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hot cook recipe
From the literature found some for you 3 cook recipe, cook book,chinese cook.

Large clams stewed cabbage pork Aplysia

a Pork250g Large clams10A Dry sea hare10A Green Chinese onion Garlic Vermicelli Coriander The practice steps of large clams stewed cabbage pork Aplysia 1. Chinese cabbage slices, slices of meat, large clams bought back after the use of salt water1Hour to sand, boiling
Array  - 玉兰花开5

The sea hare

wine2Spoon SugarFew ChickenFew The practice steps of Aplysia 1. Aplysia wash in boiling water blanching until half cooked, remove and reserve. 2. Aplysia with dry starch, pour some oil in the pot, 70% of the heat under the sea fried until golden and rabbit.
  - 王译麻麻

Steamed dried squid

Squid, cuttlefish is this guy. There's the ice fresh called aplysia. The actual ice is very fresh and delicious, and collocation is very good to eat. Today is the dry goods, so take a steaming method. The taste of the finished dish is generally less than the fresh and fresh. Materials Ingredients A squidDry300G
  - 馋嘴乐