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From the literature found some for you 27 cook recipe, cook book,chinese cook.


From the snack, the mother is very love to get. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Agar30g Rock candyAppropriate amount Water2500g Egg2A The practice steps of cake meal
  - __OJX_

# vegetarian salad # summer black fungus agar ~ low calorie diet dishes

Fish sauceFew MSGFew Suan RongAppropriate amount #Summer vegetarian#Cold black fungus to low calorie diet agar dishes steps 1. Black fungus with warm water, starch washing clean. 2. Asparagus blisters two hours temperature, washing clean.
Array  - Cookiemomo

Fruit jelly (Qiong Zhi)

10Gram of agar ratio1500Ml of liquid, no matter what you do juice or what, you want to match1500Ml, the pulp is not. If the juice is not good. Can get canned, canned juice to do the best to eat jelly. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Agar10g FruitsSome
  - 秦雪飞wi

Homemade potato jelly

Back home to sweet potato powder, has not how to do, yesterday to see the sweet potato powder quiet lie in that, ha ha or the you mix mix. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Ingredients Sweet potato powder1Small bowl Water4Small bowl Garlic Vinegar Sugar Chilli oil Zanthoxylum oil Sesame oil Soy sauce The practice steps of homemade sweet potato jelly 1. Good night sweet potato flour, a small bowl of sweet potato powder into a bowl of water, stir, pour three bowls of water in the pot, to burn36Degrees into the sweet potato powder, use chopsticks keep stirring, until the sweet potato powder into a transparent bubble, sweet potato powder is ready, in sweet potato powder bowl brush with oil, and sweet potato powder warm into the bowl into the refrigerator. Sweet potato flour, 2. Put some sugar, salt, minced garlic marinated spare 3. Onion 4. Pepper oil, pepper oil, sesame oil spare 5. Pot put the oil burning hot, pour garlic fried fragrant, sweet potato powder, vinegar, soy sauce, chili oil, pepper oil, sesame oil, chives, garlic stir and delicious salad sweet potato powder to eat! Homemade sweet potato jelly practice video Search for homemade sweet potato jelly practices Daquan
Array  - 包子丫头

Sponge cake

Ingredients Agar Egg Rock candy Chicken cake practice steps 1. Good simple Oh, boil put sugar, agar, melting, add egg, flameout, static to Search chicken cake practice

Hawthorn cake

The practice of the Hawthorn cake 1.Hawthorn wash 2.Removal of Hawthorn kernel 3.Agar with warm water bubble hair 4.To prepare the necessary ingredients 5.Cold water in hawthorn, cook until boiling 6.Fire boil10After a minute, the little water is boiling. 7.The Hawthorn sauce uses the cooking machine to beat the mud 8.Into the pot add sugar 9.Stir in the agar and stir
Array  - 梦梦烘焙

Melon tea dish Yan

Was a child, I often eat cold slippery street snacks to dishes Yan, in fact, is winter melon tea and agar after cooking made of jelly, not only food easy to obtain, use electric rice cooker to make is very simple and only a magic will be able to complete. Materials Ingredients Agar

Papaya milk jelly

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so Ingredients PapayaA Milk200g Agar or gelatin tabletsAppropriate amount Papaya milk freezing practice steps 1. First of all you need to find
  - 雨墨宇杰

Almond Jelly

Do this simple version of Almond Jelly, cool, lubricating delicate taste, sweet taste, then wipe clean. The dessert suggested by agar, because cold after a good take out cut, the solidification state is relatively high, if use the gelatin sheets or fish powder, may will be not up to the degree of condensation. Materials Ingredients
Array  - 九色鹿

Apricot sauce

If you don't add agar, it will need to be a little thicker. Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Material: Apricot1000g Sugar250g Rock candy(Can be replaced by the same amount of sugar)250g
  - 梦寒0_0

Red bean soup

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Red bean paste100G Malt sugar, agar powderAppropriate amount The practice steps of the red bean soup 1. 1, the pot of water, the amount of water

Coconut Juice taste pea

Just want to try with the Coconut Juice pea is what taste, Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute Ingredients Pea100g Rock candy20g Agar5g The practice steps Coconut Juice taste pea yellow
  - 杨藕芽

Almond bean curd

) Time:1Hours above Ingredients Agar5G Milk220G AlmondA tank Accessories   Fine sugar30G Tang GuihuaAppropriate amount Practice steps of almond bean curd 1. Agar placed in a bowl, soak
Array  - 西镇一婶

And fruit

Aesthetic and fruit variety, made of skin types: Tsukasa, fertilizer, practice cut, Wai Lang, rain, golden sugar, floating island, Jin Yu, and so on. Jin Yu is using agar powder(Agar agar powder), making skin, by changing skin color and shape to show the beauty of fruit. Ingredients And fruit material
Array  - fendy天天烘焙

Cherry Almond Tofu

To Taiwan, I fell in love with the almond tofu Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute Ingredients Milk200g Almond200g Pure water200g Agar5g Cherry blossomsFree Brown sugar/Honey

Watermelon jelly

2. With food with juice. 3. Soft agar after the pot of water and sugar. 4. Pour the watermelon juice and boil it. 5. Placed in the mold refrigerator refrigeration.
  - 妞妞candy

Super simple almond bean curd

Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute Ingredients Almond powder50g Milk250ml Water250ml Agar (carrageenan)5g White granulated sugar50g Tang Guihua10ml Rose sugar10g Practice

Almond Jelly almond pudding Bing Bing cool Lulu simple version

:10Minutes or so Ingredients Agar5g Lulu1Tank Water120g Sugar15g Almond Jelly Almond jelly pudding The practice steps of a simplified version of the cool Lulu Bing Bing 1. 5gWarm water agar, probably5In a minute, the water temperature
  - 等待~5

Jintang ham in bird's nest

Talk about the creative source, Luoyang's famous water seats, of which one is peony Yancai, I always thought that agar agar agar, later to eat bird's nest to know jelly is bird's nest... In Luoyang, I like to eat this dish, today I have to try~And already know what is the bird's nest taste, it is easier to imitate it! Materials Ingredients
Array  - 恬萝姑娘

Wenzhou almond rot

Coconut milk150G Milk150G SugarDecagram Warm water300G Canned fruitAppropriate amount Cooked sesame seedsAppropriate amount Bo HeshuiAppropriate amount The practice steps of almond in Wenzhou 1. Agar with warm water immersion20To30Minutes, the use of warm water is inside our
  - 安好_

Coconut milk to the baby to Oufen cake dessert

My small kitchen has a big bag of lotus root starch, aunts do manual pure lotus root starch, no taste, except when the lotus root starch tune the drink, would take it when starch with (this is the meaning of bit throwaway), the hot weather is particularly want to eat dessert, think of coconut milk curd, originally not with lotus root starch, but using agar or gelatin film
  - 青桐子

Pumpkin Cake

Back home is always unconscious open the refrigerator looking for food, summer want ice desserts, today for everyone to share this formally at any time to be ready to put in the refrigerator, want to eat directly to two, heat Jieshu, mouthfeel is soft and fresh, with the faint scent of pumpkin, sweet, cake is solidified with agar, because home equipment is directly replaced by the gelatin sheets
Array  - 吾爱烘焙

A drink of tea tea can bite -- Xuan cake

, stirring to melt (no ice powder can be jelly, agar, gelatine powder, and gelatine sheet instead of can) 6. Pour into the mold immediately while hot. 7. Let cool immediately release 8. Pour the tea in the cup, a drink can bite tea
  - jijiqucho

Pea Cake

can not immediately into the You can. 12. Pour fresh box Even in the refrigerator with a scraper Good peas yellow are not placed on agar Fish powder Of the solidified material. Because of the high starch content of the pea Themselves can be very good solidification Put the fish powder Are businesses that are useful for transportation
Array  - 既生辉何生亮

Papaya coconut milk

:10-30Minute Ingredients Fresh papaya1A Coconut Juice or coconut milk250ml White granulated sugarAppropriate amount The gelatin (can also be changed to fish powder or agar)2(film10g) Papaya coconut milk freezing practice steps 1. Prepare all
Array  - 卉卉妈咪

Cherry jelly

9. Release, you can eat, ornamental than the consumption of strong Tips Shingen cake is a traditional snack in Japan, is made of glutinous rice flour with soybean powder soft New Year cake after eating. If you use agar instead of sticky rice powder, made out of the same as the crystal ball as transparent as water". Search
  - 夫人厨房

Practice cutting

38. Wrap it in plastic wrap, tighten, press a hole in the middle. 39. Unlock the film, the flower can be decorated on the core 40. The cut surface of the transparent color is practiced by Jin Yu, Waylen agar and natural pigment can not do
Array  - fendy天天烘焙