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Chinese Yam in Hot Toffee

Chinese yam is rich in starch, protein, a variety of minerals, a variety of vitamins, choline, cellulose, mucus and other ingredients. Materials Ingredients Yam50G Accessories Peanut oil150GSugar30G Basi Shanyao
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Chinese Yam in Hot Toffee

Candied yam is a little difficult dishes, once my dad do this dish very adept, he did caramelized apple, sweet potato and so on, are great, but now also eat dad candied dishes. Fortunately, I got dad completely, also can make more successful wire dish. Today, I miss my father, I have to do this dish to miss his old man. This is the sweet memories of my father left me. Three ways of drawing water
  - 万山红

Chinese Yam in Hot Toffee

9. Until the sugar until the color red, you can pour into the yam 10. Add sesame seeds 11. Stir evenly, take advantage of hot food 12. Chinese Yam in Hot Toffee
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Chinese Yam in Hot Toffee

Two sons like to eat Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Oil, sugarAppropriate amount The practice steps of Basi Shanyao 1. Yam peeled cut hob block, a not too big
  - 晴小幸福

Chinese yam corn soup

Cotoneaster5g Scallop5A Chinese yam corn soup practice steps 1. Buy a fan clean back, then blanched with hot water 2. Prepare other materials, yam, lotus and so on. 3. First boil, then put ribs of the fan again inside the pot for about ten
  - CandyXian

Chinese yam essence

SaltAppropriate amount Feed oilAppropriate amount Sesame oilAppropriate amount Chopped green onionAppropriate amount MSGAppropriate amount Chilli oilAdd to personal preference Soy sauceAppropriate amount Practice steps of Chinese yam essence 1. Put the potatoes into the pot
  - 安然和尚

Chinese Yam in Hot Toffee

, spoon toward a direction of stirring, until the saccharification, bubble, discoloration, such as fried yam stir fry, stir fry to leave the fire and cannot continue with the heating 5. Wipe the bottom of the dish or sprinkle a layer of sugar, do a good job of Chinese yam Sheng, sprinkle sesame seeds above, you can
Array  - 做菜如做人66666

Chinese Yam in Hot Toffee

Basi Shanyao is a healthy and delicious dishes. Yam nutritional value is very high, with the spleen and stomach, help digestion, nourishing kidney and the effect of the essence, but also can reduce blood sugar. Yam contains mucus protein, has the effect of lowering blood sugar, can be used for the treatment of diabetes, is the treatment of diabetic patients. Can effectively prevent

Chinese Yam in Hot Toffee

Roberts had several failed. Summed up the experience, the Basi Shanyao, finally succeeded. Main grasp two points, first boil sugar quantity should be enough, every time I felt boil enough but always a little bit, then is to grasp good sugar boiling furnace. Have a look of my Basi Shanyao. Materials Ingredients Yam

Spinach Chinese yam copy meat

Practice steps for the meat of spinach and Chinese yam 1. The meat cut into flour, starch (/Meat tenderizer), stir stand-by 2. Yam cut global water use, not into the bubble will be oxidized. 3. Spinach wash clean, do not need to cut, the time
  - 月夜莲

Baby food of Chinese yam pumpkin porridge

Yam1Section PumpkinA block Rice The steps of the baby's meal of the yam pumpkin porridge 1. Yam, pumpkin peeled and cut into small pieces and wash the rice into the pressure cooker boil water,Gas pressure10Minute Search baby meal of the yam pumpkin porridge practice
  - 汤水芙蓉

Baby food of Chinese yam sesame porridge

Yam, Nourish strong, aid digestion, sweating for convergence, antidiarrheal effect, attending spleen diarrhea, lung deficiency cough, diabetes mellitus, urine short frequency, spermatorrhea, women leucorrhea and indigestion of chronic enteritis. Black sesame, Contains a lot of fat and protein, but also contains carbohydrates, vitaminsAVitaminE, lecithin, calcium, iron
  - 汤水芙蓉

Blueberry yam flower

Practice of blueberry yam 1.The main accessories, prepared 2.Wash the skin of the Chinese yam with a brush and brush the skin of the skin. 3.Yam peeled and sliced, on the fresh-keeping bag, with a rolling pin into the mud 4.Mix the milk powder in the Chinese yam and stir well. 5.Blueberry jam with warm water dilution, then add sugar sweet scented osmanthus, stirring evenly
Array  - 粉竽粘糖

Yam ginger soup

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Yam Ginger Salt MSG Chicken Chicken juice Yam ginger soup practice steps 1. Prepare ingredients, add

Baby diet three (large bone Chinese yam porridge)

Ingredients Large bone yam soup1Bowl Chinese Cabbage1A RiceA small bowl Three (big bone Chinese yam porridge) practice steps of the baby's diet 1. The rice soup inside a small fire simmer five minutes into the green vegetables, boiled off after the fire
  - 妈咪qi

Yam jujube cake

7. I've covered three dates. .(Like at a person)ThisAnd then on the pot. Probably15min 8. We can do it. Ha-ha Tips Ingredients can be adjusted according to their own tastes ~ Search Chinese yam dates cake practice
  - 公子无瑟

Chinese tea -- yam bean paste volume

The function and effect of yam is rich, can invigorate the spleen and stomach to help digestion, kidney essence, strong body, can lower blood sugar, longevity. Regular consumption of Chinese yam is very natural, can be a tasteless, direct consumption is not too pleasant. I often boiled sticky sugar to eat today, suddenly thought of using red sand seasoning, the effect is good
Array  - 风中小荷

Yam congee

4. Pot add1000Ml of water, add red dates, the water will boil 5. Add millet cook5Minute 6. Cook with Chinese yam 7. Stirring evenly, the fire boil5Minute, small fire cook15Minute, millet
Array  - 兔鼠一家

Yam porridge

of the porridge is good, you can eat, but also to point to the food, breakfast is very convenient, microwave oven to heat up good. OK, just the sauce. Search Chinese yam porridge practice
  - 张大胃

Honey pumpkin yam puree

Honey pumpkin yam puree 1.Yam wash, cut into small pieces; pumpkin peeled, cut into thick slices, steamed into the steamer 2.Will be steamed pumpkin mash, into the shape of a heart shaped mold 3.Will be Steamed Yam peeled and mashed, into the shape of a heart shaped mold 4.Two different colors of the heart is overlapping 5.Pour honey Cooking skills    
Array  - 浓咖啡淡心情

Yam congee

Anti - aging, the kidney and spleen has a lot of use. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Rice400g YamA whole Gou squeeze4g Practice steps of yam porridge
  - 累了的泪

Yam soup

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Yam1Root Ham sausage1Root Water fat fungus1Small Onion ginger, salt, pepper, chicken essence, starchAppropriate amount The practice steps of yam soup
  - Haxx0220

Yam soup

with chopped green onion, stir well 6. Big bone soup into the pot 7. After the soup to open, the Chinese yam paste hand a piece of a piece of the pot cooked, seasoning, you can Search for the practice of yam soup
  - 伯仲1

Yam banana roll

The practice steps of yam banana roll 1. First of all, the Chinese yam and cut off in order to steamed, steamed faster, boil15Minutes steamed, 2. Steamed Yam. At the same time, bananas and fresh juice, the best banana, milk, less, do so out of banana roll is more delicious. Then add the right amount of some
  - 韩玉婷air

Apple yam meat soup

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Lean meat200ml Yam100g Apple1A Chinese wolfberryAppropriate amount GingerAppropriate amount The practice steps of meat soup Apple yam
  - 颖sen

Long season to yam carrot soup bone soup

Chinese medicine believes that yam sweet, flat, into the lung, spleen, kidney;Not dry not greasy. With the spleen Bufei, Yiwei Bushen, Gushen Yijing, Satoshi ear eyesight, five internal organs, strong bones and muscles, Chang Zhi to tranquilize the nerves, the longevity of the efficacy. Carrot has Jianpixiaoshi, Tonifying Liver eyesight, detoxification, rash, cough
Array  - 快乐生活12

Yam roll

Shortly before her husband to retrieve a box of yam to, fried yam. I don't like to eat, do not feel love tasty nothing to eat the head, so I research how to do something nice for. The last time I made a sugar, I could. Today I want to with the red bean stuffing with yam together do a yam roll try, for the first time to do nor the experience very perturbed ah, carefully do a taste, sweet and soft
Array  - 热爱红烧肉

Green white yam fried Chinese

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Yam1Short LeekAppropriate amount Salt ChickenFew Green Bai Baizhi The practice steps of Chinese yam fried 1. Wash ingredients
  - 陈洁6

Chinese wolfberry yam soup

Beauty~Spleen and stomach~Liver eyesight~Anti radiation Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Spareribs5-6Block Tiegun yam slicesAppropriate amount Chinese wolfberryAppropriate amount CarrotA
  - _S.T.K

Yam pigeon soup

Ingredients DoveOne (2Personal weight, many people drink a lot of feed) YamA pound Red dates10A ~15(like drinking sweet a little more than a few) SaltA few The practice steps of Chinese yam pigeon soup 1. Wash the pigeon, chop6Block
  - Amy岚

Yam stewed chicken

Very excited, a very big success. Materials Ingredients Chicken1OnlyYamGinger5Slice Accessories Salt2Small spoonRapeseed oil1A large spoon The practice of Chinese yam stewed chicken 1.

Yam bean paste cake

, into the refrigerator, to prevent dry~ Tips Honey not home, you can use rock sugar, or sugar, can be, it is best to use honey, people with diabetes, can also be used. Use sugar, can go to anger. Search Chinese yam bean paste cake practice

Yam bean paste cake

small red bean has run overnight, a lot of fat. 2. 2.Steamed Yam, pierce even cooked with chopsticks. 3. 3.Red beans into the pot. 4. 4.Chinese yam to beat mud 5. 5.Red
Array  - 愛润东

Yam fried fungus

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Yam stickA Fungus2Big flower SaltFew Fuel consumptionFew The practice steps of yam fried fungus 1. Fungus early hair
  - 一皓妈

Pumpkin yam mud

washed, sliced, steaming pot. 3. Steamed Yam hot peel, then into the fresh bag, with a rolling pin into mud. 4. Steamed pumpkin into a bowl, spoon into mud. 5. The Chinese yam mud into the shape of a heart shaped mold.
  - 漫解花语

Yam fried fungus

SaltAppropriate amount Fuel consumptionAppropriate amount ChickenFew The practice steps of yam fried fungus 1. Yam wash, peel, pepper strips or diamond 2. Then the yam miter (can not be too thick, too thin

Cheese yam mud

Materials Ingredients Yam150GCheese50G Accessories Honey10GKetchup10G Practice of cheese and Chinese yam mud 1. Yam wash a piece of skin 2.
  - 草莓茶

Yam lean meat soup

Simply nourish clear tonic soup, yam is strengthening the spleen and invigorating qi. Materials Ingredients Pork200GYam 200G Accessories Ceylon15GrainAdded15GrainShashen2ARed dates1ASalt4G Yam lean meat soup
Array  - 秋天是童话

Blueberry yam mud

Chinese yam is not good. Search blueberry yam mud practice
  - 肖恩6

Honey yam

~20After the minute, or take the chopsticks to insert, the surface can be. 2. Want to get something you can do dish, eat their own words directly with honey, sweetness according to personal preference. Yam nutritional value is high, this method is simple and easy to do good~Keep the taste and nutrition of Chinese yam, better than blueberry yam

Blueberry yam mud

Ingredients YamTwo Practice steps of blueberry yam mud 1. Yam peeled steamed with a spoon, cooling after crushing, and finally coated with blueberry sauce! Search blueberry yam mud practice
  - 貓_貓_灬

Potato yam cake

amount Grill pepperAppropriate amount FlourFew Practice steps of potato yam cake 1. Tiegun steamed, this dish does not need so much, the rest can be second days when eating snacks. Yam a lot of benefits, the spleen, Qi, kidney oh! 2. Potatoes cooked

Blueberry yam mud

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Homemade blueberry sauce, yam Practice steps of blueberry yam mud 1. Yam cut section water vapor
  - 豆粉677803

Chinese red dates pig's trotters soup

1. Red dates to the nucleus, lotus seed to heart (anti bitter), and Lily together wash. Standby! 2. The pot of water pig's trotters for a minute or so, to remove, drain. 3. Will trotters and ginger put into boiling water braise cup, after an hour later joined the Chinese yam
Array  - 安然厨谱

Blueberry yam mud

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Iron bar3Root Blueberry JamAppropriate amount Practice steps of blueberry yam mud 1. Yam water boiled
  - 家有两璇

Blueberry yam mud

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Blueberry JamAppropriate amount YamAmount (amount of a bowl) Warm water/MilkVery little Practice steps of blueberry yam mud 1. Yam with skin
  - 丧尸苏

Pumpkin Yam Cake

The first time to do it in... Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Pumpkin Yam Glutinous rice flour Corn flour Practice steps of pumpkin Yam Cake
  - 维奥拉

Red dates pumpkin yam porridge (absolute stomach)

3. To drink will porridge in the pot Sheng the amount you want to drink, and then steamed pumpkin, jujube, Chinese yam cuts into, in into the amount of water, small fire boil 4. Finished, you can drink it. Search the pumpkin red dates yam porridge (absolute stomach) practices Daquan
  - BiuBiu!

Simple hand corn carrot yam bone soup

Tips 1, yam not itching hands fast method: bought fresh Chinese yam clean directly on the fire roasted for a few seconds, with the scraper can be peeled. No itching hand nor oxidation.2.Optional head bone, ribs, bone, bone. The soup bones must first over the water, so bone soup cooked is delicious. Simple search quickly corn carrot yam bone soup practices Daquan
Array  - 妖小妖L

The fresh spleen summer drinks -- yam pumpkin syrup added longan red dates

into small particles! 4. This is also the Chinese yam cut into Ding 5. Put all the ingredients into the pot, and add the right amount of water according to the number of people in the house.5The weight of a bowl of water! 6. After

Yam barley porridge

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Rice Practice steps of yam and wheat kernel porridge 1. Wheat kernel rice 2. Changshan medicine
  - 豆粉510711

Yam stewed pork ribs

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Steak500g YamTwo medium thickness Ginger The practice steps of yam stewed pork ribs 1. Bring a pot of water, add ribs, two
  - 芸萱6

Yam spareribs soup

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients SpareribsBan Jin YamHalf of the root Mushrooms6A Fungus6A Salt1Spoon ChickenFew The practice steps of yam soup

Beef roast yam

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Semi - reinforced half beef700g Yam Spirit Dry pepper Chinese prickly ash Caoguo Three. Star anise Sugar Clove Chinese cinnamon
Array  - 螺旋桨

Yam fried fungus

Black fungus black and brown color, texture is a transparent, thin and flexible, delicious, nutritious, can be vegetarian meat, its nutritional value is high. Black fungus was hailed as the "modern nutrition element in meat". Materials Ingredients Yam1RootBlack fungus20G Accessories
Array  - Calf2013

Chinese wolfberry yam beef pot

Ingredients BeefA pound Dioscorea oppositaA Onion1A Chinese wolfberryAppropriate amount SaltFew Cooking wineOne teaspoon The practice steps of the beef pot of Chinese wolfberry yam 1. Prepare ingredients.
Array  - 飘雪636

# berry flavored dishes # blueberry orange yam

the heart and lung function, excitement of blood system, regulating God by the efficacy of the system. Steamed tiegun-Direct the most simple, the most plain food Steamed, authentic no other additives; nutritional value can keep good and effective ingredients are not easy to be damaged; the main is convenient approach. Tiegun yam than ordinary food, less water, it is best to eat steamed oh.(Stop
Array  - 炫润丝巾

Yam carrot and rib soup

The practice steps of yam and carrot soup 1. Ribs first put bleed water in the pot, then put ribs leaching, the ribs, star anise, ginger will prepare a pot of water, water to add a good. 2. After the fire to boil add white vinegar and a small amount of salt, turn a small fire simmer one hour, add yam
  - 阳小厨

Fried yam

Preparation of materials, pork slices, Chinese yam cut diamond, three hours of fungus bubble hair, wash and pick a small, carrot slices 2. Pour peanut oil heat into the pork stir fry color 3. Stir fry carrot 4. Stir fry a few times
  - 陈雪莲

Jujube yam Wan

Baby stomach is not good, eat this spleen and kidney. May your baby's health and safety! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Dioscorea oppositaAppropriate amount JujubeTen SugarTo add to your liking Practice steps of Chinese
Array  - _曲终人散

Celery fried yam fungus

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Fungus Yam Celery Garlic Celery fried yam fungus practice steps 1. Dry fungus in advance with fresh water.

Jujube Yam Cake

Son does not like vegetarian, only to eat meat, so that the son is very fond of doing so Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Yam, jujube, sugarYam200G, red dates20G Sugar100G Practice steps of Chinese Yam
  - 彩色的云0

Yam bean

See friends do with yam is very attractive, he studied it, modified into paste, great! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Iron bar1Jin Red bean paste1Jin The practice steps of yam bean
  - 小静23

Yam bean paste cake

the rest of the Features of dishes        Speaking of yam Hongdou Gao, is the most familiar, yam mud wrapped in red bean paste, sweet and soft waxy. However, we use a different way to do the Chinese yam bean paste cake. Red beans without capsules made of red bean paste, complete, and soft sweet. Glittering and translucent yam, revealed a dolphin red agate like red
Array  - 红姨食坊

Yam bean paste cake

spherical, moon cake mould compaction can be used, by hot food Cooking skills1.Yam to fight into the mud will be more sticky, to use the corn starch glue, if there is a cooking machine to play a fine of Chinese yam mud better, if you use a spoon to roll on the relatively difficult 2.Can also be added to the yam mud in sugar sweet scented osmanthus better 3.The amount
Array  - 肥小菇

And with good construct Shao Osaka burning cheesein authentic Osaka roast yam.

and waterA cup and a half Yam30G Low gluten flour100g Slowly add three points CabbageTwo film strips Egg yolk sauceAppropriate amount SauceAppropriate amount Red GingerAppropriate amount Fish flowerAppropriate amount And good construct with Shao Osaka burning Authenticcheese in Yam Osaka burning
  - naominmin

Purple sweet potato, yam ribs soup

, yam ribs soup practice steps 1. To prepare the materials, spare ribs fly water 2. Add ginger purple potato yam simmered fry for five minutes 3. Purple sweet potato, yam ribs into the pot and cook for thirty minutes, then put the shredded
Array  - 雨丝清清

Yangwei yam and corn soup

and cut hob block standby. 3. All the ingredients into the casserole Small fire after the fire boil1In an hour before the pot, add salt to taste. Tips * The mucus of Chinese yam is easy to make the skin itching, it is recommended to deal with Chinese yam wear disposable gloves.More
  - 绵绵生活

Longan yam lean pork with water

pork with water yam longan 1. Lean meat cut into small squares, all the ingredients into the electric stew.2Hours. 2. Before drinking salt seasoning. Clear soup, sweet entrance, baby love to drink Yam pot meat longan water search approach Daquan

Blueberry yam

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Yam Practice steps of blueberry yam 1. 1Will be washed yam2The Chinese yam and steam cooked,3Steamed Yam puree,4Add blueberry sauce with a little water
  - 闲人很忙

Yao Zhu, yam porridge

Do not eat pig yam yam, but is a good stuff, eat is very beneficial to the child spleen and stomach. Pieces of Chinese yam porridge soup he was singled out to eat, so I want to approach is the yam chop it into the mud porridge, ha ha ~ in this way to eat, but he does not know and the taste of porridge also very cotton slip. Materials Ingredients
Array  - 秋天是童话

Yam corn soup

Nourishing Soup Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Yam250g Corn1Only Tube bone500g Salt30g MSG5g Ginger10g Practice steps of Chinese yam and corn
  - 林水水

Golden yam

Chinese yam is very good food ingredients. Whether can be fried fried stew. Today I do is golden yam. Gold is the egg yolk baked yam yam, is not complicated, but the taste is not generally, as a snack, dish is first-class. Materials Ingredients Yam250GYa Danhuang2A Accessories
Array  - 土豆丝卷饼

Blueberry yam

1. Peel and wash the steam in the pot.30Minute or so, chopsticks can be stabbed! 2. This is Chinese yam mud! Wearing disposable gloves crumbled into the cup with blueberry sauce! 3. Cut the top of the well with the same sauce. Search
  - 谭葛馨

Fried yam

of cleaning the yam 1. 1.The Chinese yam, onion, garlic cut well prepared2.Put the pot into the hot oil saute garlic3.Into the yam over time, in a clean water, fried, and put, turn over a few minutes to put salt, monosodium glutamate Tips 2.In the time to add water to the time to keep the finished white
  - 乔乔46

Ribs yam soup

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Spareribs Yam Chinese wolfberry The practice steps of ribs yam soup 1. Ribs wash, boil water will be cut into the boiling water, into the yellow rice wine, ginger, garlic, cover
  - meyaa

Blueberry yam

, will adjust the good blueberry sauce from the above uniform spray, can be eaten. 5. After taste oh! Tips Yam1Used to make blueberry yam yam to use the comparison of that, when asked about the time to buy yam, generally speaking, the surface of the more than the surface of the Chinese yam, crisp

Yam carrot soup

2. Carrot cut 3. Spareribs 4. Put it together, if you boil a long time, Chinese yam sink, easy to cook Yam carrot sparerib soup practice search Daquan
  - jun_1

Fried yam

How many kinds of yam yam benefits I do not say, but also a good method of eating. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Yam1A Oil amount SaltAppropriate amount Garlic (DOT) Chinese wolfberry (decorated) Pine
  - 军人雪儿

Yam and corn soup

2. Ribs cold water soak wash Put pressure cooker Add cold water without ribs Heating 3. Go floating foam Add glutinous mash Star anise Chinese prickly ash powder Corn block Yam block Stamping heating 4. After the fire, the fire continued to heat.10Minute You can
Array  - Wangxiris

Golden yam

180G Accessories Edible oil5SpoonSalt2SpoonEgg white2AStarch2SpoonBread crumbs80G Practice of golden yam 1. To prepare Chinese yam 2. Peel, cut section 3.

Yam fungus eggs

Salt Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Fungus Yam Egg2A Green Chinese onion Garlic Ginger Soy sauce Chinese prickly ash
Array  - 大梅的味道0188

Onion fried yam

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Green Chinese onionTwo two YamEight two Practice steps of onion fried yam 1. Green onions oblique knife cut a CM sheet, yam, peeled, cut
  - 厨王淘鲜

Yam jujube cake

and cut into sections of the wash, red dates wash to the nuclear 3. Chinese yam and red dates on the steamer, steamed fire 4. Steamed Yam with cooking machine Jiaocheng mud like, because I have no machine so hand mashed, this will block the effects of taste.

With yam

Yam temperature, has always been a tonic to share, in recent years, compared with the iron bar, so it is used to do it. Red bean, it though and mung bean is similar, but it is mild in disposition, compared to the cool Quhuo of mung bean, red bean is more suitable for spring in addition to dry tonic, especially is more suitable for women to eat. Not much to say, moving up
  - 醋溜狐狸

Fried yam

Yam Yang people, usually fried to eat. The nutrition in many Chinese yam mucus, so I want to lose water, mucus. Although it is a little bit of a bad taste, it is a bit of a sore throat to eat, and then a delicious dish.(The rough theory is not rough.)*^_^* Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so
  - 清净莲

Blueberry yam

1. Yam wash peeled, on the pot steaming30In a minute, the soft degree of the Chinese yam can be broken up with the chopsticks. 2. With a spoon of yam crushed, or put into a clean bag, with a rolling pin crushed into the plate. 3. To add two tablespoons milk yam, the amount of milk(Add the amount
  - 夏小音

Strawberry yam

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Yam Strawberry jam Condensed milk Practice steps of strawberry yam 1. 1. Yam steamed half an hour, with chopsticks poke, can

Ribs abalone yam yam carrot tomato soup

1. Prepared ingredients 2. Add water to the boil, add the water to the boil. 3. After an hour to join Chinese yam 4. Add carrots 5. Stir fried tomato add to the soup

Milk sweet yam porridge

porridge, is the characteristics of this type of porridge, yam, oatmeal with full nutrition broken cooking machine beat after, can be cooked. Yam is known to be the spleen, the lung, but the Chinese yam and beauty of the function, often eat not only can make the skin white, but more important is to have enough fiber in the yam, for weight lossMMIt is a kind of natural slimming Food, as long as the right
Array  - 梅依旧

Ribs yam soup

Chinese yam and kidney Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Ribs, tiegun, medlar The practice steps of ribs yam soup 1. Chinese wolfberry water rinse

Tremella yam soup

Ingredients TremellaHalf a YamAccording to the amount of personal love Red dates2Yuan Chinese wolfberry1Yuan Lily2Yuan Lotus2Yuan Brown sugarFew The practice steps of Tremella yam soup 1. First

Lamb yam pot

in cold water, everyone boil, skim floating foam, put pepper, dahurian angelica root, fennel, geraniol little, small fire boil a half an hour of time to add Chinese yam, boil for half an hour off the fire, under the rolling head after the salt, parsley, onion foam can be./Bared teeth Search lamb yam pot practice
  - 梦天使1

Yam and corn soup

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Spareribs300g CornA section YamA section SaltAppropriate amount Chinese wolfberry, mushroomsFew GingerFew The practice steps of yam
Array  - 空白265

Golden yam

Dioscorea opposita is a specialty of Henan, although the price is more expensive than ordinary yam, but better nutritional value, the key is taste better, very soft and delicate, especially suitable for the elderly to eat, stomach and spleen, physical fitness. Today I is the Chinese yam and pumpkin with gold, gold and gold broke the steamed pumpkin soup to white yam. Taste good nutrition.
  - 万山红

Cream yam mud

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Yam Honey Cream White granulated sugar Practice steps of butter yam mud 1. To be steamed yam
Array  - Ting0202

Yam to spicy guest village

The practice steps to the village's spicy yam 1. Leading Chinese yam, the Chinese New Year back to the left of these, the weather slowly warm, and can not be placed, today to solve the. 2. Peeled and cut into the water in the inclined section of anti oxidation, always heard of Chinese yam juice allergy
  - 妞妞candy

Yam Apple Strawberry mud

11A month's daughter does not like to eat yam, but do not want to let her miss the Chinese yam rich nutrition, so you do this fruit tree to her, she really likes to eat. We want to change the taste of the adult can also try doing a very petty, a Food. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute

Jujube paste

Yam1Block Practice steps of Chinese yam rice paste 1. A handful of rice, wash. 2. Millet a small, clean. 3. Two wash, jujube to go nuclear. 4. Yam, peeled, washed.
  - 文俊妈