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Chestnuts congee

wolfberry and chestnuts 3. After washing clean into the water, boil about10Has the thick xiaomizhou minutes 4. Often eat millet can be Yangwei Anshen oh

Roasted chestnuts

) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Chestnuts500g Accessories   OilAppropriate amount Clean waterAppropriate amount Salt10g Practice steps of roast chestnuts 1. Chestnuts early wash clean, and wipe
  - 泡菜Nigel_

Taro braised chestnuts

Taro burning chestnut, the first taro diced fried fried, cooked chestnut shell. With pepper and spicy incense. Materials Ingredients Chestnuts(Fresh)200GTaro200G Accessories Salt2GSoy sauce2GPeanut oil10GChicken2GRed pepper2A
Array  - 水青青

Butter caramel and roasted chestnuts

Sunny afternoon, a nap woke up, I took out the refrigerator freezer, chestnut, to the family to do snacks! The butter sugar roasted chestnuts was very successful, full of butter milk flavor and wrapped with crystal sugar juice, dried chestnuts, gently breaking exposed flesh, delicious, easy to eat, the family raised his thumb, so happy! Materials
Array  - Q猪宝宝

Salt roasted chestnuts

Mid autumn chestnut, has been placed in the quench, slowly forgotten, when I saw it again carry off all that one has. If it is not put it in a hurry, it can be estimated that the direct throw garbage can. The butter is used up, this time with the peanut oil and salt to roast chestnuts, of course, no butter. Materials Ingredients
  - Q猪宝宝

Sugar roasted chestnuts

Olive oilA bit of WaterAppropriate amount Sugar roasted chestnuts practice steps 1. Wash water chestnut, wipe the body of the chestnut 2. .With the kitchen knife every chestnut cut a hole in the middle. This step is not too violent, cut off the endothelial can, cut

Sugar roasted chestnuts

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Mao Lizi White granulated sugar Honey Olive oil Sugar roasted chestnuts practice steps 1. This year's hair chestnut
  - Annabelle_Ru

Spicy chicken with chestnuts

smell 4. Stir fry the water, put the chestnuts and salt and stir well. 5. Pour in sauce 6. Put in the dry hot pepper and stir well. 7. Fang Qingshui
Array  - 水青青

The lazy version of roasted chestnuts

The lazy version of roasted chestnuts. At home, you can also do a clean and healthy sweet and delicious chestnut. Materials Ingredients Chinese chestnut500G Accessories Vegetable oil1A large spoonWhite granulated sugar20GWaterAppropriate amount
  - imApChicChic

Braised chicken with chestnuts

"Stewed chicken with chestnuts" is Shanxi flavor of traditional dishes, use yellow chicken stew "function is not only simple in operation, and chicken crisp chestnut glutinous, juice thicktaste incense. Materials Ingredients Chinese chestnut15AThree yellow chicken750G Accessories
Array  - 捷赛私房菜

Braised Pork with Chestnuts

The practice steps of Braised Pork with Chestnuts 1. Hot pan, add onions, ginger, pepper, aniseed stir incense. 2. The water boiled pork stir evenly. 3. Add cooking wine, sugar, soy sauce, stir evenly.
Array  - 肤白貌不美

Braised chicken with chestnuts and red dates

Small bell of the grandfather of a few days ago to bring us a number of Huairou chestnut, I conveniently placed on the balcony drying on the forgotten. The day before yesterday to balcony clothes to see a lot of gap, picked up a gently press the chestnuts (shells cracked the, inside the outside shell is a golden chestnut meat fade, which should I strip off the best peeling chestnuts. Yellow
Array  - 不愿下楼的猫

Water chestnuts in pork and cabbage dumplings

Before I have always felt that water chestnuts cooked put in one of the dumplings eat will taste very strange, but when I first in her husband's grandmother home to eat the dumpling feel really eat well, water chestnuts to dumplings add a fragrance, crisp taste, it is worth a try. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time
  - 落14

Braised chicken with chestnuts (Ji Chi)

amount Braised chicken with chestnuts (chicken) practice steps 1. Prepare materials for chicken wings Chinese chestnut Ginger, diced chicken wings, chestnut cut, ginger slices. 2. Under the proper amount of oil heat first Chinese chestnut and ginger fry, fry it in the wings

Braised chicken with chestnuts -- can also make the taste at home restaurant

Braised chicken with chestnuts, a very common dishes, this is not going to upload, turned a little fruit bean recipes, it seems, and I do the difference is quite big, upload, you can also try to Kazakhstan. If there is enough time to do, it is a banquet dishes. I am doing shot, do it immediately to the table to eat, no time to wobble proud
Array  - 小花貓

Roasted chestnut

Watch TV snacks Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Sugar1Half spoon Peanut oilTake appropriate quantity Oven1A The practice steps of roasting chestnuts
  - 伊人爱吃

Boiled water chestnut

A large number of water chestnut listed! When the most like the raw water chestnut Sweet, but now, because the water pollution! There are a lot of parasites, eaten or not! Boiled after taste is also very good, water chestnuts have medicinal value! For clearing heat and toxin And very effective oh! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary
  - 水果大王3

Water chestnut corn wonton

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Minced pork500g Water chestnut5A Corn1.5A Shallot150g Ginger1Block Garlic1Block Soy sauce1Spoon Salt1Spoon Pepper1Spoon Sesame oil1Spoon The practice steps of water chestnut corn wonton 1. Chopped water chestnut, tender corn grain peeling 2. Egg and meat stuffing1A, salt, soy sauce, pepper, cooking wine, the amount of water and mix well, add chopped onion (onion but later found more) 3. With the meat stuffing mix onion sauce 4. Join the end of water chestnut 5. Adding corn kernels 6. Mix into wonton filling 7. A bean fruit friends want to see graphic package wonton, today I took: filling the placed in the upper leather 8. Folding, left side 9. Folding farci on both sides by tight 10. Around the corner water overlap 11. Overlap points 12. Steamed dumpling soup, a refreshing delicious corn water chestnut Search for water chestnut corn wonton practices Daquan

Guri Ko (electric cooker version)

The water just flooded chestnuts, then according to the electric cooker cooking key, etc. the electric cooker jumps after about ten minutes, according to a Zhu Fanjian 4. And so on the rice pot once again jumps the key the water to receive good, uses the chopsticks to stir, lets the syrup dip to every chestnut, can take out to eat.
  - chentudi

Chestnut braised chicken rice

Every autumn and winter will be braised chicken with chestnuts, fresh chestnuts, fresh chicken, in the aroma of the mixed over and over repeated the taste of childhood the most caring until they can't forget. Left hometown for twenty years, drifting further and further away, across the long river of time, the hometown of figure has already fuzzy, and food is still in the familiar smell always
Array  - 宅与路上

Open mouth chestnut

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Chinese chestnut The practice steps of opening the mouth of the chestnut 1. Chestnut wash, small scissors, into the baking pan, ca.20Minute opening Search for the opening of the mouth of the practice of Chestnut

Steamed chestnut

, carefully knife 2. Put the chestnuts in the pot and steam20In a minute, see the breach, 3. Steam it up, it's OK, it looks good, Search steamed chestnut practices
Array  - 默爷6699

Carrot corn Chestnut Soup

Red dates8A SaltAppropriate amount SugarFew The practice steps of carrot corn soup ribs chestnuts 1. Prepare materials. Boiling water, after the extinction, will not fade the chestnut into the hot water, peeled. After the skin wash clean. 2. Put
  - ok晶晶

Water chestnut egg

Water chestnut commonly known as the horseshoe, also known as Li, because it is shaped like a horseshoe, and like a chestnut named. Call it a horseshoe, only its appearance;Say it like a chestnut, not only is the shape and even the nature of taste, composition, function are chestnuts with similar, and because it results in the mud, so there are known as water chestnut. Water chestnut with purple

Chestnut stew

stew 1. The pork belly cut, wash. 2. From the pan, pour oil, add onions, ginger meat.Stir fry. 3. Put soy sauce, sugar and water to stew pork Sulan. 4. Into the boil water chestnuts.Change the small fire
  - 小喜宝

Chestnut roasted chicken

My colleagues went to the northeast, the mountain to pick some chestnuts, came back to the point of fresh. That sell only began after the take home to roast to eat roast and eat more simple, you don't need to spend time to ideas do remove the shell, not coincidentally, the day is busy, everyday go off work to go home after something to delay, almost put a week or so and roasting to eat, may
Array  - 黄豆豆的一家

Sugar fried chestnut

for cold season to add heat. The chestnuts from the lovely Qianxi, Qianxi chestnut high sweetness is famous~ Autumn, stick autumn fat to eat up what! Materials Ingredients Chinese chestnut500GOlive oil1A large spoon Accessories Sugar25GHot water25G
  - 蓝冰滢

Chestnut chestnut

Braised chicken with chestnuts is to classic dishes, and actually rips well too! Suitable for the elderly kidney edible chestnut, for the elderly lumbago, leg weakness, frequent urination and more particularly appropriate! Materials Ingredients Spareribs500GChinese chestnut150GCarrotHalf aRed pepper3A
Array  - 阿大^.^

Chestnut buns

Queen Ci Xi One of the staple food Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Chestnuts500g Corn flour500g Brown sugar100g Red datesEach buns a The chestnut buns practice steps
Array  - 布袋小和尚


Sweet, delicious, delicious, Ingredients Thearpeutic, chestnuts, pork, shrimp, egg, green onion, five spice powder, flour, salt, chicken powder, rotten skin, Practice steps of pulp 1. The main horseshoe is a horse and a head of meat
  - 芳芳195

Chicken with Three Cups Sauce

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Chestnuts The practice steps Chicken with Three Cups Sauce 1. A modified version of three cups of chicken, chicken cold water pot, Xue Mo, into the wok
Array  - 上帝滴宠儿6

Traditional Chinese rice-pudding

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Pork Cast leaves Chestnuts Glutinous rice The practice steps of rice dumplings 1. Leaves with boiling water boiled
  - vilachen

Homemade millet corn fried squid

One day a whim, want to eat chestnuts and eat squid, think of the meal Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Cold riceTwo Chestnuts8A Corn1A Squid1Only Green pepper2A Dried

Montblanc chestnut cake

Butter10g Milk20g Fresh chestnuts100g kiriCream cheese50g Swire sugar20g Lucky Film2Slice Light cream100g Chestnut clay (Biao Hua)30g Light cream60g Li Ren3A Brown wineA bit of Montblanc decorating mouth Montblanc chestnut cake practice steps
Array  - 小蜗牛牛牛牛

Microwave chocolate chestnut

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Chestnuts200g Chocolate sauce20g Practice steps of microwave chocolate 1. Chestnut with a knife cut cross, into the microwave fire8In
  - 無雨無晴

Chestnut meat scallops Jiangu Decoction

By the chestnuts and Conpoy as the main ingredients, with Yangwei spleen, promoting blood circulation effect, delicious and can with the conservation body health soup, it is suitable for the elderly consumption. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Pig lean meat(Small
  - 绵绵生活

Pot stewed chicken soup

The most attention is the diet regimen Ziyin Runzao, light soup is most suitable for drink. Water chestnut chicken stewed with peanuts and chestnuts, slightly sweet and chicken flavor, light and nourishing. Water chestnut is a kind of edible medicinal value in a raw vegetables, once became the Ming and Qing Dynasties imperial tribute. The fleshy white, fine and smooth, high moisture content
Array  - 飘零星

# enlightenment # pumpkin rice

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Pumpkin1A Steamed Rice(Rice and glutinous rice)A small bowl Bacon1Slice Sweet corn grainAppropriate amount Green soya beansAppropriate amount Chestnuts
Array  - Apple的深爱食堂

Fried water chestnut

SugarFew The practice steps of fried water chestnut 1. Clean water chestnuts peeled, chopped green onion prepared. Water chestnut slices. 2. Until the oil heat, saute onion pot, water chestnuts into slices, stir fry, add a small amount of water, prevent sticking to the pot

Beijing - the old pine fruit chestnut cake # sweet Chushen #

Ingredients Chestnut5-10A Powdered MilkA spoon Condensed milkA spoon Light creamA spoon Li Zigao, Beijing-The old song#Sweet Kitchen God#Procedure steps 1. Cook chestnuts, take advantage of heat. I use the fried chestnut, the color is more deep, the color of the color
Array  - 草莓漫食

Sydney Water Chestnut

Water Chestnut 1. Wash the water chestnuts, Sydney, skin 2. Add sugar, cook20Minute 3. I use Huang Bingtang 4. In a bowl, you can eat and drink.

Nourishing syrup

1. The sugar, sliced pears, water chestnuts into the rice cooker, add water1000gPear, cook until cooked 2. Adding longans and washed raisins and cook until the longan absorb enough water, then add the sliced banana, banana cooked. Tips According to individual tastes and the number of people
  - 梯田9

Tremella lily lotus horseshoe soup

The practice steps of Tremella lily lotus horseshoe soup 1. The horseshoe also called water chestnuts, peeled and cut into little pieces! 2. Lotus seeds, white fungus, dried lily bubble! 3. Pot brewed tremella, lotus seeds, Lily and red dates
  - 良小石

Egg dumpling

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Minced pork200g Horseshoe10A ChiveA few Egg5A The practice steps of egg dumplings 1. Pork, chestnuts, onion into meat
  - 千寻鱼鱼

Water chestnut steamed corn beans

cooked, steam the lack of time to get him. 3. Corn grain reserve, ginger cut into the end 4. Dice the water chestnuts, spare 5. The end of all corn, green beans, water chestnuts, ginger, smoke release, starch
Array  - 珊珊的美食之旅

Corn dumplings

6. Water chestnuts into meat stuffing mix 7. Sesame oil, must mix 8. Finally add the corn kernels and mix well. 9. Don't add onions, fresh water chestnut ensures that corn is not disturbed

Steamed papaya horseshoe syrup

Steamed papaya horseshoe sugar approach 1.Papaya wash peeled. , cut and cut the seeds. 2.Use“v”Knife to take shape, if not, can cut small gully with a knife, take shape 3.Wash water chestnuts, peeled, diced 4.The water chestnut, jujube, blueberries in the Glass box, add appropriate amount of water 5.Pot boil water, the fresh-keeping box in, steamed for half an hour
Array  - love双双

Breakfast millet cake

cake 1. The eggs into the bowl, beat well after the addition of rice, stir evenly. 2. Hulobve P Che Martin, into the pot and stir the pot was removed, the remaining oil can be retained. 3. Water chestnuts peeled diced.
  - 小叶子5173

Litchi horseshoe Dragonfruit Juice

Horseshoe250g Litchi300g Pitaya100g Rock candyAppropriate amount The practice steps of litchi Dragonfruit Juice the horseshoe 1. Litchi, chestnut, red pitaya, candy prepared. 2. Litchi stripped to the core, clean, wash water chestnuts peeled into small chunks.
  - 尛懒妞

Homemade hand beef pill

4.The water chestnuts, grain and grain and peel fungus ground beef mixed together, hand rub into the round, put into the basin. 5.Pour a little oil in beef balls, water boil, steam for fifteen minutes. Can eat.
Array  - mmcat

Horseshoe cake

2. Pour the water into the pot.600gThe water up to no slip and no particles 3. Pour650gWater to heat, add sugar to boil 4. Boil the syrup add chestnuts 5. The map2The horseshoe slurry (Ban Wan) poured into the map4Boiled
  - 绿茶150

Tremella lotus soup

a bad point.3.Tremella wash clean, and remove the root, torn to pieces, water chestnuts, peeled, cut into small pieces, and Tremella together into the pot, turn the fire, boil, turn a small fire, stewed20Minutes or so.4.Into the small lantern, the fire boiled, turn a small fire stew10Minutes.5.Starch against the Sheung Shui, spare, pot put sugar, turn the fire, starch into the water, poured

Mushroom burning ribs

2. The pot into the amount of oil, oil to seven mature, add ginger, spring onion, star anise, caoguo geranium (knotted) saute. 3. Add spareribs together stir fry for a while to be a little brown ribs, put soy sauce, soy sauce and fry. 4. Pot add water, sugar, mushrooms, chestnuts, boil turn a small
Array  - lynne3102

Chicken cooked yam

Students send the authentic chicken, wanted to burn the chestnuts to eat, everywhere to buy chestnut, home and yam, want to burn together is a good. Sure enough, chicken sweet yam cotton soft is very delicious. Eat soup is my Meng paofan also shouted to it! Difficulty:Chef(Senior) Time:1Hours above
Array  - 萌萌麻麻0407

Thin skinned chestnut fragrant meat Muffin (super detailed steps)

17. Finished product 18. Finished, the skin is thin, the filling is over, the taste is also very good oh! Tips Food is to do the weight of ten meat muffin, with chestnut is before cooked chestnuts with water and sugar into mud boil out of the system, chestnuts can also change
Array  - 大巧妈

Horseshoe Sydney syrup

is inevitable. As a pot of boiling simple, refreshing, moisturizing and relieve inflammation of horseshoe Sydney sugar. Horseshoe, is water chestnuts, its sex flavour is cold and sweet, with good Qingrejiedu, lungs Sheng Jin, Liyan swelling effect, nowadays is a listing of the season. Horseshoe and Sydney Tongzhu, taste Ching and sweet, more add moisture inflammation relieving function; with a few grains
  - 芹意

The Glutinous rice fragrant

, carrots, water chestnuts, small shrimp into the pot fry. To separate the fried sausage tablets. 5. Add oil, mix mix mix mix revenge right left 6. If dry, add some water 7. Again stir fry sausage kernels into the pan fried
Array  - 渝乐

Guangxi Yizhou three fragrant dumplings

! 7. The bamboo leaves folded into the funnel, turn into the glutinous rice, mung bean, fried beans, chestnuts, pork, rice, tie. 8. Into the high pressure cooker, add water to soak the rice dumplings. 9. Fire, high pressure30Minutes.
  - 虎妞6

Water chestnut carrot bun

meat and thirteen spices, sugar, soy sauce, and pepper fry poured add water chestnuts, carrots Ding, salt, chicken, meat if too Shou add oil and mix well, filling it. 2. After fully fermented vent into small Jizi, knead well hurry intermediate webbing thin leather, bag filling, pinch steamed stuffed bun placed20After a minute, the cold water
Array  - 嘻嘻358

Chestnut mud flower bread

Fresh chestnuts are sweet and delicious, but not Easy to save, can be cooked peeled crushed, fried chestnut stuffing. Plastic shoes to bread can try this flower type, beautiful and simple. Materials Ingredients High gluten flour250GYeast3GWater135GEgg30GSalad oil25GSalt2GSugar50GPowdered Milk8G

Fried eggplant small water chestnut Rice-meat dumplings

to soften 2. With a spoon of eggplant meat scraped off with a knife, chopped into mud 3. Water chestnuts peeled and chopped, eggplant and minced meat together into the pig meat, salt, cumin, soy sauce, add a spoonful of flour 4. Put
  - 与蓝与甜

The lazy version - Jasay ginseng chicken soup kitchens

) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Spring chicken1Only Glutinous rice100G Chestnuts6A Jujube3Gold Fresh ginseng2Root Chinese wolfberry6Gold Accessories   Salt4G Garlic3Flap Water1800Milliliter
Array  - 捷赛私房菜

Stewed chicken with mushroom and chicken soup

, clean the inside of things. 3. Cold chicken to cook for an hour or so, then the chestnuts with carrots boiled down for half an hour or so, add mushrooms on cook for half an hour about (I bought fresh mushrooms) The practice of sea cucumber stewed chicken soup with chicken soup

Chestnut sago ormosia syrup ~ beauty dessert

chestnuts Tongzhu 6. Then Simi, Simi pan, into the pot boiled until transparent 7. To remove thick with water 8. Red bean chestnut just boiling for about an hour, put sago cook
  - 素素smile

Fresh sweet Chinese shrimp meat

sugar added30Warm water and surface, and then placed in warm wet place fermentation. 2. Shrimp washed, peeled shrimp, go head, go to line, and then add a little cooking wine, salt and pepper pickle. 3. Water chestnuts peeled and chopped.

Lemon honey melon horseshoe

Er)2g+2g The practice steps ningmi bitter gourd horseshoe 1. Ingredients. 2. To open, to wash the bitter gourd, flesh, slice; wash water chestnuts, boiled water boiling brine30Seconds. 3. The best remove and put ice
  - 豆豆张111

Phoenix fresh shrimp roll

wine, salt, white pepper powder and mix well. 2. Water chestnuts peeled minced, water chestnut, dry starch mix added at the end of the shrimp paste, add a little sesame oil stir into shrimp paste 3. Add a little salt evenly dispersed into the egg egg; pan with a little oil, put
Array  - RYinTheHouse

Wide type horseshoe cake (super refreshing, zero failure)

is dissolved into water chestnuts again to the boil, flameout. 3. The batter stir immediately joined3Big spoon(About1/3Slip)To see a paste like sugar in mixing state that!(This is the key to the success of the key steps)! If the action is slow, please open a small fire and then cook it! 4.
Array  - Ada蛋糕坊


Never wrap dumplings, this time particularly want to package dumplings, son of love meat, so the choice of meat package. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Pork, mushrooms, chestnuts, onion, leaves, oil, salt, soy sauce

For example: wood Kang cake cup

well (I have been screened again, so that more delicate mud mud) 3. Light cream and sugar And mix well with a good mix of chestnuts and mud. In the alternate decorating bag 4. To squeeze out a layer of chestnut cream in the container.
Array  - 孟尤尤

Meat stuffed tiger pepper

in the middle with a knife, pepper cut straight hole. 2. Chop the meat is not good(Lean meat6Cent, fat4Branch)With add mushrooms, chestnuts, scallions, and mixed with soil egg(Have egg and meat stuffing taste is more fresh, more tender meat)Plus2Drops of soy sauce, salt, a little sugar, peanut oil, starch and mix with water.
Array  - 凉凉2323

[spring] horseshoe Lianzi Yiner Geng dessert

). 4. When boiled Tremella chestnut cut Ding, boiled a more concentrated flavor. 5. Tremella lotus seeds and in a pressure cooker cooked out, in the fire, add water chestnuts, sugar seasoning. Don't need to cook too long, keep the horseshoe Crisp, cooked to eat no residue can be. 6.

Egg dumpling

to take! Pork skin, meat mincer into minced meat. Black fungus bubble hair, wash in advance, cut into Suimo like! Ginger processing, I use the cooking machine to fight into the mud (I do not like ginger to eat in the mouth of the kind of pungent taste!) Water chestnuts peeled mince! 2. The above materials turn into the soup bowl, stir


I remember when my home or black and white TV when there is a small oven, which is very rare, we came to think that it is a small TV, I remember it is a yellow, particularly lovely. But at that time no Internet what, my mom will not use it to do what is good, nothing more than what the roasted chestnuts roasted sweet potatoes, but I still did not forget that my mom do the baking cake, I remember

Steamed lotus leaf glutinous rice

to their own tastes and what the green onion and coriander. Practice of lotus leaf glutinous rice steamed ribs Tips The amount according to their own tastes, but glutinous rice is very good yo, it is recommended to put some more. In addition can also add sausage chestnuts and so on they think the right thing taro. Search
Array  - Pretear

E - Bake - -CRDF42X test report of the Li Rong bread

into strips, add chestnut paste tile in the patch, ca.30G (I bought the ready-made, the season can also be fried chestnuts:1Guri Ko peeled, cooked, beaten paste, fry pan, Gaius30Grams of butter,50Sugar fried dried 4. The dough rolled up, shut down the tile in the oven, fermentation45Minutes -1About an hour or so
Array  - 我爱唱宝宝

Mung bean, chestnut meat, salted egg yolk

Because demand is23Rice dumplings. Xian Danhuang20A pack of.We had to cut the salted egg yolk. Allocation. If you cut the uncooked chestnuts, good tasty. Ingredients Minced pork500g Glutinous rice1000g Peeled mung bean250g Chinese chestnut11A Xian Danhuang20A
Array  - 玛琅

Beijing cuisine of the tiger lion head

than half of the root yam on the line, the best is not to put both water chestnuts, lotus root, taste more crisp 2. Yam chopped. Egg5A spare 3. Meat stuffing was put onion ginger, chopped yam and a raw egg. A little salt and soy sauce, soy sauce, black pepper, stir in one

Pearl Balls

and water chestnuts, mushrooms are broken ratio1:1So, the pearl balls not only keep the meat flavor and not greasy Pearl balls practice search Daquan
Array  - Haxx0220

Hunan dumpling cake

and water chestnuts. All processing of raw materials mixed uniformly, and rub into round balls on the pot boiling, then serve hot sprinkle pepper and chopped green onion, fragrant, very appetizing is with the Chinese New Year banquet on the essential dish, by the people, especially the children's favorite. Have the Spring Festival, wandering away from home on weekdays will go home with the family
Array  - 我爱厨房

Liuzhou stuffed tofu bubble

to their tastes, add some mushrooms, chestnuts, onion is very delicious; 4, like to eat bean curd stuffed with foam shoes a can do more, steamed into the refrigerator freezer up and eat when out steaming hot permeability can be. 5, to buy oil tofu, try to pick a hollow, so that the good brew, if like me do not buy tofu hollow bubble can only be inside the stuffed bean curd dug up, in order to put
Array  - 随心煮意

Rose pork braised in brown sauce

From an early age to eat my mother's bean curd chicken with chestnuts... Always feel the taste of the meat and bean curd together is a... Try to mix with pork is also good... Home is the rose flavor of sufu... So it's very special to be done... We can try it out.o(^At^)o Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30
  - 陈球球

# find the most clever steamed dumplings Master # crystal (modified version)

dough to wake up for a while, do not immediately! The filling should not put too much, otherwise easy to break when steaming! The best in some shrimp fat particles, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots ding! Search#Search for the most intelligent steamed vegetables#Crystal dumplings (modified version) practices Daquan
Array  - 麦子老妈

Braised Assorted Vegetables with Fermented Tofu

The practice of the South milk and crude Zhai Bao 1.Wash the cabbage, carrots, water chestnuts, Jiang Xiaopi 2.Put mushrooms, fungus, fungus, bamboo shoots, seaweed, fans were soaked until soft 3.South milk and mashed and mixed fermented bean curd 4.Mushrooms remove stalks cut half of Chinese cabbage, radish, ginger slices, bamboo branches and fans cut, and cut the bottom lump fungus fungus
Array  - 鑫雨霏霏

Peach slices

1. Perch about two pounds. Clean kill, go head, from the fish back surgery with fishbone into two pieces. Fish fried fish bones golden, add tofu soup. Praise. Fish two to eat. 2. Cracked the chestnuts, soaked in boiling water for five minutes to peach full, with kitchen towel blot moisture remove.
Array  - 西米Fiona

# find the most clever steamed Master # pomegranate chicken

1. Prepare the chicken stuffing, chicken breast, carrots, mushrooms, chestnuts, shallot 2. The chicken breast chopped, add a little ginger, salt, a little sugar, ground fish meal lard, use chopsticks in a direction stir to beat with gusto 3. Mushrooms soaked in the hair, carrot
Array  - Lemon-acid

Cantonese won ton noodle with shrimps

Spices: salt1A teaspoon of soy sauce,1Teaspoon sugar1/2TSP, raw powder2Teaspoon, chicken powder1/2Teaspoon, cooking wine1TSP, sesame oil a few drops, bright red, Zhejiang vinegar1A large spoon 1.Wash shrimp, shrimp intestines, cut grain, water chestnuts, peeled, into the fresh bag, knife grip a few times, and then the knife chopped pork chop 2.The minced pork, shrimp and water chestnut pieces
Array  - Nicole

The new method of eating tofu, bean curd

). 3. Onions, ginger mince and all ingredients into meat, dry miso with pepper, aniseed hydrolysis, slowly poured into the meat, until the meat play with gusto (recipe detailed "how delicious pig meat"). 4. Good meat stuffing. 5. Add water chestnuts, stir evenly, set aside.
  - 炫润丝巾

Lotus red bean dumplings

't like at sixes and sevens ingredients and delay I eat rice ah, if ingredients, is also the same texture soft, glutinous and glutinous rice blend together, so generally choose waxy can cook beans, lotus seeds, barley, dates, chestnuts like. This is the red bean and lotus seed, the spring season, the small Japanese flowers not to eat red bean meal, why? Look good! Red beans will be dyed light pink
Array  - 石绿花青

Pan-Fried Turnip Cake with Bacon

of porridge, a fruit, is a very satisfying breakfast. The eat chestnuts congee, the evening with a pressure cooker or stew pot boiled chestnut porridge and lean meat slices with a little oil, salt, mix well and put the refrigerator, the next morning the porridge to boil, into the meat hot cooked, very convenient. If want to get up in the morning and porridge is also no problem, early a little bit up, washed
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Egg and shrimp tower - flower jade son pay practices

) 34. Well, the decoration is ready. Tips Scarf reminder:A'': if the pig meat stuffing, you can add a little less tofu, because, fat, do not eat it chai.BIf you use chicken, it's better to add some tofu. Otherwise, it will be hard to eat.C'': lotus root can be replaced with water chestnuts, can also add a little vegetable fillings.
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Xinjiang hand pilaf lamb

, not with vinegar. Buckwheat: hot cold, the opposite is not the same food. G: two and chestnuts are easy to digest, stew with stir fry are not appropriate, may even eat will cause vomiting. G: the same with bamboo shoots can cause food poisoning. G: Pinellia and with the water absorption effect of nutritional ingredients. G: prone to constipation and tea. Features of dishes       
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