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Chai fish peanut porridge

Edible oil1Spoon Practice steps of the Chai fish peanut porridge 1. Peanut in advance 2. M ahead of the bubble Put some salt Point oil (the rice that has been soaked in rice can be cooked. 3. Chopped wood
Array  - DORA哚拉

Chaoyang Fried white radish Patty - carrot cake

The taste of home! Mother's taste! Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients White radish3Half kilogram-4Jin Sweet potato powder6Two Sticky rice flour4Two Accessories   CelerySome PeanutSome SaltAppropriate amount Chaoyang carrot cake-Carrot cake practice steps 1. Peanut and celery to chop grain; turnip silk and chopped and the broken, the better, salt stir into the shredded radish in, radish water, then squeeze the water to... 2. Pour all the ingredients together! Remember to put salt again yo, because salt dehydration radish has not much salt! 3. Repeated mixing... 4. The size of a circular pad, leaves, steam30More than... 5. Open the lid off the fire to steam cooling... 6. Cut into pieces and fry the heat with a small fire,OK...Can eat Tips Remember that sweet potato powder and sticky Rice noodles is normally3:2Sweet potato powder, put more to do out of the finished product will be very hard, sticky Rice noodles put more will be very soft Search Chaoyang carrot cake-Radish cake practice
Array  - 为食猫de小厨房

Wanchai ferry Glutinous Rice Balls crystal - Summer colorful tea cup

Harusu Cha, don't let the beautiful crystal Glutinous Rice Balls, with a pudding Cake Cream Red bean Colorful, afternoon tea.~ Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Green tea powder (pudding layer)5-10G Light cream (pudding layer)50G Lucky (pudding layer)Half a piece of Sugar (pudding)5G Chocolate cake (sandwich)A piece of Sugar alcohol (sandwich)10G Sugar (sandwich)5G Light cream (sandwich)30G Wanchai ferry Glutinous Rice Balls crystal3A Accessories   Honey red beanAppropriate amount Wanchai ferry Glutinous Rice Balls crystal--Tea cup colorful summer practice steps 1. Material Quan Jiafu 2. Soak gelatin in cold waterGreen tea powder after sieving add the cream sugar boiling Add the gelatin soaked stirring until melted 3. Pour into the container Cold storage for half an hour 4. Will be cooked into the cold water reserve Glutinous Rice Balls Lest adhesion 5. The chilled pudding out, put a small piece of cake (I have cake remaining scrap Put it in, without saying this step can be omitted. 6. The wine in the sugar cake slice brush 7. Light cream and sugar In decorating bag Squeeze on the cake. 8. Will drain back Glutinous Rice Balls on top, a spoon of honey Sheng Put in the decoration of the biscuit 9. Now do is eat, so Glutinous Rice Balls taste better Tips My wine syrup formula:10Sugar Plus20Ke Qingshui After melting In10Klump wine Search Wanchai ferry Glutinous Rice Balls crystal--The summer tea cup colorful practices Daquan
Array  - 孟尤尤

Wanchai ferry - spring tender fresh vegetable dumplings in Jiangnan

This probably belongs to the high Boiled dumplings frozenBIGEating method~If I call it feilengcui dumplings with black pepper peas Is it right? More western style Ha ha ha~ Ingredients Pea50G Water50G Light cream50G OnionAppropriate amount SaltA bit of Black pepperAppropriate amount Asparagus5Root Wanchai ferry pickpurse pork Boiled dumplings3A Accessories   Dry chilliA bit of Wanchai ferry Jiangnan fresh--The tender spring vegetable dumplings practice steps 1. A photograph of the whole family 2. Boiling hot water in the pot Cook the peas 3. Add cooked peas to the50Grams of water Into the food cooking machine to beat into a bean mud 4. The pot bottom oil, add in the chopped onion saute Will be put into the mud Join50Light cream BoilSprinkle black pepper and a little salt. Cook until thick. 5. I'll cook the peas and filter it again. 6. Blanch asparagus in the water Wobble Will be filtered by a good pea in the middle position 7. The dumplings cooked in a frying pan 8. The fried dumpling plate Sprinkle black Hu Jiaosui And dry hot pepper pieces Tips Dry pepper I use the scissors to cut a small chiliFried dumpling with a little water Cover and stew for a while better cooked Wanchai ferry Jiangnan fresh search--Spring tender vegetable dumplings practices Daquan
Array  - 孟尤尤

Wanchai ferry Glutinous Rice Balls colorful crystal tea Tang Yuanchuan

Home rarely buy dumplings to eat, the impression of a commercially available glutinous rice balls basically are very sweet is oil, but this Wanchai ferry tea crystal dumplings really is with the appearance of its general fresh, completely not sweet greasy, because the skin is filled with a lotus root starch, the cooked glutinous rice balls, crystal clear, lattice attractive. This time I do to give it four kinds of sauce, make it more colorful good taste(^_^) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Wanchai ferry Matcha crystal Glutinous Rice BallsA package Cold water(Sauce juice)4Spoon Soy sauce(Sauce juice)1Spoon Sugar(Sauce juice)Half a spoon Starch(Sauce juice)A small spoon SeaweedBan Zhang Cooked white sesameAppropriate amount Blueberry JamA spoon Cold waterHalf a spoon Small mangoA Bamboo8Root Tang GuihuaA spoon Dry sweet scented osmanthusAppropriate amount The practice steps of Wanchai ferry. Glutinous Rice Balls Glutinous Rice Balls Matcha crystal series 1. Wanchai ferry Glutinous Rice Balls a pack of Matcha crystal 2. Stock 3. Pot add4The cold water, a spoonful of soy sauce, a half spoon of sugar boiling 4. A small amount of starch and a small amount of water and mix well 5. Open the pot, slowly pour into the water starch, stir, tune into the thick can be like you. Soy sauce 6. Small mango peeled to the core, into the cooking machine to play a mud, mango sauce to do a good job.Here are two small mango, the actual one is enough 7. A spoonful of blueberry jam and half a teaspoon of water, stir well, a spoonful of sugar, sweet scented osmanthus, mango puree, soy sauce, cooked sesame seeds, dried sweet scented osmanthus nori while fried into a 8. Put a pot of cold water and put in the ice. 9. The pot of water, into the water Glutinous Rice Balls lightly with the shovel, shovel bottom nonstick 10. Cook until Glutinous Rice Balls float to the surface, use a colander to remove 11. Before the preparation of ice water immediately into the bowl, then remove one string with thin bamboo sticks, with all kinds of material juice 12. The finished soy sauce to tea crystal Glutinous Rice Balls 13. Mango Green Tea Glutinous Rice Balls crystal mud 14. Blueberry jam Matcha crystal Glutinous Rice Balls 15. Sweet osmanthus tea crystal Glutinous Rice Balls Search Wanchai ferry. Glutinous Rice Balls Glutinous Rice Balls Matcha crystal series practices Daquan
  - 香颜

Wood chicken

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Chicken1500g Green tea500g Cowpea300g Ginger40g Green pepper10g Pork50g The practice steps of a turkey. 1. Half chicken, cut into small pieces 2. The pot of cold cooked vegetable oil till the Bacheng hot chicken stir fry 3. Pot chicken, pepper, ginger water drying the dry spicy 4. Ginger, pepper smell after adding soy sauce and salt and water color, can not be too chicken,10After a minute to add the bean and bitter gourd, before the pot5Minutes add green spicy Search for firewood
  - 本色军

Fried chicken breast (not wood tender)

The chicken breast muscle is a good helper, delicious, rich in protein! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Chicken breastA block Black pepper powderAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount StarchAppropriate amount Soy sauceAppropriate amount Fried chicken breast (not wood tender practice steps) 1. Would you like chicken breast cut size, add all the seasonings3-5After an hour, put it in a pot. After the wok over medium heat, immediately to cover both sides of the pan2Minute. Search fried chicken breast (not wood tender) practices Daquan

Delicious pork braised in brown sauce (state level) fat but not greasy, thin rather than firewood

Not much to say ~ we quickly learn to really delicious (warm and prompt you: be sure to follow step by step by step) you can add cooked eggs, yam stewed together ~ and very good Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Pork3Pounds (four person) Star anise (aniseed)4-5A Onion1Section Ginger1Small BeerStandard glass bottle Salt2Spoon Sugar4-5Spoon Yam1Root Chinese cinnamonHalf a finger. Delicious pork braised in brown sauce (state level) fat but not greasy, thin rather than firewood practice steps 1. The first step: pork cut an inch square, meat under cold water boil5-6Points out, pot of water, drained 2. The second step: (key key) "puncture" with a toothpick to pork fat part of the bar hole, Norte is the time will feel the moment of oil will flow to the hands the. 3. The third step: the pot of boiling water, put the meat into the pot again,7-8Minutes to remove. 4. The fourth step: Stir Fry: empty pan, put the meat into the pot fried oil, a stir fry, fry, fry until golden brown. Then fill it out. 5. Fifth step: fried sugar. Add white sugar in the pot. Add the right amount of sugar, according to personal taste to grasp, if you like to eat sweet mouth can put some white sugar to brown red. 6. Sixth: put the pork into the stir fried red brown sugar, white sugar paste fully wrapped in the outer skin on pork. Stir fry. 7. Step 7: pour beer to the beer to be flooded pork, then add the onion ginger, star anise (commonly known as aniseed), cinnamon and a small amount of soy sauce and soy sauce, a small amount of oyster sauce. After boiling to simmer about45The minute to close the juice to (in the slow process of stew can be added yam, cooked eggs, stewed together) 8. Step 8: you little master please open the lid, put it take on a plate to open flow the saliva small mouth start to such a color, flavor and taste "braise in soy sauce meat" placed in front of you, not accomplishment bel increase! 9. Sugar will make the color more pork braised in brown sauce, better appetite. If didn't love sweet people to add sugar kouchong. This dish, we must follow the step by step, the finished product will be satisfied! We want to try! Delicious pork braised in brown sauce (state level) fat but not greasy, thin rather than firewood practice video Tips By step, you little master ~ must be the taste you want Search super delicious pork braised in brown sauce (state level) fat but not greasy, thin rather than firewood practices Daquan
Array  - songqianwen1226

Fried egg with leek

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Hotbed chives250g Chai eggs4A Fried egg Jiuhuang practice steps 1. Put the oil pan, heat the oil into the egg, stir fry until golden
Array  - Moon最爱紫罗兰

For the baby to eat the vegetables soft cake

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients SquashHalf of the root CarrotHalf of the root ShrimpAppropriate amount Chai eggs2A FlourAppropriate amount SaltFew For small baby eat

Halogen egg

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Chai eggs Practice steps of halogen eggs 1. Step 1: cook the eggs and then cook the eggs;Step 2: making marinade, in fact, is the stew seasoning, marinade
  - 月亮夜


Ingredients Chai eggs12A Beer2Tank Accessories   Aniseed4A Chinese prickly ash1Small Chinese cinnamon1Short SaltAppropriate amount SugarAppropriate amount Soy sauceAppropriate amount
  - 琳60

Deep-Fried Dough Sticks

Ingredients Eggs, flour, milk, salt, olive oil or peanut oil, yeast The practice steps of Deep-Fried Dough Sticks 1. 4Personal breakfast, ready2A Chai eggs, a bag of milk, dry yeast a package, the appropriate amount of olive oil or peanut oil, salt amount, like to eat
Array  - 酷瓜蘸蜜

Soft-Fried Shrimp with Egg

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Shrimp meat300g FlourFew Cooking wineFew SaltA little Chai eggsA The practice steps of Soft-Fried Shrimp with Egg 1. Wash the shrimp line Be sure
Array  - 霏默老妈

Baobao ~ fish cake + vegetables Broccoli Soup

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Pumpkin flour30g Corn flour15g Rape seedlingAppropriate amount Chai eggs1A CauliflowerA little flower The dragon and fish2A Baobao
Array  - 宝马妈妈729

Baobao ~ that is the entrance of Banana Cake

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Chai eggs1A BananaHalf of the root Organic Pumpkin flour50g The practice steps of baby food supplement that is the entrance to the banana cake
Array  - 宝马妈妈729

Homemade fried chicken

6. The oil temperature of Mao smoke, turn a small fire into the chicken 7. Fried until golden brown on both sides, because it is a grain of chopped meat, so it won't taste hair chai! Search for homemade fried chicken practices Daquan
  - 已注销

Butter cookies (microwave oven version)

Outside the butter cookies may be added to the preservative. So I want to try it myself. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Flour220g Butter200g Chai eggs2A Watkins seedless jujube65g
  - 暖小姨

Glutinous Rice Balls taste plate -- ant

! Ingredients Wan Chai pier of a waxy black sesame or peanut Glutinous Rice BallsEach disc2Grain Wanchai ferry or Glutinous Rice Balls crystal peanut pumpkinEach disc1Grain Accessories   Coconut meat powderFew Black or blueberries.Each disc9A CucumberSmall section CarrotSeveral pieces

Chicken sandwich

breast meat layers placed on a piece of bread, then covered with a layer of bread of can be cut 5. Cooking skillsChicken breast must first use the knife or a hammer shot of powder, fried when it will not be back, the taste is not so Chai.
Array  - 菊娜JUJU

The baby food supplement to banana milk custard

In fact, this is on the basis of the egg soup, add milk and low powder, I think that the two sample, more taste, sweet taste. Finally, a few bananas, more delicious! Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Chai eggs1A
Array  - 宝马妈妈729

PP -- no oil weight douking steak

After eating several times Chai beef I finally find out of fried steak, of course, working-class I not good beef and cow leg Rourou, civilians are a steak^_^ Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Beef1Block Black pepper

Pork spareribs (with tomato rose approach)

and drain, the pot a small amount of oil will chop fry until slightly brown. Only in this way can lock in the juices, into a dish of meat Chai. 2. Add onion and ginger to stir fry, put a slice of Angelica and a geranium, inverted1Spoon sugar,2Spoon vinegar,3Spoon yellow rice wine,4Tablespoons soy sauce (soy sauce braised juice and half
Array  - 我是生活家

Hot and sour crisp dry beans

1. Long beans scalded with boiling water to wash the skin turns dark green, drying out in the sun for a long time 2. Mei son meat into meat(Other meat, fresh meat eyebrow, can not long fried Chai) 3. The sun good beans cut short, also chopped garlic

Octopus balls

7. Join the octopus salad sauce, sauce (like mustard can add some mustard sauce) and seaweed powder amount and Chai fish can 8. Well, it's good to eat. Tips Like mustard can be added a little mustard, Search Takoyaki practices Daquan

Simple and delicious sweet and sour fillet of pork!!

times Fried flour50g Chai eggs1A PepperA few Simple and delicious sweet and sour fillet of pork!! Procedure steps 1. Tomato sauce, soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine mixed with standby 2. Tenderloin cut, is about the thickness of the little
  - 暖小姨

Ham and egg cake

, these nutrients are essential to the human body. They extremely important role.(Stop) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Flour Chai eggsA Green Chinese onionA Coriander Ham sausageA Boiling water
Array  - 小矜持美食

Steamed minced chicken chestnut pumpkin flavor

The washed minced chicken. With the chicken steamed after not too chai. It is not suitable for steamed chicken breast 5. In oyster sauce, tomato sauce, pepper and salt in minced chicken. 6. Mix evenly, preserved for half an hour 7.
Array  - 万山红

Miho Kamoding

10. Add the remaining onion, add fried peanuts stir pot plate (peanuts must be added) Cooking skills1Pickled duck, preferably with pea starch, with egg white, easy desizing, resulting floc; 2The whole, to the fire, stir fried diced duck not long, too long to avoid fleshy hair chai; 3Peanut is, had already been cooked, finally can eat food
Array  - 心清似水淡若云

Carrot broth at

Mother deliberately circle of friends in the micro letter said, her family never eat lean meat son recently finally began to eat lean meat a few days ago, also say, eat well, thank me knock meat recipe. When it comes to the knock on meat, that but optimal mom hometown of specialties, although it is all pure lean meat do, but a little did not lean and dry and Chai feeling, instead of the tender
Array  - 优妈美食

# missing # Caramel Banana tower

with a rolling pin roll into a die size 15. And then carefully spread on the mold 16. Use a roller to scrape off the excess dough 17. Prick in the Tapie with Chai son 18.
Array  - 麦子老妈

Fried pork balls

, meatballs, fried to the surface slightly yellow after colander remove 12.Then turn the fire, let the temperature, and then into the ball, fry until golden surface after remove Cooking skills 1To choose three, seven pork barrel thin, it is best not to use the full of meat, all meat taste will send chai; 2Mushrooms can be based on personal preferences to put, if you do not like, but also can not put
Array  - 我爱厨房

Gongbao Jiding pasta

, resulting floc; 2The whole, to the fire, stir fry minced chicken not long, too long to avoid fleshy hair chai; 3Peanut is, had already been cooked, finally to wok, eat only crisp taste; 4Some friends may ask why, but minced chicken oil?This frying method naturally has his reasons, Sichuan food is many famous dish is exquisite "out of a pot dishes", because chicken after oil tightening of fiber, again
Array  - 心清似水淡若云

Fish fish tofu soup

Choose Grass Carp do fish, taste more fresh. Personally feel that although snakehead handle, but meat is chai. Keep the fish head, and burn the fish tofu soup, add some freshly made fish, no waste of raw material. Also more rich flavor. Eat the fish, drain the frozen, when eating out to do this thing, fish feel more all-match, and good food.
Array  - 虫儿飞73

Michelin red wine braised oxtails

(pressure cooker two hours), must have the patience, the whole process filled out fragrance will bring you endless enjoyment 10. Stew almost look like, flameout, let the oxtail continue to stay in the pot soak for 10 minutes or so, this process is very important, can maximum keep the gravy, or meat tastes Chai
Array  - mask20

Secret Zha Zhupai

! Tips The problem associated with the separation of flesh! If the starch will be flesh meat but can ensure water separation! The flesh is wrapped in flour together but if the control is not good time fried meat will be dry taste will be very chai! In addition, we'll tell you another pickle! Search the secret Zha Zhupai practices Daquan
  - 303红妆

Posh box

, every Chinese new year every start fried posh box, the stew. In the past the pan (Chai Guo) once fried a lot to eat in winter. My first time to eat when feel especially good, later learned inside actually is the carrot and parsley stuffing, how to eat up so sweet, so I just think carrot and coriander is good collocational partners, even the two stuffing fried into falafels are also very delicious.
Array  - 食尚晓厨娘

Egg and shrimp tower - flower jade son pay practices

) 34. Well, the decoration is ready. Tips Scarf reminder:A'': if the pig meat stuffing, you can add a little less tofu, because, fat, do not eat it chai.BIf you use chicken, it's better to add some tofu. Otherwise, it will be hard to eat.C'': lotus root can be replaced with water chestnuts, can also add a little vegetable fillings.
Array  - 炫润丝巾