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Bovine bone

Love to eat bones, although I am afraid of greasy do not eat, but it is also hard to do. Bovine patella tendons, less meat, take some time. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Bovine patella The practice
Array  - 为你练成高手

The scent of bovine PA bacteria

beef, chicken times, bottom of the pork; meat and mushrooms must shoot thin, thick, to eat the. The scent of bovine PA bacteria search approach Daquan
Array  - 嘉希爸爸

Slow boil backbones (Kay home private)

Bovine spine3Root Aniseed1A Geranium1Slice Ginger4-5Slice Garlic2-3A OnionAppropriate amount SaltAppropriate amount Cooking wine1Spoon Clean waterAppropriate amount Slow boil backbones (Kay home private) practice steps 1. The onion ginger
  - 哆啦凯凯

DIY authentic self mixing beef plate

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Onion150g Coriander20g CucumberHalf of the root Beef plateA bag Secret material packageA bag DIYPractice steps of authentic self mixing beef plate 1. Onion, cucumber,Cut it well, and from the plate to the plate.Spare 2. Into the secret sauce, according to personal taste, I put2/3Bag 3. Mix well and look at all the saliva 4. Authentic delicious drop plate bar serving floor, slobber flow down? WeChat:13470050728 SearchDIYAuthentic self mixing beef plate method

Tomato (stewed cattle coccyx approach, beef sirloin too)

Ingredients Oxtail bone2A Tomato2A Other ingredients Tomato (stewed cattle coccyx approach, beef sirloin too) action steps 1. Oxtail bone water, into the boiling water, skim floating water, hot soup 2. The ingredients, onion ginger garlic, grass, anise, pepper, bacon, tangerine peel, Chinese wolfberry, ginger, cinnamon and so on 3. Tomato peeled, tomato sauce4Spoon, chili sauce1Spoon, 4. The spices together into the soup, charging wine and a little soy sauce (soy sauce is also in order to increase the color, so don't put too much. Otherwise, it would be black, main dishes of the color red), simmer until the meat is soft and delicious good, I like to use small fire to fear, with the4In an hour, pressure cooker20In a minute Tomato (stewed cattle coccyx search approach, also for beef sirloin) practices Daquan
Array  - 楠木的木

Boneless spring leek Fried rice noodles

vermicelli, not broken tenacity. 2. Bovine tendon to spare knife, I use a good brine beef tendon. 3. Leek to spare knife, rough that head with bovine tendon fry, fried leaves before the pan put. 4. Rice noodles blanch remove, add
Array  - 美食组长

Mellow milk sugar

The milk sugar is mainly used to viscous adhesive so that condensed milk, lactose is fudge cows. Add15Grams of sugar feels a bit too sweet, too sweet don't like less in sugar. Materials Ingredients Whole milk powder35GPowdered sugar15G Accessories Condensed milk30G The practice of mellow nougat 1. Material preparation 2. The milk and sugar mixture 3. Pour the milk 4. And then mix well 5. Hand and a group 6. Then roll it into a small ball 7. All good rub after oil parcel up to Cooking skillsAccording to the consistency of the condensed milk added to adjust, if the milk group is too soft can add milk to mix.
  - 紫韵千千

Cold heart

Today I go to the morning to buy pork, it inadvertently found bovine heart, always wanted to buy but can not buy, today I happened to meet, the opportunity is rare, hurry to buy the one to come back and I both love to eat animal heart, because the heart feels fleshy, eat the tender is not match teeth, taste very good. Today I cooked with red pepper and onion salad eat, raw onion benefits also
Array  - 热爱红烧肉

Red letter big beef powder trial of cattle on the brain stew potatoes

There is a big beef powder, white kitchen can also be a chef oh! Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Niu Shangnao350g Potato2Jin CarrotHalf of the root WaterAppropriate amount Great red letter big beef powder15g Geranium6Slice Cooking wine15g The practice steps of the big red letter of large beef powder on the brain of the cattle on the trial of the cow 1. Great red letter big beef powder 2. Wash fresh beef, with kitchen towel dry after the water cut into pieces! 3. Peel the potatoes, cut into pieces! 4. Carrot cutting roller blade! 5. The pot into the beef, add appropriate amount of water, the wine, the fire to boil, skim off the foam! 6. A casserole, put beef and soup together into the casserole! Put great big beef powder big fire open! 7. After the fire, the fire slowly began to stew! 8. After half an hour, add the potatoes! Stewed with a shovel to the Is it right? Over a few, don't stick to the bottom! 9. Twenty minutes after the stew and then add carrots to continue to stew! 10. Add carrot stew ten minutes scented! 11. You can be on the table! Search for big beef powder on the trial of the trial of the cattle on the brain stew potatoes
Array  - 花开依绽放

Mellow milk sugar

Little niece likes to eat sweet, so he made this candy. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Condensed milk60g Whole milk powder100g Sugar (also can not add)30g Bovine lactose alcohol

Braised ox spinal cord

Over that bovine spinal cord is very nutritious, calcium content is high, usually eat the spicy hot pot used to rinse the taste is very good, but I have to do to my baby to eat, she does not eat spicy food, so I make braised in soy sauce, baby love to eat carrots and onions, then add, is full of nutrition, not spicy bovine spinal cord what shortcomings, and bean paste to put a little more
Array  - 叶子的小厨

Baked onion beef noodles

Ah, in order to lose weight, for a long time no meat, today to point beef, special treatment. Materials Ingredients Beef tenderloin200GOnion2AItaly areaAppropriate amount Accessories Egg1AConcentrated soup (beef)1SmallKetchup2A soup spoonStarchTeaspoonBlack pepper1TeaspoonSoy sauce1Soup spoonWater300MilliliterChiveFewSaltAppropriate amountGarlic powderFew Onion tomato beef noodles recipe 1. Beef tenderloin150Cut off a small piece of a piece, cut off the cross cut0.5Centimeter slice 2. Egg a beat, add beef 3. Add appropriate amount of soy sauce 4. Add black pepper 5. Plus1Teaspoon starch 6. Into the green onion, garlic powder, stir, box sealed into the refrigerator overnight, 7. The water (and accessories in the300Ml not together) in heat, while the boiling time for other ingredients 8. Onion cut both ends 9. The longitudinal split in two, so the hand gently tear Skin Peel 10. Vertical cutting by lines and hand separate 11. Boiling water, soup mixed treasure, wok 12. Open water salt into the pasta, because the whole wheat pasta needs ten minutes to cooked so first put, and use chopsticks to push the beef into the boiling water 13. Two or three minutes into the onion 14. Beef and onion5Minutes after breaking raw fish, because time is too long beef will be old, onion nutrients will drain, tomato sauce and water slightly diluted, poured in the above 15. Pasta pot, pour some sauce, get it Cooking skillsTomato sauce that concentrated tomato sauce, taste is full-bodied, tomato sauce mostly sugar and water, no nutrition high calorie. Beef and onions should be taken out in advance, otherwise the taste is not good. Beef in the fridge overnight can slowly absorb the flavor of egg and powder, the more flavorful and because the addition of starch to lock moisture, so smooth and delicate.
  - 忆夏

Cattle ear

Guangdong new year will be from the pan, fry some fried foods, such as oil, sugar ring, Jiao Zi, cow ears etc.. Newly-married3Years, back home to pay New Year's call take some fried food. Two years ago I with homemade Jiao Zi gifts, but many are direct salute to me, did not accept it, obviously not too popular. So this year I came to the ear of fried Aberdeen, very crisp, more delicious, like children, adults also love to eat. After the release, I weigh it.150G packaging, have the Spring Festival gifts, and they all received, ha ha, everybody says this delicious fried food~Too good! Next year to continue~ Ingredients: peanut oil40gWater, water amount, low gluten powder300g, cotton sugar100g Accessories: peanut oil30gSalt,2gLow gluten powder270gSouth milk6Block, water amount Materials Ingredients Fine white sugar100GLow gluten flour300GPeanut oil70G Accessories WaterAppropriate amountSouth milk6BlockSalt2GLow gluten flour200G The practice of cattle ears 1. To prepare the ingredients of sweet skin. (see main portion) 2. Prepare salty skin ingredients. (see accessories) 3. Will be two kinds of ingredients are mixed, knead into two kinds of taste of the dough. 4. Take 1/3 salty dough, rolled into thick2Thin slice. 5. Similarly, 1/3 sweet dough, rolled into thick2Thin slice. 6. Fold two sheets together and cut off the excess parts. 7. The salty tablets inside, sweet outside, tightly curled. 8. Wrap the cow's ear with plastic wrap and put it in the freezer.3The hour or so, make it hard, cut easier. 9. The hard to move out of the blank, with a knife cut into thin slices, the sliced thin tastes more brittle. (look at my slice, it's a very nice lap!) Cut a good cow ear pieces remember to release Oh, respectively. 10. Put some oil in the pan, heated to seven or eight into heat. Then the slice is placed in the pan, don't put too much time into the pot, which can be covered with. Just started after turning into don't stay behind, harden before turning. 11. Slow fry until just beginning to turn golden up, ca.3-5Minute. Cooking skillsThe thinner the better brittle cattle ear. Fried oil should not be too high, saw the beginning of browned can be picked up, because the fishes will change color. If however change the golden yellow to salvage, there would be no obvious circle pattern slightly.
Array  - Q猪宝宝

Garlic fried boneless Perilla

; Salt, Chicken, Soy sauce The practice steps of Perilla fried garlic sprouts bovine tendon 1. Brine beef tendon, red pepper, garlic season, Perilla 2. Garlic clean cut section 3. Perilla cut, cut
  - 凤飞龙舞

Milk oatmeal for breakfast

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Milk amount The amount of oatmeal chocolate Banana stem3-4Slice A handful of raisins Honey1Spoon The steps of the milk oatmeal 1. Grape dry cleaning And together in a bowl of oatmeal 2. Honey into the milk, stirring evenly 3. Pour in milk1), and then add the banana slices, and start the Search for the milk oatmeal

Big beef powder using fast beef noodles

For busy office workers, in the shortest time to eat a bowl of nutritious beef noodle is not difficult, you can use the universal seasoning, such as the big red letter big beef powder. Assure you10Minutes to eat a bowl of hot beef noodles, braved the heat. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Noodles200G Beef in Brown Sauce200G Great red letter big beef powder1Teaspoon Accessories   Onion1Section GingerAppropriate amount Soy sauceHalf teaspoon Salt5G RapeAppropriate amount Big beef powder using deft beef noodle practice steps 1. Advance together, pull into noodles, if you take the trouble to buy ready-made, Shougan can. 2. Skillet add water, add onion, ginger, salt, soy sauce, the amount of big beef powder, boil. 3. Wash the rape. 4. Sauce beef slice. 5. Boiling water after opening into the noodles. 6. Cook until the noodles float and put into the rape and cook. 7. To cook noodles with chopsticks after white heart cooked. 8. Remove noodles, put rape, Jiang Niurou. 9. Put onion, pour the soup can be. 10. Delicious beef noodles, hot. Practice of big beef powder using fast beef noodle video Tips If you like to eat spicy, put some chili taste better. Quick search big beef powder using beef practices Daquan
Array  - tgcyy

Consumption of cow hot pot

The practice of consuming beef pot Lijiang tends to let people ignore its food——Because there are too many views. In fact, yak hot pot, just enough to make you completely fall in love with Lijiang. Living in non pollution plateau yak, grazing, and tender meat, is the most loving collectors. In addition to the yak hot pot, the Han people are not yet another way to a product of the meat of yak meat. Hot pot of yak full flavor, Ruannen smooth fresh, spicy flavor, especially spicy, medium are advised to young and old, nutrient rich, in the winter is a delicious food.
Array  - 

Simple and delicious coconut milk "

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Cent or so Ingredients Milk200ml Corn starch25g Custard powder (not added)2g Accessories   White granulated sugarAppropriate amount Light cream (not added)Appropriate amount CoconutAppropriate amount Simple and delicious coconut milk small action steps 1. Take out a small part of milk, add corn starch, custard powder, stir well. 2. The rest of the milk sugar, small fire slightly heated. 3. Sugar melting, the starch milk slowly into the pot, small fire heating, stirring constantly. Because the addition of custard powder, so the color is yellow.. 4. Must be a small fire heating, stirring constantly, until the milk is more and more thick, when like paste from the fire.. 5. While the heat will be poured into a square container of milk, dry cold storage in the refrigerator for a night.. 6. Out of the refrigerator has set a good milk frozen, along the inner wall of the container with a finger gently to the inside of the frozen milk, milk and containers on the easy out of the container, flip down pour out of milk.. 7. Cut the milk into small pieces and roll in the coconut. If there is no coconut home, providing a dark cooking practices, that is, replaced with crushed Oreo cookies, so it is black label. Can also be replaced by other broken biscuits or green tea powder, cocoa powder... Tips 1.Light cream, custard powder is not necessary, these things are spiced flavored, not can be condensed milk instead of, not to buy an ice cream or cream ice cream, breaking a piece inside can also be flavor.2.With corn starch taste is better, I first used the sweet potato starch, it is not good to eat
  - mester

Peanut nougat -- classical taste version

1, maltose: maltose has edible value, the therapeutic efficacy, it warm sweet, and dissolved in water will turned into glucose, as a medical nutrition material available for beauty, invigorating the spleen and replenishing qi, lungs and cough, relieving spasm and pain, moisture visceral, appetizers Chufan, constipation and so on, attending the weakness of the spleen and stomach, fatigue and shortness of breath, nano eating less, cold abdominal pain, Feizao cough, dry cough with little...(Open) 1, maltose: maltose has edible value, the therapeutic efficacy, it warm sweet, and dissolved in water will turned into glucose, as a medical nutrition material available for beauty, invigorating the spleen and replenishing qi, lungs and cough, relieving spasm and pain, moisture visceral, appetizers Chufan, constipation and so on, attending the weakness of the spleen and stomach, fatigue and shortness of breath, nano food reducing, cold abdominal pain, Feizao cough, dry cough with little sputum, sore throat.(Stop) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Maltose500g Peanut400G Powdered Milk200G Egg white2A Butter50G Water100G Peanut version of cattle--The practice of classical taste steps 1. Peanut oven220Degree15Minutes, from time to time between the flip, let cool peeled back. 2. Egg sent to bring small sharp 3. Malt sugar water first heating to make it melt, after a small fire heating 4. As the water evaporates, the sugar becomes dark 5. Lift spatula, maltose falling into flake 6. When of wheat Ya sugar becomes more and more viscous boil, caramel color coke, bring the spatula slowly turned into linear falling, falling sugar tablets in cold water immediately into a lump, malt sugar on Aohao. 7. Add send good egg, keep low temperature and small fire, don't let the sugar harden. 8. Add milk powder, always keep the low temperature 9. Add the butter, because it's a quick melt. 10. Stir in Peanut 11. Pan Sheng into the plastic tarpaulin cut 12. A bit of a big one, please ignore my knife Tips 2, is the selection of small particles of red roses taste mellow peanut, personal feeling. Search for peanut version of cattle--Classical taste practices Daquan

Big beef powder using boiled dumplings

Just to get, just try it out, the results are all optical. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients All kinds of ballsAppropriate amount Flammulina velutipesA Green vegetables The trial practice steps big beef powder boiled meatball 1. To broth into the pot, add buy meatballs, boil after adding exultation beef powder seasoning, then add Flammulina velutipes. Finally add vegetables, 2. That smell, I'm going to eat. Thank you, a small pot is easy to get a small pot, and the winter is still cold? The search of boiled beef powder with big meatball practices Daquan

Niu Jianzi

30Minute is very well done, can be a little more time. Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Ingredients Niu Jianzi The practice steps of bovine tendon 1. Water, water, and water.

Strawberry jam

Ingredients Strawberry Rock candy Strawberry jam practice steps 1. Immersion Strawberry pedicle cut 2. Simmer for three hours 3. Complete

Fried beef intestines

Millet pepperAppropriate amount Bovine intestineAppropriate amount Practice steps of stewed beef and bean curd 1. The first step to dry chilli, millet pepper, green onions, ginger to stir fry. The second step of the bovine intestine, marinated bean curd together under the pot, add salt, MSG, soy sauce and stir fry, pan

[the kitchen] tomato vine della kebab

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Small tomato10A Lettuce5Slice Bovine meat1Block Egg1A FlourSmall bowl Barbecue sauceAppropriate amount [the kitchen] practice step vine
Array  - 蔓德拉

Homemade noodles

Scared to do! Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Bovine bone Egg Loin ham The surface of pepper Carrot White radish Chinese wolfberry Chinese Cabbage Onion Accessories

Strawberry Milkshake

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Yogurt500g The practice steps of Strawberry Milkshake 1. Strawberry Wash Go to the pedicle
  - 我姓_ma

# hi MILK Yu Quan # trial report - selection of pasture milk coconut milk box

The first to see this little box is in85DegreeC, later saw recipes online there are a lot of the small squares, but never try, weekend kids in the cow calf bovine arrival and, for the weekend do a little snack, again appropriate but Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Cent or so
Array  - 卡卡姝诺

Spiced bull backstraps

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30~60Minute Ingredients Bull Paddywack Aniseed Chinese cinnamon Salt Wine Soy sauce Spiced bull backstraps the practice step 1. Bovine plate reinforced cold blisters30Minute

Yogurt strawberry

to the pedicle (using a pipette or chopsticks inserted in the from the bottom of the strawberry, strawberry pedicle was removed), put the strawberries into the mold, pour the yogurt. Put it in the refrigerator can be frozen to 2. Pick strawberries:1Medium size2Strawberry, green stalk3Normal form4The color is not very red5Color distribution6, color
  - Christing_

Scrambled Eggs with Tomato

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Tomatoes3A Egg2 The practice steps of Xihongshi Chaodan 1. All the tomatoes in half, to the pedicle, cut the crescent.

Steamed strawberry

1. Strawberry washed to the pedicle, salt water soak for ten minutes, add crystal sugar 2. On the pot, water vapor5Minute, stuffy5Minute 3. Finished product Search steamed strawberry practice
  - W向日葵L

Baked mushroom

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Dried mushroomAppropriate amount The practice steps of baked mushroom 1. Mushroom wash, removed back into the pan pedicle
  - Ether奶茶

Quince pear

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Homemade QuinceHawthorn, go to the pedicle, boiling water for three minutes, off the fire, put sugar, refrigerator, put one or two days, you can. Huang Guanli1A The practice steps
  - lingzai

Seasonal fruit canned

1. Go to the pedicle wash, go nuclear not lazy 2. Hot bottle cover. Cool in the fridge. 3. Eat it! Good color and taste! Seasonal fruit canned search practices Daquan
  - wxpddg

Mushroom beef pellet

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Bovine tendon1500g Mushrooms250g Onion1A Carrot1Root Egg2A Practice steps of mushroom beef ball 1. Stir the beef, carrot, onion, stir and smash

Rice with Curry Beef

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Bovine tendon (flower tendon is best)2Jin Green Chinese onion Ginger Cooking wine Curry block6Block Potato1A Onion1A Carrot1Only Beef curry beef rice
  - Jennifer-H

Marinated Beef Brisket in Spiced Sauce

Sirloin or bovine abdomen and in close proximity to bovine ribs soft muscle, with tendons, meat, marbling score the meat, this is just a collectively. 1.Sirloin provides high quality protein containing all kinds of amino acid, the proportion of amino acids in a variety of amino acids and the proportion of the protein in the human body is basically the same, which contains sarcosine than any
  - 花鱼儿

Mint beef roll

:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients A piece of bovine tendon600G Fresh mint leavesAppropriate amount Accessories   Green Chinese onion Ginger Chinese cinnamon Dry Hawthorn Yellow Wine

We love hardcore game new partner Niu Jianzi spicy beer

And to the lovely beer season.~All kinds of businesses are trying everything to make a good beer.~After eating small fish, rabbit, pig, blue Fang again developed a new partner for beer and football!Spicy Niu Jianzi~Spicy, Food has always been the darling of the press, is a carnivorous animal bovine tendon love! To combine these two senses is absolutely...(Open
Array  - 蓝冰滢

Meat stuffing stuffed with mushrooms

, chicken essence: salt, starch,Sugar a little, other amount The practice steps of meat stuffing stuffed mushrooms 1. Take the mushroom mushroom pedicle, pedicle and minced into meat stuffing, and then get intoASeasoning stir kick on, mushroom wipe a little starch stuffed into meat stuffing, steam for fifteen minutes, remove the stand-by
Array  - Daisy1221

Papaya milk

Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients Papaya300g Milk250ml Papaya milk practice steps 1. Papaya peeled and diced, to the head of the pedicle removed, otherwise it will suffer 2. Papaya and milk
  - Tonia丫丫3

Health gift

Ingredients Yam Balsam pear Carrot~Fungus Accessories   Onion ginger garlic Sprinkle the practice steps of health 1. Yam and carrot skin with a touch of a piece of film~Remove the pedicle removing flesh
  - 影子yang

Mulberry jam

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Mulberry Rock candy The practice steps of mulberry jam 1. Mulberry wash to the pedicle of standby.
  - Isabel8

Honey mulberry jam

to the pedicle Be careful not to wash clothes. 2. The prepared mulberry pulp put honey soaked With your sweet and sour taste of honey dosage Cut lemon juice Heat in a pot To the sticky and good After the natural air dry, put into the water container The search of honey mulberry jam practices Daquan
  - tina0__0

Orange juice

juice 1. Cherry Radish wash to the pedicle 2. Iceflow Orange Juice into the bowl, add white vinegar, salt and sugar stir 3. Each radish cut several knives 4. Each
Array  - 木木的厨房

Shrimp mud

of shrimp and mud mushroom 1. Mushroom de pedicle 2. Boiling water boil mushrooms 3. The meat mud, mud shrimp 4. Steamed into the pot
  - 戚大厨

Quail egg

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Mushrooms7A Quail egg7A Practice steps of quail eggs 1. 1, the mushrooms washed, go to the pedicle (to the time to get a little deeper hole
Array  - 子茜妈

Okra Chicken rolls

of boiling water, add a small amount of salt, put off the fish out after birth to boiled okra, cut off the pedicle and tail angle 2. Egg, egg ribs and filter out the floating foam, transferred to a small amount of salt and pepper. 3. The pan brush a thin layer of edible oil
Array  - 菊娜JUJU

Fried green peppers

garlic 2. The washed pepper broken sword pat, pat from A to Z are removed, the pedicle, cut into uniform pieces 3. Put the oil pan, heat the oil into the pepper stir fry, 4. Pepper Fried Soft, add garlic, add a little salt, stir

Mushroom steamed egg

of the root Practice steps of mushroom steaming 1. Fresh mushrooms remove stalks, dig more look like a small bowl. 2. Bowl beat eggs to put a little salt, remove the pedicle and ham, chopped, into the beaten egg, stir, doing a good job is slightly thick like ( Too dilute the egg will flow out, I
  - 虫虫555

Strawberry jam

1. Rinse 2. Soak, 3. Go to the pedicle 4. Cut into small pieces 5. Pot add sugar 6. Strawberry
  - 卢卢小

Water burning Okra

minutes to get!1.Chopped garlic, put oil, hot pot, put garlic smell, immediately shut down, fire! Then take a small dish, put aside to cool!2.Pot of water, open water, put the washed in okra, okra color has changed, you can cut out!3.Go to the pedicle, then cut in half!4.Cool oil and garlic dish, pour soy sauce, vinegar drops, like to eat spicy food, can put hot pepper!OK! To the table

A tomato meal

CornHalf of the root OilA spoon SaltA spoon Black pepperA few The steps of a tomato meal 1. All of the ingredients of diced tomato, the removal of pedicle 2. Then wash the rice, add a small amount of water 3. Add

Salt baked mushroom - the feeling of first love

of the practice step 1. Mushroom wash, remove the mushroom pedicle. 2. The mushroom turned into a pan, put a little salt. 3. Oven up and down the fire,170Degree, roast6~8In a minute, the size of a mushroom.
Array  - 橙小米

Tremella lotus syrup

1. Tremella , lotus seed soaked with water. 2. Strip the pedicle part of yellow tremella, picking into small pieces. Remove the lotus core, red dates wash stand-by to remove nuclear, tangerine peel. 3. Put all the material into the voltage pot, add the right amount of water, pressure15Minutes after
  - SevenSusan

Take cucumber

handful of Soy sauceHalf a spoon Edible oil1/3Spoon Vinegar1/3Spoon Take steps for cucumber 1. Cucumber will wash, go back to the pedicle, forced to shoot a few cucumber, cut into cubes and hob 2. Ingredients: onion and then cut into small pieces, garlic

Drink boiled cow bone soup will grow best

(about500G) Tomato1A Lettuce1A Ginger4Slice Rosemary1Root HaiyanFew Mushroom (bubble)A Fish sauce (yes meat to add!)1Spoon Practice steps drink will grow best steamed beef soup 1. Super simple! To take a pot, bovine bone stick blanch alone.

Cold dish niuxin

2. Bovine dishes by hand wash soak large, drain water 3. Saucepan of boiling water, a few drops of oil, add beef dishes, vegetable color variable soft can fish out, do not blanch for too long, about half a minute or so.Here with bovine dish small, stem vegetables, is also very thin, so blanch time is short, the ordinary large pieces of beef
Array  - 香颜

Hot turnip

Niuxin dish also called Bao Xincai, kohlrabi, eat bovine food, increase appetite, promote digestion, prevent constipation. Food is the ideal food niuxin patients with diabetes and obesity. Carrot is a good herb rich nutrition, for both young and old, called "small ginseng". Spicy beef heart cabbage, carrot, on the table of the Chinese New Year food can demonstrate his crisp, fragrant
Array  -  惠子

# hi Milk Yu Quan selection ranch milk # fried milk

Super lucky to get Yu QuanhimilkMengniu milk, packaging is Meng calf, three different types of expressions, each are so lovely, even the hair of bovine trabecular bone above are carefully painted, really want to touch it~After opening a fragrance hit, not to say that it is certainly a good protein content of good milk, the entrance is particularly good to drink, so good
  - 恬萝姑娘

Simple and delicious sugar cookies

water and oil dough were wrapped by flat round pastry, and then standing up20Minute 4. The relaxation of dough by flat roll into bovine tongue and then from top to bottom is the static relaxation20Minute 5. The loose dough roll becomes bovine tongue again from top to down
Array  - Wsshui

Mushrooms tart

Yellow Wine Onion ginger garlic The practice steps of mushrooms tart 1. Three bell pepper cut Xiaoding standby. 2. Mushrooms (a pedicle to dig a little), draw a cross cut in the front, with a little oil, salt. 3. Meat add fully stir
Array  - 卢小金9


Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Bovine boneSome SirloinSome Onion2A OtherSee Figure The practice steps of pho 1. Material set
Array  - 白花花的白花花

Sauce beef tendon

The package material1Bag Soy sauce10ml Soy sauce5ml Sugar10g Salt5g Onion ginger garlic5g Cold boiled water1000ml Cooking wine5ml Practice steps of the sauce beef tendon 1. Bovine tendon flower cut four boiled add onion ginger garlic into the casserole
Array  - 豆果美食CCTV

Sauce beef (Niu Jian)

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Bovine tendon (money)1Kg. Thirteen fragrant5g Ginger10g Cooking wine50ml Soy sauce20ml Soy sauce30ml Salt5g Sugar2Spoon
Array  - 恺悦11

Peach blossom beauty tears

1. Peach need to soak for a day, at least for12For an hour, then remove the black surface of peach gum impurities soaked, washed with water. 2. Chinese wolfberry and red dates wash with water. Tremella with water after soaking to tear into small pieces of spare pedicle. 3. Put all
  - 绵绵生活


1. 1 Mushroom wash, remove the middle of the pedicle.2.Heat, add a small amount of oil, and then add the mushrooms!3.Beat eggs, add mushrooms in the box,7Divided almost, in the process of heating the egg will rise, then cut into silk sausage. Cover pot10~15Minutes, then add chives. Pot add spices can be their own love! Search abalone practice

Stuffed meat Hupi Jianjiao

stuffing with salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, stir cornstarch 2. Green pepper to wash Daiyong pedicle to the flesh 3. Minced meat into pepper 4. Pan pour oil into the pot, small fire slowly fried green peppers

Avocado shrimp baked mushroom

pedicle clean, fresh shrimp take meat liquor pickling rinse with clean water after, sweet corn kernels blanch, butter impermeable melted smear in the mushroom cap. Add a little salt to the butter and mix well with corn kernels. Oven200Degree, preheating 2. Avocado corn salad with a small spoon to erase the pileus, put two shrimp, middle
Array  - 瑗的礼物

[dinner] Hupi Jianjiao minutes

to the pedicle Cut in half Drain water 2. Pour oil Oil into hot pepper (to skin down) fried to the color wrinkled as well 3. Fry wok put pepper into individual Add a teaspoon of salt Pour some soy sauce Stir fry 4. Add half a bowl of water. 1-2Add

Fish soup

the washed diced tofu,Bubble hair,Pedicle of mushrooms,In the middle of the fire.5Minute. 3.Put in a good tomato,Pour point edible oil.The fire burned. 4.Turn off the fire,Sprinkle chopped green onion.A bowl.
Array  - 睡眼惺忪

Oil with okra

, spare. 2. A pot of water, open water okra, boil off, cut out and cut in half uniform plate pedicle. 3. Heat pan put a small amount of oil, slightly smoking, add onions, ginger, garlic powder, stir fry a fragrance by adding appropriate amount of soy sauce, stir after adding an appropriate amount
Array  - 吴大懒不懒

Strawberry juice

steps of strawberry juice 1. Strawberry base to pick fresh strawberries 2. A basket of fresh and big strawberry 3. Go to the pedicle, wash it clean, it's best to use salt water. 4.
  - c小小陈c

Pumpkin Dousha Bao

in the ball body extrusion texture can be, raisins when melon pedicle, boiling, steaming30Minute Search the pumpkin bean sandbags approach Daquan

Strawberry jam and bread machine

juiceA few drops of Strawberry jam to the practice steps of the bread machine 1. Fresh strawberries soaked with salt water, the filter dry, remove the pedicle spare. 2. Cut into pieces and put them in a container. 3. Add
  - one爱烘焙

"The most affectionate" mushroom stuffed with meat. Simple five steps

in the mix. Please don't add too much to thirteen. Or really is a thirteen sweet smell. And the meat in the picture is a bit more you make? It's enough to feel half the meat. 2. The green onion, mushroom to the pedicle, pedicle mushroom mince. Here I must talk garrulously about, I do not know why, sense of domestic mushroom pedicle is too small

Peas fried sausage

Peas fried sausage practice steps 1. Choose to wash peas pedicle rib, garlic, onion peel wash, sausage, Jiang Xijing. 2. Cut sausage slices, onion ginger slices, garlic crushed with a knife. 3. Heat oil in a wok, heat the oil into the onion
Array  - 浩宇Mama

Strawberry jam

Strawberry500g Rock candy100g Lemon juiceFew Strawberry jam practice steps 1. Pick strawberries with a high degree of maturity.5Minutes. 2. Rinse with water after removing the strawberry pedicle, and drain the water.
  - 茜茜贝贝

Red letter large beef powder trial report of the sauce beef

of the large red letter of the beef powder trial report 1. Bovine tendon meat water bubble1To2An hour to put clean blood Pot add water to boil~Put the beef into the boiling water boiled in a floating foam~Put the meat out of standby 2. Onion cut large section Clean the ginger.~Spices to fight into a packet ~The pot bottom
  - 影子yang

Beef in Brown Sauce

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Bovine tendon500g Green Chinese onionA tree Ginger100g Geranium2Slice Star anise2Only Chinese cinnamon1Bulk Chinese prickly ashAppropriate amount
Array  - Vie19

Beef in Brown Sauce

Difficulty:Chef(Senior) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Bovine tendon2000 Brine Sachet1A Huang Jiang2Spoon GingerAppropriate amount GarlicAppropriate amount Dry pepperAppropriate amount Rock candy4A Soy
Array  - ...944

# hi MILK Yu Quan # trial report - selection of pasture milk flavor Chiffon

milk#Probation Report-Practice steps flavor Chiffon 1. Lucky got to Mengniu calf bovine trial boxes is very beautiful, is a lovely little Niuniu, cover design really intimate, unlike the traditional milk, opened it drink, drink can not cover the lid and put them 2. Egg and egg yolk separation
Array  - 卡卡姝诺

Boiled Okra

, or fishing into the water needs to be changed from one to two times to completely cool Okra in cold water 3. Remove the pedicle, everything is two, the pendulum plate Must be boiled after Recut, if cut and boiled the okra most valuable mucus will is decomposed to water wasted In addition, it can not cut, cut off after the pedicle plate But, I

Freshly squeezed watermelon juice

A simple way to pick a watermelon:1To see: Take the skin to melons, texture clear, deep and clear; black melon, skin color to black, shiny. Whether what kind of melon, melon pedicle, melon umbilical area to concave, with rattan handle down close to the rind, nearly pedicle thick green, is the sign of maturity. 2To touch: touch the rind with the thumb, feel smooth and hard for a good melon melon
Array  - 食尚煮易

Sweet and delicious strawberry jam

, washed clean 2. The green head cut off between the pedicle and leaves of strawberry fruit 3. The strawberry dices, my little strawberry, is divided into a4 4. Put strawberries into the pot, open a small fire, attention
  - Olivia_Zhan

Strawberry jam

1. Wash the strawberries 2. Remove the pedicle of Strawberry 3. Just like this...... And then take a variety of tools that can crush them and press them into mud... If love can not be so big the meat pieces...... 4. I like
  - 那尼噶君

Rose sauce

2. Clean with pure water. 3. After cleaning the water dry, I use the kitchen paper towel 4. Dry flower petals and the flower core removal blossomend breaking down 5. Removal of pedicle and core of rose petals80G, in a basin
Array  - 麦子老妈

Strawberry sugar water

of water sugar strawberry 1. After the fresh strawberry is bought, go to the pedicle, then wash it with clean water, then soak in salt water.30Minute 2. Wash the strawberries with a basket. 3. Preparation of sugar, sugar according to their own
  - 可爱小姐2

Black fungus

, carrots, parsley.Ingredients: chicken, sugar, red pepper, onion ginger garlic, vegetable oil, soy sauce, salt, vinegar Practice:1Black fungus, soaked in cold water, cut off the pedicle, torn into small pieces.2, a pot of water to boil, into the black fungus with hot3Minutes to remove, to the surface mucus with cold water.3Carrots, peeled and cut into pieces into the boiling water with hot NIUYAN
  - 已注销

Stir-fried smoked pork.

spoonChicken1Teaspoon Stir-fried smoked pork practice. 1. Wash off the ends of the pedicle. 2. Open water pot boiled peas 3. Remove Bacon
Array  - 子同妈妈

Homemade plum wine

Licorice5g The practice steps of homemade plum wine 1. Plum wash, soak overnight pure water, remove the bitter taste. And then air dry, or use a kitchen paper to dry. 2. Ome to pedicle, and with a knife in the draw plum2-3Knife. 3.
  - 可妈厨房

Braised beef with mushroom

;1.The heart of the bovine tendon was washed clean, and the surface of the film was torn off. 2.Cut3A thick piece of centimeter or so. 3.Wok cool oil, stir fry ginger and garlic chives 4.Bovine meat 5.Fried to a golden after, at the same time, the next pepper and cinnamon fried flavor 6.Add a tablespoon of the column. 7.Stir fry cooked into the cooking wine, the sauce evenly wrapped in pieces
Array  - 宅与路上

Sauce beef shank

Chinese prickly ashAppropriate amount AniseedAppropriate amount GeraniumAppropriate amount Chinese cinnamonAppropriate amount Dried tangerine peelAppropriate amount The practice steps of bovine tendon meat sauce 1. Preparation: all the ingredients are ready, beef tendon cut growth, use cone
  - ol豆妈

Copycat hamburger

2. Get up in the morning to the casually rubbed (personal hand kneading boring, do this for kneading dough not too big pancake), cut into Jizi, roll becomes bovine tongue and rolled up into a ball and press flat into small round cakes to 3. Static15Minutes, the pot (dianbingcheng
  - 小菌子糖

Dried beef

salt a ingredients. Hainan wet weather, not suitable for air dry, clean out treasure to buy a typhoon dry machine, and then began to love the people who do his favorite!(Stop) Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Fresh bovine tendon500g
Array  - 谁说老博无人爱

Niu Biecai

of outsiders may not necessarily be able to accept. Features of dishes          Bovine flat is in the southeast of Guizhou Province very unique one kind of food, favored by the Dong and Miao compatriots, as authentic specialties, Qiandongnan minority as top grade for the hospitality. The cow deflated the name is also very strange, the stranger may have never heard
Array  - 非非小屋


Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Bovine meat500g Asparagus12A Tomatoes3A Potato1A Carrot1A PeaSome grains Black pepperAppropriate amount HaiyanAppropriate amount
Array  - 饭否和

Sichuan braised beef noodles

! Ingredients Ingredients Tomatoes4-6A Carrot2Root Italy area   Accessories Bovine tendon3-4Jin Ginger Rock candy1Little star Spice(Halogen package) Soy sauceFew Spicy bean paste
Array  - 城主夫人

[Manchester] kitchen step wild mushroom cream soup

Wild mushroom cream soup It is an indispensable delicacy, especially in Italy, a senior restaurant is often rich in a simple and rich wild mushroom soup!The mushroom soup to the Boletus as the main ingredients, Boletus by fleshy, resembling the bovine liver is named, is the rare wild edible fungus, was hailed as one of the "four bacteria king"!...(Open) Wild
  - 曼步厨房