid element gelatin paste -- Yang Guifei's beauty cream Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Gelatin powder250g Yellow Wine brewed750g Rock candy250g Black sesame (cooked)250g
Array  - _あ小绿的_Lisa_

Gelatin paste

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Gelatin film250g Yellow Wine500ml Red dates100g Walnut kernel100g Chinese wolfberry100g Black sesame150g Huang Bingtang250g
  - 大成妈妈

The new donkey hide gelatin paste is more suitable for summer

A friend asked: why is your donkey hide gelatin relatively soft, high temperature and some will be more flexible? That is because the purity of donkey hide gelatin my donkey hide gelatin paste to use, and there is no edible gum, this was the custom extract of donkey hide gelatin real effect. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary

Gelatin paste

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Dong'e gelatin block250g Rock candy150g Walnut, jujube, Chinese wolfberryAccording to their own tastes add a variety of Yellow Wine The practice steps
  - lzhzl

Lean meat stewed gelatin

In winter, it is a good time to tonic. Donkey hide gelatin, sweet, flat, moist mass non-toxic, into the liver, lung, kidney three classics, for more than two thousand years has been recognized as panacea to cure the disease, tonic, nourishing medicinal should two, with nourishing yin and blood, Runzao hemostatic function, blood effect significantly. Materials
  - 紫韵千千

Solid element gelatin paste

Fruit of Chinese wolfberry100GYellow Wine500MilliliterRock candy250GRed dates250GSesame oilAppropriate amount Solid element gelatin paste approach 1. The gelatin and sugar smashed into powder, spare 2. Walnut kernel microwave
Array  - 马淘淘


Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Ejiao Jujube Yellow Wine Walnut Black sesame The practice steps of gelatin 1. Ejiao Rock candy Powder Rice
  - zd57

Solid element gelatin paste

the pot in order to avoid sticky pot 5. A small fire has been boiled to hang a flag (pictured), this step is particularly important for E-Jiao cake making, this relationship to rice wine has not fully volatile, this step do not good soft easily lead to do out of the donkey hide gelatine cake.

Solid element gelatin paste

amount Longan meatAppropriate amount Go nuclear red datesAppropriate amount The practice steps of solid element gelatin paste 1. Gelatin into powder, with Yellow Wine global time. Prepare various materials. 2. The bubble good Yellow Wine gelatin, together
Array  - 小野快跑

Solid element gelatin paste

Mom can't sleep, you say eat this good.So you can rest assured that some Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Tongrentang gelatin block250g Jujube250g Chinese wolfberryAppropriate amount

Solid element gelatin cake

Ingredients Ejiao500g Red dates500g Walnut kernel250g Sesame250g LonganAppropriate amount Chinese wolfberryAppropriate amount Sugar / sugar250g Yellow Wine500ml The practice steps of solid element gelatin cake
  - Minnie_0

Ejiao jujube health

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Xinjiang and Tian jujube500g Zhumadian black and white sesame250g Almond almond500g Tongrentang gelatin100g Ejiao jujube health practice steps

Gelatin cake (solid element gelatin paste)

1, donkey hide gelatin bought are massive, eat up to the first bubble, very time consuming, so buy donkey hide gelatin can let the owner to make into powder, general pharmacy are free to play;2In general, the prescription is used in sugar, if there is no sugar for diabetes.3, brewed with donkey hide gelatin Huadiao wine which is more pure flavor, not with the kind of cooking like wine as wine
  - 神仙兔兔

Red dates Ejiao Walnut Cake

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Dong'e donkey hide gelatin250g Yellow Wine250ml WalnutAppropriate amount Red datesWhere appropriate SesameCasually Walnut cake red dates Ejiao

Tremella lotus gelatin candied soup

Ingredients TremellaA flower Go to the core of the lotus seed15A Gelatin candied4-5A Chinese wolfberry15A Raisins15A Rock candyA small bowl The practice steps of tremella lotus gelatin candied soup 1. The night before a good soak Tremella

Lean meat soup with red dates Ejiao

Very suitable for female tonic soup, the soup only deal with the ingredients, into Dunzhong, does not need in the kitchen busy busy can be for them to eat. Jujube, donkey hide gelatin edible efficacy of nourishing the blood, the decoction and Ziyin Runzao, whitening, anti-aging, anti fatigue, improve the therapeutic effect of immunity. Materials
Array  - 朵云3602

Gelatin cake

(to intestines and stomach bad people benefits 3 boiled separated donkey hide gelatin kept stirring, donkey hide gelatin melting liquid, put crystal sugar and continue to stir. After half an hour to put other ingredients. Fire and then change the fire30Minute. The shop has done in stainless steel fresh-keeping film, drying for a while. Put in the refrigerator24Hours, cut into pieces will be accomplished.
  - 莞尔一笑8

Gelatin custard

I postpartum frail mom called me stewed donkey hide gelatin, I think donkey hide gelatin stew, soup, do not eat soup slag, waste, so I used to cook eggs, simple and convenient, the effect is good, add honey, sweet entrance! Fill body and health! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute
  - cinly2013

Gelatin cake

Jimo yellow rice wine400g Sugar powder150g Chinese wolfberry100g Jujube slices50g Walnut kernel250g Cooked black sesame250g The practice steps of E-Jiao cake 1. Donkey hide gelatin piece milling, pan poured into the rice wine, rock sugar, rock sugar dissolves join donkey hide
  - grf818

Homemade gelatin cake

Yellow Wine200ml The practice steps of homemade gelatin cake. 1. Material is the Hong Kong version of donkey hide gelatin powder, walnuts, sesame, jujube slices, rice wine boil sugar micro hot after into the donkey hide gelatine powder, boil to drawing shaped into other materials stirring, let cool,OK
  - 糖子鱼

Gelatin cake [homemade paste] Guyuan Fu licensing Ejiao blood and Qi

Has been to see someone selling E-Jiao cake, but don't know donkey hide gelatin is not authentic, raw material, OK, so DIY E-Jiao cake...... So that they eat at ease! Gave birth to children with deficiency of Qi and blood, eat donkey hide gelatine cake Bubu, husband facing the computer for a long time, eat donkey hide gelatine cake to his body and good! Homemade gelatin cake
  - 恋旧6

Gelatin cake

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Dong'e donkey hide gelatin Red dates Rock candy Walnut Chinese wolfberry Black sesame The practice steps of E-Jiao cake
  - 乖小宝2012

Handmade gelatin cake

Donkey hide gelatin piece is terrible, if made of donkey hide gelatine cake is more delicious today for everyone to share manual E-Jiao cake decocting method. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Ejiao500G

Walnut red dates gelatin cake

, must treat their own. Since ancient times, donkey hide gelatin was regarded as a woman of Nourishing Yin rejuvenation, this from the inside out conditioning than any expensive cosmetics. However, the market is not gelatin content is too low, there is additive, and the price is not cheap. Just as in a supermarket, the most common of a pink donkey hide gelatin paste, not only low content of donkey hide
Array  - 西镇一婶

Solid yuan paste

of flour 3. Cover the large basin.(Waterproof drop)Water vapor15In a minute, turn a small fire.90Minute 4. After the pot take another a large flat bottomed container, laying plastic film, the donkey hide gelatin paste steamed down on the container preservation of the membrane
  - Annylee

Handmade homemade gelatin cake slice!

This extract Nourishing Qi, nourishing yin and moistening lung. Beauty, improve sleep. To regulate menstruation tocolysis, eliminate all kinds of female cycle unwell wait for a symptom, donkey hide gelatin best eat is made of donkey hide gelatine cake, good taste, full nutrition, easy to carry. Difficulty:Chef(Senior
  - _张兮兮

Novice fixation

Method for the practice of the new solid element paste 1. First to buy the donkey hide gelatin crack (please pharmacy knock best knock small point) with yellow rice wine bubble up, small bubble a day or two just fine and I like this to four or five days bubble oh 2. The materials ready, dates his best

Solid yuan paste

is a must. 2And because the donkey hide gelatin itself is solid, and later into a powder, add rice wine more sticky, so start steaming, attention should be paid to not stop stirring. 3That must use sesame, sesame powder, sesame powder if not, nutrition is not good absorption. 4Here, I have not put sugar, sugar has the effect of Ziyin lungs. But the diabetic can not eat. I think there is added and has
Array  - 飞雪无霜

Medicated beauty porridge

experience cut ginseng tablets, burning wax shell ah fry donkey hide gelatin, bored. Hall is the hall square beauty porridge, in Hefang Street above, every time I made a special trip to take to drink a bowl of tea, watching the high top in the counter busy dispensing figure, my mother has more than 50 years old, time is really fast ah, look at her young black hair and smooth skin is a day as a day
Array  - 恬萝姑娘

Gleditsia meters Tremella stew of peach

trotters, chicken feet, donkey hide gelatin, skin the animal glue yuan protein, we can also opt for more healthy more nutritious plant glue yuan protein, in addition to have the same effect, the most important point is to eat more of the stomach and the body does not have the burden, don't have to worry about the long fat or what lit. Today I take three yuan food gum strongest in plants form a sweet
Array  - 坨坨妈

Gelatin cake

Recently saw a circle of friends began in summer can also eat gelatin cake, think of home and ejiao... No sesame, walnut, cashew, it will... Ha ha... Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Ejiao250g Cashew150g
  - 乐妈_6

Gelatin cake

The practice steps of E-Jiao cake 1. Fried sesame 2. Into the pot to boil gelatin and Yellow Wine flag! 3. Add red dates, walnuts, Chinese wolfberry stirring, and finally add black sesame mixing, loading plate
  - 辰辰9889

Gelatin cake

of mom and the U.S. Simply put Search gelatin cake Daquan
  - 缪缪75

Burn the flesh of a donkey

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Flesh of a donkey500g Star anise1A Chinese cinnamon5g Soy sauce1Spoon Cooking wine50g SaltFew CaramelFew The practice steps
  - 老汪9

Laba garlic flesh of a donkey

Dear sent a piece of flesh of a donkey, for I don't love to eat meat, how to solve a problem. Open the refrigerator and found our own pickled Laba garlic, think of Laba garlic flavor, with donkey meat, greasy to Tim, immediately hands! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute
  - 橘络1

The donkey steamed fish

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Fresh donkey fish500g Onion ginger garlic Steamed fish ass practice steps 1. 1Put the fish in clean.2: on the surface of the fish to spend
  - 爱车居

Flesh of a donkey dumplings

Difficulty:Chef(Senior) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Flesh of a donkey Chinese Cabbage Onion Coriander Onion Green Chinese onion Cooking wine Soy sauce Five spice powder

Gelatin cake solid yuan paste

not see Walnut red dates longan Are you then. Very troublesome But rest assured that the most important(Stop) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Dong'e donkey hide gelatin500g Walnut kernel500g Jujube meat500g Chinese

Brown Sugar Plum gelatin

plum gelatin 1. Prepare all the materials 2. Sugar egg mixed oil gelatin 3. Sieve such as low gluten flour stirring evenly 4. Red dates boiled fifteen minutes Remove the pit chopped

No wine Rose gelatin cake

, black sesame, Chinese wolfberry,Appropriate amount Rock candy80g Practice steps no wine version rose E-Jiao cake 1. Prepared ingredients 2. Boil gelatin, add rock sugar 3. Add red dates wolfberry, continue to boil
  - /ka鱼玄机

Making a simple gelatin cake

, gelatin, can also advance24-48To melt the rice wine in an hour. Customers in advance booking, I am in advance of the use of yellow rice wine. Usually will play the powder standby, this is just the customer just to say tomorrow to gifts, too late. Yellow Wine Ejiao together under the pot. Cook until all the ingredients are hung and cook for about half an hour.

Handmade gelatin cake

A few years ago at the drugstore boil with gelatin cake, Yue can not go out to work at home to cook gelatin cake sell Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Gelatin cake500g Yellow Wine500ml Sesame500g

The production of gelatin cake

5. A small fire has been boiled to hang a flag (pictured), this step is particularly important for E-Jiao cake making, this relationship to rice wine has not fully volatile, this step do not good soft easily lead to do out of the donkey hide gelatine cake. 6. Will modulation of the electromagnetic oven heat preservation condition, put

Spring does not hide (color Noodles with Vegetables casserole lasagne)

by hide (color Noodles with Vegetables Casserole lasagne) approach.
Array  - 篮子猫life

A particularly simple gelatin cake _Ludy

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Yellow Wine700g Gelatin powder500g To Hu's date250g Walnut500g Sugar powder300g A particularly simple gelatin cake_LudyProcedure steps
  - Ludy_yuyu

Dong'e handmade gelatin cake

It has gelatin cake Nourishing Qi, Yin lungs. Beauty, improve sleep. Menstruation tocolysis, eliminate women of various cycle discomfort. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients EjiaoBan Jin Black sesameBan Jin
  - 乐宇点儿

Beauty of the fish red dates soup

A woman, do not want any skin supple and tender? At least a bowl of run every week.~~~~~ Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Ichthyocolla Red dates The practice steps of beauty of the red dates soup fish 1. Fish, red dates clean, put in the stew, stew3In an hour. Super simple. Tips Isinglass general in seafood shop, the boss will help you to cut, the home refrigerator storage, eat when wash, no bubble, good isinglass not fishy, can release dates, Chinese wolfberry, ginseng, different materials of different functions, with the personal favorite. As everyone knows, red dates blood beauty. Put a bowl of water, the automatic stew, stew3An hour or so, easy to enjoy, nourishing beauty oh. Search for beauty fish stew practices Daquan red dates
  - 虚拟草

The whole coconut milk jelly (no Geely, the starch version)

~ () 1 1 200ml 15g 100g 1. 1CM10CM 2. 200100 3. 4. 5. 6. 1 7. ()
Array  - aSU唷

Papaya jelly

1. A slice of papaya ring Dig inside the seed 2. Milk powder gelatin gelatin after heating to melt into the papaya in Put in the refrigerator2Hour Be accomplished~ Search papaya frozen practice
  - urmyappleh

Coconut milk

) Powdered sugar40g Coconut meat powder100g Coconut milk freezing practice steps 1. Large collection of all materials 2. Will the gelatin cut pieces into a basin soaked until soft 3. The coconut milk, cream
Array  - 丫头家的厨房

Fruit cream cake

! 2. First put a lump in the cake top, and then rotating~Rotation~And then wipe the side, and then rotate~Rotation~, because I'm not.getTo make the cake with square and sharp appearance, so I put the edge into arc 3. OK~Because the cast too ugly so must be packed stars to hide the ugly, and put the fruit, rash put, because see the edges

Milk orange juice jelly

Lucky Ding2SliceFine sugar30G Milk orange juice jelly practice 1. Orange washed and cut out of the top of the gelatin in advance, soak standby 2. Dig out the flesh of the orange and stir it into the mud.
  - 零零烘焙

Li Rong Babao Fan

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Glutinous rice, lard, milk, Li Rong, wolfberry, jujube, walnut, jujube gelatin Li Rong Babao Fan the practice steps 1. On the first day with water soak glutinous rice, second days with milk soaked
Array  - 琛暖暖

Mango Cheese

Mango Cheese practice steps 1. Cream cheese green house after soft and smooth, with a manual line 2. Soak gelatin in cold water, my water in the fridge, add milk10gHeating sugar, soak the gelatin sheets into the hot milk, stir, attention milk out of the pot after the accession, soaked gelatin stir
Array  - 笙屿

Pumpkin Cake

Back home is always unconscious open the refrigerator looking for food, summer want ice desserts, today for everyone to share this formally at any time to be ready to put in the refrigerator, want to eat directly to two, heat Jieshu, mouthfeel is soft and fresh, with the faint scent of pumpkin, sweet, cake is solidified with agar, because home equipment is directly replaced by the gelatin sheets
Array  - 吾爱烘焙

DIY snow coconut milk

1. This is all material 2. Put the ice water to soak the gelatin 3. In addition to the temporary not to put,Other materials into a small pot, low heat until the sugar dissolves. 4. The gelatin soaked squeezed water into the pot stirring to melt off
Array  - _ヾ_Mai_dream°

Fresh orange cream

Practice steps of freezing and recording of fresh orange milk 1. Material set 2. The gelatin water softening 3. Fresh orange juice with milk and cream with sugar added heat, gelatin softening mixing, vesicles can have the pot.
  - 妍旭宝儿

Mermaid cake

of the practice steps 1. Chiffon Cake twoThe gelatin yogurt soakedAnd then add the good light cream to make good.Six inch die Chiffon bedding and then pour the mousse liquid to cover the chiffon pieceokPut a piece of chiffon bottom to the mousse liquid,okRefrigeration overnightDigest biscuits into powderSprite heating add soaked gelatin and blue wine cooling cold
  - 妆超人

Coconut milk

freezing practice steps 1. Prepare all materials 2. All ingredients into a pot, in addition to gelatin, gelatin sheet drain soaked heel just milk boiled together, fusion together to put the container in the buffet 3. Put in the refrigerator2An
  - 冰心880

Pitaya Mousse

The cookies into the bag with Gan rod surface ground3. Add the butter, then press into the mold in the mold, the compaction 2. The gelatin in cold water at first, then pitaya is squeezed into juice 3. Light cream, and sugar playing, slow flow of that kind of, don't play
  - anjingderenwu

Jiaozi Stuffed with Pork and Scallion

Born in the north of me, since the childhood has many opportunities to eat dumplings, eat pretty much every Spring Festival, the winter solstice to eat otherwise it will be "frozen out ears." In spite of the fact that I of the dumplings, super calls, every eat dumplings, bargaining, able to hide, escape not eat only half (the happiest memory of the winter solstice, in my
  - 暖暖吉祥

Douking steak lunch / dinner to lose weight.

DUKAN diet period at home and family dinner is the most trouble, have not tangled, cannot always own a fried steak hide while eating it, so there is the emergence of this dish, do so out of steak for baby and mom can got a bite, can also make changes in the spices, everyone can eat together, although the taste than butter fried bad, but a family to eat together, the feeling
Array  - 番茄酱~5

Mango Milk Pudding - v.

Prepare a piece of gelatin, soaked with cold water reserve 2. Put the milk into the pot, add the gelatin after soaked, then add white sugar. Remember not to boil, should be in the back of the Geely after melting 3. When the milk is put into the pudding, put into the pudding, and put

Lactic acid bacteria jelly

bacteria jelly 1. The gelatin soaked in ice water, daily living bacteria, water to melt, add sugar to the times, the gelatin melts 2. Cool down after pouring into the mold, using the refrigerator cold 3. Lemon, mint slices in the fridge
Array  - 暖冬汤圆

6 inch cherry yogurt

cream120ml Yogurt200g Oreo cookies135g Sugar15g Manhadi a cherry liqueur8ml Gelatin powder (with wine)8g Cherry blossoms7Flower Water20ml Butter35g Gelatin powder (yoghurt)3g 6The practice steps of Cherry Blossom yoghurt 1. Cherry blossoms
  - 蝶舞44

Celery fried duck

Celery fried duck, this dish is may do, yesterday, finishing favorites sorted out, it in with me hide and seek today finally put dig it out. Celery fried duck, spicy, rice wine, a good partner. Materials Ingredients Duck500GDry pepper50GCelery200G Accessories Salt1SpoonSoy
Array  - 水青青

Salt and pepper small Clay oven rolls

Like to eat bread with clip, can easily make the meat dishes, their taste buds meet the little food. This is my friend brought me some butter well last night before and above the flesh of a donkey, flowers, rose up in the morning20Flapjack minutes, with a balcony on the coriander, perfect breakfast! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary
Array  - 家有厨娃

Mango Mu Si (6 inch)

3. 4Soak the gelatin sheets with cold water, and a mirror is used. 4. Mango meat free diced mango sauce, ready to fight 5. Mango plus20Grams of pure milk, put into the mixer made of mango sauce, eat well! 6. 60Milk
Array  - 陈大爷的保姆

Sweet scented osmanthus yogurt (10 inch formula)

the digestive cake, stir well. 3. The two oil respectively, the living mode, prevent the mousse liquid leakage and to use butter digestive biscuit crumbs into the mould pressing, compaction 4. Put five pieces of gelatin soaked with cold water. And yogurt and30gSugar stir
  - kira_tse

The pig's trotters stewed lactagogue

Collagen containing more protein and pig's trotters pigskin, which during the cooking process can be converted into gelatin. Gelatin with reticular spatial structure, it can with a lot of water and enhance cell metabolism, effectively improve the physiological functions of the body and skin cells of the water storage function, the cells receive moisture, keep moist state

# sweet dessert with # Chushen Qiao do not eat biscuits

steps of making dessert with a cookie 1. With a small amount of cold water will soak the gelatin sheets, set aside; 2. Coconut milk mixed with milk, heating, after boiling, add in fine sugar and soaked gelatin sheets, stirring evenly, Dailiang into cup to cup body1/3Place, put
  - 花桑卓玛

Peanut sugar

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Peanut500g Sugar500g Practice steps of peanut sugar 1. Raw peanuts, put in the oven,180Degree20Minutes, roasted to a pinch flowers hide can easily from the baking time can stir a few
Array  - 酸奶殿下

Sub jade shrimp

The sauce in the shrimp body, there is no feeling to be unable to hide one's greed? Taste is not a general good ah ~ Search jade shrimp practices Daquan
Array  - 酒窝涓涓

Vinegar leavened cabbage squid

Although small holiday we all go out to play, there are certainly like me like curtilage in the home hide congestion of small partners, together hospitality to food, the absolute can be got on the table. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients
Array  - 爹地宝贝

Sweet, cool summer barley papaya tremella soup

Is not the beginning of summer, wayward Beijing has always been not by conventional card. Skirt dancing girl in the street, ice cream shop proprietress, charming smile, I haven't heard from the riverside of frogs,30The sun is too warm to you, but I can only hide the soup at home. Well, writing important than soup. Must be the tree ripe papaya, soft waxy Tremella

Mango Pudding

cream120One, lucky Ding2Slice, milk250gSugar25g, make their own mango mud142g Practice steps of Mango Pudding 1. 1The gelatin, soaked with cold water2Milk, butter, sugar, milk into the pot, boil and bubble to the edge3Join, soak the gelatin, squeezing water 2. Make their own jam
  - 蝈蝈215

Durian Cheese Mousse Cake

cheese room temperature softening, add sugar to soft slide 3. Durian meat cooking machine fruit paste, whipped cream to6Distribution 4. With cold water soak gelatin, add coconut milk, low heat until the gelatin melts completely 5. The coconut cream
  - mester

Coconut milk

Coconut meat powderSome Coconut milk freezing practice steps 1. Soak gelatin with ice 2. Mixed milk, cream and coconut sugar. 3. Water heating, or touch up a little hot temperature, after adding soft gelatin, melt.

Coconut milk (small gelatine version)

Coconut milk (small gelatine version) practice steps 1. 200gIce milk in a large bowl, evenly sprinkle with the lucky. (the gelatin is soaked in ice water, spare) 2. Coconut syrup, light cream, sugar into the pot, and cook until the pot around a small bubble, add the milk of the lucky, stirring
Array  - 梦寒0_0

Braised mutton

The family likes to eat sheep but also fear the smell of flesh of a donkey, small, so I had to do Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Mutton1000g Star anise2-3A Ginkgo2A GeraniumLittle

Blueberry flavor brulee

3. Soak gelatin, water melts. 4. Stir the yogurt, gelatin and pour into the liquid. Stir well. Complete paste brulee 5. To a layer of paste with brulee, blueberry, pour a layer, a layer of blueberry, until the paste puwan brulee
  - 琉璃i

Papaya milk jelly

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients PapayaA Milk200g Agar or gelatin tabletsAppropriate amount Papaya milk freezing practice steps 1. First of all you need to find
  - 雨墨宇杰

Mango Mu

, cut grain reserve. With cold water soak gelatin (water boiled water) 2. Milk and mango. The gelatin soaked pour away the water in the bowl, hot water heating to melt after adding mango and milk mix. 3. Light cream and sugar to send to just appear lines can be low state. Mix the mango
  - 小米554

Coconut milk ice cubes

squares practice steps 1. Take a bowl of water to soak the gelatin material in turn yellow, ready. 2. Coconut Juice, milk, cream mixed wok heat, pour sugar, then add the gelatin, stirring until completely dissolved. 3. Let cool, pour
Array  - Y袁子小姐

Papaya jelly

, recommended better! Non advertising! 2. 1/4 cut of papaya! 3. The seeds inside the papaya with a spoon to clean, as far as possible to scrape flat! 4. Soak the gelatin! Probably5In a minute
  - 饭团团love

Milk papaya

, sugar pot, boil, add gelatin soaked, cool;2Top of papaya3/1In the mouth, the seed with a spoon to dig out, the cool of the milk into the mouth, the mouth sealed into the refrigerator3About an hour or so. Tips Summer food Search for milk, papaya frozen practice
  - zzsshh

Green Tea Mousse Cake

in the refrigerator for more than half an hour 3. It is a hot, cold water (remember this is the water can drink oh) cream cheese every hot water to send to two times the size of the big, with a blade scraper 4. Heat the milk, add green tea powder and half fine sugar, add the gelatin, stir until gelatin dissolves.
Array  - 媓小丹

[dessert] coconut milk Mango Pudding

1. Mango juice, stir and Coconut Juice 2. Gelatin ice blisters soft, white sugar and mango Coconut Juice, put together in the pot boiled together to completely melt gelatine 3. Place, wait until it gets cold 4. Put in the fridge1Night
  - winne030

Red dragon jelly cheese

The gelatin cut pieces, soaked into milk. Soak gelatin, will sit in the hot water pot, stir until gelatin dissolves. Then pour the milk into the cheese mixture and stir well. 5. Add in cream15gFine sugar, beat until6Cheng fa. 6. Stir in the cheese paste, stir well, add a small amount of rum
Array  - Amy小厨

Tremella Lily Ejiao jujube congee

Ejiao jujube is more than good red jujube as raw material, add sweet scented osmanthus, dried tangerine peel, gelatin and other traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, refining production, with delicate taste slightly bitter, sweet and not greasy, skin nourishing effect. Is a kind of health food for the old, young. Long-term edible gelatin dates with Supplementing Qi and nourishing, nourishing
  - 康康1818

Mango Cheese Cake _Ludy

6. Soak gelatin in cold water 7. Heat the milk in a microwave oven. Add soaked gelatin Fast mix 8. The gelatin water added to Mango Cheese in full to stir 9. Cold storage Mango
  - Ludy_yuyu

Super simple coconut milk

Ultra simple coconut milk practice steps 1. Prepare the material, the gelatin in cold water soak standby 2. Coconut milk, milk, sugar pot heating, after boiling off the fire into the gelatin, gelatin melt after sieving 3. Wrap on the plastic
Array  - Sita小姐

Lazy caramel pudding (free baked version)

Super detailed caramel pudding, the gelatin home is good, caramel pudding do eat, then do a little. (forgot to take pictures, but it was very good). Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Milk250ml Lucky Film15g
  - 包格格°

Blue yogurt sea

, bottom die, in Chiffon Cake 2. Light cream15Grams of sugar, sent to5Points, add the yogurt, stir evenly. 3. Blueberry sauce, milk into a large bowl, add the soaked gelatin sheets, water resisting heat stirring until gelatin dissolves and cool to hot, poured into just cream and yogurt
Array  - 把你喂成猪

HelloKitty frozen cheese

4Piece of gelatin with cold water soak Take appropriate amount of strawberry jam, with a small amount of water to open, add a piece of auspicious Ding, tune into a strawberry Geely, point to the nose and bow, into the refrigerator to set the shape If you do not heat the south, it will be able to put on the room temperature 4. Cream cheese

Frozen cheese Cherry Cake

in the grinding wheel, and it can be used for the refrigerator. 3. Light whipping cream to vertical triangle installs (after whipping cream can put the refrigerator spare), cream cheese water resisting heat, add two pieces soaked gelatin sheets, add30gSugar, keep stirring until smooth, and whipped cream mix until smooth. (it's better to add some yogurt
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Strawberry yoghurt pudding

Lucky Film1/2A Strawberry5A Pitaya1Slice Fine sugar30g Strawberry yogurt pudding practice steps 1. The gelatin with cold water soak standby in advance 2. The milk pot is placed in a fine sugar and milk. 3.
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MangoMousse French lover

is that 5. Soak gelatin in cold water, drain the water into the bowl 6. Will be equipped with a bowl of hot water in the hot water heating to melt 7. The gelatin will be melted into Mango Milk stir back 8. Light cream100ml+10gWhite

PetitsPots French pots Boudin (6 copies) - the original formula translation

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients 1 cup heavy cream 2/3 cup whole milk 2 1/2 tablespoons sugar 2/3 cup 1 teaspoon unflavored powdered gelatin dissolved in 2 tablespoons of absinthe 1 1/2 tablespoons absinthe Fresh berries
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