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From the literature found some for you 12 cook recipe, cook book,chinese cook.

Chiang stone fish

Spicy Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Hualian a5Jin The practice steps of stone fish of Chiang 1. With bighead carp flesh
  - 方丈8

Try the garlic sauce Jing choose fish

Is this dish and the company canteen chef to learn, simple and quick, got on the table, the most importantTo the taste is good, rich and not fragrance. Every time I finish it.The dish of choice is the head of bighead.[time] science called Hualian, bighead carp, variegated carp, Chaozhou people generally call the bonito. BigheadLarge, 1/3 of body length, body side...(Open

Steamed Fish Head with Diced Hot Red Peppers

Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Bighead fish (Hua Lian)300g The practice steps Duojiaoyutou 1. Wash the head, middle incision. Disc bottom put onion, ginger, garlic cut into filaments

Boiled Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili

Ingredients Snakehead fish or bighead carp1000g Sichuan pickles1Package Ginger100g Garlic50g Green Chinese onion50g PinkAppropriate amount Cooking wineAppropriate amount PepperAppropriate amount SaltFew The practice steps of pickled fish
Array  - kele家

The kitchen of a love goddess Li often fish (Shuizhu Yu)

1. First on a finished picture oh! 2. Materials to make home cooked fish, bighead carp, silver carp, grass carp), rapeseed oil, pepper, aniseed, star anise, Pixian bean, soy sauce dry (color), pepper, cooking wine, chicken, ginger, garlic, bubble pepper, green onions, celery and Suan Miaoye. (in the production of pickled fish are can
  - 英儿6

Ham stewed fish

Today is still used in freshwater fish, with the flowers of silver carp reservoir. First fry stew made a pot. Add the ham, let the soup more delicious. Especially suitable for the winter of a fish pot. Materials Ingredients Bighead700GChinese Cabbage200GHam150GWhite radish200G Accessories
Array  - 万山红

Dunyu collapse

or bighead carp Soybean sauce Green onions, ginger, garlic(Multi point), sugar, soy sauce Step down approach stew 1. Fish clean, scraping scales, the food market is not very clean 2. Also need to cut knife, with ginger plug on the edge, cooking wine marinate
  - 我是真菌

Fish clam soup

Share this soup and everyone, sweet delicious, nutrition and health. Clam picked up can also do a dish, the essence of the fish head and fish bone part completely dissolved into the soup in the, watching white milk soup appetizing~ Materials Ingredients Bighead1AClam300G Accessories
  - 食尚煮易

Chongqing Tofu pudding fish

Bighead500GBean curd300G Accessories Pixian bean paste1SpoonGarlicAppropriate amountEdible oilAppropriate amount Chongqing Tofu pudding fish practices 1. I only use the fish in the middle of the dish. Cut the fish2To3Cm wide block, add
Array  - 万山红

Fried fish

Today we are here to park lake raised the fish to fish out to sell, the fish never feed feed and a lake in the park is living water, and wild fish almost, one is alive and kicking. I bought a good few, get back into the pot, eat in the water also has a two day. Only the common carp and crucian carp and bighead carp, few other fish. Today to slaughter a few carp, and now is the spring, fish roe
Array  - 万山红

Fried pickled fish

Fried pickled fish practice video Tips 1, fish whether smell foot, code material is the key, add a spoonful of water kimchi, fish sauerkraut taste more concentrated, oil, egg white, starch can make a more tender and fish.2And the finished product is sweet, burning oil is the key.3, compared to grass carp, I prefer Hualian taste, so I chose the bighead carp, fish head can
Array  - 陈小姐的客厅

Chongqing Taian fish

Bighead1A Accessories Pickle15GSalt5GRadish1APickled ginger1BlockGarlic5FlapBean paste1SpoonCoriander2RootGreen Chinese onion2RootSoy sauce1SpoonDried pepper grain15GSweet potato starch20GCooking wine1SpoonChicken1/2SpoonVinegar1SpoonSugar1SpoonVegetable oil300GStar anise1AFennel1SmallWater300Milliliter
Array  - 心清似水淡若云