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From the literature found some for you 8 cook recipe, cook book,chinese cook.

Fat salad

The practice steps of fat salad 1. Wash lettuce arugula, mango, cut into strips, cook two boiled slices, sprinkle with nuts, put some corn flakes, then grind black pepper, pour finally the salad sauce isok! Yummy Search fat salad practices Daquan
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, if it is freshly cooked rice, placed dries in the sun cool for a while until rice lukewarm heat reuse, too hot not operation, if it is stiff and cold rice, micro heat it up, letting them have a bit sticky. 2And can match their favorite vegetables and meat, such as steak, pork, ham, bacon, shrimp, eggplant, arugula and so on.
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Italian potato salad

Very refreshing simple dinner, here to say ahead of time, I know the smell of onions many small partners can not accept, in fact, can be the onion before fry, as well as coriander, you can change parsley or arugula. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients
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Italy style vegetable salad with oil and vinegar (with a formula of self-made oil and vinegar)

of the Italy style oil vinegar and vegetable salad (with the formula of the self-made oil vinegar sauce) 1. First make a salad sauce, mix all ingredients, stir well. 2. Wash lettuce leaves and arugula drain small tear plate 3. Wash tomatoes diced, decorated in lettuce
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Fig ham and thin bottom pizza (Rye natural species)

Stuffing: Sliced ham4Slice Fig2-3A Car cheese2-3Slice Bitters (or arugula, basil)5-6Slice Black olive2-3Grain Practice steps of the fig and the end of the thin crust pizza (Rye natural species) 1. Mixed rye species, high gluten flour, water, and salt
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[original wheat breakfast] soft method of flax seed

seed soft law apply Camembert cheese, code sections of Cherry Radish, sprinkle chopped nuts and dried fruit and finally take a few pieces of arugula. 2. Combination1Effect chart 3. Combination1Effect chart 4. Combination2: raw
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Slimming fat gardener salad

, as the name suggests, a little bitter taste, this is the main dish salad. Planting is also very easy. 3. Arugula, also called rocket dish, in the country is a relatively new salad, the thick smell of sesame, will greatly overstating the grade of the whole bowl of salad. Very good species. Planting is easier than the two.
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[the original wheat breakfast].

3. According to personal taste and sprinkle black pepper, the surface of the walnut and other nuts, etc., once again into the oven,200The degree of roast until the cheese is melted. 4. After released on the surface, can be selectively and sprinkle a little green leafy vegetables, I used here is arugula and endive.
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