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From the literature found some for you 10 cook recipe, cook book,chinese cook.

Young chicken with mushroom

Jane's hand tear chicken Health and more smooth and more fragrant Difficulty:Chef(Senior) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Young chicken1Only MushroomFew The young chicken mushroom practice steps 1. A small fire boil boil Tips Seasonal delicacies Young chicken mushroom search practices Daquan

Steamed Spring Chicken

This is a very tasty and delicious My family will do a basic month.3Time Eat a hundred tire oh Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Spring chicken1Only ChiveA few trees Red dates5A Chinese wolfberry1The Ginger Cooking wine The practice steps of Qingzheng Tongziji 1. 1 Chicken wash clean, onion knot Ginger slice.2 The chicken is evenly spread. Salt. Salted chicken30Minute You can.3 Put the chicken in a bowl. Add onion knot Ginger Chinese wolfberry Pour the wine. Steam on the pot40Minute .How much soup (cooking wine According to individual preferences can be. The next day the soup noodles Super good oh) The search Qingzheng Tongziji practices Daquan
Array  - an豆豆

Beggar chicken

Beggar's chicken is Hangzhou Louwailou dishes, and the floor is in1848Established in 2003, and the legend of the earliest business of Changshu mountain garden is a beggar's Chicken1890Established in, in time to see the dish for this is the Hangzhou dishes. Also it is said that the dish in the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) exists in Hangzhou the, Gong to have repeatedly referred to the beggar's chicken, also from the chicken wrapped in lotus leaf can also see this very clearly way Hangzhou cuisine. Related stories Allusion According to legend, long ago, there was a beggar, a beggar on the villages along the route to Changshu county. One day, he accidentally killed a chicken, for cooking, cooking and seasoning can no, No. He came to at the foot of Yushan, the chicken after the killing to remove offal, with hair coated with Wong, firewood, painted a good chicken set fire roast, to be dried mud chicken cooked, stripped of mud shell, feather also with mud shell off, the exposed part of the chicken. About100Many years ago, Changshu County, northwest of Yushan resort "mountain garden" restaurant according to the legend, discard the dross and select the essence, Seiko follow created this chicken. Allusion two Legend, when Emperor Qian Long to visit to south, accidentally on the wilderness. There is a poor beggar to see him, then think Food "beggar chicken" gave him to eat. Qianlong trapped and hungry, naturally feel that this unusual delicious chicken. After eating, she asked his name, called the head feel shy to say this chicken is called "beggar chicken", huchui this chicken is called "Fugui Ji". Qian Long on this chicken be profuse in praise. Beggars afterwards just know the bum is the emperor. This "beggar chicken" also because the emperor Jinkou open, became "Fugui Ji". Spread so far, also became a boarded in good taste dishes. Materials Ingredients Chicken(Chicken, domesticated)880G Accessories Lotus leaf1Zhang Dried mushrooms5Flower Flour400G Sausage1A Clam meat1The Seasoning Peanut oil10G Salt5G Soy sauce2Spoon Onion2Root Ginger2Slice Garlic3Flap Oyster sauce1.5Spoon Lard(Lian)1Spoon Steamed fish soy sauce15G Sugar1/2Spoon Fish sauce1Spoon Yellow Wine5Spoon Thirteen fragrant2Spoon WaterAppropriate amount A beggar's chicken practices Pickled 1.Pull the chicken to the chicken body no net of feather removal, wash skin and chicken stomach, homogeneous in chicken and chicken belly cast the right amount of salt massage 2.Start seasoning, add thirteen bowls of incense1Spoon 3.Sugar half spoon 4.Fish sauce1Spoon 5.June fresh soy sauce2Spoon 6.Oyster sauce1Half spoon 7.Add the ginger cut filaments, minced garlic, shallot mix cut short 8.Will7In the sauce evenly spread on the chicken body, and the chicken belly, the container cover on the fresh film, in the refrigerator fresh8About an hour or so Chicken wrapped 1.Prepare the chicken belly filling, dry mushrooms, dried clam meat temperature open blisters 2.Soaked mushrooms into strips, sliced sausage, clam meat, removing sand 3.A little oil hot pot with sausage, mushrooms, clam meat, stir fry until8Mature, adding steamed fish soy sauce and then stir fry 4.Fried stuffing pan cool, at the moment, the fresh lotus leaf wash water drain backup 5.Cooled fillings stuffed chicken belly, two chicken knee cartilage cut off half, chicken stuffed chicken belly, with a toothpick will seal your chicken stomach 6.Scoop a spoonful of lard skin evenly wipe on a layer of lard 7.And then handle the chicken in the lotus leaf, roll up the package is good 8.Tied with a rope tied, anyway Baked 1.The batter the mixture into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, transferred into a viscous state(This step can be skipped) 2.Wrap the chicken evenly with the batter lotus leaf is thick, with disposable gloves, oil operation.(This step can be skipped) 3.There are some thick paste pot, add some flour, add a little water and flour dough 4.Sprinkle a little flour dough roll into a pie shape, to almost the size of lotus leaf chicken wrapped. 5.Put on the lotus leaf chicken wrapped with dough wrapped up, so you can put it in the oven. 6.The outside is covered with a layer of aluminum foil, because their ovens color is more severe, so the re bake foil package 7.185C roast2Hours after released, stripped off the tin foil, careful comparison. 8.Remove the dough, wrapped in lotus leaves with lotus leaf, lotus leaf Bakai is call flower chicken.  Cooking skills 1Chicken, the belly of the fillings can change the ha, put some pork, bamboo shrimp, what is also very good; 2The batter, and soft dough can be directly knead the dough package in a lotus leaf, you can not mix the batter; 3I can not, foil bag, purely because my oven is more abnormal, so I have to do some of this extra thing; 4, dough and lotus leaf is very easy to separate, not too worried, but to open the time to pay attention to the hand, which is really hot; 5, plus the dough of rice wine is not wine fragrance and is used when the wine mud, of course, today, the city is very difficult to find good soil; 6I put the chicken, put onion ginger garlic sauce and chicken stuffed into the stomach, ha ha.
Array  - 萧丫头

Lotus beggar chicken

"Lotus Jiaohua chicken" have a look delicious wild costume of beggar's chicken how to do easily in the home~ Materials Ingredients Chicken800GLotus leaf30G Accessories Mushrooms70GOnion10GGinger30GHaiyan10GCooking wine20Milliliter The lotus leaves a beggar's chicken practices 1. The lotus leaves in water, the bubble soft 2. Rounding the chickens to chicken ass 3. The body will Yellow Wine uniform all over the chicken 4. Put salt on the chicken for full body massage 5. Cut scallion, ginger, shredded chicken mushrooms into the belly 6. The chicken into the food bag, two hours into the refrigerator preserved 7. Add the chicken with soy sauce over the lotus leaf center, brush chicken's body 8. According to the order of the left and right folding leaf, tied with cotton thread 9. The first oil and tin foil wrapped in lotus leaf chicken, finally pressed 10. Upper and lower fire160The degree of roasting90Minute Cooking skillsLotus: lotus leaf bubble too frivolous in the water, can be placed on the top of other ingredients, on the lotus leaf Tie the beggar's Chicken: according to the left and right folding sequence of lotus leaf, tied with cotton thread For more information, please pay attention to our micro blog:@Parrot kitchen The lotus leaves a beggar's chicken specific video, please:
Array  - 鹦鹉厨房

The baby likes to eat black pepper asparagus chicken slices

Asparagus is a kind of excellent vegetable, it contains many kinds of amino acid, protein and vitamin, the content were higher than general fruits and vegetables, especially asparagine in Asparagus and trace element selenium, molybdenum, chromium, manganese and other, can regulate the body's metabolism, improve the body immunity effect, in the prevention and treatment of hypertension, heart disease, leukemia, leukemia, edema, inflammation, with...(Open) Asparagus is a kind of excellent vegetable, it contains many kinds of amino acid, protein and vitamin, the content were higher than general fruits and vegetables, especially asparagine in Asparagus and trace element selenium, molybdenum, chromium, manganese and other, can regulate the body's metabolism, improve the body immunity effect, in the prevention and treatment of hypertension, heart disease, leukemia, leukemia, edema, inflammation, with a strong inhibitory action and pharmacological effects. You can eat more oh!(Stop) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Chicken breast1Block Asparagus (rough)4Root Black pepperFew GingerAppropriate amount GarlicAppropriate amount Soy sauceAppropriate amount The practice steps of the baby to eat the chicken pieces of black pepper 1. Chicken slices with water, starch and salt and mix well preserved10Minutes. Asparagus, remove the root of the old skin, slice. Ginger garlic slice. 2. Heat wok cool oil, ginger and garlic. 3. Slide down the chicken pieces. 4. Stir fry until all become white. 5. Pot stay in base oil, under the asparagus quickly stir fry, add a little salt. 6. Pour the chicken slices, add soy sauce and fry. 7. Finally sprinkle a little black pepper, stir fry pan. Search baby love to eat black pepper asparagus chicken
Array  - 想幸福

Sauteed chicken dices with chili peppers

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Broiler Garlic Chili sauce Vinegar Ginger The practice steps of sauteed chicken dices with chili peppers 1. Broiler

Fresh chicken soup with ginger head

The soup only in the hands of the mother, sweet taste has been unforgettable. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Ginger headA Broiler1/4 Milk200ml CorianderFew SaltFew

High pheasant

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Broiler1The whole Cabbage1A Garlic1A Garlic bolt1Small Shallot2A GingerAppropriate amount Pepper, saltAppropriate amount Sesame oil
  - 凤凰han

Huang Doumen chicken

to flow to the stomach.,My brain has no strength to engage in creative ideas.... This I love most soy braised chicken. Ingredients Ingredients Broiler1Only   Accessories Ginger Chinese cinnamonAppropriate amount Star aniseAppropriate amount
Array  - tangie

Baked Chicken

soy sauce evenly 5. Broiler cleaned to remove the chicken butt (be sure to remove the chicken butt the tip and the anus, where too many toxins), and then with meat hammer will chicken whole to hit again, flesh of the place especially hit, I hit the5Minute 6. Then put
Array  - 热爱红烧肉